Season for points to be dropped in unlikely places


Yesterday’s result at Ibrox gave some welcome encouragement but it would be wrong to read too much into it.  Rangers still have the kind of lead that would have Celtic thoroughly confident of a league win and, lest we forget, St Johnstone collected all three points from Celtic Park already this season.

The win at Inverness was much more important.  The Highlanders are bottom of the league but that is a false position.  Two points separate Hibs, Dunfermline, Aberdeen and Inverness, while Kilmarnock, who shipped six goals to Inverness at home two weeks ago, are only a further two points away.  Even with 10 men Inverness remained well organised yesterday, don’t be surprised if they move ahead of the four teams above them in the weeks to come.

The league is remarkably tight from fourth place St Johnstone to bottom Inverness, where fewer points separate the teams than split Celtic and Rangers. Don’t, therefore, be surprised if points are dropped in the most unlikely places.

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  1. Steinreignedsupreme on




    Your opinion is as valid as anyone else, but the fact that others have a different view does not automatically make them ‘patronising’.

  2. Kojo says:


    20 November, 2011 at 15:09



    I almost agree with you…I would have started with a midfield of:



    Commons, Kayal, Ki, Ledley…



    Young Forrest has done well this season but Commons is more of a link player. Young James is better when he comes inside.



    Yesterday as in most games this season we have lacked spark. That said the move for the first goal is what we should be striving to do on a more regular basis. Samaras did well yesterday, won just about every high ball but too many times the Hooper and Stokes were not on the end of them.



    A big three points yesterday regardless of our overall play. And a wee bonus with the orcs dropping two points at home as well.



    Three points on Wednesday and another next Saturday and we are right back in it…



    Who do they play next week and when?



    Keep the Faith!



    Hail Hail!

  3. fergus slayed the blues on

    Re sending off


    I think the fact the guy had a look at Sammi before he jumps may have influenced the ref ,in saying that I thought he was duff anyway .


    Don’t worry bhoys we will be reminded of this throughout the season when we get decisions going against us



  4. .






    Re; Slander on a Football Blog..



    l have Mentioned this Before on Here..I Was in Court about 3 Years ago and Before we Started for the Afternoon..The Judge read out a Verdict on another Trial..



    My Ears Pricked up when l heard it was about a Internet Blog..Long and Short of it..I Looked up the Court Papers and there it was..Even Photocopy of the Blog..The Poster was warned Time and Again by the Host to Desist in Slandering Him..



    The Way l read it..Action was only Taken because the Poster Thought he was Anonymous and Could Not be traced even thought the Host told him he Could be..






    The Judge Awarded $28,000 Against the Poster..



    I Remember Paul67 telling me it Has Happened in The l Mentioned this was 3yrs Ago..Blogs and Facebook are Obviously being watched a lot More Now..



    Careful what you Say..And About Who..




  5. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    I blame colum for the sending off. He sent the don player off for the same sorta slap so o Reilly thought the rules had changed. At the end of the day who gives a France?!!



    Palermo getting a roasting from Juve!! 3-0

  6. Imatim and so is Neil Lennon on

    2010 Never Again








    Posted on Sunday, 20th November 2011 by Joe McHugh



    Neil Lennon saluted Celtic’s much criticised away support yesterday for their magnificent backing in the lunchtime win away to Inverness Caley Thistle.



    Following a week in which every critic of the club had had a field day, putting the boot into the Green Brigade in particular, the fans were in great voice from the first whistle at the Tulloch Caldeonian Stadium.


    The makeshift Celtic defence were greeted straight away with the Viktor Wanyama chant closely followed by In the Heat of Lisbon before traditional favourites such as Let the People Sing and the Fields of Athenry lit up the dour highland skies.



    “The fans were magnificent and I can’t speak highly enough of them,” Lennon said in quotes unlikely to dominate the headlines. “They gave us great backing. They have come a long way and I am delighted their team have given them a good performance.”



    By changing one phrase in The Celtic Symphany critics of the support were left with little to complain about although the very existence of Celtic is clearly a difficult issue for many people to grasp.


    On the park Celtic kept a rare clean sheet with the fans enjoying the novelty of not conceding a goal in the opening minutes from a corner kick.



    Anthony Stokes took his tally to eight goals in seven matches with his resurgence traced back to the 3-3 draw away to Kilmarnock where the Irishman’s second half double helped salvage an unlikely draw after Celtic found themselves 3-0 down.



