Separating rubbish speculation from what we can hope for


On occasion, it is hard to tell rubbish speculation from genuine interest Celtic have in players, but we all know the parameters Celtic operate within and what will forever be out or reach and off-plan.  Scott McTominay (26) falls into this category.

He earns in excels of £60k per week and would cost tens of millions to release from Manchester United.  It is not that Celtic could not find budget for him and him alone, but just as we discussed about Kieran Tierney recently, why would the club tie-up a significant portion of their new spend on a player who would not appreciate in value?

If we bring in a player with an established reputation in England, it would need to be on soft terms, someone late in their career or perhaps with a character flaw that would make Joey Barton look saintly.

Suggestions we could spend £15m on a player that fits our model are closer to the mark.  Odsonne Edouard joined on a permanent deal for €10m five years ago; £15m is where I expect Celtic to aim for now.  Getting deals done this type of player will be more difficult than the easier business we have done in Japan, Korea, or Norway, but we are actively shopping in this space.

I like the clause Jota apparently has in his contract – if Celtic reject a bid of £25m, they have to increase his wages by £500k per year.  A player who is worth rejecting that kind of offer is worth paying even more than his perceived value was a year ago.

Fortunately, the extra wages will not trouble Celtic, so they can hold firm on price.

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  1. Now that slippy has been appointed as manager in Saudi he’ll be throwing millions at sevco

  2. GENE on 3RD JULY 2023 6:20 PM



    Now that slippy has been appointed as manager in Saudi he’ll be throwing millions at sevco



    I honestl ydont think he cares. he didnt take anyone to villa, when we had the same kinda of cemments that he would be in for Alfie, Tavs etc etc etc



    insert name here – for daily record to report it

  3. if you had all the money in the world to play with, which rangers player would you buy ?



    seriously who is worth anything ?



    stevie g really doesnt want to go there, it is just the money,



    how rich do these people have to be , what motivation to go manage there

  4. Neil Francis to be offered a contract there next ? Managing Al Sea U Atta Oasis

  5. AuroraBorealis79 on

    Rangers near €5 million target, second could follow. Celtic to lose star man !


    The Scotsman



    How much joy these headlines will bring in the near future

  6. WeefratheTim on

    You know why the huns whistle while they sit on the loo??? So they remember which end to wipe. HH

  7. Tom McLaughlin on

    I fail to see how Celtic can complain about another club buying a player they did not want to sell when Celtic are encouraging a player to force a move from his current club who are desperate to keep him for a few months in the hope of avoiding relegation.

  8. Evening all.





    WEEFRATHETIM on 3RD JULY 2023 7:01 PM


    You know why the huns whistle while they sit on the loo??? So they remember which end to wipe. HH





    Brilliant, if you don’t mind, I’m stealing that. :)




  9. bigrailroadblues on



    Big Jimmy, Coneybhoy and Tam McLaughlin probably will anaw. 🙄

  10. TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 3RD JULY 2023 7:57 PM



    surely the simple solution for all concerned is we buy him, but loan him back till the end of their relegation season, then he comes,



    is it more th eplayer himslef wants to get here as fast as he can ?

  11. Ticket exchange question was answered byJP thus : “Is being looked at but don’t think will be next season tho”


    They’ve been looking into this for two years now. They know how to do this ‘cos they’ve looked how others do it and even outlined a decent proposal last year…. Something along the lines that a ST holder can make their ticket available and a percentage of the ticket price credits the STH towards their next ST.


    It appears that as long as there is a waiting list, nobody is taking this seriously. The danger is that the next generation of supporters are being turned away and current old fogeys, self included, on the waiting list may never see another game, especially a game together with our grandchildren. Just get it sorted!

  12. bigrailroadblues on



    Aye young fella, we are indeed. And I’m well behaved. Sort of. I 😁🍻👍

  13. Haven’t a clue if Beale has signed any quality . But he has certainly tooled up with big guys . Hope Brendan has taken note . Like the look of our two new bhoys hopefully some more quality to come .HH

  14. WEEFRATHETIM on 3RD JULY 2023 7:01 PM


    You know why the huns whistle while they sit on the loo??? So they remember which end to wipe. HH



    Belter, nearly spilled my Cala D’or large measure vodka and coke when I read that 👌😄

  15. Paul The Spark on

    Just been announced on Celtic website. Found the message pretty basic. I think the lesson is to not get so attached to the players

  16. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Statement just released by the club.



