Season will be decided on the field, not in the courts


I received a text early evening on 18th August last year: “Gongalves starts”.  Former Hearts player, Jose Gongalves, was one of a handful of players FC Sion signed illegally in the summer 2011 transfer window and he had been named to start against Celtic in the Europa League qualifier, first leg.

As a contest, the tie was over.  There followed two matches with considerable effort and drama from both teams but the eventual outcome was, literally, never in doubt, the courts would have their way.  Sion would be expelled from the competition and Celtic would progress to the group stage.

Today Celtic’s only remaining competitor from the chasing pack for the SPL title is up in court to face the HM Revenue and Customs.  The courts will have their way again but although you may feel the outcome of Rangers tax case is inevitable (I do), the impact on this season’s league championship is less assured.  Should they lose, Rangers have the option to appeal, postponing any negative impact on the company until next season at the earliest.

If Rangers have, or can generate, enough cash to keep the lights on this season the league will be nip and tuck until the end of the season. The tax case will attract most attention but if you are looking for indications of how the season is likely to go, keep an eye open for cash related incidents.

Well done to Rangers’ broadcast partner, STV, for their story this morning on SPL discipline.  They report the Ibrox club have the worst disciplinary record in the league, having accumulated a total of 41 bookings, contrasting starkly with the cool class at Celtic Park who are best behaved in the league with only 20 bookings.

With Beram Kayal out for the season Ki Sung-Yeung is the Celtic player closest to a suspension, a further three yellow cards would put the Korean over the threshold.  Rangers have Lafferty one booking, Edu and Bocanegra two, with Goian, Broadfoot, Bartley and Whittaker all three away from a suspension.  Lee McCulloch has only been booked twice this season but shows enormous potential.

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  1. Rieperman



    Well done on your call. They will have you on I am sure. You will be good for ratings.



    Unfortunately that is what they want.



    So you MAY win, they WILL win.

  2. TET



    Have you looked at African Nations Cup?



    Looks a weak event this year. Ghana have a very easy group, then if they get past Morocco or Tunisia they will unlikely be up against Ivory Coast til the final.



    Coral have them 4/1 which doesn’t seem great odds though.

  3. Cultsbhoy,



    The swerve took the ball out of the full reach of Forster else he might have got it.



    I’m in the Forster camp and I have already stated I think he could play for England one day.



    Joe Hart is class but apart from him there isn’t many good young English keepers.

  4. CultsBhoy loves being 1st on

    Don’t talk about supercrapboard or Keechins..



    They read this blog…they will love the fact they are a topic of conversation…so deluded and shallow that even reading that they are a bunch of b@wb@gs…strokes their sad egos..

  5. CultsBhoy loves being 1st on




    He has my support. His save against Hearts, his more assured performance v Huns, a few decent saves and his stats have endeared him to me. I do think he lacks presence, but will mature in to that. I also feel poor form that we have spent 5 or so windows without resolving this long term….



    I’m not sure about England….either… but doubtless we have had worse goalies

  6. right offski.



    in Lennon i trust.



    , oh and Mourinho not happy in La Marca today



    “Rangers interest in my players is affecting the preperation for the Classico match on wednesday”



    Sally mcmoist replied


    ” i can follow whoever i want on tweeter, and if they want to pay to play for rangers, thats up to them, you have to ask, its not illegal is it, surely not, …………. blah blah blah sue barker …….. blah blah blah …….. the chairman …….. sondy.”

  7. CultsBhoy loves being 1st


    i suppose Claros is simply after a few bob


    fair do’s


    but at rfc ?


    surely not !

  8. The Singing Detective on

    Kojo,my good man.



    We are now exactly half-way through this transfer window..



    Since you have access to the intimate thoughts of our Movers n’ Shakers ,


    sitting around the campfire…what’s the whisper in the Big Chief’s teepee ?



    Will we get a centre forward who will meet with the expectations of our loyal but frustrated legions ?



    And throw in Johnny Russell as well,as timbhoy 2 has been flogging him on the Celtic Hub all last week !



    What does Nutsy have to say about the State of Play ?



    Yer pal who thinks yer Swell….

  9. Just a flavour of what is being posted on FF.




    If Ken Dodd can best HMRC, then so can we.


    Not holding my breath for a conclusive ending to this saga anytime soon.





