Separating rubbish speculation from what we can hope for


On occasion, it is hard to tell rubbish speculation from genuine interest Celtic have in players, but we all know the parameters Celtic operate within and what will forever be out or reach and off-plan.  Scott McTominay (26) falls into this category.

He earns in excels of £60k per week and would cost tens of millions to release from Manchester United.  It is not that Celtic could not find budget for him and him alone, but just as we discussed about Kieran Tierney recently, why would the club tie-up a significant portion of their new spend on a player who would not appreciate in value?

If we bring in a player with an established reputation in England, it would need to be on soft terms, someone late in their career or perhaps with a character flaw that would make Joey Barton look saintly.

Suggestions we could spend £15m on a player that fits our model are closer to the mark.  Odsonne Edouard joined on a permanent deal for €10m five years ago; £15m is where I expect Celtic to aim for now.  Getting deals done this type of player will be more difficult than the easier business we have done in Japan, Korea, or Norway, but we are actively shopping in this space.

I like the clause Jota apparently has in his contract – if Celtic reject a bid of £25m, they have to increase his wages by £500k per year.  A player who is worth rejecting that kind of offer is worth paying even more than his perceived value was a year ago.

Fortunately, the extra wages will not trouble Celtic, so they can hold firm on price.

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  1. GREENPINATA on 4TH JULY 2023 9:28 AM



    Fair enough and I agree with your view that many access the Media in some fashion.


    Cheerio for now.



  2. Hot Smoked – If I may explain from my perspective, the Jota story was leaked by the Saudis many days ago and the MSM jumped all over it without any info of their own. Unlike with Reo’s agent, there was no denial whatsoever from the Jota side or a put down by Celtic. For last two weeks, when he was still our player, there was no faux outrage about a player being tapped up which a few on here suggested was the case. In fact there was not even a story of us holding out for a higher transfer fee which is the norm in most big deals.


    That leaves me to conclude it was a fairly straightforward transfer, done correctly, with a bit of negotiating on the detail as always. But some on here thought throughout the past two weeks that it was all made up nonsense.



    And the same happened with Ange. The original stories came from the London press yet some people on here were convinced that it was the SMSM stirring things up with their anti-Celtic agenda. Like the London Standard and the Independent could give two figs about us. When the bookies stopped taking bets on him being the next Spurs boss, some were still sure he would stay.



    You are right to say the SMSM treat us with disdain but that does not mean reporters elsewhere, in other countries, do not get hold of stories long before there is any kind of acknowledgement from our side as to what is going on (which is ok too). Football agents talk, wives and girlfriends talk, estate agents talk, school teachers talk etc. etc. There are lots of possible sources for stories, some with credibility some without. It is therefore valid to discuss and debate such stories on here without it being always flagged up as a media conspiracy against us.



    The bit that winds me up is the constant “exclusive” crap in the DR and the Sun when all they are doing is regurgitating someone else’s story. They then pad it out with fabricated rubbish which can be attributed to no one. But we all know that is how they do things here.



    Hail Hail from a hot and humid Denia.

  3. Greenpinata,



    If you think that the Scottish football media will ever change their editorial policies, imo, you are sadly mistaken. Again, imo, we should simply ban them all and if the likes of BBC London wonder why, we might begin to see a more even handed approach.

  4. Kyogo teaser and ticking clock on twitter….



    We’ve either strapped a bomb to him or contract extension (my hope)




  5. Celtic Football Club








    🙆‍♂️ #KYOGO2027 🙆‍♂️



    We are delighted to announce that our Treble-Winning talisman,




    has signed a new four-year deal with the Club! 💚🇯🇵




  6. quadrophenian on

    The extravagant riches paid to elite footballers has totally moved into the ugly territory.


    We hear that Riyal monies are being deployed in manipulations to make people think better of Saudi Arabia.


    Instead of seriously overpaying talented athletes, what if SA set some ethically noble and altruistic goals…


    Like properly eliminating hunger, homelessness and insecurity across the middle east and Africa.


    Like taking a million bucks and splitting it in two makes 2 people happy, take that mill and split it into 1000 you make so many more people benefit.



    Wouldn’t that kind of altruism be better for long-term reputation. And better for societies in general?




  7. theBHOYfromU.N.C.L.E on

    Well that’s me keeping my Japanese flag t-shirt that I love wearing on my many flights per year……great reactions either way.



    oneoutofthreeaintbad csc

  8. 4 More years


    Wake up from a hospital bed Covid fever bout to see this news.


    Temps falling back to 90s.


    Oxygen saturation climbing back to 80s(still a bit to KyoGO)


    Inspiring piece of work Celtic.

  9. Timbhoy



    I see a slight contradiction in urging Celtic fans not to be complacent whilst suggesting we care not about the competition.



    In other news, Kyogo has just made one old man extremely happy.


    Wasn’t really expecting any news there. Brilliant stuff. The wee man obviously buys into the Rodgers vision.

  10. Jota signed a 5-year deal last year.


    Kyogo a 4-year extensión today .


