Sectarian abuse from visiting Aberdeen fans


Being away from it for two years probably sensitised me.  It’s been that long since I’ve been forced to listen to thousands of people chant sectarian abuse in unison.  Aberdeen fans pointed at us, singing that Jimmy Savile, the sex offender, was “One of your own”.  Savile was a Catholic, Aberdeen fans used this to tenuously link to Celtic fans, showing as little understanding of modern Celtic as they have of modern ethical standards.  It was an open and shut sectarian act.

The offence took place immediately below the police observation area and would have been caught on CCTV.  Every offender will be clearly visible.  This is unacceptable and it must be investigated by the police.  Any failure to act will only affirm the behaviour.  No one should be subject to criminality like this while attending a football game in Scotland.

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  1. Good Morning CQN


    Congratulations to the new republic of Barbados, extracts from Guardian article below



    Que outrage from the usual suspects who will rewrite history to have Scotland and the Independence movement at fault for the sins of the English Empire, the true facts are in the article



    On 20 October, in a joint sitting of parliament, Mia Mottley, the prime minister of Barbados, described the removal of Queen Elizabeth as the head of state and the decision to become a republic as a “seminal moment” in our country’s history. We have reached the day that this becomes a reality, as Barbados embarks on its new path, cutting the umbilical cord that bound it to its former colonial master, the United Kingdom.


    In any case, this day has been a long time coming. It was on 14 May 1625 that the first English ship reached the island under the command of Captain John Powell, who claimed it on behalf of James I. It was from that time, 396 years ago, that “Los Barbados” (the bearded ones) became an English colony. It acquired its name from the Portuguese, earlier visitors who some claim were struck by the abundant fig trees, which have a beard-like appearance. Others surmised it was down to the presence of bearded people.



    From 1627, the English settled on the island, wiping away any traces of the original inhabitants, the Arawaks, who had lived here for centuries. People with good financial backgrounds and social connections with England were allocated land in this new colony; Barbados’s strong connection and staunchly British attitude earned it the title of Little England. The English turned Barbados into a slave society, a slave economy, which would be replicated in several parts of the “new world”. It was known as the “jewel in the crown” of the Caribbean. It is a history that we can never be proud of, but one that we must understand.



    Prof Hilary Beckles, a Barbadian historian, the current vice-chancellor of the University of the West Indies and a leading figure in the push by Caribbean islands to secure reparations, sums it up best. “Barbados was the birthplace of British slave society and the most ruthlessly colonised by Britain’s ruling elites,” he writes. “They made their fortunes from sugar produced by an enslaved, ‘disposable’ workforce, and this great wealth secured Britain’s place as an imperial superpower and caused untold suffering.”


    Of course, our transition may not find favour among those whose view remains that the “sun will never set on the British empire” and that Barbados should always remain Little England. Older folks here remember the days when British royalty would visit. They would stand in the sun waving the union flag, hoping to catch a glimpse of the Queen or her representatives. But Little England has grown up, it has matured, it should no longer be loitering in its “master’s castle”.


    There are no plans to change our national symbols: the flag, the coat of arms, the national pledge, the national anthem. But the terms “royal” and “crown” will be removed from official terminology. The Royal Barbados Police Force will be the Barbados Police Service; “crown lands” will become “state lands”.

  2. Happy St Andrews Day to everyone keeping the feast in Scotland, Greece, Russia, and Romania! Did you know we all share the same patron Saint? The legend says his relics were taken by St Regulus to Fife – to St Andrews of course.

  3. lionroars67 on 30th November 2021 7:31 am



    On a roll this morning mate, keep up the good work.


    Ernie will be on soon with his usual set of copy and paste questions.


    Scroll on by.

  4. Aren’t the English terrible people?



    With their empire and colonies.



    Not like us Scots.



    We never had an empire because we are morally superior beings who would never deign to be involved in such nefarious activities.



    Not only did we not have an empire, we were, and continue to be, a colony. A subjugated people.



    Poor us.



    That’s why we hate the English.



    Vote for Nicola. She will save us.

  5. Never mind.



    Free by twenty three!



    Won’t be long now before we can start paying into the Independence Fighting Fund.



    I’m saving up already.



    Cannae wait.

  6. lionsroar



    Well if Captain John Powell did indeed claim Los Barbados on behalf of James I of England (and James VI of Scotland, son of Mary Queen of Scots), on 25 May 1625 he must have claimed it on behalf of the ghost of James given that said King had died on 27 March that same year. Or perhaps the Crown had no claim on Barbados legitimate or otherwise these since 396 years. One for the Royalists and Loyalists to brood over. Pity too that Shakespeare had also, by then, gied up the ghost, else there might have been another play in there methinks

  7. PCS



    Looks like another day to avoid CQN. Shame.



    Wonder how the chat is going on SENTINEL CELTS?



    Away to find out.

  8. TIMMY7_NOTED on 30TH NOVEMBER 2021 8:58 AM



    Happy St Andrews day, have a good day amigo including all our English friends who have settled in Scotland, hatred is such a destructive emotion it eats away at your soul, but to hate your country, its people, its history day in day out on a blog…………..



    def aff oot got to have a walk



    Hopefully, all the Celtic related posts will be flying on the pages soon….. PARKHEADCUMSALFORD

  9. An Tearmann/Belontbrian



    I see you mentioned Ceefax last night.



    Reminds me of the Partizan game in 1989. I was in an English pub in Benidorm with pals. The communication flow was Ceefax behind the bar, relayed by the barman to us at a table.