    The irony is that the this tax case decides if we are in Europe or not for 2012-13. If we lose then Whyte will either form Rangers2012 or he appeals and we drag it out another six months. A new club wouldnt qualify for Europe and an appeal means we can’t meet the rules due to no financials. This is why I don’t think Whyte will sign anyone.


    REPLY: i dont get your logic, administration is completely different from liquidisation





    if I have to read a made up name like Rangers2011 Rangers2012 plc one more time I’m going to go mental.



    There will probs be an appeal or two to go through before we get a conclusion. Hope the judge is a Rangers fan. I am sure the FF detectives are on this.



    If we present our case correctly and show we were working within the written rules then we have a good chance of wining the case.





    All being well we will emerge from this in the clear and when the news is released we can all head into the city centre, turn the place red white and blue and have a massive party. Probably the biggest challenge in our history – come on the Rangers.





    Originally Posted by servicepoint


    I heard it went well today, at one point Lord Young laughed at the plaintiff.


    Sorry but no sources. take it or leave it.



    PS There is no Lord Young on the FTT panel. Chair is Kenneth Muir QC. I wonder if he has access to a liquidiser

  10. @top corner


    re bit of fun, i love the night shift on here


    dont always post but love the craic.









  11. Dextra Accessories Ltd won a case v HMRC according to D King



    who ur they ?


    what happened ?


    any idea ?

  12. Spooky , seem to be coming in at post 666 , dun ,dun ,dun …




    Paul67 , please allow me to blatantly advertise….



    The Kano Foundation


    The Kano Foundation End of season fundraising dance will be held in the Kerrydale Suite at Celtic Park on sat 28th April. Tickets will be priced at £25 per head this will include a 3 course meal. Entertainment will be from Britiains no1 Michael Buble tribute act and a disco to finish off the night. We will be holding our usual raffle (prize donations welcome) and for the first time we have a fantastic auction prize. We hope to have a few special guests as well. look out for details of how you can purchase tickets on line. We hope you will join us for what will be a great evening.



    If you’re interested , please email eos@thekanofoundation.com




  13. Serge says:


    16 January, 2012 at 22:22


    ‘If Wille Haughey gets involved with that lot is it to make them our feeder club’




    Maybe he’s heard there’s a new road going through Govan.

  14. Paul 67



    Dignity’s approach to the best sport in the world is frankly disgraceful. The only up side is that as the football world moves on, they will find it progressively more difficult to pick up Bosman types who can actually fit into their agricultural style of play.



    The other great obstacle to progression in Scottish football is that the refs simply refuse to apply the rules correctly to promote the good football ….. still this year there is an attempt to play better football by St. Mirren, St Johnstone, and Dundee Utd and there have been some good games this year, if you can cope with our home support having kittens about the odd stray pass…………



    The one young chap who looked worth a further a look was the young Mackay-Stevens from Dundee Utd who looked a very clever player, had the measure of Broony and Mathhews (second half) on Saturday …… and has just signed a long contract extension to 2015 with Utd …… these are the sort of guys the rules should be protecting ………………………….. we should keep tans on this laddie.




  15. Tricoloured Ribbon on

    There’s a thread on Rangers Media,



    Have you ever cried over Rangers?




  16. @tri


    lol the first rule in being able to cry


    is you must have emotions


    and not be born unto a void of darkness



    ps just had a half hour witth pp arnold and janis joplin


    superb now that would make a tim cry.

  17. I listened to Mark’s call on the playback link.



    The boy did good, even though I understand what Burnley 78 was saying.



    However, there were two things that I picked up on, in the short time I listened.



    One, was the second caller, who gave his summary of our game on Saturday and mentioned DU’s lack of thuggery.



    Keevins picked up on this and snidely referred to John Daly applauding FF’s save from his header.



    Keevins said “that there will be people saying that Daly did that because he comes from Dublin”. Disgraceful.



    The second thing is, that in commercial media, it is usual to defer to your sponsor’s interest.



    SS tonight was sponsored by Parks of Hamilton.




  18. listened back to Reiperman.



    good questions asked my man.



    As for Ned Flanders? came across very poorly in connection to the hatred challenge and turned slightly hostile at being challenged.



    i will hazard a guess he will sleep well tonight with his justifications and rationalizations of his own actions.



    but i will sleep well in the knowledge that Celtic need rangers far far less than rangers need Celtic at this point.



    tictalker talking tic

  19. Tricoloured Ribbon on




    I have shed tears bud, in good and bad times, but Rangers Media?



    Think North Korea..

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