Set-piece plans fulfilled and conceding chances


Last week we discussed how Celtic’s attacking set-piece strategy was to aim for Christopher Jullien, while others attempt to block defenders impeding his run, and what the arrival of Shane Duffy would do for options.  An hour into Saturday’s game in Dingwall provided the answer.  While Jullien made his customary run to meet a corner kick, Duffy picked his moment to rise and head his opening goal for Celtic.

Before the arrival of Jullien last year, Celtic’s corner kick effectiveness was awful.  We are not quite back to the Martin O’Neill era-level, but Chris and Shane have changed our threat level significantly.

Again, Albian Ajeti puts the ball in the net(i), his third goal since arriving last month.  We have seen so little of Ajeti that it is difficult to make a proper assessment of him, which makes his goal tally all the more impressive.

It seems incongruous that Vasilis Barkas had his best performance in the purple of Celtic in a game we won by five goals.  He made five saves, three of them particularly impressive, and County hit the woodwork twice.

As happy as Neil Lennon will be at the goals and manner of Celtic’s attacking play, he will be concerned we offered up so many chances to a weak Ross County team.  The years when Celtic could afford to simply out score the opposition passed long ago, we cannot continue to offer up the chances County and Hamilton have enjoyed this season.  You know how this ends if not arrested.

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  1. FT @ 7.25



    Thanks for posting that.



    I will get to hear his — Milli-E / Super Ed — whole speech in about 14 tweets.


    I wonder what happens next / who will take the blame as BoJo is being shredded from the front / the side / the back.



    The bit of live coverage I managed to watch had some Tory no mark explaining that it was all the EU’s fault — bad faith / lack of honest endeavours — with weasel words turned up 11 …



    And then right at the end he said even after all that he could not support the bill because the flunky minister had been so brazen about the fact that he was going to break the law / boasting about breaking the law.



    Not looking good for BoJo — finding out very quickly that the first rule of politics is don’t make enemies you don’t need to / when you are on the way up be nice to those on the way down as you never know when you might need their help.

  2. Just to add more confusion to the certainties around the respective abilities of Taylor and Forrest, we have Celtic by Numbers on Twitter stating:-



    “Highest Expected Assists (xA) from open play so far this season?



    Taylor 0.409



    Very small sample but, over 0.4 is Messi/De Bryune territory if repeated over a season etc etc



    Just sayin’



    Oh, and Forrest is 2nd on 0.398”



    Log in problem experienced on Iphone, IPad, ASUS Vivibook and I Mac, with Adblock Plus, and on Chrome, IE, Duck and Puffin. It is obvious that many on here experience the same problem, as did many who have since baled to Sentinel Celts. It is baffling that Paul67 does not at least make some sort of statement about it. I am no computer whizz, but I am no Luddite either. Why would the type of computer or the browser influence the log in process? And why on earth would either cause you to be kicked off once logged in?

  4. DD,



    I take it you never witnessed Paul McLaughlin, Mark Reid or Graeme Sinclair ever play left back for Celtic. Or Brian Whittaker or Alan Sneddon who also were known to play there. And that is just those individuals I can think of who played more than a game or so there. CalMac didn’t cover himself in glory there either as many a poster has posted.



    Exaggeration rarely helps form an argument.

  5. Taylor not for me ,but there’s been a lot worse.One we’ve just paped af to turkey.


    Ntcham is a good player when he can be bothered.Just don’t let him shoot.

  6. Left back is the one position at Celtic where you are expected to do the work of three players. Certainly since Lenny first took over. Often referred to as the Izzy Syndrome, when the number 3 plays, left back, left wing back and left winger. Also adopted by Ronny Deila, who introduced Kieran Tierney to the positions, and continued by Brendan Rodgers who ran KT into the ground, leaving the returning Lenny no option but to send him down South for remedial works. Since which Lenny has tried rotating the position, using two or more left backs, whilst always letting it known that he is on the lookout for another left sided wide forward thinking player. Pour encourager les autres, one of whom tried to sneak away to Spain got caught and was shipped out to Turkey. To see how he likes it there.

  7. IniquitousIV



    Never having been an Apple fan, I put it down to the superiority of Android… 😉😊


    Seriously, though, I can only say how I find it. Never been a problem for me since I changed to DuckDuckGo browser. Why that is, I’ve no idea, not being a tech guru, but not IT illiterate either. I can well understand the frustrations.



  8. Celtic Mac


    Seeing as you are about, thank you for the signpost to the Isles you mentioned earlier. I’ve bookmarked it to read later.



