Scouted, background checked and experienced, Ajeti should succeed


Negotiations for Albian Ajeti have gone on for weeks but as you and I have said often enough, it is important to get your first choice.  Too often we end up with a player from well down the list, who did not do enough to overwhelmingly convince anyone.  That is not the case with Ablian.

The player was scouted for a move last year before his ill-fated time in London.  He is known to the manager, who will have sounded out Mohamed Elyounoussi for an assurance on things that are not evident from the stands.

Having played over 170 games, he is also more experienced than many we have signed over the last decade.  This is why we missed out on him a year ago, he was caught on the EPL radars and West Ham made what was for them a cheap acquisition.

These factors make Albian’s prospect of succeeding at Celtic higher than most recruits.  It is a pity he will not have some game time this weekend; let’s hope he is fit for this month’s challenges.

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  1. Big Wavy – I saw the Gascoigne miss on a Euros documentary and he said that he was thinking that the German keeper would get a hand to it – hence his momentary hesitation.



    I wouldn’t have blamed him for that.

  2. Celts look to be fighting a losing battle in their bid to land Brighton centre-half Shane Duffy on loan, with West Brom on the verge of signing the 28-year-old Irish stopper on a permanent deal.



    -Daily Record.






    He’s ok. He’s not great. Better value elsewhere. IMHO…

  3. Another supposed,Great Tim,chooses not to sign.Sick listening to them.Wish the fans would get wise to them.


    There is a CH available from America,very highly rated.We have been sniffing about him.Looks a bit of a beast.Any good?No idea.

  4. lets all do the huddle on

    Sterling is an excellent player…





    a player i genuinely cant stand



    a horrible diving cheating runt

  5. lets all do the huddle on

    That Killie lost their 2 games since our draw.Deary me.




    yip. we should have sorted that game out no bother



    plastic pitch against a big physical centre half



    we dont like it

  6. ” STAFF at a Glasgow biscuit factory have claimed a cluster of Covid cases are linked to an outbreak that has affected pupils at Bannerman High School.



    A company source accused McVities bosses of failing to be transparent with workers amid claims four employees in senior management roles were sent home from the Tollcross factory.



    A worker claims the cases are linked to the outbreak that has affected 11 people in the North East of the city including pupils at the Bailleston secondary school.



    The GMB union said it is seeking “urgent clarification” from site managers about a possible cluster of cases at the site.



    The source said: “The management that have been sent home have been in direct contact with employees who have not been allowed to go home.



    “There has been a blatant disregard for shop floor health and safety many of whom have been shielding for a period of time.”






    Guess we’ll be shutting down biscuit production and stopping supermarkets from selling them now.



    Or does that only work for football

  7. SFTB 11.02pm



    If that is true it effects a lot of others, make a wee joke about “football” but this “cluster” is real life ,.. especially for parents whose kids have just started going back to school after being in the house for 5 months, with some kids just starting high school for the first time … apologies if your post was meant to be funny … but for some it’s real life

  8. St Ambrose school in Coatbridge also effected with 2 confirmed cases .. from same cluster … some parents are pretty concerned … but batter in

  9. SFTBs,



    Yep,once you start making examples of some targets,then you have to be consistent.Seems that the bosses at the biscuit factory,disregarded the rules,leading to serious consequences.Will they be charged?Don’t think so.

  10. GFTB,


    It was being reported the Coatbridge cases were the result of a house party,pupils from 2 schools attending the party.I don’t see your connection to the post about the biscuit factory.

  11. I can’t get a swing at Boli,but if any of my kids had attended a house party,I would not have missed them.

  12. TB 11.32pm



    Forgive me but I thought you didn’t believe the media ??



    My daughter started the named high school on Wednesday … a couple of kids were part of the cluster from Bailleston … it was SFTB that mentioned McVities … no house party was mentioned but believe what you read … from the media that you don’t read ???



    I thought it was a poor analogy the matter if it’s a house party or a mcvities work place …. football is way down my list of priorities ..when real life is involved ..

  13. The ‘school clusters’ are misleading and typical of crap journalism – all but one proved positive before the schools went back. The papers are reporting that some of them attend the same school, sensationalism linked to the return of schools. Might as well say the the local ‘Tesco Express’ has a cluster because five local residents have tested positive.


    From medical reports, house gatherings of extended families are the biggest culprit.



