Sevco’s sums


We got sight of a couple of interesting stats in the last 24 hours.  Sevco released their proposed season ticket prices for this season – £258 for adults.  The Herald today told us they have sold 450 tickets, which would generate £116k.

For every 10,000 full price adult tickets Sevco sell they can expect an income of £2.58m.  40,000 sales would bring in just over £10m.

The cost Rangers faced to run a football club at Ibrox, before employing any staff whatsoever, has varied in recent seasons, but not dipped below £16m.  On top of this Rangers employed around 200 non-playing staff plus dozens of players.

You see the size of the funding challenge Sevco face, made all the more difficult by what appears to be an almost weekly appearance of a distraction in the form of other parties wanting them to relinquish control.  It’s almost as though the universe is conspiring to starve them of income. Their issues with the SFA will grab current headlines, but if these are resolved far greater challenges lie ahead.

Fans of all Scottish clubs are invited to contribute their thoughts on a variety of subjects, including policing, stewarding, the media, offensive chanting, and are asked for ideas to improve the supporter experience.

I have spoken to the researcher tasked with getting a perspective on this and he is keen to hear from as many Celtic fans as possible.  It will take you around three minutes to complete the online survey, which you can do from here.

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  1. Mark Hateley says that intercontinental ballistic concrete trucks are like new signing.

  2. •-:¦:-•** -:¦:- sparkleghirl :¦:-.•**• -:¦:-• on

    Steinreignedsupreme on 24 July, 2012 at 11:43 said:



    Re leggless – Yes, he continues to amuse. I particularly liked this line from his latest offering:



    After all, Jim Traynor and the Record have led the way so often during this complex Rangers story that there is no reason to doubt the veracity of this morning’s tale.. Parallel universe.

  3. newradbhoy with the kano 1000 on

    Hope neil plays all the first teamers tonight .


    They need to get up to speed asap

  4. Paul67 et al



    Looks like Sevco are going to have to get used to life in the slow lane!

  5. Traditionalist88



    He could well be right, I don’t even know what one of them things is!!

  6. newradbhoy with the kano 1000 on

    Will sevco players have to bring they’re own sandwiches and flask to training?

  7. unew mike on 24 July, 2012 at 10:19



    That’s great news mate, watch out for Margaret though I think she may be a bit of a tiger that yin miaooow :¬)




  8. Paul67



    It was interesting that Sevco stated they valued rangers at £50 Million and then their latest investor stated he had bought 10% of the club for £1 Million.



    When I was at school 10 x 1 did not give you 50…

  9. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Kano 1000 on

    Good Afternoon,



    There are three pieces by Richard Wilson in todays Herald. Two solo efforts and one co-written article.



    Upon reading all three, I am reminded of Mr Leonard Sachs, the moustachioed alliterative compere of variety music hall fame who presided over that British Institutional TV show– The Good old days!



    Mr Wilson has this morning reverted to the “Good old days” of the MSM right enough with what can only be described as pandering tosh of the most rediculous kind!



    Basically the three articles tell us the following:



    First that there are a plethora of players who are without Jobs. Guys like Garry Kenneth who are simply training and trying to keep fit while they wait for a job offer. Equally, that there are clubs like St Mirrin or Kilmarnock or whoever who can’t aford to sign any players, and don’t know what budgets they will have…. and all because “Rangers” are to be “placed” in the Scottish 3rd Division!



    Of course, there is no mention of the fact that in England and across Europe there are many players who are without clubs, and that there are clubs in those leagues whose finances are unclear thus causing them to pull in the purse strings and restrict any recruitment drive. Presumably, these clubs and players must also rue the day when Rangers FC fell from grace within Scottish Football. Then again, maybe the constriction of football finances across Europe has nothing to do with things down Ibrox way?



    The Second article, tells us that Mr Brian Kennedy will not be put off from bidding to buy “Rangers” despite all previous offers to the Administrators and/or Charles Green being rebuffed. The article goes on to tell us of the latest offer by Kennedy ( some 3 weeks after it was actually made ) and gives the “alternative” version of events from a spokesman in the Green camp as it were. This latter part explains what has happened and why the offer was not accepted from Green’s point of view.



    Oh and it ends with the wee snippet that Servco have sold all their tickets for the anticipated cup match at Brechin. Just file that we bit of info for now if you will!



    However, it is the third article which, in light of the other two, takes us back to the halcyon days of sports reporting on matters “Rangers”– where any old tosh can be spouted out as fact and served up as the truth written on tablets of stone delivered from on high!



    The Wilson effort reads as an undisguised plea to Charles Green to sell to saviour Kennedy for the good of “Rangers” their fans, the Scottsih Game and just about every one else on the planet.