  9. Never had a problem on here on iPhone or iPad as long as I turn java off.


    Probably said for the hundredth time 😉

  10. 1). Scott Brown is still a very important player for us;


    2) Greg Taylor is a decent player;


    3) james Forrest is an excellent player;


    4.) Elhamed is a very good player;


    5.) Kris Ajer is a very good player;


    6.) Calum McGregor is our best player;


    7.) Odsonne Edouard is a class player;


    8.) Neil Lennon is a decent Manager.

  11. MPShanks



    Yes fair enough, I take your point. I had erased the memory of Brian Whittaker from my mind. Greg Taylor is certainly better than he was. Saw Paul McLaughlin play one game for us at left back, maybe 2. So not a fair comparison. Mark Reid was a better player than GT. Graeme Sinclair I always thought was a bit underrated. Saw him perform one of the best ever man marking jobs on Johan Cruyff, in Olympic stadium Amsterdam, in our 2-1 victory. Something GT could not do, I feel. Alan Sneddon only played a handful of games at left back, mainly played right back, with Danny McGrain at left back. I also forgot about Roy Kay. So I reckon Taylor is better than Kay and Whittaker, but sorry, I do not feel GT is the quality or standard of player to play left wing back for this current Celtic team. A decent Killie level pro. Not Celtic standard unfortunately. Would be delighted if he proved me wrong, but doubt he will.

  12. MADMITCH on 14TH SEPTEMBER 2020 7:42 PM




    ‘Not looking good for BoJo’






    Not necessarily great for Starmer either.

  13. Don’t know if Arteta will be the real deal, but I have been very impressed with the way Arsenal instantly press anyone coming near their danger area.



    Strong and decisive, nobody is given a chance to settle on the ball. It seems to be the basis of their whole game….money helps I suppose.



    Hail Hail.



    I’ve tried an android tablet briefly. Same issue. Fairhill Bhoy. I have java script off. Same issue.

  15. i'vehadtochangemynamebacktojackiemac on

    It’ll be interesting to see what better spfl clubs will make of the chances we are allowing at the moment.

  16. friesdorfer



    More a research document but it does cover the Shetland Isles, concluding that despite a lasting Norse influence, (as indeed there is throughout the Western Highlands and Western Isles) the Islanders “overwhelmingly” have Scottish backgrounds, even from the Borders which is surprising. Gaels too.




    Have you dropped Paul an email?



    just as a thought my friend,it is a free site on the internet and it has changed technically over the years,if you think of the hard/soft ware used then to what we use today.both by site and us


    The pop ups,advertising is what pays for the site.i am fortunate not to have problems at mo but only need to switch sim and it’s chaos



    Good luck.




  18. INIQUITOUSIV-wish I could help you buddy.Not very techy.


    I do need to turn java on to post a comment on SC .



    Agree broadly with all your comments. I thought Mark Reid also played away to Ajax once in a defence that included Moyes? Or maybe my memory is dim.


    Taylor works hard, and will run all day, but he is pretty slow over the critical burst necessary to get past a man. Frankly, it is pretty shocking that he is our only left back.

  20. Hot Smoked


    Agree with you on all your points apart from 6.


    Like Calmac very much, but don’t think he is our best player.


    Hope all is good in Arbroath. Was hoping to visit you last weekend, as had planned on spending the weekend at our friend’s house in Carmyllie. Local Covid19 restrictions put paid to that unfortunately. Would be good to catch up with you soon.

  21. Dont know if they have voted yet in Westminster, but like the Republicans in the USA, I think the Tories, with notable exceptions, will see to it that Boris carries the day. Switch the focus back to the EU.



    Thanks, I might do that. As the ad assault multiplied over the years, I have installed in succession AdBlock, Adblock Pro and AdBlock Ultimate. I now get no ads on the device I use most, an IPad, but I do get an annoying mysterious black bar across the base of every page. It has a close button, and exes out immediately, but pops up every single time I manage to log on, and every time I change pages. Very odd.

  23. BSR- Seen about 6 or 7 penalties in EPL this weekend, not 1 card? Some possible red,denying a goal scoring opportunity, have the rules changed again?

  24. Inquitousiv


    Mark Reid played left back in Amsterdam in 1982. In a back four with McGrain, Aitken and McAdam. Sinclair was a man marker, who followed Cruyff everywhere he went on the pitch. Moyes and McCluskey came on as subs that night. My first European away game. Remember that night well.