    “He is playing very well and what pleases me more is his all-round game is improving,” Lennon said about Stokes.


    “He has been a huge player in the last couple of months. He keeps going and on another day he could have had a hat-trick. It is never easy here but I was happy with their attitude.”

  7. Afternoon folks,



    Just reading through the new CQN Magazine.


    Read up to Steinreignsupremes article on Samaras which will do me for now, will save the rest for another time.


    Great read up until that point – we are such a diverse breed of people, its fantastic!



    Incidentally I have to disagree with Steinreignsupremes opinions.


    I dont think Samaras’ performance against the huns proves he should play in a particular position or within a particular system, because since then he failed to perform in the same position and system against the same and different opposition.



    Football is a results business, which demands success and demands it from yesterday – evidenced by calls from many of us (myself included) that our current leader NL either needs assistance or needs to be replaced, a few short months after hearalding him for being the lion of a man he is.



    If you are on today mucker – were you one of those?



    The reason I have mentioned this is because I find it interesting there are so many Celtic fans who seem to have an as yet eternal amount of patience in waiting for a flash of the brilliance they are convinced Samaras has within him. Again, this is evidenced by Steinreignsupreme’s reference to a good performance from Sammy almost 12 months ago – with a total airbrushing of all the flops in between then and now.



    I know I am writing this at a time when, although I wouldnt go as far as saying new lease of life – but he is certainly in better form now than he has been at any point in the last couple of years (because he has had 3 decent games on the trot).



    I am certainly not blinded to when Samaras does well – a stick those who are pro-Samaras like to use to beat those like myself who would prefer the wait for flashes of brilliance was being perservered by another teams football supporters.



    Lennon appears to have found a system in which we can get more out of Samaras although his position within that system is a little less clear cut. Against better opposition and with a full back who cant defend like El Kadhourri a better tactician than Terry Butcher will expose the space created by his constant moving inside and apparent forcefield stopping him moving past the half way line when the balls in play.



    However a lot of the positive moves Celtic have created in the last few games has come through him, which is to be acknowledged (im not overly happy because its a system that relies on an unreliable player, by playing long balls to a man who probably has the lowest winning record for men of the same height) however until recently we were in a very very dark place and the tactic has been a spot which has helped brighten the place up again.



    However, the tolerance and patience that Celtic supporters continue to have with him still surprises me. Its as if there is no such thing as a ‘replacement’ somewhere out there in a very large world filled with footballers…

  8. Best of luck to new Bhoy, Andre Blackman… but for a player deemed not good enough by six teams before now (including the mighty Bristol, AFC Wimbledon and Oldham) I’m not sure if we should hold our breath.



    StephanneBonnes/AdamVirgo/BenHutchinson CSC

  9. saltires en sevilla on

    dallasnomore says:


    20 November, 2011 at 14:57



    To clarify: I know the songs are not illegal, they are neither sectarian or racist. I am not offended by them in any way.



    If I undertsand you correctly. You think there is no difference between a group of (I am assuming) ‘like-minded’ people singing rebel/ira/provo songs in a bar in Donegal and the same group going into Celtic Park and singing the same songs.



    Do you think that the Celtic support who are not Irish, or of Irish origin, are happy to hear these songs sung at a football match? Do you think that all the Scots of Irish origin are happy to hear those songs sung at CP?. What about the Scots with no Irish origin? The Italians, Polish, Indian, Pakistani etc, etc…what about them? Then there are the people we invite to our ground. Our opponents, our guests and visitors?



    You feel we should celebrate our Irish origins by singing these songs in Scotland or in other Scottish grounds? Answer me this question: Do you sing these songs in GAA grounds home and away? Or at Republic of Ireland games or Irish soccer games. Do any Irish fans do that? ( been a few requests over the last few weeks and not seen any who claim the songs are sung at these venues.)



    I suspect they do not. The reason? There are too many painful and harrowing memories. That the Irish people respect one another enough to know that the complex nature of the conflict(s) means that there are many who do not share or support a common view. Also, it is my experience that many feel such songs and the way they are sung is disrespectful to the memory of the men and women who died.



    The majority of Celtic fans feel there is no place for these songs at CP. Including Irishmen like Neil Lennon



    I will continue to support an Irishman like Lenny ..any day of any week.







