“Sell Out Saturday, show everyone the SPL doesn’t need the Old Firm to thrive”. Discuss.


“Sell Out Saturday, show everyone the SPL doesn’t need the Old Firm to thrive”. Discuss.

You have to admire the Aberdeen fans, and fans of every other club in the league, even Kilmarnock fans, who are clearly infuriated by the actions of their chairman.  For perhaps the first time in history they have stood up to their clubs and football administrators and effected real and genuine change in our game.

Aberdeen fans produced this Sell-out Saturday graphic, urging people to “show everyone the SPL doesn’t need the Old Firm to thrive”.  By ‘Old Firm’ I am sure they don’t mean the cash-cow rivalry Celtic had with Rangers, they mean without Rangers, and without Celtic too.

For every other club in the SPL, Celtic are now their most precious visiting brand.  For fans of every other club in the SPL, Celtic are a competitive irrelevance.  This season our income is likely to be greater than that of every other club in the league.  We pay superstar wages while, for the most part, they pay real world footballers real world compensation.

In short, the SPL doesn’t need the SPL to thrive.  The clubs may (or may not) believe they need Celtic to pay bills, but recent events have demonstrated that might not be the case.

There is another problem to consider.  If the SPL keeps Celtic, in a decade or so they will have Newco-Rangers, and the whole dysfunctional business will start all over again.  Kick Celtic out now and Newco-Rangers will never materialise in the manner it would if Celtic remained.

SPL fan power has one more club to sort out.

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  1. Just glanced the Daily Express “Gers accept signing ban” headline – the story then goes on to explain how “Rangers” will build a world beating squad in 42 days.



    MSM coverage gets more and more stomach churningly sickening the longer this scandal goes on. They are happily backing them, and can’t wait to cover the Ramsdens and Div 3 as if it’s the Champions League.

  2. leftclicktic on

    Rangers Tax-Case‏@rangerstaxcase



    @Andy_EK The SFA & SPL have all the evidence. I have seen the evidence. There is no doubt: Rangers cheated.



    View conversation Reply








    13mRangers Tax-Case‏@rangerstaxcase



    Mr. McCoist needs to understand- cheating from 2001-2011 has not been punished- and what he will accept is of no consequence to anyone.

  3. Estadio Nacional on

    By old firm Im sure they mean the old company that was once called rangers fc.

  4. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    Jimmy Farrell sings this in the KSC club in Coatbridge. No bad at it too!!

  5. Proudbhoy having same problems with ordering home and away tops still trying to get some response

  6. Paul67



    Good shout Paul.



    I maintain we should be away by the time they get back!



    This entire scandal ( which is far from over ) should remain the catalyst for Celtic to play in a better league, I’ll relish every single game of their absence and hope it’s lengthy.



    But I sincerely hope we will one day leave them behind whether their dead or alive.

  7. South Of Tunis on

    Gloating text from PTFC pal —–



    ” Disappointed with your lot —– thought they’d give the Jags a game “

  8. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    Q C Findlay will now present the case for the defence. Mr Findlay? Mr Findlay? Mr Findlay QC , Mr FINDLAYYY, Mr Findlay QC at least stand up. Mr Findlayyy, Mr Findlayyy please come to the bar. …………..Is there a doctor in the court?

  9. Baku/Black Isle Celt on

    This quote from Fat Sally:


    “It is important to remember we have already had a 10 point deduction from the SPL, lost our Champions League place for finishing second last season, had a £160,000 fine, been refused entry to the SPL, been relegated to Division 3 and lost the majority of our first team squad – yet still the governing body has chosen to impose further sanctions.”



    How many holes?


    10 point deduction – for going into administration.


    Lost CL place – no accounts, can’t play in Europe.


    £160,000 fine – for not paying social taxes last season.


    Refused entry to SPL – no new team has ever had direct entry to SPL.


    Relegated to D3 – wrong, given opportunity to start in D3 despite not meeting criteria.


    Lost majority of first team squad – didn’t have them to lose, RFC in liquidation players free to leave.


