Season will be decided on the field, not in the courts


I received a text early evening on 18th August last year: “Gongalves starts”.  Former Hearts player, Jose Gongalves, was one of a handful of players FC Sion signed illegally in the summer 2011 transfer window and he had been named to start against Celtic in the Europa League qualifier, first leg.

As a contest, the tie was over.  There followed two matches with considerable effort and drama from both teams but the eventual outcome was, literally, never in doubt, the courts would have their way.  Sion would be expelled from the competition and Celtic would progress to the group stage.

Today Celtic’s only remaining competitor from the chasing pack for the SPL title is up in court to face the HM Revenue and Customs.  The courts will have their way again but although you may feel the outcome of Rangers tax case is inevitable (I do), the impact on this season’s league championship is less assured.  Should they lose, Rangers have the option to appeal, postponing any negative impact on the company until next season at the earliest.

If Rangers have, or can generate, enough cash to keep the lights on this season the league will be nip and tuck until the end of the season. The tax case will attract most attention but if you are looking for indications of how the season is likely to go, keep an eye open for cash related incidents.

Well done to Rangers’ broadcast partner, STV, for their story this morning on SPL discipline.  They report the Ibrox club have the worst disciplinary record in the league, having accumulated a total of 41 bookings, contrasting starkly with the cool class at Celtic Park who are best behaved in the league with only 20 bookings.

With Beram Kayal out for the season Ki Sung-Yeung is the Celtic player closest to a suspension, a further three yellow cards would put the Korean over the threshold.  Rangers have Lafferty one booking, Edu and Bocanegra two, with Goian, Broadfoot, Bartley and Whittaker all three away from a suspension.  Lee McCulloch has only been booked twice this season but shows enormous potential.

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  1. Morning Celts, it’s another cold one out there, careful driving wae the black ice.



    On the big tax case is it expected to finish this week or end of the month? When are we likely to hear the outcome?



    Catch any replies later.





  2. Tom McLaughlin on

    At lunch time today I listened to last night’s Clyde phone-in, after reading some comments on here.



    I thought Daryll King came across very well. He never shirked a thing, especially when he said Rangers had done nothing criminal by using EBTs, then a few minutes later, referred the the EBTs as a scam.



    Keevins constantly contradicted himself as usual.

  3. Just had a look at the up and coming fixtures and the next four games are all away from home.



    St Mirren V Celtic


    Falkirk v Celtic


    ICT/Dunfermline v Celtic (Cup)


    Hearts v Celtic

  4. Drambowie Celt aye I to work early and finish early!



    Kelvy Kelt, from the ICT game ( 11th Feb) it’s alternative home and away games until 7th April, the split kicks in after that and it won’t be favourable, we need to buy in a striker.



    We must win this league.



    Off to work.




  5. .



    MWD iPhone Users..



    How do l Update My iPhone 4..?



    Thanks in Advance..Was going to take it to Apple (Its freezing) but been told they will just update it..




  6. I’m up in court today for shoplifting. But my best pal advised me that it is not illegal to walk into a shop and take goods without paying. That’s what I’ll tell the court. No doubt I’ll be found innocent as I was acting in good faith

  7. .






    Not in Bed..In the Pool..it’s 38C..Pool then Lying under Fan as No Air Con in New House..MurderPolis..:O( 30C @ Midnight last night..Sweating more than MBB..



    They have Closed the Big Pool Near here Overcrowding.. Melted..




  8. West Wales Celt on

    Morning all.


    Rieperman, just took in your Snyde appearance.


    Class act my friend.


    I notice there was no come back on the integrity issue.

  9. Rieperman, well done on your excellent contribution to the radio Snyde phone in, I only listened as far as your contribution and it’s only on reviewing the posts that I found out about the subsequent character assassination. I hope you get the opportunity to defend your reputation as I’m sure you’re more than capable of extracting a craven apology from the idiot.

  10. Tom McLaughlin on

    Rieperman –



    Just reading the above comments. Was it you Keevins said “his comments were predicated on hatred”?



    He is a snivelling git. When another caller told him he didn’t have the courage to say it to your face when you were on air, he tried to claim he didn’t know you were off air. But he made that comment a couple of calls after yours.



    So if a St Mirren or a Motherwell or a Gala Fairydean fan says it is not right for a club to have done what Rangers have done, and remain in the top flight, virtually unpinished, would it be about integrity or fair play? Or would it be about hatred?



    Keevins is a bare-faced liar, a lazy journalist – there I said it Shug – and an immoral coward to boot.

  11. The fact is that there has not been an instance when the players have not been paid. I have paid out £30m to the tax man for wages that I have paid out since I came to Hearts


    Vladimir Romanov


    Hearts owner



    Who could Romanov be aiming that barb at?

  12. The Singing Detective on

    Attention Antipodeans !



    Have you been bitten by an unidentified gyrating winged insect recently ?



    It could be that you have been on the receiving end of love-bites from Beyonce…



    Australian entomologists have identified a new species of pole-dancing horsefly,distinguishable by its large golden posterior,and named it in honour of Beyonce.



    Beyonce The Horsefly



    Nice curves,I’m sure……but can it sing like Wee Sheena Easton ?

  13. Dram…


    I just googled that one, I would never have guessed that one.


    Good one, Bud



    I will store that one for future

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