Sell your credibility and play to your base


There was good news from Uefa yesterday when we learned that only the first three qualification rounds would be held as a one-off game, the play-off round will be home and away.  There are still chronic hazards, let’s not forget that our incredible domestic ‘Invincibles’ season started with defeat in Gibraltar to Lincoln Red Imps, a similar result next season would see us exit Europe without a parachute to the Europa.

Our current financial situation means it has never been more important that we reach the Champions League, but it is absolutely critical we have European competition of some sort going into the autumn.  We’ll hear more on what Uefa have to say on Financial Fair Play later today.

I don’t quite know where to begin on Hearts and Partick Thistle.  They started proceedings in the Court of Session yesterday, seeking £8m and £2m compensation respectively for being relegated while in a relegation spot when the league was ended.  They also threatened to serve an interdict to stop the Premiership starting on 1 August.

First off, the threat of interdict is nonsense, the evidence required by a court to stop 13 businesses from operating (12 clubs and the SPFL) would be overwhelming and simply does not exist.  Secondly, you need to show where you are damaged before a court would award compensation.  It is easy to make claims about all the money you could make, but it is very difficult to establish that all the successes you hope for would happen.  Hearts £8m figure looks like it has lots of could happen, there is no supporting evidence of what would happen.

Legally, this issue comes down to two matters: did the votes to terminate the Premiership (which Hearts supported) and the lower leagues take place according to the SPFL’s rules, and does the SPFL have the right to decide upon its own rules and procedures?

There was no ‘dossier’, no claim has been made that League rules were not followed and no one, as yet, as claimed the League cannot decide its own rules and procedures.  A similar action, with different promotion/relegation outcomes, failed in the Netherlands, where a court ruled that the League was entitled to decide the rules of its own competition.

So why are Fran and Anna of Hearts and Thistle doing this?  Consider what Newco did in April and May.  As Hearts and Thistle are now doing, they ran an ‘Us against the world’ campaign.  It looked futile, and technically it failed, but nothing sells season tickets like a mad rant.  I have absolutely no doubt Newco have sold more than us right now and that money is keeping the lights on.  In football, politics and elsewhere, when you have nothing else, you sell your credibility and play to your base.  This is how the world operates now: polarise and fill your boots.  Anger rewards imbeciles, you will see it every day.

We got to win the arguments but ‘Everyone thinks we are right’ does not sell season tickets as well as ‘Everyone’s against us’.  Hearts and Thistle need a bit of that love from their fans and I am sure ticket sales at both clubs bounce the more militant they sound.  The scorched earth policy to the rest of Scottish football is a sideshow; this is all about selling season tickets. Frame the question like that and everything mad that’s happened since April makes sense.

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  1. Season tickets. I posted my form by snail mail on Monday morning. Checked my bank account online last night (Wednesday) and the money had been taken out of the account by Celtic. I have spoken to a few friends and they’ve told me they will wait until nearer 30 June to renew. I expect that fans who can still afford to will renew but fans who have suffered financially will have a very difficult decision to make.



    I think we will sell a lot of season tickets forTIAR but I suspect not the 53000 that we usually sell.




    Aye I think a lot of people will hold off as long as possible before committing that kind of money.

  3. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Very amusing stuff Pablo.



    Laughed out loud.



    Tried to buy a lottery ticket recently.



    The pen at the kiosk wasn’t working.



    Shame. Was sure I would win.



    Think I’ll sue.



    Might get the guy down the pub I owe money to off my back for a while.






    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  4. TOSB, Some will definitely not renew but there are 8,500 on the waiting list, so I would expect between both, we won’t be too far short on least Season,


    I also expect some Supporters will be back on the Terraces sooner rather than later.

  5. glendalystonsils on

    HOT SMOKED on 18TH JUNE 2020 2:57 PM



    Yes . you can play in threes from tomorrow.

  6. ….and how many folk will now renew thinking that Sevco have sold more than us, a great bit of reverse marketing por cierto.

  7. prestonpans bhoys on




    It’s easy my bhoy, they are using the moreorless calculator😂😱

  8. As members of the group “Increased Pensions for the Septuagenarians” prepare for a small demonstration in George Square on Friday, I understand that BBC Scotland news journalists already have their headline prepared. In anticipation of the Sevco/Nazi riff raff arranging yet another “guard the statues” initiative, it’ll be …..”Rival thugs bring chaos during violent clashes”.



    Used to think it was only Scottish football reporters who were woeful but the last week has shown the news reporters are equally yellow-bellied and abominable.

  9. AULDHEID @ 2:06 PM,



    Excellent well thought out piece.



    You may remember we had a discussion on CQN a few seasons back where you introduced me to “Titanium Metals”.



    Even further back I commented that a PLC could act as a sort of not for profit if the organisation had shareholders with that mindset and objectives.



    The Battered Bunnet put me right on that one.



    A PLC has a duty to ensure the Capital invested by shareholders is protected and

  10. Auldheid @ 2:06 PM,



    Excellent well thought out piece.



    You may remember we had a discussion on CQN a few seasons back where you introduced me to “Titanium Metals”.



    Even further back I commented that a PLC could act as a sort of not for profit if the organisation had shareholders with that mind-set and objectives.



    The Battered Bunnet put me right on that one.



    Fact is a PLC has a duty to ensure the Capital invested by shareholders is protected and augmented.



    At the time of our discussion I put forward the idea that as businessmen run all aspects of our Club they were not maximising our sporting prowess.



