Selection question, casino gambling at United


Ross County started their league campaign on Saturday with a 2-1 defeat at Tynecastle.  Last season that kind of result was title winning form.  Prior to that, they had three League Cup wins without conceding, although it took penalties for them to overcome Buckie Thistle in their first game in that tournament.

The big moments of last season are easy to recall.  The 3-0 win over Newco in February and the 1-0 over Dundee United a few days earlier.  Our first domestic away win in 8 months, at Pittodrie, and coming from behind at Ibrox in April.  High on the list, though, is our visit to Dingwall in December.

Playing with 10 men for the last 18 minutes (including added time), Tom Rogic dinked a cross to the far post for Tony Ralston to outleap a clutch of defenders and score a 97th minute winner.  You will not need to be reminded that Ross County have caused Celtic problems since they first emerged on the scene.

They lost Regan Charles-Cook and Blair Spittal, which will blunt them, but you know to expect a battle.

The big question for me is about selection.  Celtic failed to build on an early lead against Aberdeen, prompting Ange to hook Kyogo, Hatate and Maeda.  David Turnbull will be hopeful of a start.  It is too early to expect Moritz Jenz, Aaron Mooy or Alexandro Bernabei to force their way into the starting 11.

Delighted Dundee United got the win over AZ Alkmaar last night.  The moved the dial for Scottish clubs in European qualifiers, who until then recorded three defeats without scoring.  Tony Watt provided more evidence of the quality he has had for a decade, without being truly fulfilled.

Jack Ross is a manager I have admired since he took his Championship St Mirren team to Celtic Park on Scottish Cup duty five years ago.  His time at Sunderland was captured in the Netflix documentary, Sunderland ‘Til I die, a perfect example of why not to join a shambles of a club.  It is worth watching, if only to try to figure out how Sunderland managed to replace ex-Rangers chief executive, Martin Bain, with a less empathetic, David Brent-type character.

Last season he was rewarded for getting Hibs into the League Cup Final with the sack, a decision that looked strange to begin with, and now just looks ludicrous.

European group stage football would give United a chance to curtail the baked-in structural losses they have experienced in recent years. Their smallest loss in the last three years was £2.52m, their highest turnover in that time was £3.9m.

This is a club living way beyond its means, maybe they caught the casino bug off Monaco all those years ago.

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    Hope we get Eintracht as our Pot 1 side



    Me tae.:-))) Some result gulp!




  2. jungle cheers n tears on






    Glenlee street not glencoe street.




    The Burnbank Tims from 60`s – 80`s, and beyond were a tough mob.


    Orange ludges and, Masonic halls, hun pubs a-plenty.


    Earnock high school(huns) buses were draped in butchers apron and Ulster red hand flags.


    When they passed an area with a Tim school almost the entire bus windows were caved in.


    And vice versa.


    Not what anybody wanted.


    But if huns in Burnbank went looking for pitched battles with Tims, shool age, or not, they usually got more than they bargained for!


    School tales from Tim pupils in Burnbank usually centred around, youngsters being chased by Davie Cooper, and, Jim Bett, for chapping, or kicking they’re doors, and running away, and groups of older huns would see this and back their players up, leading to running battles in some streets.


    Ironically, a place polluted by huns in Burnbank was called – The Jungle :)


    But the important thing was, even though it was uncalled for, and out of line, that was the environmt, tit for tat, etc, and Tims always stood their ground.


    Now with a society which has virtually moved away from those types of environments, Tims who had to stand their ground, are no longer seen as being the battling Tims, nobodies mugs, etc.


    Now we have a Celtic led by capitalist crooks, brazen shysters, who threw the 2012+, Res12 etc, version of Tims under the bus in 2016 to keep the “SAME CLUB LIE” alive and season books sold out without even a single question, apart from KEVJUNGLE when he posted on here about the intended PLC ticket trap for RFC games, with PLC retaining the 2012 ticket price in 2016, and we were led to believe that RFC died in 2012?


    PLC put 2012 price on a 2016 old firm ticket, declaring the PLC`s view of the “SAME CLUB LIE” ala, PLC way of saying RFC didnt die, and KEVJUNGLE was slaughtered on CQN for highlighting this brazen deceit, poster bhoys come on brazenly bragging about paying for these £49 deceit tickts and being happy clapped to the rafters, by today`s easily mugged Tim’s as today’s Tims just suck up whatever is dumped onto them, and no matter by whom.


    What to do?


    Link arms with sellouts?


    Or remove yourself from the crime scene and retain your dignity and self respect, KNOWINING, that what Celtic means to your life is way more important than becoming some joyrider who’d kiss any amount of asses for a ticket to the sellout “SAME CLUB LIE” show?


    CQN`s KEVJUNGLE warned of the PLC`s fraudulent sleight of hand to keep the Old Firm alive, tricking Celtic season ticket holders into virtually announcing the verdict that Timdom agrees with 2012 prices on 2016 tickets that say RFC is back, KEVJUNGLE warned of this deceit, and CQN said that he was a trouble maker.