    Consider the last few paragraphs which starts with the non reaction to Kennedy’s latest offer:






    Yet Kennedy received no response to his offer, with Rangers’ future at that stage still unresolved and the first division compromise being discussed. That refusal to engage seems inexplicable now when the involvement of the Sale Sharks owner, who has become a popular figure among the Rangers support, would have season tickets sold quickly, and other commercial backers and sponsors return to the club. Green lacks credibility with the majority of fans, with many only prepared to buy tickets on a match-by-match basis, but Sevco’s investors would see the business immediately strengthened by Kennedy’s involvement.



    His offer also allowed them to retain 49%, and they would receive their investment back within two years, with 10% interest. The £5.6m would then be used as working capital, to allow the club to begin the rebuilding process straight away. The Ibrox fans want to get behind the team, but are held back by their distrust of Sevco. McCoist, too, has yet to make any public statement urging fans to buy season tickets. There now seems an opportunity for the current owners to rescue the situation, by returning to Kennedy’s offer, or even seeking others, and the reluctance to engage is inexplicable.



    Only questions remain, and there has been no clarification of the role of Paul Stretford, the controversial football agent, other than the club acknowledging that he is “assisting”. Is this on player sales? Player arrivals? Does McCoist even know his exact role? Stretford is also a business associate of Mike McDonald, yet Green has always denied that his close friend and the former Sheffield United chairman is involved at Ibrox.



    There is too much doubt around the club for fans to respond when their support is critical. Green has talked about a share issue and of selling 50% of the club to fans, but it is difficult to see how that would generate a significant profit for his investors, at least until the club is back in the top-flight. Rangers need investment in the meantime, though, or at least strong season ticket sales to fund the club’s rebuilding, neither of which Green has been able to deliver.



    The following days are likely to bring a resolution to the SFA membership negotiations, and several player signings.What happens in the boardroom is also critical, though, in both the short-term and the long-term.






    Stop and think about what he is saying here:



    Kennedy has become popular with the fans — eh when? how? why?



    Kennedy’s very involvement will see a boom in season ticket sales and a flock of investors and sponsors return to the club?— eh well no season tickets are on sale just now at all— and if Kennedy’s mere presence ensured a flock of investors in a football club, and financial success then Stockport County would be hosting Manchester United and others in the EPL this season-no?



    Instead, Kennedy is seen by many Stockpost fans as a pariah.



    He is credited with being the “owner” of the Edgely Park Stadium where Stockport play and he recently waved the rent to help out the ailing club he sold back to a supporters trust for £1.



    Yet as one fan put it ” When Brian Kennedy arrived, Stockport were £4m in debt and owned the ground. When he left, Stockport were £4M in debt and HE owned the ground.



    Today, Kennedy rents the ground back to the club but he retains rights to the revenue streams that can be generated from that ground– corporate banqueting, restaurant, hospitality all make money for Kennedy– not Stockport.



    The Daily mail journalist, Oliver Holt, wrote an article entitled “Why Brian Kennedy and Sale Sharks are killing Stockport County” and last year Stockport lost their league status dropping to the conference after a history of league football going back over 100 years.



    Now, I am not saying that all or indeed any of this is Brian Kennedy’s fault, but the fact remains that in football his track record is to be exactly what many Rangers fans feared Craig Whyte would turn into, namely a landlord– and if you recall that position was derided as the position of wide boy on the make!



    So what has changed?



    The answer is everything and nothing.



    Charles Green does not pretend to be anything other than a wide boy on the make. He will sell the mess that he was allowed to buy at an inexplicable price and in an inexplicable way by Duff & Phelps– once he has established just where his club will play and when. He is gambling on the fact that when the last of the shit has hit the fan, there will be someone with a business brain who will want to come and buy the assets that he now appears to have secured, together with the rights to play football that he has negotiated under the Servco name.



    He hopes that there will be someone out there who will be willing to pay a premium for the right to collect the riches available should Serveco gain entry to the top flight of Scottish Football one day.



    However, there is absolutely nothing to suggest that Kennedy is any different. In fact his business track record with Stockport suggests that he expects a return out of the asssets, but does not necessarily invest in for the success of the club itself.



    So, why oh why do we have the Glasgow Herald- or the Herald as it now likes to be called– championing Kennedy in the way that David Murray was fetted in the past?



    Why not ask him why he offered £5.5M for the club when it had SPL status, a rack of players to sell, European Prospects and so on, but now sees the same amount as the reasonable purchase price for 51% of an entity which has lost the majority of its playing assets, holds no SFA registration, has an invitation to the 3rd division of Scottish Football, faces fines and penalties for past indiscretions at Ibrox, and has no prospects of European Football in the immediate or near future?



    Further, is this new bid from Kennedy a solo affair, or is it in conjunction with the blue knights or any other party?



    Does Graham Souness- Kennedy’s close pal– have any ongoing role or has he given any advice in relation to this latest bid?



