Scouts will have seen different aspects in Malmo and Glasgow


Malmo quickly followed up their best result of the season against Salzburg with a 2-1 win over top of the table Gothenburg.  They remain four points off the pace but whatever form issues they have had in recent months appear to be resolved.

Champions League football was a harsh experience for Malmo last season.  They qualified after beating Salzburg 3-0 in the play-off round, coincidentally the same score they beat the same opponents by in the last round.  While Salzburg went on to top Celtic’s Europa League group, Malmo lost home and away to Juventus and Atletico Madrid, winning their only points in a home win over Olympiakos.

I’m sure Celtic will have scouted yesterday’s game in Malmo and will have learned more about the home team than Malmo learned about Celtic during yesterday’s stroll in the park at Firhill.  We will have seen them at their best, they will have seen us scarcely breaking sweat.

Ronny will have an idea of the extent of the challenge ahead.  Malmo might not be a match for Juventus or Atletico but they know how to play European football.  We will all have an important job to do at Celtic Park next week.

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    Aye,but your post had further to travel. That’s my excuse every time,four hunner mile and fat fingers.

  2. Good afternoon CQN



    Good result at the weekend for Celtic


    A bit of a sticky game but 3 points none the less



    Hail Hai





  3. Don’t have much internet for few weeks



    When is the Malmö legs being played ?



    Any news on Armstrong or broonys injuries ?

  4. Good afternoon fellow Celtic fans :-)



    CQN Magazine



    Yes all working ok on iPad, link I requested this morning wasn’t working, it is now


    All good



    Can I ask – John Collins, who was at the interview ? And actually heard what was said ? And not what was printed ?


    Only asking, as I do not believe the written press :-)



    Hail Hail

  5. This new entry into Celtic blog land should be of interest first to my generation who started following Celtic in the late 50s but, as it moves forwards in a kind of 24 Hours style, to embrace the ones who picked up their green and white scarves in the 60s and 70s and later, to many many more Tims.



    Jim Craig is the man giving his own personal slant on events and you might want to bookmark and follow as history is brought up to date as you read each new narrative.




  6. Paul67



    Good leader, Ronny Deila was wrong when he said whoever we get in the draw


    wouldn’t be as good as Qarabag.



    Glad you miss all the Malmo are crap posts, and post the evidence instead.

  7. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar...... Ipox belongs to the creditors on

    Poor wee Derek … oor John hurt his feelings, by highlighting the facts hahahahahahaha

  8. Tricoloured Ribbon on




    Haha.Time for a shower,a wee dander wae the dugs,then a cool beer.Sweet.Have a great day lads.


    what is the stars,,where ur ye wae ma horse?

  9. Tricoloured Ribbon on



    Both I think minor injuries.


    Granny Annies-new pub in Waterloo St.


    Superb..A pint awaits pal.

  10. CQN Magazine



    One other comment, when you hit date on latest blog, it automatically refreshes article ? Which is good, but it takes you back to the very top of the blog, and not where you have been ?


    I used to have to hit date/time stamp then hit refresh, and would bring you back to the point from where refresh was instigated



    Hail Hail

  11. Cowiebhoy


    On android it does eventually take you to the last post point, but takes forever to fully load the page.

  12. Watched the Malmö vs Gothenburg game yesterday, where Malmö dominated for most of the game.


    They are well-organised and highly-motivated at home (cracking supporters).



    That said, we are of a different class.





    Battery running out,otherwise I’d post a link to Monty Python-Dodgy Knees.



    Hope yer recovering well,bud.

  14. Afternoon, a pleasant wee break in Edinburgh there, heading home now. I didn’t manage to see the game yesterday, the blonde one wouldn’t stop the car….! By all accounts it was a doddle, we are better placed all round now, than this time last year. Looking forward to the coming weeks.


    It is good being a Tim….always.



    Ayrshire is Green and White

  15. J77



    Agreed, it was doing that on iPad through yesterday, not today though


    Please direct all issues being seen to


    CQN Magazine,


    where Winning Captains and his team are working through, making CQN an enjoyable experience


    No idea their plans for roasters mind :-)



    Hail Hail

  16. The new design for the blog is great, once ye get used to it, it’s fine. This truly is the same blog with a different face. Does it have a holding company..



    Ayrshire is Green and White

  17. “Malmo lost home and away to Juventus and Atletico Madrid, winning their only points in a home win over Olympiakos.”






    That sounds very much like what our own record would have been Imo.



    The draw could have been much worse but Malmo are a much better side than many are suggesting.




  18. does anyone know if last seasons grading structure for getting a ticket for an away european match still applies



    last season had grades a up to e depending on how many previous away european matches the individula had been to



    normally season ticket renewal stated this grading but this year nothing was stated on the renewal form

  19. I was taken, as some, with the Firhill performance sure we got three points, who would have expected less.



    A well-worked goal and finish from a long-ball was all we could muster against a poor poor excuse for a top-tier outfit – we did not make a barrowload of chances.



    I agree, and have been saying much the same as John Collins, although in less diplomatic llanguage.



    If we are stuck in this ‘Mickey Mouse’ league, we must put the ICT, Ross, Killie, Dundee, Hamilton and Particks of this world to the sword.



    If we went all out in the first-half and scored, as we should, at least three goals against the dross, we could introduce the young and the fringe in the second-half – in theory that would give the aforementioned a maximum of EIGHTEEN games of FORTY-FIVE minutes- it would also add sharpness to the first-choice starters.



    Now I know there will be coming on to rubbish – but we have got to start ‘thinking outside the box’, otherwise we will be dragged down to Vanarama Vanaroo standard of the above ‘pub teams’.



    Would be eager to hear other serious ideas.



    It is not acceptable to play in first-gear, because “the goals will come’ – they won’t come in Europe, with this approach.

  20. TRC



    I was in it a couple times when I was home.. Between there and peadars any nights out I had which were a lot fewer than my usual trips home due to having 2 weddings inside 3 weeks to attend. Very quick trip.



    Get you next time



    Keep the faith

  21. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    First page problem on iPhone resolved


    Just refresh on top of page rather on last person who posted



    I think.

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