Scott’s career planning


Don’t get me wrong, I’d be delighted to see a Scotland team full of Celtic players at the next Euros, but it’s not my priority and it’s not theirs either.

Scott Brown did the right thing retiring from international football. He did his part for his country during years of injury but if he is to extend his time as a Champions League player he had to manage his career carefully.

I understand that he came out of retirement for Gordon Strachan, but EBT McLeish…..  That’s a different question.

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  1. Seanp1916



    Crucially the ref in that match had deemed the clash of heads to be a foul on Rogic hence, I would assume, a double jeopardy in the Astana game against Celtic.



    No such considerations fir brither Madhun yesterday. You’re right he is a dirty orange barsteward and as the crowd sang yesterday we know he’s a hun.



    Welcome to the Celtic family Luca HH.






    May the memories help you through.

  2. Ps






    Petition signed and shared yesterday evensong.






    Stop copying my homework x



    For benefit (dubious) of Seanp1916 and Lefty



  3. EC67


    Maybe I can help, BR was asked yesterday on RS, he said Roberts played about 60 mins with the devlopment squad , Armstrong and Compper should be a couple of weeks away, Griff has pain and is not training so no timescale, nothing on CG or DB

  4. Yesterday was all about the win. We dug in and delivered which was the main concern. Looking at the game overall, it wasn’t a great game of football, the pitch was poor and we struggled with high balls played into our box. Aberdeen created nothing from from open play but could have scored one or two from crosses and long humps forward. We created a few clear cut openings in the first half but little in the second half. They changed tactics slightly but we have to assume tiredness was a factor.



    Now I would like to think we will hit the reset button and kick on. I hope Brendan doesn’t change things too much on Wednesday night, take care of business first and then rest a few limbs. We should be able to ring the changes on Saturday and then we have eight days to rest ahead of the Huns game.



    It would be good to give Dundee a bit of a doing, it’s been a while since we handed out a hammering.

  5. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    Good to get the result yesterday after the exertions of midweek. However, once again playing 4-2-3-1 has shown itself to be ineffective against well organised teams. Rodgers changes to 3-5-2 in the second half and I hope that we continue to play this formation for the remainder of the season.



    It would be nice to see Dembele and Edouard getting some game time together.

  6. Thomthethim: thanks for your comments. Just one thing, I guess a few on here would be smiling about your suggestion that I would get a reply if I announced I was about to become a granddad. Actually I think I would get more than just a reply.

  7. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

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  8. Celtic should be asking Fleming about Madden’s ignorance of his Duty of Care, re Ajer’s head injury…….or was it because of where the loose ball landed?

  9. 3-5-2 would definitely suit us for the rest of the season, as its easily switchable to 4-2-3-1 if needs be.



    Would love to see that against Dundee on Wednesday.



    With Griffiths injured let loose Dembele and Edouard in the next two games.

  10. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    Injury update from BR:


    “Manchester City loanee Roberts is expected to return before March 11, but Rodgers failed to give a timescale on Celtic’s other three stars. He sounded particularly pessimistic about Scotland striker Griffiths.



    “We think that Patrick Roberts should be back next week,” Rodgers said. “He played for 60 minutes for the Development Team on Friday so we’re hoping that he’ll be back in action this coming week.”



    “Compper shouldn’t be too far away either and Stuart Armstrong over the next few weeks, he’ll not be too far away.



    “Leigh Griffiths there is still doubt around the length of time that he’ll be out, he needs to feel no pain in his calf, obviously he’s had a lot of time not training. Some of them are nearly back but others are going to take more time.”





  11. Good win yesterday, in theory our hardest game . Playing 2nd team away. Happy to see the squad showing a bit of bottle. I noticed when the 4 Aberdeen players ganged up and two tripped Broony followed by a Third kicking him up in the air, then Logan volleying the ball at him, his teammates steamed in. Tierney and Simonovic went for Cosgrove and Dembele ran in from about 40 yards away to get involved.



    To me this demonstrates a good team spirit which had appeared to be missing



    Browns “Huik Hogan” act was classic in the face of the attack on him and the roaring of the Dons Fans. It was much more effective than punching anyone.



    This could be the start of another unbeaten run.

  12. from Chris McLaughlin (BBC)



    good article this.



    Celtic: Brendan Rodgers’ holiday jibe is fighting talk as he sidesteps the flak



    By Chris McLaughlin


    BBC Scotland



    27 minutes ago



    Brendan Rodgers’ Celtic beat Aberdeen for a 10th consecutive time on Sunday at Pittodrie


    “We are on an even keel with other teams now as there are 10 games to go in the league and some teams around us have been on holiday for a year with virtually one game a week.”


    Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers after his side’s 2-0 win over Aberdeen on Saturday


    At around 10 minutes into the second half at each and every Aberdeen home match, there’s a natural phenomena that occurs that brings nature and football together.


    Gaze upwards and you’ll see a sky full of dog-sized gulls gathering for their post-match Pittodrie feast. As the game grows older, so the gulls swoop lower.


    Years of experience stand as a substitute for any stopwatch. They just know.


    As Brendan Rodgers emerged from the tunnel to conduct his media duties following his side’s victory over Aberdeen, they were already polishing off the half-eaten pies and pecking at chips discarded in disgust. The Celtic manager, bristling with pride at a hard-fought victory, was well aware critics had also been circling before the birds had even appeared over Pittodrie.



    The Northern Irishman has been textbook cool, calm and collected with the media since his arrival in Scotland. One or two, including myself, have had the Rodgers stare when he wants you to know he thinks you’ve crossed the line with a particular question, but he’s endured no real cross examination – there’s been no need.


    Things have been going very well for the former Liverpool boss. Recently, though, eyebrows have been raised.


    The dismal defeat by Zenit St Petersburg was preceded by some lacklustre league games where points were thrown away. Sitting at the top of the league, yes, but also staring down the barrel of three league games without a win for the first time since March 2016.




    Were blips turning into a trend towards something more worrying for the Champions? Pre-match, I wasn’t the only member of the media contemplating a post-match line of questioning that’s been off limits due to complete domestic dominance. There was no need – his players delivered.


    He had heard the discontent though – that was crystal clear. It could have washed over him, but he bit the finger without being poked.


    Rodgers and his players believe the record-breaking achievements of last season should provide a heat shield from the critics. It probably should, but it’s football.


    If you don’t believe me, just ask Claudio Ranieri, ditched by Leicester City a season after winning the English title.


    In victory, Rodgers is always full of praise for his players but quite often for the opposition too. This time, there was a direct and somewhat barbed message delivered for the rest of Scottish football to hear: we’re doing it the hard way and it’s still too easy!



    Celtic were knocked out of the Europa League after a 3-0 defeat by Zenit St Petersburg


    The reference to other teams around him “being on holiday for a year” is a clear message about fixture congestion and a dig at the critics. It won’t go down well in the dressing-rooms of Tynecastle, Ibrox or Easter Road, but it’s a catch us if you can message and a reminder they now have no European distractions. A slap down to those who dared ask if the bubble had burst.


    It also provided another insight into Rodgers on the offensive. We’ve caught glimpses of it recently.


    He questioned the mentality of the St Johnstone players after they held his side to a draw – asking why they only raise their game against Celtic. Deflection, perhaps, but also, for the rest of Scottish football, evidence that he can be confrontational as well as complimentary.


    After the night to forget in St Petersburg, he sat his players down to refocus and remind them of what is still up for grabs. He might also have pointed to the critics in a bid to create a siege mentality for the remainder of the season.


    If he did, it worked. Led by a captain as fired up as I’ve ever seen him, they swatted Aberdeen aside for the 10th match up in a row and, in doing so, all but killed off talk of a title challenge. It won’t wash Zenit out of the manager’s hair completely, but those who have been circling to feast on failure will have to wait.

  13. 16 roads - Celtic über alles... on

    Good to see the various Celtic media outlets shining the torch on the SFA and their MIB henchmen this morning.



    We know what they’re at.




  14. Changes should be kept to a minimum on Wednesday. Hendry for Lustig will be forced on us and either Edouard or Musonda for Sinclair. Don’t think Sinclair can play two games in a short space of time, BR said they’re managing an injury with him.

  15. Most of the guys and even some girl’s preferred weapon of choice, and best method of local urban transport back in blissful Council scheme life, was the Geggie.



    Oldies cast your mind back and if you didn’t have a Geggie you knew somebody that did or somebody that was forever making newer faster variants every other school holiday. You only needed some discarded pram wheels with fashionable white solid tyres, there was millions of them in those days of the baby boomer, a wooden base mainframe, hammer, nails and you were sorted. Souped up Geggie’s had your maws old carpet for cladding on the bit you sat, lay or kneeled, steering was by rope tied to the pivoting front axels, that were held on by bent nails, if you were lucky. Some of these artisans even made more sophisticated box type carriages at one end, so that that you could jump inside at full pelt, to a fully carpeted mini cab.



