Season tickets renewed. Of course.


You know me.  There was never any chance of me not renewing my season ticket.  I’ve been there for the nine, I was there for Oldco’s nine, so hell would freeze over before I would miss next season.  But even acknowledging that, I wanted to see what the deal was before signing up.

I renewed today.  From September or October, some of us could be allowed back into Celtic Park, it will be later before the stadium is full.  I know how important this season is.  When I review our finances, every year I note the importance of season ticket sales in allowing Celtic to plan and keep the lights on.

Watching on TV is well short of the real thing, but I can afford the tickets, and the consumer value of this year’s proposition is not really an issue, I just wanted to know what it was before putting my card details in.

The economy has skewed in the last four months.  While some have earned every overtime hour available and others have seen bank balances rise as they’ve spent practically nothing, others became unemployed or are facing that prospect.  If you are a Celtic fan who has lost their income having supported the club through two, or even three, periods of Scottish football being dominated by nine-in-a-row runs, missing out on next season will be an added indignity.  There will be many in this situation.

I know how important season ticket revenue is under normal circumstances.  With the collapse of retail, hospitality, and other stadium income streams, that has never been truer. For those of us who can, we are here for 10, be it at home, distanced in a half-filled stadium, or celebrating with 60,000 friends.

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  1. Re giving out the access code to friends etc, that won;t work a bit like Netflix, once one ghuy is logged on watching no one else can use his code.


    So if you want to watch a game be nice to a Season Book Holder and if he does invite you round make a wee contribution to the event to share the burden.

  2. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Levein’ should tenure at Hearts ‘one big embarrassment’ would have been a more accurate headline.

  3. CORKCELT on 9TH JUNE 2020 8:02 PM


    Re giving out the access code to friends etc, that won;t work a bit like Netflix, once one ghuy is logged on watching no one else can use his code.



    So if you want to watch a game be nice to a Season Book Holder and if he does invite you round make a wee contribution to the event to share the burden.






    I’d imagine a household with multiple log ins could give unused accounts to friends.

  4. Absolutely, An Dún, One Code per ticket. If there are 2 or 3 Ticket Holders in one house watching game on the one Telly the 2 spare codes are available for distribution .

  5. I posted the other day about my son’s box at the Vale and that he hadn’t chased any refund for losing 5 games at the end of the season.


    Well Vale has been in touch today not about any refund but about next season – they want to put the price up 😠


    He asked what were there plans is we started BCD – would we get live streaming of home games what else was on offer. Nothing planned seamed to be the answer.


    Makes Celtic seem positively generous.

  6. I think a lot of posters on here should not renew their season books. They do not feel that Celtic should be charging them to watch games that they can get an illegal stream to watch. They also can get Celtic merchandise cheaper at JD or Sports direct or even cheaper on DH Gate.



    Let the seats go to them who will take the seats on the basis of when Government rules allow then they will get a seat even when we dont know when.



    I dont expect the club to cut the price of season tickets.



    I think the club has offered to refund a portion of last seasons season fee as we now know how many games we missed.



    I dont see the problem, buy if you want, dont buy if you want

  7. Por Cierto mentioned Jim McLean earlier. Despite his unusual method of terminating a live interview he was one of the top three post-war Scottish managers. He reached one European final and his team was cheated out of a place in the European Cup Final. Not bad for a provincial.

  8. I bought my first season ticket the year after they got liquidated. Papers were full of how we needed ‘Rangers’ and I decided to play my small part by purchasing a ST – albeit the club had knocked £100 off the tickets.



    I kept it for 3 years before I gave it up – the other half wasn’t too happy at the expense for the 4 games I attended a season.



    I’m on the waiting list for next season, I’m fortunate enough to afford it and in a strange way, I’m getting more for it as unlike in previous years, I can watch the home games that I don’t attend.



    I really have been taken a back by the seemingly large number of our fans that are threatening not to renew and/or ask for refunds.



    Sometimes social media can be a bit of an echo chamber so it’ll be interesting to see how many seats are free when the option to buy for next season comes my way.



    Hopefully the bulk of our support take the tickets and see this through.




    I emailed the address that MORAVCIK gave me. I encountered the same problems as yesterday. It was quite complicated (for me) to follow. So, I gave up. Maybe the next time, I’ll be able to have someone with me who knows their way around the tech world.



    Thanks to everyone who tried to help me.

  10. PCS, you travel so many miles to watch Celtic all the Time.



    I sincerely hope someone gets this sorted for you.

  11. Slabhoy - on the road to 10 on

    Gene – I live not too far from you (in Leek) and I have also joined the waiting list on the same premise…



    Good luck to us both.




  12. Slabhoy – on the road to 10 on 9th June 2020 9:57 pm



    Gene – I live not too far from you (in Leek) and I have also joined the waiting list on the same premise…



    Good luck to us both.









    Interesting moniker



    did you ever work in the carpet industry




  13. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Gene and Slabhoy


    Just as the non renewers if u can take their tickets , saves you worrying about waiting lists 😬



    I obviously mean the can pay wo t pay brigade not those who genuinely can’t afford to purchase a ticket due to circumstances

  14. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Ironic that I can’t buy my ST because I’ve disabled java to read CQN

  15. CaddingtonCommon on

    Fifth time today had to log on. I try to log on with hope in my heart.



