Sentiment and Sinclair, scrapping for second, Neil and Hibs


I don’t cling to sentiment when it comes to footballers on high wages, so when Scott Sinclair was unable to get into the first team I would happily have released him.  We seldom see a player rediscover his form and goal touch as demonstrably as he has in recent months.

You may have noticed the way Scott coached Timo Weah during Saturday’s game against Hamilton.  He is thriving on the responsibility and the confidence it instils.  Playing the wings is a hard shift.  You hear more ‘feedback’ from the crowd there than from other areas of the field.  I know some of our very best wingers in recent times have carried this extra burden.

Delighted that the three clubs scrapping for second place below us managed to take points off each other in a week Celtic won twice.  Well done to Aberdeen, Newco and Kilmarnock for sticking with it.  If there was a clear challenger their task would be easier.

It is a source of some regret that Project Hibs is on the skids right now and Neil Lennon is set to lose his job.  Hibs and Neil seemed a perfect match.  His results at the club against Celtic, Newco and Hearts were unprecedented in the modern era.  Football progress is seldom linear and this year was destined to be one of realignment, something Neil and the club should have acknowledged.

They could do worse than appointing boyhood Hibs fan, Gordon Strachan, as manager, but whoever gets the job will be a step down from Neil.  They are likely to remain a Premiership team for the foreseeable future – they will not appoint the likes of Terry Butcher again – but mid-table mediocrity beckons.

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  1. I think Strachan would be a terrific choice for Hibs. Probably makes the decision to send Morgan to the Dons an easy one.



    Pity about Neil and I worry he’s in danger of dropping out of football as an untouchable appointment. Won’t help him manage the demons.




    Castagne ?



    A quote from the man himself – ( 28 1 19 )



    ” I’m happy here , I haven’t had talks with other Clubs . I only think about the game , I don’t want to know anything about ‘the market’ and what it says about me “

  3. The banter .



    One of Roma’s nicknames is — The Wolves ..



    Going from being 3 up at Atlanta and then being fortunate to escape with a draw saw the away support chanting this –



    ” You are not wolves you are chihuahuas “

  4. Paul 67 et al,



    I think NFL is a good manager. I have always thought that if he was manager of the Sheepies they would be a real force. It is not in doubt that he can push passionate to the extreme , even against us with his 12 man outburst.


    I hope another club recognises his talents.



    Furryboots CSC.

  5. Alasdair MacLean on

    Does anyone find the situation where West Brom….West blinking Brom….dictating to Celtic about players…perverse?

  6. glendalystonsils on

    GREENPINATA on 28TH JANUARY 2019 12:52 PM



    Neil could even make Sevco a real force……….can you imagine the meltdown if he went there!



    Mair chance of the Queen joining the provos-))

  7. glendalystonsils on




    Perverse and absurd. The fitba world is upside down.

  8. prestonpans bhoys on

    Alasdair MacLean on 28th January 2019 1:07 pm



    It’s the bit where he says we are “developing” his player that I find sad. Celtic FC developing a player for WBA, good grief.



    If he does need developing and progresses its more to do with having a better manager up here !!

  9. “The magnificent thing is he’s our player and he is being developed to be brought back here for West Brom.



    “We hope to see him back here in the summer after a succession of games and goals.



    “He is in a challenging environment working with an excellent manager and team.




    This is where the current Celtic recruitment / short term loanpolicy falls on its arse. Developing players for the likes of West Brom. Just let that sink in – Celtic developing players for West Brom – ‘West fecking Brom’, not PSG, Man city etc – West Brom!!!! the world has gone bonkers!!!


    But no doubt PL will be letting out a huge sigh of relief knowing that WBA are not looking to sell Burke.

  10. Oglach


    I have let it sink in and concluded that that is only one side of the matter and is not the side in which Celtic are most interested.




  11. Many, many thanks for all your lovely posts for my daughter!



    We are all most grateful!



    She goes back to hospital on Monday next to check on her progress and I will let you know how it goes.