    The lack of questions posed in the article merits some explanation from the author as to just what he is trying to get over– because he appears to be an unqualified mouthpiece for Kennedy as things stand.



    Lastly, the piece ends in the most bizarre fashion with the promise of the position with the SFA being resolved in the course of the week and a number of signings! Where they come from and how they are financed is left a mystery- but presumably they do not involve Mr Kennedy?



    The final pearl of wisdom comes with the words ” What happens in the boardroom is also critical, though, in both the short-term and the long-term.”.



    What happened in the boardroom has been critical for the last 20 years, but few were prepared to ask any difficult questions or examine any business records or dealings in the face of ever increasing losses and borrowings. Do you remember Roddy Forsyth bemoaning the lack of business journalists who would face up to Murray and ask awkward questions?



    Well lo and behold here is Richard Wilson telling you straight that the very presence of Kennedy will result in sponsorship, season tickets, revenue and a return to the good times. That, of course, will be the revenue and sponsorship that Stockport County and its fans are still looking for after years of Kennedy’s arrival!



    I’m afarid that such regurgitated nonsense from a “mouthpiece” journalist just doesn’t wash, and the Herald- a once quality newspaper should know better than to print such tosh!



    I prefer the alter ego of the other Richard Wilson, the one who gave us Victor Meldrew in all his idiosyncratic genius. Victor had a stock phrase that he involuntarily used when faced with the rediculous and the just plain daft…. and it comes to mind now when faced with the stuff from Richard Wilson this morning.

  10. A quick run round the developments of the last couple of days in what is becoming the greatest show on earth.



    Some thoughts on the return of Mr Kennedy and his dispute with Mr Green – could Mr Green have been taken out of the loop by the investors?



    What about the season tickets – you cannot charge Rogano prices for a Blue Lagoon product.



    Why did Southampton pay anything for Steven Davis, and can BDO use that transaction as evidence of an undervalued sale? Why did Sevco get the cash?



    Is it of note that football agents are gathering round the running of Sevco Scotlands’s team?



    Four business days for transfer of membership…the clock ticks ever louder…



    Lots of questions – fewer answers!




  11. jock steins celtic on

    have Sevco been paying salaries ? have all the non-playing staff been transferred over to the new entity and been paid ?

  12. SPL champions Celtic have reportedly made an approach for out-of-favour West Brom forward Simon Cox, who is also on Blackburn’s radar.


    The Republic of Ireland international struggled to hold down a regular role at The Hawthorns last season and is understood to have grown increasingly frustrated at a lack of opportunities.



    The Baggies are under new management, with Steve Clarke having replaced Roy Hodgson at the helm, but Cox is still facing up to an uncertain future.



    Blackburn are already understood to have held talks with the 25-year-old striker, who formed part of Ireland’s squad at Euro 2012.



    Rovers have added Leon Best and Nuno Gomes to their attacking ranks this summer, but are seeking further firepower.



    Celtic, however, are believed to have also entered the chase for Cox’s signature and have already sounded out a deal

  13. Efe Ambrose, John Mensah & SImon Cox? At last the transfer rumour mill is creaking into action

  14. Assuming for the moment that Sevco get an SFA license… do they actually have sufficient players, that will be properly registered, to form a squad to play at the weekend?

  15. Dontbrattbakkinanger on 24 July, 2012 at 12:07 said:



    DBBIA – my family thank you and I thank you for your kindness and welcome.



    Geeza a shout if you are near, it would be my pleasure to meet you. It’ll me and the 3 bhoys, 2 with the new hoops and 1 with the new away top and of course wearing our new CQN Badges!!



    Glasgows Green & White…..

  16. newradbhoy with the kano 1000 on

    I wonder how it will affect players of sevco, when travelling up to the highlands.


    Will they be able to afford hotel acommodation?


    Will they be able to afford a decent bus, one that will at least have room to stretch they’re legs.(parks will probs do them a favour there though).

  17. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Brogan-Wilson had his arse handed to him on a plate by Cosgrove on Shortbread on Saturday,not even denying he was a hun.Agree,garbage of the lowest order.

  18. philvisreturns on

    newradbhoy with the kano 1000 – Will they be able to afford hotel acommodation?



    Everything’s premier but the price.



    Will they be able to afford a decent bus, one that will at least have room to stretch they’re legs.(parks will probs do them a favour there though).



    I imagine it will be just like Cliff Richard’s Summer Holiday.



    Either that or the scene in “Trainspotting” where Begbie is upset that nobody brought the cairds. (thumbsup)

  19. The Pantaloon Duck on

    philvisreturns on 24 July, 2012 at 12:19 said:



    I was beginning to worry about you.



    I intend to go to Waitrose tonight for some foie gras and butterscotch ripple. I shall report back.

  20. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Ally Mccoist has demanded to kno the names of all those who have bought tix for the game v Brechin aka ‘the Hedgemen’.

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