Scouted, background checked and experienced, Ajeti should succeed


Negotiations for Albian Ajeti have gone on for weeks but as you and I have said often enough, it is important to get your first choice.  Too often we end up with a player from well down the list, who did not do enough to overwhelmingly convince anyone.  That is not the case with Ablian.

The player was scouted for a move last year before his ill-fated time in London.  He is known to the manager, who will have sounded out Mohamed Elyounoussi for an assurance on things that are not evident from the stands.

Having played over 170 games, he is also more experienced than many we have signed over the last decade.  This is why we missed out on him a year ago, he was caught on the EPL radars and West Ham made what was for them a cheap acquisition.

These factors make Albian’s prospect of succeeding at Celtic higher than most recruits.  It is a pity he will not have some game time this weekend; let’s hope he is fit for this month’s challenges.

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  1. That game should be watched by the Celtic squad for the next six weeks. There’s yer training for ye

  2. lets all do the huddle on

    i asked the missus what she wanted for her birthday



    she said she would love to go to the Nik Kershaw gig



    i said aye, wouldnt it be good






    red card?




  3. Used to coach schools football teams. Took boys from six years old through to 12 years old. After a few “doings” over a six week period one year I threw the training manual out the window. I sat each player down individually and named a famous footballer who played in their position. I told the boys to study how the famous guys played and copy their moves and style. Next game I simply told the boys, “ go out there and play exactly like the player you’ve been studying”


    90 minutes later and we had suffered our heaviest ever defeat……it was a learning curve!!!!

  4. Lets All Do The Huddle


    I told the missus I was sick of the housework being neglected due to her endlessly listening to Take That


    What do yo mean? She asked me


    Well I said


    Your lipstick mark is still on these coffee cups




    Fairhill Bhoy,



    This place has been fairly quiet of late. I’m of the opinion we should be encouraging as many people as possible to feel comfortable to post.



    Differing opinion and, crucially, discussion is what makes this place special.



    hi mj


    i agree we need to encourage new individual Celtic fans become posters to hit the post button,varied opinion all for the betterment of Celtic and the joy it brings to us as individuals is a must


    its the cancer that multi monikered posters brings.cannae be true to themselves yet we should take their advise on our club.na no for me.😊


    we’ll catch up soon, yi can scowl away then lol





  6. Shocking result with Bayern thumping Barca 8-2. Will the Scottish media who opined that after 6 & 7 goal drubbings inflicted on us in the CL that we were not worthy of a place in Europe’s top competition, now be saying the same about Barcelona….of course they won’t.



    Now that the SFA & SPFL have been instructed by Holyrood to throw the retrospective book at us & Aberdeen, we must increase the pressure to get the the facts on the Sevco Murray Park ‘incident’.



    Playing catch-up over a couple of months is stressful, having to do it for a full season due to fixture congestion will be the acid test for us this season, or as long as we are allowed to play games.



    Let’s hope the favourable transfer window is not the height of our success this season.

  7. What does it take for someone to fix the perennial log in issues on this site? One should not HAVE to post something to log in, or be repeatedly denied logging on because the “remember me” function is obviously not functional. This is probably one of the reasons the site is losing readers.


    I am heartily sick of it.

  8. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Charges brought are no big deal.



    Celtic’s defence is simple.



    Bolingoli was imperfectly isolated but legal.



    Night all




  9. Winning 10 will, in its own way, be our greatest ever achievement. Especially given the forces set against us.



    I pray it will be so.



    HH jg

  10. b2b





    Mr Bryson come on down.



    Boli was imperfectly quarantined




  11. Neil Lennon & McCartney on

    AN TEARMANN on 15TH AUGUST 2020 1:47 AM



    Mr Bryson come on down.


    Boli was imperfectly quarantined




    Brilliant ~ quite brilliant!




  12. Neil Lennon & McCartney on

    I took a weird kind of perverse pleasure in watching Barca take a drubbing, having enjoyed their style of football over the years. The Munich Machine is now in overdrive. Can they be stopped? I doubt it.

  13. The hand of God on

    Watched the game last night Bayern were awesome, in saying that Barca could have scored 3 themselves in the first 10 minutes. I hope Bayern go on to win it as they are fantastic to watch and ,to my knowledge adhere to FFP rules.Was looking forward to Celtic v Aberdeen on my virtual season ticket today but that has been scuppered. Is the Champions League qualifier on the VST ?


    Herald really going for it this morning .Whole page of blue.



    Only thing missing is “where they belong headline”

  15. Good morning cqn from a very light rain and overcast Garngad, come on the sun get “oot”.



    An Tearman – missed your post last nightni went to my scratcher,sorry, yes I am well not been to the pub for a few weeks, using the garden at home and mine or 1 of the mates for the football. Well the 1st 2 games.



    Hope you are well.






    D :)

  16. Good morning from a beautiful sunny Talacre – grandson Eddie has been up since 5.30 😴



    Not just us that get gubbed in Europe.

  17. Good Morning All,


    Can you imagine Barça falling to bits if their fans were in attendance? I think they just gave up. As Munich’s third goal went in I said to grandson “this is like the Germany vs Brazil semifinal and it’s going to be a right good gubbing “. Feel sorry for the Barça fans this morning.


    Any need for our club or CEO to make a statement to put that cabal in their place or do we acquiesce in silence? Hope we still have Broony’s barrister’s number.

  18. GENE on 15TH AUGUST 2020 8:06 AM


    Good morning from a beautiful sunny Talacre – grandson Eddie has been up since 5.30 😴




    Where the **** is Talacre? Asking for a Belgian friend. :))

  19. Paul The Spark on

    Majestic Hartson


    He has a go at Jason Leitch and Nicola Sturgeon for the language they have used against football players. He wasn’t excusing the player’s behaviour or anything. Maybe someone more tech savvy than me could post the article

  20. fourstonecoppi on

    PAUL THE SPARK on 15TH AUGUST 2020 9:05 AM



    also mentioned that players are not privileged………….mmmm!

  21. Paul the Spark – actually I thought Big Sutty was a bit off the mark with his column today.



    Very very high paid football players are not ordinary employees like a plumber, labourer, spark, joiner, shop worker..etc..



    Football players on £15, £20, £30, £40K upwards have a higher social responsibility than those on £300 or £400 pound per week or the National living wage of between £4.15 an hour to £8.72 an hour, Football players are in the spotlight and so many people look up to them in fact I find it staggering that someone can say that someone earning thousands and thousands of pounds a week has the same social responsibility as those I have mentioned.



    Only my opinion but football players should know better.



    I think the majority are so far removed from reality that they think they can do what they want.



    I love Celtic not any 1 player that we let Don our hoops.



    Rant over



    Hail Hail



    D :)