  10. Steinreignedsupreme (last thread) 15:15



    “Your opinion is as valid as anyone else, but the fact that others have a different view does not automatically make them ‘patronising’.”






    It is the following quote from NL that is patronising.”They probably don’t know what they are singing. They’re being influenced by other people.”

  11. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    Waddell (im a bairn but all ma pals are ranker fans) was havin a dig too. I wonder how many of his pals were in the 40,000??

  12. Imatim and so is Neil Lennon says:


    20 November, 2011 at 15:30



    “He is playing very well and what pleases me more is his all-round game is improving,” Lennon said about Stokes.


    “He has been a huge player in the last couple of months. He keeps going and on another day he could have had a hat-trick. It is never easy here but I was happy with their attitude.”



    What do folks on here think of Lennons assessment?



    In the wake of yesterdays game, he has also said that we were superb.



    I think he is making it difficult for himself to get more out of the players.



    If we call it as it was – a professional performance which up until the goal was far too lathargic and was bearing all the hallmarks of that team which appears to think it just has to turn up to win the game. Stokes was wasteful in front of goal and was his selfish self on numerous occassions.



    I hope Lennon is conveying that very message in private.



    If not, on Wednesday how does he tell the players he expects more and expects better when he has already told them they were superb?



    I hope what he says in public is different than in private – I am not sure though..

  13. saltires en sevilla says:


    20 November, 2011 at 15:35




    Were rebel songs ever sung at GAA matches?

  14. jude2005



    Whats Waddell moaning about this week …??


    He’s one of the most bitter anti Celtic journalists in the country.


    He has a lot of hatred for Celtic for a so called Falkirk fan.

  15. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    Heard the Bhoys giving it the old Argentina yesterday. A wee thers only one Maradona wd have funny!!

  16. saltires en sevilla says:


    20 November, 2011 at 15:35




    ‘The majority of Celtic fans feel there is no place for these songs at CP. Including Irishmen like Neil Lennon’




    I don’t know that there’s any evidence for that.



    I think it would be more accurate to say that the majority of Celtic fans who attend Celtic Park feel that there is no place for any songs at CP. That’s why they never sing.



    It’s very much a minority interest.



    The away support is a different matter.

  17. Imatim and so is Neil Lennon on

    2010 Never Again







    Posted on Sunday, 20th November 2011 by Paul



    I was one of the people who donated to Barack Obama’s election campaign in 2008. $25 here, $50 there from millions of people paid for his campaign that ended in success in November 2008 and the immortal words “Change has come to America”.



    I’m sure, like me, all those who donated hoped that we would helped spark a new dawn in America, progressive and forward thinking with a whole new outlook.


    That has not happened.



    I’m not going to go into the ins and outs of his Presidency thus far but I want to say this, the main reason I donated was I wanted to see a African-American President of America. I thought when that happened, racism would be dealt it’s biggest and, perhaps, final blow in the US.


    I was wrong, it’s even worse now.



    There is something in the mind of the racist bigot that reacts to anything positive in a negative fashion. It manifested itself in America as The Tea Party(Motto-”Screw the country, just get the Black man out the White House”), in Scotland it has many faces and they all hate us.



    We have seen a concerted campaign against Celtic and The Irish in Scotland for many years but it awoke again after “Dougie, Dougie” last year and it is getting uglier and more upfront by the day.



    The walls of bigotry started to tumble at the SFA when Steven Craven admitted that he and Dougie MacDonald had lied to Neil Lennon. Then we found out, thanks to Phil Mac Giolla Bhain, that Hugh Dallas spent his spare time forwarding emails mocking child abuse and The Pope, and things began to get clearer for all us “Paranoid Timmys”. Of course the Referees went on strike, so outraged they had been found out.



    As the Celtic team on the park started to get its act together, so to did evil men intent on stopping that. Men who tried to murder our manager, Paul McBride QC for standing up for Celtic and Trish Goddard MSP whose “crime” was to wear a Celtic top in public.



    Of course we didn’t know any of this because the Director of Communications at Strathclyde Police, Rob Shorthouse, was instructing the old media not to print or say a word about it. Alex Salmond also backed this line. Now I know from journalism contacts that they knew about these events a good 10 days before they were printed.



    I was know they were fuming at being told not to do the stories and that they had never been put in a position like this in their careers. They were told this was happening to “help the investigation”. All due respect but if I’m in charge, and two bombs are sent from postboxes in Kilwinning, just pull in the 10 most well known bigots in the place and I guarantee you you will get your men from them.