    Further sanctions – yes, for other “crimes” such as non disclosure of payments to players therefore fielding ineligible teams.



    Does he really think that all of the above is down to administration? He should count himself lucky that they are given the opportunity to play at all which is the only reason he still has a job.



    Somebody should sit him down and explain it to him in simple terms but, like most of them, he just doesn’t want to understand.




  10. Paul,


    That is the agenda all fans should be pushing now.


    Scottish football has been permanently damaged by the financial imbalance of Us and them.



    As you have said, one half of the problem has been dealt with, through fan power, now let the focus be on the harm that Celtic are doing to Scottish football.



    I always think on Hibs’ highest attendances for years was the season that they won promotion from Div.1, under Mc.Leish.



    Equal competition is what the game needs and not the masochistic attitudes of provincial clubs’ fans turning out, in ever decreasing numbers, just to watch their clubs play in a tournament that they have no chance of winning.



    I also think that a shareholders’ case against the SFA would not be amiss.

  11. Anew article on a Saturday afternoon Paul? Thanks, keeps the boredom at bay in work. I have to say that I have been astonished at `fan-power’ the last wee while. However, once we go back to our collective rivalries when the season starts, the powers that be will seek to compromise and undermine us again. This is why it would be great to create an all-club fan group to keep the light shining on them (SFA/SPL) and as a focal point for fan’s opinions.



    Ps. did BT not invite you to the boozer?

  12. istanbulcelt on

    I asked a couple of days ago but did not get an answer, so here goes again….




    Are rangers still in Administration? Do sevco now own the franchise. The league starts for them in 1 week. If they have not been liquidated by then what are the consequences?

  13. !!Bada Bing!! on

    I do like their attitude of getting new signings in early to get them integrated into the team…





    It will never catch on…

  14. Not 100% sure what you are getting at Paul. But I will say this if Celtic join the English set up then I am finished with Celtic as an active supporter. Upward transfers of wealth are bad enough but when it’s done in the name of football and sport then it’s every bit as bad as EBT’s, tax dodges, cheating, funny handshakes, ach, the whole damned shebang.



    There are alternatives, I liked your North Atlantic League idea, but joining the bloated fat cats of English football is not the Celtic way.



    Celtic will remain, physically, in Scotland. If we were operating out of Scotland in another league then we would end up killing the Scottish game anyway. Every bit of media focus would be on us, sponsors who want a foothold in scotland would sponsor us. Other clubs would not benefit.



    Other clubs being able to win the league on sporting merit is the answer. That is their problem, one they need to sort out. They could do worse than looking at how they price tickets. 10K Hibs fans paying £400 a piece for a season book brings in less cash than 18k at £300 a piece. Make the match day tickets that bit cheaper too and you may get deent attendances.



    Aberdeen, with plans to build a 30K stadium could be looking at 20K plus season book holders and if they are doing well regularly filling the stadium. Add in catering, merchandising, increased sponsorship etc to the mix then you have real potential there.



    Most countries leagues are dominated by two, maybe three teams. Scotland has Celtic. It needs one more to make it interesting and all the more interesting if that other isn’t the same old same old. This is the one and only chance that clubs in Scotland have to challenge the dominance of the Glasgow clubs. It will never ever happen again. I just hope that there is one club with the forsight and imagination to grasp the chance. It will only take one club.



    In short I think, with some adjustments to the European set up, our future remains in Scottish football.

  15. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Black Isle Celt-The thick huns don’t know the difference between punishment and consequences .

  16. the long wait is over on

    Has McCoist or anyone else in an official capacity at Sevcogers ever released a statement that doesn’t contain a reference to pride or loyalty ?

  17. FourLeafClover on

    Any of you fine chaps or chapesses know the best bar in Benidorm to watch the Hoops tonight.

  18. leftclicktic on

    istanbulcelt on 21 July, 2012 at 14:31


    yes oldco still in admin


    newco begging for oldco licence to play(lot to play for yet)


    If they get it oldco is irrelevant and will be blended by BDO whenever



  19. “In short, the SPL doesn’t need the SPL to thrive.” That’s either a deep bit of philosophising that I can’t get my head around, or a typo!



