Semi-final simultaneously subject to over-demand and over-supply


Scottish Cup semi-final tickets went on sale this morning for the Hampden game against Aberdeen.  We met the same opponents in the two domestic cup finals in season 2016-17.  On both those occasions, Aberdeen were unable to sell their ticket allocation, having asked for, and received, half of the stadium.

Celtic fans logging in to buy tickets this morning were told there were not enough tickets available to satisfy all Celtic fans who bought tickets to earlier Scottish Cup games against Airdrie and St Johnstone, therefore meeting the qualifying criteria.

The upshot of this is that Aberdeen have zero chance of selling their allocation while Celtic fans who have already supported the competition by buying tickets will be locked out, further frustrated by the sight of empty seats on TV.

The SFA’s ticket allocation policy ensures that another showpiece Hampden game is simultaneously subject to over-demand and over-supply.  Adam Smith will be spinning in his Edinburgh grave.


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  1. Guys- thanks for the clips of Conlin the boxer in MSG, superb.



    DD from earlier today, as long as you are well my friend. I always love reading yours and others tales of following the bhoys, or about just life in general.👍



    Hail Hail



    D. :)

  2. Ruggyman from previous article.


    Just opened that, wow, no messing with that old fella.



    D. :)

  3. “According to the UK’s Sport and Recreation Alliance, ‘a defining characteristic of competitive sport is that the contest should be unpredictable and decided by the skill of the participants alone. Where sporting outcomes are determined by other, illegitimate means – such as doping or match-fixing- the integrity of the competition is called into question and confidence in sport is undermined.’



    And from the Sports Integrity Initiative:



    “In an age where sports competition, coverage and scrutiny are fiercer than ever, maintaining the highest standards of integrity is paramount. Achieving this requires the collaboration of international government and sports governing bodies, who, together, are best placed to set strict standards and impose severe sanctions on not only the individuals culpable for sporting corruption, but also the responsible governing bodies.”



    And all the while in Scottish football we have Clyde having points deducted for fielding an improperly registered player in 2 (yeah, that’s right, lady, TWO games), despite evidence that it was a genuine oversight and not a deliberate act of cheating, like concealed side-letters, for example, El Buffalo and Greegsy doing as they please, ex-Season ticket holders of Rangers (1872-2012) refereeing games, referees ignoring the laws of the game especially in regard to fouls while tackling, 276 creditors going unpaid, Glibby’s ongoing court cases, a 7 year old club ‘going for 55’ due to the banning of the ‘L’ word and the SFA still ignoring Res 12.



    Scottish Football Entertainment, the farce goes on.

  4. mike in toronto on




    All football seems to be increasingly rigged in favour of the big guys.



    As for Scottish football, It is becoming more and more like WWE with every passing year: violent, pantomime like good guys and bad guys, and about as honest and on the level.



    But, at least WWE (i) doesn’t pretend that it is real, and (ii) they know how to run a business properly – its revenues for the last quarter of 2018 were almost $300 million.

  5. A reminder that this weekend see’s the start of LAST MAN STANDING 12, and entries are still being taken for the comp.


    We had a slight glitch with some of the e-mails which were sent out at the weekend, announcing the competition, resulting in a number of ‘bounced’ mails which did not reach the recipients. If you didn’t get a mail and were expecting one, there was no slight intended…all welcome. Just drop us a mail at [email protected] or via Whatsapp



    First set of fixtures just released, and all who have entered so far will have received this in the last 10 minutes (hopefully ).



    Thanks again to all who support these competitions time and time again. Hopefully, it provides a little enjoyment in addition to supporting some very worthy causes – of which, more to be announced shortly




    Bateen Bhoy and Celticrollercoaster

  6. David 66, how’s it going mate? I did reply to your post on Sunday but it was late so you probably missed it. I’m doing fine, bumped into drew67 a few weeks ago and he was in good form and obviously seen D D posting this morning saying he is good, I’ve not been posting but have been lurking or as D D says, spying lol.


    Take care mhate, you too D D


    Hail Hail

  7. Mike in Toronto



    Yes, there was even a place for the Undertaker in Scottish football in 2012, but the Rock of the Scottish Establishment was apparently too hard to get the requisite hole dug.

  8. mike in toronto on




    and, like wrestling, sometimes the ones you think are supposed to be the good guys, turn out not to be ….

  9. mike in toronto on




    I recognize that I am in the minority on this point on CQN, but, in my opinion, BR has not done anywhere close to the harm to our club that our Board has done.



    You and I the only ones left here?

  10. Mike in Toronto



    Yeah, I knew who you meant, Mike, and I agree.



    As for your question, final proof that the blog is in crisis!!

  11. D66- Del it’s good to here from you,



    If you see any of the old gang, tell them I was asking for them.



    Hail Hail



    D. :)

  12. No probs davie, was at a get together in the oran mor recently for the 10 year anniversary of Kevin Mcginn, stevie’s cousin, beating and still surviving brain cancer/tumor, brilliant night. A lot of the old gang were there and even when we in the Dolphin or Smiddy, I’m always passing on your best as I rabble on about cqn.



    Hail Hail

  13. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    MIT and beatbhoy – do you mean



    A this board are incompetent?






    B having a board and a plc rather than fan/family ownership has damaged the club?

  14. I’vehadtochangemymind



    A. They’re incontinent. Every time someone mentions New Club or Resolution 12 they shit themselves.

  15. mike in toronto on

    I’vehad tochange



    Personally, I dont think it is a simple as a or b.



    but we dont know the particulars because this Board has never seemed to think that the people who pay their wages (shareholders and fans who buy tickets) needed, or even deserved, to know what was going on. For example, we dont know what they know of the 5WA, and when they knew it. This was the first of many instances.



