Send our players back to Lennoxtown as soon as possible


I know what you are worried about after last night’s Scotland performance, “He’s going to throw James Forrest in now.”  My feeling on the matter is that James, Callum and Kieran all need to ‘work on their fitness’ a bit.

Since managing Scotland for a few months in 2007, a period that included a 0-1 win in Paris, Alex McLeish has been found out in five subsequent appointments, ending ignominiously in North Africa.  He has the look of what he is, a man earning enough to make good on a tax bill that recently came his way, and nothing else.  Nice gig if you can get it.  He also selects players who are banned for life from the national team.

Scotland have the players to beat the 94th team in the world but were not sufficiently competent to fix up a manager who already lives in the country but manages in Belfast, or conduct an adequate search for an alternative.

The result of this, is that fans stopped caring, as do many players, by the look of it.  I don’t know a single person who was upset last night, the Scotland international football fascination is over.  The once great endeavour of football as a self-contained unit in Scotland is over, everybody knows it.  Send our players back to Lennoxtown as soon as possible, please.

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  1. McLeish has just said he was about to bring on McKenna for Souttar just before he was sent off.



    McKenna was brought on at half time.



    Souttar was sent off at 61.



    From Twitter…

  2. He also said it was a game of two halves. That we played decently (I paraphrase) in the first half. He must have been watching a different game from me. Scotland were humiliated.

  3. Paul67, not criticising – honest ?


    Why send our players back


    They should just return to parent club, why risk career in a meaningless friendly ?



    Sorry Jobo – couldn’t give a monkeys for that team



    Celtic Celtic, that’s the team for me


    Celtic Celtic, onto victory

  4. Didn’t see the Scotland game last night as I had paint to watch dry.


    I just hope the Celtic players that were with the tax cheats team have no injurys.



    Gazza now embroiled in brush with the law after supposidly indecently assaulting a woman.



    Hall of fame my bloody arse.



    Bring on the Hibees



    D. :)

  5. I think Paul67 was just being a bit tongue in cheek there! Our players should withdraw as per LG ‘to work on their fitness’. Couldn’t agree more. Especially whilst McLeish is in situ and the people who appointed him. McRae et. al.

  6. 2003/04 ?⭐️ Celtic FC – 25 Wins in a Row (UK Record)




    All 86 goals Martin O’Neill’s Celtic scored as they won 25 SPL matches in a row to set an all-time British league record (runner-up is Brendan Rodgers’ 2016/17 Hoops side with 22-in-a-row). Top scorer in this run was Henrik Larsson; The King of Kings managing 21 goals (and many assists!) in these games despite being off penalty duties. Player of the Year Chris Sutton got 17 of the goals, with the rest coming from Alan Thompson (10), John Hartson (9), Stanislav Varga (6), Shaun Maloney (5), Stiliyan Petrov (4), Stephen Pearson (3), Didier Agathe (2), Bobo Balde (2), Liam Miller (2), Jackie McNamara, Paul Lambert, Ross Wallace, John Kennedy and Phil Stamp (OG).




  7. Been saying this for years Paul.


    Celtic players for Celtic only please.



    Easiest money I have made in quite a few years last night…..Israel 6/5 at 1-1 and Scotland down to 10 men??


    Was merely buying money. :-)






  8. mike in toronto on

    Jimthetim … great music!



    St stivs … great video!



    If you could put that music on that video…. wow!



    Only sad note was seeing Liam Miller … so much promise… ended so sadly. Tragic.



    Princess Fiona …..?






    A Christian service , Alter bhoy choir , Our Father thou art in heaven , the Father Son and the Holy Spirir , Andrea Bocelli and Hymms sang impeccably , lovely service regardless of the partiicipants .???





    Liam Millar. So much talent. Wrecked by a move which came far too soon in his development.



    Aye,he was about 24,but game time due to injuries,another two years learning,developing,being nurtured-and certainly not being told that your career is over due to a 0-0 draw v Exeter-his story,oh it could have been so much better.



    But he lived the dream. Celtic and Man U,caps for his country. He didn’t know what lay in his future. Had he known it was so short,who knows.



    I’ll remember him fondly for his breakthrough season with us,when we knew we had the real deal on our hands. His goal v Lyon was only an example. Had it all,did Liam.




  11. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Footballers rely on confidence as much as their skill.


    It is the sign of a good manager that he ensures that his players have the necessary confidence to deliver the goods.



    Brendan has this ability and this can be seen in the improvement in players like Sinclair, Forrest, Mc.Gregor, among others.



    A poor manager, especially ones who select players to an agenda, suck the confidence from players.



    Add in boys played out of position, with unworkable formations and you have a situation that undermines what club managers put so much faith and effort into it.