    ”that lad with the funny name has scored again”






    ”’old on, that other lot have scored again’






    The five minute delay was a killer and then he said ‘ sorry lads, they scored again”



    Off to see Sticky Vicky and her Sexy Magic then……

  10. PHILBHOY on 30TH NOVEMBER 2021 9:26 AM



    Wonder how the chat is going on SENTINEL CELTS?




    Away to find out.



    That will be about 30 seconds

  11. Seems the cult are as delusional and dishonest about their country’s past as they are about its future.



    Fine. But do they have to constantly pollute this board with their nonsense? Do they not have online forums of their own where they can talk to each other and indulge their fantasies?

  12. Always funny to see the puppy dog Wishaw Tim following his hero Ernie the Red Tory around. You’d think by now he’d have picked up enough tips to produce more than half a dozen words haphazardly thrown together in a meaningless homage to his hapless hero.



    Ho hum.

  13. ernie lynch on 30th November 2021 9:50 am



    WOW Ernie even by your low standards that is off the scale hypocrisy.



    Still defending Wilson?

  14. 67 European Cup Winners on

    ERNIE LYNCH on 30TH NOVEMBER 2021 9:11 AM


    ERNIE LYNCH on 30TH NOVEMBER 2021 9:15 AM


    ERNIE LYNCH on 30TH NOVEMBER 2021 9:50 AM



    Well from someone I usually scroll past – like buses – 3 posts I agree with all within one hour



    Good for you and well said




  15. Once again,the Unionist Pseud comes on with his normal political snipes,then complains about people decrying him.An absolute numpty.



    Well done Nicola.An extra £ 10 per week for each child whose family are on benefits.Great relief for those in need.

  16. 67 European Cup Winners on

    Forgive my wandering into matters concerning celtic



    Last Sunday I watched Celtic beat St Johnstone – I enjoyed the game i was calm objective and thought we played well enough to win – comfortably


    No stress


    Last Thursday I watched us compete with Leverkusen again I was calm thought we played good and we were unlucky to lose a draw would have been fair – but no stress and calm throughout



    On Sunday I was like a mad dog being castrated without a sedative – stress levels through the roof – calm i was not – angry just begins to describe how i felt about the penalty to Aberdeen The last 10 minutes lasted an hour in my head I was exhausted at the end – if Claudia Schiffer walked into my front room and demanded physical pleasure I would not have been able to help her – such was my state



    Proof if ever it was needed that the only show in town is the League



    Oh it’s going to be a long 6 months



    Help needed to reduce heart rate !!!!!




  17. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    I enjoyed Melbourne Mick’s post from earlier.



    Always pleasant to hear tell of contentment among the Celtic diaspora.



    A nice reminder that we are a global club and one large family.


    (I’ve no doubt the merchandising dept will be thrilled too ).



    The quotes posted about Barbados’ independence were, IMHO, profound, beautiful, humbling, shame inducing.



    No wonder the establishment continues its now 100 year old rear guard action to sustain the legacy of empire.



    Peel back enough layers of the onion?



    Does more than just make the eyes water.



    I wonder why royal wills (even those of minor royals’) are sealed for 90 years?



    If scientific advances in understanding aging ultimately mean we can feasibly live to 150 … will they revisit and revise the current timeline?




  18. Anybody else hoping there are drills going on at lennoxtown where Kyogo is lit up like a Xmas tree for the midfielders to actually see the runs he makes. Train the brain and all that.



    Bring back Tom Rogic asap.




  19. 67 european cup winners



    So you watched us beat St Johnstone 1-0 on the Sunday did ye?


    I suppose it always helps when you know the result in advance


    That way ye can keep calm and carry on…..




  20. BIG WAVY on 30TH NOVEMBER 2021 11:12 AM




    ‘Bring back Tom Rogic asap.’








    Any update on when he’ll be back?



    He’s sorely missed.

  21. Ange said he will back back for Thursday’s match v Hearts, he didn’t say whether he will start or be on the bench

  22. Ah the lesser spotted Tom Rogic, I’m afraid we’ve had all we can expect from Tom this season.


    His contribution so far has been in excess of anything he’s done since we signed him. I’ll be


    surprised and delighted in equal measure if we see a fit and ready to go TR by the end of the





    His normal pattern is to be out for months then take 6-8 weeks to get fit. I’d guess we’ll see him


    around Easter.

  23. MCPHAIL BHOY on 30TH NOVEMBER 2021 11:45 AM


    ‘Ange said he will back back for Thursday’s match v Hearts, he didn’t say whether he will start or be on the bench’






    Good. Him, Jota and Kyogo on their day raise it to another level.



    Just wish the refs would offer them some protection from the hammer throwers.

  24. Of the multitude of problems to fix, big Tom is not one of them.



    Love the big guy and brings the creativity the 3 current middies struggle with.




  25. GENE on 30TH NOVEMBER 2021 11:56 AM



    Being positive, I`ll say that I would rather have Madhun than Beaton. Not much of a choice, mind you !

  26. when Rogic comes back, I would swap out Turnbull. Deserves a rest and we look a bit more solid with Bitton or McCarthy holding

  27. I wonder how a 3-1-3-3 line up would work for us?




    Ralston, Carter-Vickers,Juranovic.






    Forrest,Kyogo, Jota.



    I guess that would leave us exposed to attacks from the wings but Ange`s philosophy of score more than the opposition should make up for that.

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