Semi-final simultaneously subject to over-demand and over-supply


Scottish Cup semi-final tickets went on sale this morning for the Hampden game against Aberdeen.  We met the same opponents in the two domestic cup finals in season 2016-17.  On both those occasions, Aberdeen were unable to sell their ticket allocation, having asked for, and received, half of the stadium.

Celtic fans logging in to buy tickets this morning were told there were not enough tickets available to satisfy all Celtic fans who bought tickets to earlier Scottish Cup games against Airdrie and St Johnstone, therefore meeting the qualifying criteria.

The upshot of this is that Aberdeen have zero chance of selling their allocation while Celtic fans who have already supported the competition by buying tickets will be locked out, further frustrated by the sight of empty seats on TV.

The SFA’s ticket allocation policy ensures that another showpiece Hampden game is simultaneously subject to over-demand and over-supply.  Adam Smith will be spinning in his Edinburgh grave.

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  1. Why have the SFA adopted this policy? Inept as they are, I would think they have a reason.


    I cannot imagine the other semi-final will look like a showcase spectacle either


    If nothing else, these situations show the importance of Celtic to Scottish football. Perhaps they also show why the Football Authorities are so desperate to promote the `same club` fiction.




  2. All my group in HTS have been for years always get tickets and always take


    anything offered to us.



    Mate went online this morning and said everyone got one except my youngest.



    Called ticket office just to confirm that he had been in draw(he had)



    Guess if we don’t get any more tickets back from Sheep it will be me missing out



    : > (



    PS women seemed pretty sure we would get more tickets

  3. Why don’t the Scottish Cup sponsors make their voice heard? They look ridiculous when the game is televised with a third of the stadium empty.



    Or how about making your own voice heard – email William Hill and tell them why you will be betting with someone else. The head of marketing is Liam McKee. You’d think he might have a sympathetic ear ;-)



    Tweet @LMckee86

  4. Just checked not been allocated any tickets, both annoyed and relieved at the same time.



    Annoyed at not getting the chance to go but relieved at not feeling hypocritical about giving the bowling club the money. Plus Hamdump is a shitehole.

  5. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    Finally made it back from the rebel peninsula, and as usual i don’t


    know what bit of me feels the worst, even my liver has a sore heid.


    Our little town was covered in green and as soon as i seen our


    massive tricolour hanging down the front of the Re- Publican pub


    my auld heart just bursts out my chest.


    Plenty of Guinness drunk, maybe too much because me and Paddy


    two auld men, started arguing who was better looking in a green


    tutu, but i’ve got to admit the site of him staggering up the road in


    it and a green bowler hat and massive green tie will live with me




    001 BHOY


    Told Paddy you and your ghirls were down at our soccer club, it was


    wonderful seeing them all coming off the bus and marching proud


    as punch with the hoops gleaming in the sun.


    Hope you can fix up another game with our ladies, we’ll make it a


    right good Celtic day.


    H.H Mick

  6. Ger57


    ” and his comments at 6 mins being added are maybe understandable,”



    Understandable , yes but his main comment was illogical.


    a) The 6mins were available to Dundee as well;


    b) Dundee had two good chances in those six minutes;


    c) Dundee missed a penalty in the 5th minute of added time last month.



    He was ( and this is understandable) sickened at conceding so late in the game. For that reason, I would forgive him but the MSSM were bound to make a highlight it.



  7. Melbourne Mick



    ” even my liver has a sore heid.”






    Cheerio for now,



  8. celtic1member1vote on

    Hampden capacity approx 52,000 .. Celtic will get approx 35,000 including corporate .. Aberdeen have got 14,500 tickets, and if they sell them, they’ll get another 3,000 = 17,000.


    Celtic fans will outnumber the Dons fans by a ratio of 2:1.. Seems reasonably fair to me ..

  9. Surely by kick off there’s a contngency to close the gap between over-supply and over-demand ?



    People running village fetes could do a better job than these eijits.

  10. !!Bada Bing!! on

    the car park at the Ticket Office is a shambles, mud and potholes



    Alan Partridge No 1 CSC

  11. prestonpans bhoys on

    jc2 on 19th March 2019 12:22 pm



    You post interested me, I’ve got my tickets and have been on the HTS for about 10 years perhaps more. How long have you been on it and more importantly the young one

  12. Bada,


    Thanks for posting that Alan Partridge link last night. It has been well shared since then. Also PMSL ?



    I wonder when the abuse and death threats will start?



    ‘Coogan was born in Middleton, Lancashire, in 1965.[7] He is one of six children[8] born to Anthony Coogan, an IBM engineer and Kathleen (née Coonan), a housewife.[9][10] During the 1950s, his paternal grandfather established a dance hall for Irish immigrants.’

  13. Prestonpans



    I reckon since about 2011 or 2012 and “youngest” has been in it same time.


    He is actually in 2nd year at UNI so checked it wasn’t something to do with


    his ticket being a student one and had fallen through some system gap.