    When you think that clubs with Academies forbid their pupils to play or train with any other clubs, in order to retain their influence of the coaching methods.



    Mc.Leish’s Scotland setup is a danger to the psychological and playing welfare of those in his charge.



    I am being totally serious here. I posted similar last night but it disappeared into the ether.

  12. 50 shades of green on

    I heard big Eck on the radio there saying, he wont be changing tactics ( I know I know) for the next game as the ball will still be round and he cant reinvent the wheel.




    So stop awe yir slagging the mans got it sussed.

  13. Princess Eugeugeu-geninie’s hairstyle was both classic and traditional but with a twist of modern contemporary in case any of yeez missed it and were fretting.



    Sadly, the snipers failed to turn up.

  14. glendalystonsils on

    It wouldn’t surprise me if our opponents (Israel and/or Albania) were offering to pay off Eck’s EBT bill in return for sending out a malfunctioning and bewildered Scotland side.



    Either that or he’s just a clueless big twat.

  15. EBT McLeish is a bungling incoherent dinosaur. He’s dismantled the Celtic core of that team and what is left is an utter shambles. The SFA Blazers have got exactly what they deserved from this.

  16. Paul67 – For the record, I was upset last night. I have however, quickly got over it. No interest whatsoever in Sunday’s friendly but come mid November I’ll be hoping Scotland win their final 2 qualifying games.


    Useless manager, corrupt organisation and no intention of ever actually attending a Scotland game(or domestic cup games) any time soon. However, I remain a proud Scotsman who always hopes that the best players are available.


    Harrrumph!!! Back to workin’……

  17. ThomtheThim,



    I agree with vast majority of what you say, but, if I were a professional footballer playing for the Scotland team under McLeish, I would take everything he says with a pinch of salt. There is no way I would allow him to ‘get into my head’. That’s why wee Leigh gave him the two fingers.



    I’m quite sure when the players get back to their respective clubs their managers will say something along the lines of “see everything McLeish said to you? Forget it!”

  18. The reason Mcleish got the Scotland gig was the same one Boyd, Ferguson, Thomson et al get gigs in the media. Their leetle problem.


    The sfa didn’t even have a chief executive when they appointed Mcleish.

  19. McLeish is out of his depth and finished . Peter “the pointer” isnt far behind. As for James McFadden !!!



    McRae ??????? Hun of the highest order.

  20. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Excuse me, I was upset last night………….when Scotland went one up against the run of play!!



    ‘The Blazers have got what the deserved’.



    Au contraire.



    The Blazers have got what they wanted.

  21. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    !!Bada Bing!! on 12th October 2018 12:07 pm


    McLeish has just said he was about to bring on McKenna for Souttar just before he was sent off.


    McKenna was brought on at half time.




    Absolutely embarrassing. Although to be fair I think he was watching a different game – one where Scotland played well in the first half.


    A good manager would have seen that Scotland were getting pulled apart in the first half (lucky to be ahead) and made changes to fix things.


    Good article btw, Paul. Seems like McLeish finds it a lot harder in environments where all teams play by the same set of rules.


    Strong Rangers Association at their inept worst.

  22. Adi Dassler, That’s quite a trio when you think about it. McLeish, Grant, McFadden. Not an ounce of management skill between the three of them. Two of them were garbage players into the bargain. Grant (Pointy) and McFadden.

  23. NORRIEM on 12TH OCTOBER 2018 12:19 PM







    At breakfast this morning, there was a violinist





    First tune Ave Maria – awesome



    100% ??

  24. Paul 67,



    The really sad bit is that nobody really cares anymore.



    I watched the game and the sense of inevitability and lack of interest from my workmates was sooooooo obvious.



    I contrast that with watching the documentary on Ally Macleod going to Argentina . A fascinating time and watch although we all knew the ending.



    The current Scotland manager is simply not up to the job on so many levels. He does not look or sound too well and although he needs the money he should consider his position.



    I do not know Alex McLeish, but some of my mates have shared a swally with him in the past. When they tell me he is not a bigoted hun , I believe them.



    I also believe history is judging Ally Macleod better now. One thing is for sure; he knew how to galvanize not just football supporters, but a nation. We will never see his like again.



    HH to all.




    It wouldn’t surprise me if our opponents (Israel and/or Albania) were offering to pay off Eck’s EBT bill in return for sending out a malfunctioning and bewildered Scotland side.






    Fanciful garbage tonsils, it’s not as if Alex has a track record of sailing close to the wind or being fickle or disloyal.

  26. Guys, help,


    Someone posted the other day apologies i cant remember who but it was along the lines of


    When somone offers a simple answer to a complex problem it generally reaveals a huge knowledge gap.


    Thats not exact but i want to borrrow the quote can anyone kindly repost it?



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