    At the very least, we are ensuring a decent transfer fee. I assume, all things being equal, Kyogo will be subject to a transfer battle next summer.

  11. On the Jota transfer, am I the only one surprised that there were not any big bids from EPL? From Spurs? He would walk into most teams down there. Few more exciting young wingers anywhere in Europe.



    Not saying it would have changed his mind, but 70-100k a year in EPL might have given him a decision to make.

  12. 67 European Cup Winners on

    On the Media reporting



    Personally I love the speculation I think its for each individual to asses the story and make up their own mind


    I am more wrong than right, but that’s a mixture of my own paranoia and stupidity



    On a separate issue regarding the Jota transfer I would have been surprised if it was not true


    I would have been more surprised if Celtic declined the £25m



    Celtic now recruit players not only with a promise of playing in front of 60,000 and Champions League Football but also with the possibility of future contracts


    Jota (along with many before him) will be used as an example of what lies ahead if you join Celtic



    And that’s no bad thing



    Across the road I can only think of Bassey going to Ajax as an example of them doing any decent business



    Let the speculation continue – it keeps from reading Rubicons book suggestions – but that’s another story



    Rubicon if you are up have a look at Red Notice by Bill Browder




  13. McPhail Bhoy on

    BIG WAVY on 4TH JULY 2023 10:01 AM


    Kyogo teaser and ticking clock on twitter….


    We’ve either strapped a bomb to him or contract extension (my hope)






    BIG WAVY great news on both fronts, I was relieved to read about your hope for the contract extension rather than strapping a bomb to him!

  14. garygillespieshamstring on

    Great news about Kyogo.



    Would have been more concerned about him going than Jota.



    Extension for Reo and another 2/3 solid signings in the right positions and we are sorted.

  15. Mooy, Jota, mibees Abada. Not the end, but, a new beginning for more victories and trophies, it’s the Celtic way of doing things, BUY, SELL, BUY, WIN, pot cierto

  16. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    From the BBC “News of the new deal comes the morning after Celtic sold another of their top performers, Portuguese winger Jota, to Al-Ittihad for an undisclosed fee”.



    As far as I know Mooy has retired, so who else has been sold?

  17. A 4 year deal, there must be interest in him, and lets see if he is still here when the tranfer window slams shut.



    Jota, beyond the cash, I just dont know how as a person you can morally and ethically go play in that state , as bad as the old sun city entertainers in apartheid sud afrika.



    and while i am on it, – the most polluting company in the world



    Saudi Aramco 59.26 billion tonnes (of carbon dioxide poured into the atmosphere since 1965)

  18. garygillespieshamstring on

    I had hopes that Kyogo and Reo might have been a bit pissed off with Ange after him selling a vision to Yuki and Iwata in January, getting them to uproot halfway round the world and then buggering off less than six months later, leaving them to it.



    Maybe the Japanese players place a higher value on trust / loyalty and so might be wary of following their former leader to Spurs.

  19. quadrophenian on

    Delighted to see the wee fella extend his contract, which will surely be of respectful mutual benefit.


    Whatever Brendan whispered to Kyogo, it must have helped encourage him to sign the extension.


    What’s Japanese for McTominay ??




  20. garygillespieshamstring on

    St Stivs



    I agree 100% with your views on the morality of players going to play in such countries.



    I’m afraid the majority of elite athletes either don’t have intelligence to see or simply don’t care about much else than the cash and lifestyle on offer.



    As for agents, the less said the better.

  21. I think Kyogo, like the international non-call-ups, would have been annoyed at his European exploits last season. I hope he’s hungry to turn that around. Give him 2 top class wingers either side and we’ll be cooking.



    Don’t be surprised if others in the first team leave this summer though.



    For it’s the trading model….




  22. After largely ignoring the whole operation for some time, BBC golf page now carrying 2 articles on the LIV tour.


    The dirty money is almost squeaky clean again

  23. ‘GG on 4th July 2023 10:16 am



    4 More years



    Wake up from a hospital bed Covid fever bout to see this news.



    Temps falling back to 90s.



    Oxygen saturation climbing back to 80s(still a bit to KyoGO)



    Inspiring piece of work Celtic.





    Get well soon.






  24. A wee bit of idle speculation on my part will the new extended deal for kyogo make him our highest paid player ?

  25. kevinlasvegas on

    Jota money straight into Kyogos account.



    Yasssss excellent news.



    Still our man from Japan




  26. DENIABHOY on 4TH JULY 2023 9:42 AM



    Thanks for that detailed reply ( from a far from hot and humid Arbroath !).


    Just been out on the bike and I had considered wearing long bottoms ( Ooh err, missus).

  27. Would love McTominay in our side – a y’all strong athletic boy that can play and has goals in him too. Most likely too much for us but he is a model of what we need in midfield but they don’t come cheap if at all…….

  28. DENIABHOY on 4TH JULY 2023 10:28 AM



    Just what I thought !!



    Quite a few on here have said they will never `love` any Celtic player again. I think Kyogo will test their resolve on that matter :-))

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