    Called ticket office and they said he had been in draw just unlucky



    Every game we take semi final tickets and we have always ALL got them before now.



    Have to say Cup games have had better crowds this season so maybe more in HTS.

  14. JC2 I’m the same this is the first time in years I’ve not gotten a ticket for a big match and I’ve been on the scheme for at least 7 seasons. Something a bit odd going on.

  15. Timmy7Noted



    It might be the Stevie G effect.



    Seriously as previously stated I think CUP games have been much better attended



    still would love to know



    a) How many in HTS


    b) How many tkts we received


    c) How many tkts in b) were in draw



    I asked when i called and they couldn’t answer just said “not enough tickets”

  16. lets all do the huddle ? on

    have we had better crowds this season for the cup games?



    i wonder what the real attendences were for the airdrie and st johnstone games – not the figure given out by the club which will just include everyone on the hcts as well as actual tickets sold



    i was at both games and neither looked like they had over 25000ish from what i remember



    the issue is that there must be thousands of fans on the hcts simply because they see it as the way to get semi and final tickets were we to get there but have no intention of going to the earlier rounds



    so someone on the hcts who didnt go to either the airdrie or st johnstone games gets preference over a season ticket holder who did go to both but isnt on the hcts



    something wrong there surely

  17. bhoywithseethrougheyes on

    Vale Bhoy,


    I was fortunate to get 2 tix this morning and I too had the auto charges applied.


    I can’t understand the “internet” charge. It’s my internet service, my hardware and it’s me who inputs the info and payment details.


    No other online retailer has an “internet” charge so I’m with you, robbing basas.

  18. I’ve never really watched Alan Partridge until this season of programs, its excruciating TV to watch, as I’m sure it is meant to be but pretty funny!



    Last nights episode was great, Partridge starting to clap the song about the Black and Tans and then realising what it was and then saying at the end it was “An advert for the IRA”

  19. In ither, ither news….




    “It means Celtic defender Kieran Tierney is likely to deputise at left-back.”



    2 things – Kt is nobody’s deputy, not even Andy’s…….


    and I’m sure The Kat will ensure as many Tims as possible are put thru the mill in advance of the huns game.








    Ticketmaster, who oversee the ticketing process, always have internet charges for concerts so its no different in that regard as its their systems that are in use.



    The way of the world I’m afraid.

  21. For last years semi final the club didn’t operate a ballot and operated on a first come first served basis as again the didn’t have enough for all qualifying supporters. There was issues with this with some supporters complaining they didn’t get a chance to purchase immediately they went on sale and lost out as others were able to act quickly. Not all supporters can drop everything and jump on the web or go to the ticket office.



    At least with the ballot there is a degree of ‘fairness’ in that we all started in the same position and it was down to luck.



    In my network there are 8 of us, 7 got tickets 1 didn’t.



    All I would ask that the people missing out due to the ballot are back in for the final if we win.(don’t want to tempt fate)

  22. Silver City 1888 on

    We should pull any player with a hint of an injury and dare them to deny us them for the Sevco game.

  23. prestonpans bhoys on

    jc2 on 19th March 2019 1:44 pm



    The reason I asked is that within the last few years there has been a growth in the HTS, I know a lot of new bhoys on the scheme because they saw it as a possible “ticket” to the final.



    Now Celtic ploughed through our bank accounts for years and should be rewarding those bhoys first choice before the new comers. They operate the away tickets on how many games you have been to, fine, then reward us on the HTS too, or they can get stuffed and I’ll pay as you go with cup games. I’ve spent £75 on games this year I was unable to attend and gave them to the bus for free.

  24. 6 hours on a jet to Central Asia, to play for EBT McLeish,not a chance any Sevco players were going to travel never mind play, what has happened to wonder boy Jack , is it too far for him, KT McGregor should be nowhere near this game, I find NL’s reason i.e. we have medical people with the squad to be pathetic , if we get players injured in this stupid tie it will not reflect well on him or as he refers to him Eck, but Eck wont care.

  25. Robinbhoy @ 2:23



    “I’ve never really watched Alan Partridge until this season of programs, its excruciating TV to watch, as I’m sure it is meant to be”.






    Lucky you then, if you’ve got Netflix.



    ‘I’m Alan Partridge’, the series he made after the spoof chat show “Knowing me, Knowing You, with Alan Partridge”, is on there, and it’s fantastic comedy. Alan’s interaction with the staff of the travel lodge-type hotel where he’s staying is hilarious, especially with the Geordie porter/handyman Mike, played by Simon Greenall.



    I hadn’t seen it for a few years, but still laugh-out-loud stuff on this my third time watching, at least.

  26. “Didn’t see much, there, in that tackle, Andy!”



    “No, think he must’ve just landed awkwardly, Rob”






    “And he’s gone down, with no one near him, Ally”



    “Ye know, Ian, sometimes those injuries can be the worst. Absolutely!”

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