    Discussing the law of instrument – Maslow’s Hammer, I suggested that Celtic PLC Board were looking at footballing problems as businessmen and failing to make Celtic as successful as it could be. I suggested that the “football club” was run autonomously with the PLC providing funds for the football and the extra success of the football club would generate extra income that would benefit the Club and PLC.



    That of course was then, this is now. What has happened in the intervening seasons has proven two things.



    Firstly, we are not seeing businessmen struggling to run a sports club, we are seeing businessmen running a business pure and simple; the Community, Sporting Excellence, Sporting Integrity and Charitable aspects of our Club are at best market ploys for them, at worst inconveniencies to making and maintaining their wealth.



    Even the greatest cynic of this notion has had their eyes opened to this reality by the way the PLC have reacted to the cornavirus crisis. Every material act they have taken has been designed to protect the wealth of the PLC, with little or no regard to the difficulties faced by the Celtic Family and the Community. Protecting and Augmenting the shareholders wealth has been paramount.



    The second point is this; after our discussion Ronny Delia was, due to a series of events, promoted in quick time to head coach at Celtic. It was not a good decision and our relatively poor performance led to discontent among the support and a drop in season ticket and other sales. The Board, or more specifically the major shareholder, took the decision to employ a first rate coaching team.



    Under their semi autonomous stewardship, the team became more successful, season ticket sales bounced back as did merchandising and other associated sales. The bigest bonus though was the income from the teams success (UCL etc) and the added value to our players.



    We had record profits, over £100 million in revenue and our squad value was heading towards £150 million. Incredible figures yet just after a double treble and on the crest of a wave the rug was pulled. The businessmen were loosing control and were now dependent on the footballing department for success. A situation they were very uncomfortable with. The football department were flexing their muscles and wanted the extra revenue and profits spent on players to bring even more sporting success.



    The Board wanted to not only spend less on footballers but sell the best players. That was the best way of protecting and augmenting the wealth of the PLC.



    Of course the businessmen won out and by downsizing and selling players and coaches they made well over £50 million pound.



    You can argue that by investing in the footballing side rather than “taking the profit”, that the success in competitions like the UCL could lead to even greater amounts. A win, win for the supporters



    Problem is though, that wealth stays in the football department so doesn’t profit the businessmen. There is also associated risk, if you fail to get into these competitions and have the success predicted, then you have to invest more money in the football department. A lose, lose for the businessman.



    So these two things proven by events shows quite clearly why a PLC ownership model is of no use to a Community Club like ours. Celtic supporters want their community values honoured and football team to be the best it can possibly be. That does not protect and augment the wealth of the businessmen.



    The excellent proposals put forward by 1MEMBER1VOTE and yourself have to be the way forward. We know it is viable and as you say among the fanbase we have the expertise and desire to make it happen.



    Thanks for once again putting the work in to show us how Celtic values can work as a reality.



    Hail Hail

  11. Apologies for that, missed a large section of my comment whe c&p- ing.



    Hail Hail

  12. Chairbhoy



    Just read that elsewhere :) Great post. Really well explained and laid out. Just imagine if someone within the football dept. had come out and told the fans that what you said had happened. We’d probably have our Community club already because of the reaction! :)) por cierto.

  13. POR CIERTO @ 5:19 PM,



    Yes quite:))



    Yes, a reaction was needed but these guys are very good at what they do…



    Fholk on their uppers feeling guilty about taking money out, or not putting money into the Club run by multi-millionaires and billionaires, you’ve got to hand it to them!!






    Hail Hail

  14. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Top cop in Glasgow, just said, ‘we will NOW start arresting….’ they have been letting these clowns get away with violence and intimidation for years,embarrassing admission.

  15. BB,



    Arresting who. ?That is the problem.


    I expect the score will be evened up. That is the way of things here.




  16. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    VALE BHOY on 18TH JUNE 2020 2:12 PM



    You should contact the club when you have the time. The Terms & Conditions have changed since your purchase to incorporate the virtual element for the matches we’re not allowed to attend.



    I’m a paper renewal and I’ve now received both versions of the offer. We intend to return the completed forms by month’s end. (I’ve suggested with a cheque made payable on 31st July 2020)

  17. Chairbhoy



    Thanks for the reply. It is pretty clear that business comes first, what was not so clear until the Res12 journey was the lengths the business was prepared to go to in order to protect the business.



    A bit of clarity on that wont stop supporters supporting, but they will be much clearer about what they are supporting.



    Funny thing is, if the culture were to change, it would be to my financial cost. I shouldn’t really bother.

  18. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Greenpinta- just seen a flyer for a 9IAR Party at George Square on 11 July….😵😵

  19. For a media outlet that’s banned from Ibrox the BBC don’t half do some puff pieces.

  20. ‘You need a little dark in your life so you know when the good stuff happens’


    Bob Ross

  21. !!BADA BING!! on 18TH JUNE 2020 7:40 PM



    Greenpinta- just seen a flyer for a 9IAR Party at George Square on 11 July…




    Are you going. Sounds like a brill sesh.?



    If I am having a swally in Merchant City ( If it’s still called that ) I will certainly be there.




  22. glendalystonsils on

    Just watched the bbc Scottish news that i had taped earlier . In their coverage of the George square thuggery they made some reference to football hooligans being involved including the phrase ‘whether blue or green’ , in condemnation of the events.


    Am I missing something?

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