    What we do know is that in the summer of 2012 PL said we dont need Rangers, but later (October 2012) DD spun the lie that Rangers were relegated, and that Scottish football (presumably including Celtic) needed a strong Rangers.



    Everything that has happened since that time seems to have flown, in one fashion or another, from that.

  16. I’vehadtochangemymind.



    Yeah, a bit facetious (faecetious?).



    Rodgers’ selfish actions and insincerity may yet do the club harm in terms of treble trebles, but the board’s incompetence in challenging the lack of sporting integrity, ( see my earlier post), or the cheating of the Deidclub which, along with the failure of governance of the SFA/ SPL, cost the club and supporters financial loss in terms of ‘lost’ leagues and improper awarding of a Licence to participate in UEFA competition, has done much more harm.



    To be clear, I regard paying unknowingly over 10 years via my season ticket to watch a rigged game as equating to financial loss, and with the failure of the board to object appropriately to this de-frauding of the club’s supporters, coupled with their silence on the Same Club shite, they have made it impossible for me to continue going to watch a farce.



    Fraudgers behaved appallingly, but Mike pointed out that the board’s behaviour has been more harmful. I happen to agree.



    Once bitten, twice shy.

  17. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    Blog seems to be very quiet this morning, is it because just like


    me everybody is suffering Paddy’s day withdrawal symptoms ?


    I’ve got one hand holding onto the fingers of the other trying


    to type.


    If anybody would like to see what the peninsula rebels get up to


    at our events log into Social Celts Mornington facebook page


    and you will see the massive tricolour on the facade of our pub.


    Don’t think the ones of Paddymac in his tutu are up yet but well


    worth a look.


    H.H Mick

  18. Mick yer photies are brilliant – well done, the club looks phenomenal.



    Re the blog, it’s usually less “vibrant” during International breaks……..




  19. Ok, we know no deal is better than a bad deal, but is no response better than a facetious response?

  20. Evening Bhoys. I’ve just been reading back and the comment at 6.33 by Beatbhoy struck me. I wonder what reaction you would get from the SFA/SPL if you added at the end, “Your comments please” and emailed it to both of them!




  21. Yogihughes



    The best parts of that post are in quotation marks, ‘cos they’re not mine!



    But the situation here in terms of sporting integrity, or rather the lack of it, is beyond a disgrace now.

  22. Beatbhoy,



    I still think it would shock them to turn on their computers in the morning and read it. It;s time to have a level playing field.

  23. Yogihughes



    Do you think they know how to turn on their computers?



    They ignored the *Offshore Game report, they ignored Celtic’s request for an inquiry, the only thing that ever shocked them into doing anything approaching the right thing was the threat by supporters not to renew season tickets back in 2012.



    *SFA not fit for fair play



    “Ongoing court cases prevent comment on a number of aspects of Rangers’ liquidation, and the subsequent sale of the assets which allowed a team to play again at Ibrox. It may well be that the current criminal trial concerning some of the former directors of Rangers may bring out more regulatory failings.


    The two cases that are dealt with in this report, which have nothing to do with the matter under consideration by the criminal court, call into question whether the SFA can be considered a fair and impartial regulator of Scottish football.


    This is a question that the SFA has, thus far, flatly refused to answer. And that itself points to a much bigger question: is the SFA an organisation capable of fixing itself and adopting the required standards of transparency, accountability and fairness that fans of Scottish football deserve?


    The evidence presented in this report does not amount to proof of corruption, and we do not allege corruption at the SFA. But the evidence does strongly suggest that the SFA is unable, if not actively unwilling, to ensure fair play. Major changes in personnel and governance structures will be necessary if the SFA is to show itself fit for purpose.


    The first step to restoring confidence would be for the SFA to engage with UEFA over the clearly misleading returns Rangers’ submitted to them in order to get a licence to play European football in 2011. Secondly there needs to be a fully independent inquiry, including substantial fan representation, to assess the role of the SFA and the actions of key, senior staff in respect of each issue outlined in this report; and with a mandate to learn from more accountable sports authorities in other fields and to recommend sweeping governance changes to the SFA if deemed necessary.”

  24. 67 European Cup Winners on

    IMHO. BR left because he did not get supported in Summer and Jan transfer window


    Why did he not get supported by PL ???


    Probably because PL knew he broke the relationship – personally I believe the McGinn debacle was the straw that broke the relationship


    BR would have wanted to stay for the treble – but Leicester players and Puel knew BR was coming


    Puel dead man walking – players struggle Leicester panic and call BR


    PL happy as he has NL all set up and gets £9m and hopefully the treble again


    But BR was going in the summer


    BR gave PL £100m. 2x £30m Champions L Dembele £20m Armstrong nearly £10 then £9m from Leicester plus a full house of season tickets


    BR left in a hurry and soured his reputation


    But only one King in Paradise PL




  25. Sam Fender



    Dutch kids huff balloons in the parking lot


    The golden arches illuminate the business park


    I eat myself to death, feed the corporate machine


    I watch the movies, recite every line and scene


    God bless America and all of its allies


    I’m not the first to live with wool over my eyes







  26. Good morning CQN from a very mild Garngad



    If KT is not 100% fit to play for Scotland then he should not be anywhere near that plastic pitch.



    Mctaxcheat- will not care a jot for any of our players safety, it’s all about him and topping up his bank balance.



    D. :)

  27. Delaneys Dunky on

    Good morning from a mild but drizzly Clydebank. Agree with you David66, KT should not be played tomorrow. Roll on Sunday week.

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