Scouted, background checked and experienced, Ajeti should succeed


Negotiations for Albian Ajeti have gone on for weeks but as you and I have said often enough, it is important to get your first choice.  Too often we end up with a player from well down the list, who did not do enough to overwhelmingly convince anyone.  That is not the case with Ablian.

The player was scouted for a move last year before his ill-fated time in London.  He is known to the manager, who will have sounded out Mohamed Elyounoussi for an assurance on things that are not evident from the stands.

Having played over 170 games, he is also more experienced than many we have signed over the last decade.  This is why we missed out on him a year ago, he was caught on the EPL radars and West Ham made what was for them a cheap acquisition.

These factors make Albian’s prospect of succeeding at Celtic higher than most recruits.  It is a pity he will not have some game time this weekend; let’s hope he is fit for this month’s challenges.

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  2. Anyone seen Lyons best player,Depay,get a kick yet.Very strange.Might see Dembele on shortly.


    Lyon have been asking for that.2 great finishes.




    Thanks for your input, I have had no problems for Donkeys years using Chromebook,cheers

  4. lets all do the huddle on

    My son in law just said Stoke has signed Fletcher





    so that means it will be at least 2 transfer windows til we are linked with signing him again



    as we have been for the last decade




  5. Wow Man City miss a sitter of Van Vossen proportion.



    As Moussa scores again. Woohoo.


    PETETHEBEAT on 15TH AUGUST 2020 8:31 PM


    Ex Celt – Jason ‘Climate Change’ Denayer looking quite solid.







    Dembele quite low profile, though.

  7. Larsson … Dembelle .. Edouard ??



    Appreciate what we have and never worry. ..about what we might not have



    Neil Francis CSC

  8. 2 for Moussa same as when with us, fair play to RTÉ to mention his goals for Celtic



    They are still gutted that their “home” team is getting beat though


    INIQUITOUSIV on 15TH AUGUST 2020 9:41 PM


    Arrogance of English commentators simply breathtaking.



    Wife asked why i want city beat.

  10. Gene 9.51pm



    Looks like the “Vale star Alnwick” might be a terrific signing for St Mirren this season

  11. INIQUITOUSIV on 15TH AUGUST 2020 9:41 PM


    Arrogance of English commentators simply breathtaking





    Staggering. They think they are football. The EPL is what it is because of foreign imports. Deluded.

  12. Can you imagine Kyle walker In our team? Big donkey and token English player in the team. The other token , Sterling only gets goals due to the many chances he gets in that team, would be bang average in most other English teams. The new Walcott



    So pleased for Moussa, also loved the tactical play of Lyon; defend as a team. Wish we could get our squad up to that level of athleticism and tactical nous

  13. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    £20m for Moussa and Kieran was sold for 25.



    Moussa was given away.



    The commentary was hilarious.



    So SMSM-esque when their team doesn’t win.

  14. I read somewhere today, based on someone not progressing last night, celtic will be a pot 3 team in the CL groups should we qualify.



    with only one caveat, we will be pot 4 if Lyon with old big ears.



    Mousaa is already world class imho.

  15. Not a jot of sympathy for financially doped Citeh. The commentators were a disgrace to their profession – if that can be called a a profession. Lyon’s ex-Celts were Lyon Lions.

  16. Apologies to RTÉ, I’m watching Virgin 2!



    Anyway, Niall Quinn and Brian Kerr doing the afters and much better than what you normally get on the English panels

  17. Guid(etti) hidings we bring on

    And most of the football greats


    Have passed through Parkhead’s gates


    Legend moussa

  18. Sterling is an excellent player but I’m struggling to remember a worse miss in a high profile match that was so costly.



    Maybe Keegan against Spain in WC 82 ?

  19. PetetheBeat,



    Gascoigne in Euro 96 when he couldn’t get his fat arse to the ball quick enough against the Germans as it was played across the 6 yard box….



    That was a miss….

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