    The other SPL clubs will not even contemplate encouraging to Celtic go. “Little children cling to Nurse, for fear of finding something worse”.

  20. Brilliant point Paul67 but could I add…



    strip the titles first



    give them to us



    we put 2 years notice in



    win to more titles, take us to 50,



    Leave for the Irish league (well Ireland is ranked higher, have big clubs competing in CL and compete in Euros and WCs more often) PERFECT foil for us!

  21. Estadio Nacional on

    !!Bada Bing!! 14:31



    I know, crazy idea so it is. Southampton must have important european qualifiers coming up or something…





  22. leftclicktic on

    istanbulcelt on 21 July, 2012 at 14:31


    yes oldco still in admin


    newco begging for oldco licence to play(lot to play for yet)


    If they get it oldco is irrelevant and will be blended by BDO whenever




    PS if they dont agree to sanctions then no licence so probably 1yr out ,which IMHO will suit chuck(sell up without having to spend) and a newernewco will try again in 2013/2014


    oftenwrongcsc HAIL HAIL

  23. Your honour,


    my client has a terrible gambling problem.


    He has spent millions on pounds trying to win the big jackpot.


    He has embezzled other peoples money, robbed banks and employed various fraudulent activities to feed his addiction.


    He has blown all the millions and has run up huge debts which he will never be able to pay.


    He has now lost his house which he had to sell for a grossly under value price.


    He has also lost out on his regular holidays to some of Europes top resorts.


    Most of his family have disowned him and left home.


    Many people, have reacted very badly to his actions and have refused to help him when he turned to them for help.


    Admittedly, my clients use of threats did not assist his case.


    Whilst most of the investigations into my clients activities are yet to be concluded, various appeals against inappropriate judgements are still to be heard and thus, he hasn’t actually been convicted of anything yet.


    With all of this in mind, and not forgetting the crux of my clients case, “we arrapeepul” I believe the best way to resolve all these difficulties is for your honour to accept what my clients would like and basically let him off with just about everything.





    What do you mean, “Naw”?

  24. I want to pay tribute to the energetic reactions of Aberdeen supporters. I have to say that, unless I am missing a heck of a lot – and that might be so as I live on the bad side of Hardrian’s wall – I think the Aberdeen supporters have taken the lead nationally in the movement for survival without Rangers. They immediately offered all kinds of support to Raith Rovers after the ‘honesty’ of Turnbull Hutton (I believe they are the support that have sponsored the mascot for next season among other things) and were very vociferous in the battle for integrity and the challenge to Scottish football authorities. I believe they are worthy of our thanks and praise. I only hope it is a sign of a renewed confidence that will lead to enhanced attendances and improved performances both home and away. I remember well when they were our greatest rivals. Games were nail-biting and thrilling and the football usually much more watchable and skilful than most ‘old firm’ games. Here is hoping the atmosphere can be restored along with that at several other current S.P.L. clubs. I also hope that time will prove that the ‘old firm’ in theory is far removed from the ‘old firm’ in practice and that they will recognise in the Celtic fans ‘fellow supporters’ and not self indulgent fiends. It has been truly enjoyable seeing the bleating (not exactly identical) shifting from The North East to The South Side. Baaad day at Govan!!


    However, Celtic going down the Govan road is a wish too, too far. WE ARE NOT ‘OLD FIRM’. Only others think so. And besides, WE will never let it happen.



    H H

  25. Have to disagree roberttressell. why be against playing the fat cats in england but not against playing the fat cats of europe ? also in scotland we are the only fat cat. You talk of celtic way, but i strongly disagree, as the celtic was has been to give back to the people via their charitable donations. Playing in england would not only increase the enjoyment, and competition of the sporting side of the club, but it would increase revenues which would allow us to spend more on the charitable side, not to mention give us a larger platform to spread our charitable and social harmony ideas.

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