    BTW – delighted for big Moussa

  14. Jinkyredstar



    One positive on 11th August before schools returned and so far one positive who attended school on first day … the “cluster” in Bailleston might have spread but might not have …



    Would you be so flippant if your child might be exposed ?



    I sincerely hope In your words it’s just “crap journalism” … I might sleep easier tonight if I knew that

  15. Fellow Celts good night n god bless



    Bolongoli is a wee shoite … things are rubbish and Celtic should be our wee outlet just now … roll on Tuesday



    Hail Hail

  16. GFTB – I’m not flippant at all. I just stated that the clusters didn’t originate from the return of schools and the the ‘school clusters’ where a misnomer.


    I support any parents’ decision on sending their children back to school in these uncertain times.



    We are on the same side.



    All the best

  17. GFTB



    No flippancy here either



    Covid is a matter of life and death for some.



    But it remains the case that football is an easy dog to kick because



    It is not an essential activity


    It is a working class spot that many look down on


    There is resentment over some players’ wages and lifestyles.



    I don’t want schools or biscuit factories shut down, I want consistency and science-driven approaches. I can smell political interference when it occurs.

  18. Sorry..but a Belated Happy Birthday to Mr John Fallon….Celtic is in his blood…dont you know ?


    I hope John and his family had/have a great weekend.




  19. Here’s the thing about Big Shane Duffy. Back in 2016, just before the Euros, when he was playing for Blackburn we were sniffing around but didn’t get him. No idea how keen we were or if it was more paper pash. Anyway, he didn’t have a great Euro- got sent off against France – then signed for Brighton. Didn’t have a great start there and lots on here saying we dodged a bullet.


    Having said all that, I think he has improved and would improve our back line, but I’ll not be too downcast if he doesn’t arrive. If he does sign then, of course, I’ll love him to bits.

  20. My friends in Celtic,



    What wonderful entertainment from Lisbon in the one off games. What a difference.



    When will we learn : ” Die hard ” Celtic supporters who would love to play for us, but only in the twilight of their career.



    I don’t hold it against them, ” better” options are available. But let’s not be under any false illusion .



    HH to all.

  21. Greepinata,



    Spot on fella. Let’s see what our recruitment department are made of and go source the next Van Dijk, rather than a limited Duffy, solving our new found obsession of ‘toughening up’. More blood and more snotters.



    Play to our strengths and let the cluggers play to theirs. We will win many more times than the losing ‘draw’ from last week.

  22. In ither news………………




    “I’m not surprised” either, that having failed to punt Fat Charlie ( despite the helpful marketing and PR campaign from a scoddland’s finest) that hunned-up kontrived headlines now fall on Barrassik………….










  23. The hand of God on

    Having read back regarding the posts about the virus…all 4 members of my household have been working throughout the so called lockdown 3 of us with jobs that deal directly with the public and I believe it’s safe to say that the Scottish and UK governments haven’t got a clue what they are doing.Fisrt 4 months no need for a mask,people flying into the UK every day from hotspots like New York,Milan and Madrid with no quarantine and no tests they continued to run trains from London (UK hotspot) to Glasgow with no ( or minimal) checks…4 months later they decide masks are needed and passengers must quarantine on entering the UK totally shambolic.The UK is an island and should have been easy to implement quarantine procedures Australia and New Zealand seemed to manage it very well.They are making it up as they go along here and I for one are quite frankly pissed off with them all looking back to last November they were busy telling us how we are well prepared for a potential pandemic and we had upper class knobends telling us how they trusted the British people to do the “right thing”.These people must live in a different world we also had Nicola telling us how wonderful our young people have been and we are so proud ect….again a lot of crap I’ve had groups of 70 boarding my train causing havoc and also groups vandalising schools and congregating on mass in Kelvingrove park with copious amounts of alcohol .I hate it when people go on about “youngsters today” I hated it when I was young and I still hate it an arsehole is an arsehole no matter their age but to make out everything was fantastic during “lockdown” is farcical and fanciful.




    A hoopy birthday to John Fallon, 80 years young today, Celtic Legend and Celtic Supporter.


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!