    Toffs had ’carpets you could afford by Cyril Lord’ as the TV advert went, sheer nailed on opulence. A bike, was just a bike, but you could paddle one footed up hills and doon braes lying on a magic carpet, rather than life of a wired saddle. Braking was another mere detail, and covered with blocks on a wooden lever that when pulled sometimes halted the big white pram wheels with militaristic precision, sometimes.



    Of course like all homemade fun there was danger and I’ll never forget the time when me and the big lassie that lived next door, tied a rope between her bike and the front axel of my geggie. I can still visualise her when I search the misty recesses of my mind, or at least I can see Clare Balding?. Anyway, when she devised this thrill a minute master plan in true keystone cop fashion we never discussed directions, and sadly crucially, not for when we hit the bottom of the village’s steepest traverse.



    She turned left or was it right, whatever it was the opposite of my choice, somehow it was my poor knees that took the full brunt of when I scraped along the tarmacadam for the whole ten yards. It nearly erased my kneecaps permanently, to this day I can still feel the pain and smell of Dettol, which I’ve since avoided, for this lifetime.



    The Geggie CSC

  16. 50p a unit of alcohol from MAY



    That means 20 cans of Strongbow i bought on SAT for £12



    will now cost £24



    Who gets the money ?

  17. IMHO Scottie became a Celtic player the day he did the “Broonie” at hades after scoring a peach of a goal with his left foot.

  18. I wonder if we’d have stuttered against Killie and the Saints if we’d had Roberts, Armstrong, griff and Compper available to us?



    We haven’t seen Marvin so hard to say but the rest do offer something we did t have in those games.



    It will be good to get them fit and playing again.



    Much as I like the mankies to get gubbed every time they play, another win tomorrow sets them up nicely for getting their hopes up and getting skelped on the 11th March.



    Who am I trying to kid? I hope they get gubbed by st Johnstone….. I despise them that much that I actually hope they draw their training matches against each other…….

  19. bournesouprecipe


    We called them Bogies. but the memories are the same :))))))))



  20. jc2


    Was told by one of the local lads a bottle of “frosty jack” cider going up from £3 to £11:50.

  21. Floatin’



    Just read back and learned of the sad news regarding your mum. I’m very sorry for your loss and my thoughts are with you and your family.








    so how many grand waens have you got.??you and bike girl i mean.



    ps. has miss HENDRICKS heard this story.





    bogies come oot yir nose and geggie is your mooth.

  24. Floatin


    Condolences on the loss of your mum,


    May she RIP,


    Treasure your memories.



  25. JC2



    The seller keeps the money. The idea being that people buy less and therefore they dont make a lot.



    Makes sense to………….????

  26. Hankray @11:10:



    ” tell me why Celtic as League champions will have to play 4 qualifying games to make Champions League group stage next season? ”







  27. Did a Peter Noone earlier today, “woke up this morning feeling fine” actually woke up a few times through the night and that great Celtic feeling washed over me.



    As I wrote earlier I had a wee bit of trepidation yesterday and that had nothing to do with the other teams and/or their players but the rotten tae the core officials.



    Scottish football got rid of a racist and bigot for his supposed jest about the Catholic Church and the horrible topic of child abuse and yet he was allowed to make his way to Nyon where he still controls our game. What can you expect though when it is alleged that ludge hampden never informed UEFA of his his firing or the reasons he was let go. And even if they did, the tentacles of the craft are far reaching, even as far as the calvinist toblerone mountains and valleys, ogilvie is another prime example.



    Back to yesterday, as good as it was, and it was, in all reality the sheep are scheitd and if the calvinists weren’t worse they widnae make the top four. There was nae collusion with deidco he’s just a scheidty manager. Killie will pump them next weekend and mcsleekit will be for the joe the toff.

  28. JC2



    A standard 4 pack of guiness will cost £4.60- that’s roughly what it is now, the issue has been the heavy discounting by the big retailers on bulk packs to attract folk in on the basis of drink consumption as oppossed to offering other weekly items as leaders.



    Folk will definitely cut down on home drinking habits as a result. However, those afflicted by the illness will just buy what they need to get by at the expense of other necessities and new pricing will not cure them.



    I believe the biggest single factor regarding drink (and drug) abuse in Scotland is down to the climate and not the price of alcohol. The amount of rain and lack of sun can make it a dreadfully depressing place at times.

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