    Not your usual cuddly statement either.



    Short and to the point.

  17. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Hey ho.



    Thems the breaks.



    Good Luck Jota.



    Sobering circumstances surround your departure … but you were a joy to watch in our beloved hoops.



    “Hey, McGregor – Just stand there looking stupid” dink was my personal highlight.

  18. Paul The Spark on




    I also found the Celtic statement a bit blunt but as people have said about Ange. Once they leave I have no interest in them.

  19. Brilliant Weefrathe, hope you are not leaving us especially after a cracker like that.

  20. “DENIABHOY on 3RD JULY 2023 5:20 PM



    Bada Bing – the MSM, the bookies, Sky etc etc all knew Ange was going to Spurs but some on here held onto a belief that until Celtic say so, it is not worth discussing.



    With all due respect,DENIABHOY `the MSM, the bookies, Sky etc etc` regularly `know` someone is leaving Celtic but those players stay so I think it is more likely to be accurate if we wait `until Celtic say so,`

  21. Tom McLaughlin on

    I keep reading this “I’m never again going to get emotionally attached to Celtic players and managers” from CQNers who are obviously mature and probably in their senior years.



    What does that even mean?



    I have been a Celtic supporter for 62 years and have had my heart broken to varying degrees by many departures from Celtic . . .



    Paddy Crerand


    Kenny Dalglish


    David Hay


    Lou Macari


    Charlie Nicholas


    Brian McClair


    Mo Johnston


    Pierre van Hooijdonk


    Paulo Di Canio


    Jorge Cadete


    Mark Viduka


    Virgil van Dijk


    Kieran Tierney


    Brendan Rodgers


    Ange Postecoglou



    And so on.



    The departure of King Kenny I found particularly painful although I continued to follow his career with pride that he started off with Celtic.



    At no time did I feel I could not become ’emotionally attached’ to a Celtic player or manager because this favourite or that favourite moved on to pastures new.



    We are all emotionally invested in the club we love. Why are some supporters now denying that emotional investment, especially when we are enjoying unprecedented domination and levels of domestic success?



    We had a prominent CQNer a few days ago voicing his hatred for Brendan Rodgers to the extent of mocking his tanned complexion and healthy white teeth. Maybe the presence of a facial mole would have better pleased this supporter.



    Seriously, we’re talking about Celtic players and managers changing jobs here, not wives and lovers moving to another’s arms.



    We as supporters don’t own our heros. We all need to remember that.



    I am very disappointed to see Jota leave, but I cannot hold it against him personally and I recognise that the board could not in all honestly deny the player or the club that level of financial reward/compensation.



    I look forward to the new season, new signings and the return of the prodigal son.



    Bring it on.



    Hail Hail




  22. JIMTIM on 3RD JULY 2023 9:21 PM



    Getting a bunch of bigger players in the hope of bullying other teams is very much an spfl thing to do, the smallest but most successful team in the league places quality above hight and agility, pace, technique will always cause more problems that punting the ball into the box to a big ģuy. Also bigger does not equal stronger.



    The key areas where hight is required is for the most part covered at celtic. ccv, starfielt, Kobayashi, scales and welsh are over 6 foot, AJ and ralston are are around 5.10, which is more than tall enough in that area. Only area of worry would be at leftback where we fall below the hight an strength i would prefer in that area.



    So in my estimations we need a leftback with the physical attributes.



    I don’t think our midfield or wide areas is particularly small outside reo but his pace, agility, technique and vision is far more important.



    Would like a more pacey, powerful, enforcer in the middle of the park.



    With jota gone and abada rumours continuing I would like a couple of pacey skillful wingers who have end product.



    Up top we have kayogo who has shown he can cut it no problems and oh who’s goal to minute ratio is actually very good and he offers more physicality too. I would have meade up top to cause he is never a left winger.



    Would also like another powerful centreback and a commanding goalkeeper as well.



    Total of 5 quality players needed this window.



    Also need to move fringe players on.



    JOTA thanks for the memories, superb player for us.







  23. While the Statement from Club was short and to the point , the addition of the Video was a fitting Tribute, I think the Club are happy with deal.



    If the figures quoted are remotely accurate 200k a week tax free for 3 years


    That comes to about 31 Million, would any 24 yr old Footballer turn that kind of dosh down.

  24. Prestonpans bhoys on




    That comes to about 31 Million, would any 24 yr old Footballer turn that kind of dosh down.



    Exactly a no brainer….

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