    Once again, many thanks and Gob bless you all.

  12. Philbhoy



    That one passed me by so best of luck to your daughter and hope all goes well on Monday.

  13. Marvin Compper still chaining himself to the gates at Lennoxtown ?



    When’s the deadwood train arriving ffs ?

  14. Sinclair can be really frustrating working with Izzy – in recent matches, Izzy would pass to him and make the run into space ahead of him. Sinclair would then proceed to backpeddle the ball all the way to Benkovic, while Izzy would trot back into LB position. Then it would start all over again.



    Just an observation.

  15. If I was the manager of a club in 4th place in the English Championship, having won only one of my last four league games. Also having, lent out a player who is making me look pretty foolish by showing that he really looks the business……



    I might very well look to distract from my own inadequacies, by spouting some nonsense about how a player is away to be developed and then come back all new and improved.



    WBA might have access to more TV money than Celtic, but they will never be a fraction of the club.



    Anyway. I don’t remember anyone from Celtic asking if WBA are interested in selling

  16. traditionalist88 on

    Definitely a slow news day with this nonsense Burke talk.



    He’s West Broms player, obviously any improvement the player shows will benefit them either on the park or if they choose to sell him in the summer.



    Hes a full international, this is not us taking a punt on someone out of West Broms U18’s to let them have a look at in a competitive environment.




  17. Are we there yet?



    You know the posts about us, the buyer the seller and the player all three, saying yes on fee and salary, the best players always have more than one suitor and Celtic are sometimes in the mix for the best players too, and I’m confident we are this January for the quality that is available, regardless of how many millions they cost, it’ll have unfolded round midnight on Thursday and Celtic with luck, will be six clear at the top of the league ready to drive for the treble with infinitely the superior squad.



    Hyperinflation is factual it helps allows little Scotland to pretend to their ‘Whyte’ trash that an unknown club bid £11M for one of their tumbleweed, completing the illusion by awarding Dimbilly a wage rise, letting him loose on the SPL complete with another new bundle of attitude to add to his skill set that already allows him to hit only the bar with alarming ease. They fight down and dirty on the marble staircase and beyond in a blue room on Edminston Drive, where the world record apparition took place, that one where the documents went into the shredder and the club emerged unscathed from a liquidator.



    The same hyperinflation for properly run business’s like Celtic is bad news and it puts the fear of god into us too, the supporters who dread that if we were to buy a Marvin Compper over again in this window he’d cost £2M instead of just the one. A conservative internet average wage guesstimate is of £17k a week, it costs around £1m per annum, fantasy money for some players that need to be quietly moved into the revolving door, tout suite.



    Celtic submitted footballing staff wage to UEFA in November 2018 which showed the of £865,614, that’s before McGregor, Forrest and Ryan Christie signed new ‘improved’ deals and before we brought in Burke, Weah, and Bayo the former on loan for sure, but still on very hefty wages. BR has ‘millions’ © BR of first team players and as wiser men have already posted, with Ntcham, Rogic, Griffiths Tierney, Edouard, Ralston and Gordon to add to Saturday he can hardly say anything other than he’s content with the players he has prior to deadline day.



    How many ‘policy’ driven petted lips would make you leave your job if you could, only time will tell, Keech Jackson and wee Scotland await your thoughts, big bad Blessed Peter unnaminously feared and St Brendan already canonised and linked by Scotland with every lesser club, if they’ve a vacancy. It’ll all happen by Thursday, someone will chose the bright disco lights of Paradise, shirley, but we’ll still have to go to our work on a Monday morning, if they don’t.



    As ever CSC




    Mair chance of the Queen joining the provos-))




    Or a Provo joining the Tories. !!!!!!!!!!!!!



    Oh wait a minute.

  19. traditionalist88 on

    Given the lack of mentions it received is it fair to say the Green Brigade banners on Saturday resonated with a few on here?! Because don’t you know if they didn’t the whingers would have been out in force…