Season pivots. Gambling referees


As the second half progressed at Pittodrie, our season hung by a thread.  Aberdeen looked the more likely, Celtic were not making chances, it was difficult to see where a win was coming from.  A week earlier, we closed out the game against Dundee United better, without reward, but the winner arrived yesterday, courtesy of Tom Rogic, Adam Montgomery and the always-dangerous, Jota.

Kyogo’s return to league duty brought a reward within 11 minutes.  The Japanese icon steered a David Turnbull cross off his chest into the net.  It was an unconventional finish that should have set Celtic on course for a comfortable victory against an Aberdeen team that struggled to find a pass.

The home side came out a different team at halftime and took advantage of a perennial Celtic weakness to score from a corner kick.  Scott Brown almost doubled the damage from a subsequent corner, forcing an instinctive save from Joe Hart.

There is a points gap that does not really matter how much you will improve, you are going to struggle to pull off a recovery.  We have seen Celtic recover from more than 9 points behind much later than this in the season, but those were exceptional times.  We don’t want to go there again.

Teams that win leagues find ways to win games, even when they are struggling.  Celtic needed to do this yesterday.  When Jota got on the end of that cross, the season pivoted.

You can bet on which team will be awarded more fouls in some foreign betting markets.  The probity of our match officials and their resistance to the debt spiral gambling can bring should be monitored. Unfortunately, it is not.

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  1. Sportscene has the Porteous no contact challenge somewhere around the murdering babies mark


    yet an off the ball assault by the Columbian thug is ” Clever “, really what is the point?

  2. 67 European Cup Winners on

    We got a win yesterday from nowhere


    Was this the proverbial corner


    Not sure


    We looked spineless in the second half


    Any team attacking us has me looking for a pillow


    Playing our full backs more or less in front of our central defenders is suicide


    Aberdeen wide players had a field day



    I’m not a big fan of Biton but playing him instead of Rogic made sense at least Biton can cover some ground


    Bringing Rogic on when the pace has slowed also makes sense


    Is this Ange starting to understand his players ability !!!


    Hope improved slightly but brain says don’t get excited



    On another note. Hibs look decent




  3. squire danaher on

    MARKIEBHOY on 4TH OCTOBER 2021 12:17 PM


    Sportscene has the Porteous no contact challenge somewhere around the murdering babies mark



    yet an off the ball assault by the Columbian thug is ” Clever “, really what is the point?





    They’re no longer even attempting to pass them off as ‘Honest Mistakes’.



    They’re all laughing at us.



    Back Of The Bus CSC

  4. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    “Kyogo’s return to league duty brought a reward within 11 minutes”




    Good thing he got that game on Thursday to get his rustiness worked off.


    Really enjoyed the interchange for the winner. Been going on for ages about the need for combination plays to open up defences, getting in behind rather than just aimlessly firing in crosses. You could really see the training ground work in the goal.


    Said after the Hearts game that we would score plenty of this type of goal this season.


    Still work to be done – tempo needs to be upped and defensive issues to be fixed (as always!), but good to get the win.

  5. we need to highlight referee decisions wrongly called against us. We have a board with no backbone where this is concerned.



    I still think this season will be different for the huns. Not as much leeway as before.

  6. Abada seriously needs to up his good enough.while jota looks like he’s on another level

  7. The booking for Turnbull.



    Firstly, there was nothing Turnbull did that warranted a foul let alone a yellow, in my opinion.



    Secondly it should have been a foul to us with the Aberdeen players clearly playing the ball while lying on the ground.



    The foul given against Cater-Vickers at our corner, after the ref had spoken to players. The ball wasn’t even in play when the foul was given from what I could tell – stupid really close up camera angle on the corner taker switched to wider shot at the wrong time to determine in the ball had been struck. But sounded to me like the whistle went before the thud of the ball being kicked,

  8. I know we got the 3 points but why did we make 3 positional changes up front to accommodate ajeti ,moving Kyoto out to left wing as per thems game (when it didn’t work) was strange also where is the greek centre.

  9. Wee Lamb (13), been charged wae throwing a bottle at Jota, 3 months in a young offenders should suffice, he’ll probably get a £20 fine.

  10. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Nice one Pablo.



    Snatched and shipped this season ….






    Snatched 4 points (2 against Dundee – missed pen / 2 against Hibs – losing position, ref intervenes, likely a draw otherwise)



    Shipped 0 points (from specific positions, not just “should’ve played better”)






    Snatched – zero (or 2 yesterday depending on your point of view)



    Shipped – 3 points (1 at Tynecastle losing late goal / 2 against Dundee United as we pummeled them and the woodwork).



    We need our trend to change a lot – particularly Shipped – and theirs to change a little.

  11. Paul67



    Kings Park fully deployed, if only Celtic could get close.



    Full mason mode and weekly controversy as Sevco struggle badly to recapture covid free first lock down form. Invigourated by Celtic’s lazy rebuild, ‘refereeing’ will redouble its efforts to guarantee there will always be a Rainjurz and no need for parachutes to the bottom division for this new club.