    Fast forward to now and we have a law that is designed to “even up the score” so it does not show the real problem in Scotland, that of the disease of Anti-Irish Racism, which is never addressed. Instead football supporters are criminalised, despite more crimes of a sectarian nature taking place away from football. We are branded thugs, filmed and harassed at games, despite the fact far more people are arrested at concerts than football matches.



    Then people are arrested for singing songs mentioning “The IRA” in them. First we were told they were sectarian, that was a lie, then we were told they were offensive to some, like most songs at football then, now we are told they are “illicit”, by a guy who gave us a free kick at St Mirren once and Radio Shortbread still hasn’t got over it.



    This all smacks of a vendetta and I’m not for backing down to it. Like most, I want all the “add ons” gone from songs but I want the songs from where we came from(That’s Celtic btw, not you personally, big difference) to be sung with gusto(If anyone from the Green Brigade is reading, Big Strong Man please, please). Incidentally, I despise songs that say “We are rich and you are poor” but no one cares about that I notice, even in these harsh times, the poor are mocked without punishment. I want the Celtic support, and the wonderful Green Brigade to know that we are all behind you here. Well most of us anyway.



    What is clear that with an Irish Catholic manager, a vocal and defiant support now organised more than ever, and an online army of Tims who can right the wrongs of the bigots out to get us, the establishment are worried, very worried, and that’s why it’s getting worse folks.



    Oh and despite having a African-America man in the White House, he’d still struggle to get a cab in Manhattan.


    Paul (twitter @paullarkin74 and for podcast and website updates @TheLostBhoys & @HomeBhoys)

  18. Steinreignedsupreme on

    dallasnomore: 20 November, 2011 at 15:35



    It was just an observation that you described both NL and PMG in the same way.

  19. saltires en sevilla on

    ernie lynch says:


    20 November, 2011 at 15:45


    saltires en sevilla says:


    20 November, 2011 at 15:35



    Were rebel songs ever sung at GAA matches?






    Yes, that was my question Ernie







  20. In these days, the Celtic team is drawn from all over the world.



    I’m not sure this is for the best – one of the reasons for the huns’ dominance in the last 3 years surely is that they are made up of players from a homogeneous background with only a few foreign guys.



    Anyway, returning to Celtic, does anybody really think that pro-IRA songs help our players to do better?

  21. Paul67



    I wont be surprised if we go into the New Year game knowing a win puts us top.




  22. Steinreignedsupreme on

    ernie lynch: 20 November, 2011 at 15:45



    “Were rebel songs ever sung at GAA matches?”



    Not sure. But I thought people were free to sing them wherever they wanted. So, there’s no reason not to sing them at Irish sporting events. If they are good enough for Celtic matches and all that…

  23. Cha’s late call off yesterday, forced Adam Matthews to play in his natural position, which for my money can never be a bad thing, as a left back he is not. El Kaddouri appears surplus, but I maintain despite his fragility, square pegs in square holes, is the way to go.



    Who knows what will happen injury and formation wise between now and mid week but chopping and changing the side every week led us, down the wrong road.



    Andre Blackman could come into contention as the new left back, otherwise why sign him?

  24. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on




    Lenny being used as a mouthpiece. 2 big spreads in the S M. You just wonder what they wd write abt if the Great Glasgow Celtic wer’nt abt?.



    Keevins was making out that Corrigan invited the C S A to a meeting. Emdae on here got the true facts??

  25. saltires en sevilla says:


    20 November, 2011 at 15:35



    How many saltires did you see ed Sevilla? You have a problem with tricolours too?

  26. Saltires.



    Rebel songs are not sung at GAA matches. Then again there is no real tradition of singing at GAA games at all. Nor are they sang at ROI soccer games nor at Ireland rugby games. The Fields however does get a great rendition at the rugby. I’m not putting that down as rebel – more of a lament.



    I can remember some rebel tunes being played at GAA games by the band at half time – we have a tradition of marching bands st GAA games – the more famous being The Artane Boys (and girls!). Sean South would have been a favourite. This would have been several years ago. Not so frequent now.

  27. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Eyes Wide Open: 20 November, 2011 at 15:32



    Fair enough. At least you read it.



    I’m not sure if there was a question you were directing at me there, if so can you clarify.



    I had a late night…

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