    MON warned of looming deceit aimed at Celtic supporters, as PL was about to return to Celtic after being sacked by Fergus in 1994, PL would introduce “THE SLOW LANE” transfer window system.


    MON, was slated by Timdom after he left to attend to his very sick wife, Geraldine. 🙏🍀


    Timdoms methodology of carving out a coping mechanism, to allow them to accept the arrival of, WGS, was to stick a steely knife into the back of anything from the MON era.


    Tims my ass!

  3. Mikey Johnston out,Martin Boyle in……..just sitting there thinking…….i know a relation of MJ posted in his defence last week, and excellent it was,but in football, you can’t wait forever….

  4. Prestonpans bhoy 10.25






    Harmless enough imo,(gets a touch freaky if his bull is curtailed)


    well apart from the digital repitition.(all post content)°


    and jeez can he type 🤣



    Mods/Paul allow it,well apart from a day or 2 editing last week.Incessant drivel. It just hacks at the blog.


    its their blog and only part of site traffic



    Sentinel don’t ,pinged as soon as,deleted and erased.


    Let’s those there chat Celtic do so


    Not bout someone having episodic rant(same one) night before a match.hence is loathing of BMCUW.



    °sometimes we get lucid intervals like tonight’s BurnBank tales where fellow Celtic fans are talked to,but as ye seen it default to scroll by.



    Oops Celtic game tomorrow,a hard working victory for me will do





  5. jungle cheers n tears on

    RON BACARDI on 5TH AUGUST 2022 8:07 PM




    What is you long winded point about?


    Anti Celtic or future plans?






    The post was in frustration at Celtic fans financing a PLC that didn’t challenge the “SameClubLie” deceit.


    Frustration at RFC allowed to walk away from the greatest ever sporting crime.


    Frustration at Celtic fans who continue to finance a PLC who sleekitly retained old firm ticket prices.


    Frustration at Celtic fans who bought these “SameClubLie” priced old firm tickets and ended Celtic integrity.


    Frustration at brazen Celtic fans who bought these deceitful tickets and are celebrated like celebrities.


    Frustration at why former CQN poster, KEVJUNGLE was treated as the bad guy on CQN, for trying to tell the blog that the PLC were keeping ticket prices the same as 2012 old firm price of £49.


    This KEVJUNGLE poster was correct, the PLC kept the old firm alive by keeping ticket prices the same!


    The blog said this poster was crazy and the PLC would never do that!


    Well RON, the PLC did go ahead with this and RFC are off the hook for all of their crimes!


    Not anti Celtic RON, just bleeding angry at how dodgy Celtic have become.


    And how easily played the Celtic support have becomee.


    A club and support that stand for nothing, will fall for anything.



    Love to you and your family, RON BACARDI.


    Bless you pal. 🙏👍🍀

  6. Melbourne Mick on




    Thank you for posting those utube vids of Bertie.


    What a bhoy he was, sadly missed.


    Time to get out of bed for me now.


    Wonder how much Celticness I will encounter as my


    day progresses ?


    H.H. Mick

  7. I see Alex Jones getting it tight.



    Quite right.



    He was called out by Bill but thats for the pub conversations soon (I’ve posted on CQN about this rascal). Alex Jones is a liar.



    On to mair important matters. Stephen Welsh was outstanding last week, Keep it going young Man.

  8. SCANIEL on 5TH AUGUST 2022 7:41 PM


    FRED COLON at 3:50





    One of these days, J….one of these days. I reckon our (CQN’s) Big Jimmy would hold his own with the four legged Big Jimmy. Both of them gallous as feck.





    I’m just waiting for that call, James!





    The offer of a door to door lift is still there.




    Cheers mate, but NOT wishing to appear ungrateful to your kind offer, but I dont think it would be ideal for me to travel a long distance by CAR, as I would be needing to PEE every Ten Minutes or so ?


    I hope that the Railway Dispute gets sorted soon, and then I can make plans with you to meet me at your nearest Train Station.


    Of course, I would be making sure that the Trains would have Toilets .


    Cheers and HH Mate.

  9. DAVID66 on 5TH AUGUST 2022 9:12 PM


    Someone needs help.







    Big Jimmy from earlier thread thanks I’m feeling good. Tomorrow will be my test as the last couple of Saturday’s I have been sick after a wee drink in the house. So tomorrow I am going into Fergusslayedtheblues from this parish for the game and a few beers will be had so hopefully all good for a meet up soon.







    Hope you are feeling better.







    Just our luck that Hatate is injured.




    The ANSWER to your sickness after a WEE DRINK is very simple DAVID BHOY………..Make sure that you have BIG DRINKS every time…Simples mate !




    Im reasonably okay ( Health wise) although I have Three visits to the Docs and Nurses in a couple of weeks. Ive also been diagnosed with ” Type 2 DIABETES” recently.