    Paul, try and sort it please, other sites are sprinting away fromCQN.



  16. Have i missed the last man standing results from the weekend??


    normally had an email by now

  17. As posted by BADABING! yesterday at 6.32, we need to get voting to get Broony up past the Hun Jack for the midfield spot. Calmac seems to have the top spot sewn up, but Broony needs a push. On the wings, Jamesie is well out in front on the right. Moi is ahead of that Kent on the left, but more voting needed to keep it that way.


    I don’t know how to do the link thing.


    I’ve been voting incessantly since yesterday. It seems that once you open the link and vote, you can reopen it and vote again.


    Voting for Moi closes at 11 tomorrow morning and an hour later for Broony.


    So, night shift and early birds, our bhoys need your help.


    If someone could post the link, I’d appreciate it.


    Oíche mhaith & Hail Hail.

  18. Was Cyrus the virus?



    I Am (not that Book of Isaiah wan) nothing.



    WOW I Dinnae like my Boards actions.



    Seems to me they want Prawn Sandwiches all around the Stadium. What a SHOCK IS incoming.

  19. First of all guys has anyone heard from Big Jimmy? I haven’t noticed him posting recently but having lost one contact lens (and a few balls) on the golf course maybe that’s the explanation.


    Renew or Not renew that is the question?


    There are a helluva lot of unknowns for next season but our costs per week are not going to go down and in fact will probably increase if we can get FF and French Eddie tied up and hopefully one or two others.


    Biggest complaint I see is about the refund for last season being difficult to obtain. Has the SLO come out and explained why Celtic are using the paper trail method as opposed to online claims? If this could be explained then maybe some supporters would be happier although you can’t please all the people all the time.


    Renew the ST & VST for next season is a tug at the heart strings for some people and everybody’s circumstances are different. No one knows how many games this virtual season ticket will encompass and households with 2or 3 tickets only need one code to watch the Tele so are losing out on that as well. Could they sell the extra codes to a mate and could it move to a different location/Tele every week. Not having Netflix I don’t know how these things work.


    Heart and wallet fighting for supremacy, difficult decision for many people and whatever you decide it will be the the correct one for you but remember all going well we’ll be back at Paradise asap. Forget PLC,forget PL’s bonus it’s our Celtic and we’re going for 10. I’ll never forget Harold Bratbaak when we stopped their 10 and hope to get back to Glasgow for at least one game and I can say “I was there”


    Pay for Celtic international TV and prepare for getting up at 01:30 or 02:30 to watch midweek games,that is the question?


    I know the answer




  20. Good morning CQN from a damp and rainy Garngad



    I don’t think it’s as easy as either renew or don’t for your ST, I think a lot of people could be struggling to pay and have other things like rent, mortgage, energy payments among others like food etc. The ST is an emotional pull that fans will be wanting to renew.



    Ultimately I’m afraid it will come down to 1 decision can I afford/justify it. That’s it.



    No one should be berated for pondering over a decision like this, let’s support each other as well as the club.



    Big Jimmy as Fess19 says I hope you are ok.



    Hail hail



    D. :)

  21. prestonpans bhoys on




    Agree 100%, some bhoys on here need to come out their bubble and wake up to real life. Bhoys have lost their jobs or unsure of their employment. Others may still be afloat but have lost £1000’s.



    Saddens me to look at some comments, some folk have no self awareness😢

  22. Slabhoy - on the road to 10 on




    Never been in the carpet industry, got my moniker whilst laying a patio at my home some years ago!







  23. Gordybhoy,


    You were amongst a few from Round 6 who were missed from the e-mail containing results which was sent on Saturday evening.


    Sincere apologies for my error. It appears that i used the wrong filter on the spreadsheet when collecting the mail addresses of those who should be receiving the usual mail.


    The mail has been sent this morning. Once again, please accept my apologies for the oversight.



  24. Slabhoy - on the road to 10 on

    PS It would be ideal to temporarily purchase a ST from someone who can’t afford it this year and give it back when they can. Ideal for those 2 x ST homes. Not easily administered tho’ – any bright spark got ideas along those lines?

  25. PETEC,



    I think my moniker has confused you somewhat. I used to live in Salford when I first joined CQN. That is about 12 years ago now. I have been living in Largs for over 10 years now. Mind you, I did still have a season ticket when I was down south.



    I didn’t change my moniker because I never really thought about it, tbh.

  26. Slabhoy - on the road to 10 on

    In fact, since I live away, I could participate in a shared scheme – the original/real ST holder going to any matches they can, whilst the temp ST user gets to watch on the telly. Shares the cost, win/win.







  27. PCS,



    Confucius does indeed not say. Long Time pedro Mcgedro is easily confused, short Time equally also.



    Ye will be sorted soon then.

  28. Just listening to the 90 minute cynic lads. They’re giving it big time to the club for not helping out fans with some uncertain of their jobs etc



    I know 90 minute have a paid service so would I be right in saying these guys have lowered their subscription charges to help fans out ?



    Or, are they raging hypocrites ?

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