    Meanwhile back at the ranch, its jam in January despite 12 recruits, there’s a clear number of whom won’t play, anytime soon, the ones that have enjoy varying degrees of success. Tony Ralston first to resign in June has done incredibly well from nowhere, but he’ll never be the perfect full back, especially whilst he’s inverted, (another word for in the wrong place at the wrong time) Adam Montgomery another of the inverted is the closest we’ve seen to a left back since KT. CCV and Starfelt stumble on to their next donnybrook in Motherwell. Bitton or McCarthy (the Judge) – why did ‘somebody’ buy him again? Leil (invisible) Abada needs a fit James Forrest, Kyogo and Jota get pass marks in the rebuild, Turnbull should join a body builders gym to get him through the winter.



    Ah yes, somebody created a gap whilst we’ve lost away from home, since St Valentines day.




    MOM João Pedro Neves Filipe

  12. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Can someone remind me? …..



    Was there a story recently (past couple of years) about Bobby Madden having gambling debts?

  13. Having watched the Ibrox red card again, I have to admit if this was against a Celtic player I would be screaming for a red.

  14. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Is betting on foreign football games (all kinds of in-match bets) a huge industry in Hong Kong?

  15. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Are any Scottish clubs being propped up by opaque financing originating from Hong Kong?

  16. Very much all about keeping in touch at this point. This Sevco team, is for the most part, made up of a squad that collapsed twice after new year in close title fights. Let’s ask the questions we never did last season.



    We’ve loads of work yet to do because yesterday was a poor performance. Get players like Forrest back and hopefully find some confidence to get a run going.



    Easter Road midweek at the end of this month is a stand out. Negotiate this month and our fixtures become much more manageable. Hang in there Celtic.

  17. When things get tight the level of cheating increases exponentially.


    VAR won’t make a difference here. The individuals reviewing the incidents will be retired rangers supporting referees.


    We let them off the hook when we should have buried them.

  18. thebhoywithmcgraininhisside on




    ETIMS suggest it’s a done deal. 4-6 weeks from being announced.










    ETIMS suggest it’s a done deal. 4-6 weeks from being announced.







    Does it matter who comes in if DD is calling the shots ? will anything change.

  20. Would much prefer the entire squad to remain at Lennoxtown until the Motherwell game. Would be valuable time for fitness and coaching. Hopefully, those who do remain at the training centre use the time wisely.



    After 10 minutes yesterday it looked like we would have the game won by half time. Then passes started being overhit, or underhit, or misplaced. There were even a couple of the hospital variety. But, I need to cut the young guys like Abada, Jota, Monty, and Turnbull some slack. To reach a consistently good level takes time, even VvD had a few shockers in his first season in the hoops. But his potential was obvious. Sorry Anthony Ralston, you will never reach the required standard to be a first pick.



    We could really do with Soro and McCarthy nailing down a jersey. I don’t know what’s happened with Soro’s development, as there is clearly a player there. Poor coaching perhaps ? Or is he just not able to learn from his constant mistakes ?



    Across town, Gerrard’s eccentric behaviour and contradictory comments reveal a man not at ease with the world. Has he not realised that his board retained all their main assets firstly to stop 10IAR and secondly to reach the CL Groups ? Part A was for the fans but Part B was for the “investors” . Sorry Stevie lad but nae Part B means it’s all about keeping the big hoose lights on. Again.

  21. Notthebus. You could scream all you like for a red card but you wouldn’t be getting it.

  22. When AP does a double substitution, we morph into Deila mode,nobody knows where they’re supposed to be playing

  23. I’ve just watched that tackle back on Sky Sports news, I never knew who the tackle was on, I do apologise to anyone that was offended by the monkey comment, it wasn’t intended, sorry.

  24. Bold statement on season pivoting Paul.



    Not so sure and much more evidence required. We remain a dysfunctional club with no obvious sign of structural change in the background. Ange clearly scouting without a head of recruitment for January. FFS help the fella out here board.



    We won and stayed in touch. Too many variables in place to suggest things have changed much but nice to be celebrating an away win (not a phrase we would see ourselves making a while ago sadly).




  25. The hibs red……celtic wouldn’t even have got a foul ffs….never mind screaming for a red!!!…..I don’t believe it was a red ..unless the game has been sanitised beyond recognition……which watching the assaults on celtic players recently doesn’t seem to be the case !!!

  26. Back to Basics



    I am not sure if Maddens alleged significant gambling debts was ever a matter of public record. My understanding is that it was not deemed as an issue Re him continuing to referee in an impartial manner by the SFA despite questions being asked by Some clubs.

  27. squire danaher on

    BIG WAVY on 4TH OCTOBER 2021 1:58 PM



    I agree with you regarding the reaction to the away win yesterday. I do think it was partly tongue-in-cheek, but the point remains that this was a first away league win after 8 non-wins.



    I checked last night and confirmed that not even in 1977-8, 1989-90 or 1993-4 did we have a run of 8 away league non-wins.



    By any stretch of the imagination or mitigating circumstances, this was unacceptable.

  28. squire danaher on

    !!BADA BING!! on 4TH OCTOBER 2021 2:17 PM


    Walsh has sent six opponents off against Sevco in 7 games.



    According to this he has sent off 5 Hun opponents (Porteous twice) in 11 league games.



    That’s not to say he’s sent off opponents in cup ties which I haven’t included.



  29. thebhoywithmcgraininhisside on




    In a word, no.



    But these are the rules of the PLC game. I’ll never denigrate Fergus but sometimes I wish his restructuring expertise was in something other than limited companies, public or otherwise.

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