    I am VERY grateful to POR CIERTRO on here, for taking me to see the Famous Glasgow Celtic v Blackburn Rovers, and then a wee bevvy with some of the Bhoys in Merchant City after the game.


    Take care of yourself DAVID Mate.





    BIG JIMMY 4- 36





    I too was a BABE MAGNET when I was a pup





    Now I’m an old dog I’m more of a FRIDGE MAGNET









    I believe you mate, but I think that I was better looking back then.


    My Gorgeous Girlfriend from 1984-1986, once had a Birthday request from HER to ME announced on Radio Clyde…


    The Disc Jockey read out HER Message…..” To James my Boyfriend….Happy Birthday to the BEST looking Guy up the Toon”…


    That Lassie had superb eyesight and taste.


    Beat that FERGUS….





    HH Mate.

  11. Good morning all from grey skied dry at the moment Garngad.



    Big Jimmy – surely you have seen enough donkeys when out with that BRRB and cohorts.😉



    Obviously joking, hope to meet up soon Amigo.



    Off at 9am to watch the grandson in a wee friendly, last night they beat Easterhouse academy 7 – 4 in another friendly. Oh I wish I had the young yins energy again.



    MM – You tell they young loons to lean over a bit when shooting as you canny afford the insurance for the smashed windows in the car park.



    Today our beloved Celts are on the march to the county of Ross😂 well 3 – 1 to the leather belts but any win will do.



    I take it Reo is out after that red card tackle wen the sheep player kneed him in the lower back area last week after the ball was away. Shocking challenge.






    D :)

  12. Maybe Big GG will be a better option ( Physically ?) than KYOGO against Ross County today…They usually have a few Bruisers in the Team ?





  13. DAVID66 on 6TH AUGUST 2022 7:39 AM




    Good Luck to your Grandson Today…….maybe I can put a FIVER on him to score a HAT TRICK ?


    Im looking forward to meeting up real soon for many beers. i havent been out for weeks…not since the last wee Bevvy with some CQNR’s.


    Take care my friend.



    HH to you and the Family.



    BIG JIMMY 4- 36





    I too was a BABE MAGNET when I was a pup





    Now I’m an old dog I’m more of a FRIDGE MAGNET









    One day I hope to be an ” OIL MAGNET” !


    HH Mate.

  15. BIG JIMMY on 6TH AUGUST 2022 7:30 AM




    “I hope that you Bhoys are Fit and Well.


    HH Bhoys.”



    Fandabydozy Jimmy, thanks for asking bud, por cierto

  16. Good morning from a sunny Talacre – off to Llanberis for the Lake Railway with my grandson. At least that’s my excuse. 🚂🚂

  17. Lullabies and Battle Cries on

    Big Jimmy



    Me the missus and our 3 grand weans (2-4-6) visited Scaniel’s Farm last week, what a place it’s a open air zoo.


    I won’t spoil the surprise as to some of the animals being well looked after by our friend Scaniel, you can see for yourself,


    Big Jimmy the donkey was strutting his stuff and looks like he was a player in his day, just like yourself.


    The grand weans loved and wanted to go back the next day, so when you’re fit and able make the trip down you’ll be pleasantly surprised as we all were.


    Scaniel is the perfect host and knows every one of his animals by name and there is a lot of them.



    You do know there’s toilet stops every 20 miles or so on the Motorway down to Dumfries & Galloway.




    The pleasure was all ours. And your grandchildren were all very, very good with everyone. Not many young children are so natural with animals, especially the large ones.


    And it was great to meet you and Liz too.





  19. SCANIEL on 6TH AUGUST 2022 9:13 AM







    You do know there’s toilet stops every 20 miles or so on the Motorway down to Dumfries & Galloway




    No mate, I didnt know that.


    IF you did pick me up and bring me back to Glasgow in your Car, I MUST INSIST that I Pay for ALL your Petrol costs…or else I will not agree.


    ” Big jimmy” is a COB HORSE…is that correct ?


    HH Mate.

  20. SCANIEL,


    Another reason for me coming by Train, as that would allow us to have a few Beers in your local Pub, if you were NOT Driving that day ?


    HH Mate.



    yes, well remembered. He’s what’s known as a Gypsey Cob because of his black and white markings. And I’ll agree to any conditions you’d like to make…… you do know my car runs on donkey poo, don’t you :))

  22. “Scaniel:


    you do know my car runs on donkey poo, don’t you :))”



    Horse power?

  23. Fibbers in Torreblanca is where I’ll be watching today’s game.



    Costa del Sol CSC

  24. prestonpans bhoys on

    Have a look at hesgoal around 2:30, if they covered the sheep game then I can’t see them not covering SPL.



    They have dropped Uefa/Fifa/EPL games under pressure, don’t think Doncaster has the same influence😱

  25. Will be interesting to see if Welsh keeps his place – I suspect we’ll see Starfelt brought back in.



    Also be interesting to see if McCarthy can make the squad in the absence of Hatate.



    Any win will do today, negotiate the next two away games successfully and we can set ourselves up for a very strong start to the league.

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