    Mr Fallon got a few happy birthday wishes yesterday , just as well it’s fashionable to have a birthday weekend , week , these days.😜

  25. I told my mates Lyon were 11\1 on PP last night



    One of them said it was 12\1 by time he logged in



    12/1 for a team that kept PSG out for 120 minutes 2 weeks ago and in games against Man City


    drew 1 and won 1 in CL



    Personally cashed out when Moussa scored first got 7 times stake back



    Ill be checking to see if English bookies are as confident in Man Utd tonight

  26. TURKEYBHOY on 15TH AUGUST 2020 10:47 PM


    Another supposed,Great Tim,chooses not to sign.Sick listening to them.Wish the fans would get wise to them.


    There is a CH available from America,very highly rated.We have been sniffing about him.Looks a bit of a beast.Any good?No idea.


    No doubt TurkeyBhoy, more research will need to be done. We don’t need, nor want another mystery


    signing from the States, along with the two that we signed not long ago, which both mysteriously fell


    off the grid, & we did not get a chance to see them play, a bit like the Shved situation.


    As for Sean Duffy? Nah, he is 28 years old, he wants big wage packets, & he is over rated.


    I’ve seen him play for Ireland, & he is not that solid @ the back, I would be looking else where.


    & Also, we have to keep the HMG, out of the Transfer Gossip Loop, cause any player we are


    interested in, these idiots try to jeopardise our interest, before it has even had a chance to


    materialise. Notice how, when their Favourites are looking @ some player, they have captured


    this new wonder player, who is going to tear up the SPL. & they will get him on board in a jiffy.


    Yet if we are looking @ some player, the gobshites come out with, oh their is also interest else


    where, & said player will go to the highest bidder, or the biggest wage packet. That is why we


    go into incognito mode, & don’t tell those gobshites anything. After all their “Favourites” are


    Tax Dodgers, & are probably also into money laundering as well.

  27. Those of ye doubting Duffy will eat your words if we get him,


    He wants to come but Celtic need to deal with Brighton,


    If they don’t , it’s not a case of Duffy snubbing Celtic, he is a professional Football player & if Celtic can’t conclude a deal with Brighton he has no option but to earn his living elsewhere.

  28. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    Boyd ( the fat one ) wanted Celtic penalised by deducting points.Davie Provan disagreed saying the player,not the club, was in the wrong.Over to you Fat Boy.

  29. In other, ither news…………



    Celtic as an institution is malign and definitely not the standard bearer for Scottish football. Facts are ignored blatantly.



    All of Celtic’s players can be bought for unusually cheap sums.


    All of Celtic’s players will be “Eyed” by EPL teams with money to burn, the subtext being that they can and will be bought cheaply and Celtic are powerless to do anything to stop it.


    If Celtic are linked with a player – the opposing Team will be portrayed as the dominant partner in the transaction with Celtic being forced to accept whichever stipulations specified by the other club – the only exception to this is if Celtic are to be seen as exploiting the other club, especially if said club is Scottish and the player a genuine talent that should really have gone to Asbestox and probably would have done if they hadn’t been liquidated.



    As for the huns……….. the transverse is always the case….

  30. JC2 on 16TH AUGUST 2020 10:40 AM


    I told my mates Lyon were 11\1 on PP last night


    One of them said it was 12\1 by time he logged in


    12/1 for a team that kept PSG out for 120 minutes 2 weeks ago and in games against Man City


    drew 1 and won 1 in CL


    Personally cashed out when Moussa scored first got 7 times stake back


    Ill be checking to see if English bookies are as confident in Man Utd tonight


    JC2, the Bookies will not be giving great odds, for the Mancs to over come Saville.


    If I was you, I would give that gambling milarky a wide berth, & don’t waste my


    hard earned shekels. Footy, can also be, so unpridictable as well.


    That said match, Saville v The Mancs, will probably go into extra time, then Pens,


    & a blade of grass, will probably hand over the winning result, to Saville.


    So you cashed out last night @ 2-1 to Lyon, the match must have been getting


    on your nerves, you need bottle, for the mugs game. Anyway JC2, don’t fall into


    any financial traps, like the motivation of greed, & trying to win back ones loses,


    believe me, one can put those hard earned shekels to better use, rather than


    waisting it in a setup, where ones misfortunes, it’s designed to lose. In other


    words, in the end, the House/Casino/Bookies/2 Fly’s Going Up A Wall/The


    Motor Driven Hair On The Greyhound Track always comes on top.


    Box Clever with your money young Man, & H – H.

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