SFA and Sevco agree on embargo


This evening we received clarity on two items first reported here and on several other locations months ago.  Sevco have accepted the 12 month player registration embargo handed down by Lord Carloway’s Appellate Tribunal as a condition of their application for membership of the SFA, while Fifa have granted four former Rangers players permission to sign for new clubs.

The SFA, under president Campbell Ogilvie, took every step possible to alert Sevco that if they did not accept the transfer embargo a more severe penalty would be imposed on Rangers, whose licence they are trying to acquire.  Hopes of “elimination” from the Scottish Cup as an alternative punishment were based on false logic, and were also just silly.

Sevco disputed the embargo, hoping the SFA would offer to set it aside, as it tried to set-aside so many other rules to accommodate them in recent weeks, however, the best the new company could achieve was an accommodation to allow them to stock up on players over the next five weeks in order to off-set the effects of so many players ‘walking away’.

There is a chance this decision will save Sevco a second season in the SFL Third Division but there remains many hurdles for the new club to achieve before they start and complete a football season.

No mention yet of what the SFA and SPL plan to do with the plethora of other disciplinary matters due against Rangers, or how they proposed to prevent their own independent judicial process from reaching an inconvenient verdict.

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  1. Bhoys,can someone do me a favour and ask Sydney tim how many times


    he has seen Helsinki play,as he knows they are better than any other SPL team,


    i have asked him 3 times tonight but i can only guess that he cant


    see my posts

  2. feckin three mobile…..poker stars…..4 hands all in. Flop turns over a k a. I’m holding a a and i get a freeze out.



    never does that when i dont have a hand only when i have one



    karma’s a bitch

  3. What is the Stars on



    I will be there at 9pm standing at the bar,I will be wearing a leather jacket and will have the Irish Times open on the crossword page,my name is Dave



    (I used to be in the French Resistance you see)




    We are feeling the pinch like every other club and not just in Scotland. If Ki is transferred there will be movement but until then I don’t think Celtic will spend money until we are certain of European football, I am unsure after chat on here whether we are already in the Europa League if we fail against Helsinki. Ki’s value is a lot higher than the £7 million quoted because of his marketing value and Peter Lawwell is no doubt trying to squeeze an extra 2 or 3 milion from any deal.



    If we are properly prepared then Helsinki won’t know what has hit them.

  5. What is the Stars on



    In fairness to Sydney Tim I share his fears about Helsinki


    They are 17 games into their season which has to give them a fitness/competitive edge


    The Scottish League is poor/Maybe the standard in Finland is no better but its not going to be easy

  6. Gordy I have answered



    If you asked Paul 67 three times why we are risking going into Europe without center halfs it would be more interesting



    Facts are helskinki have a better recent record in Europe than most Spl clubs



    Now if you can’t see we need defenders then god help you

  7. gordybhoy64 on 21 July, 2012 at 00:47



    let me tell you something about SydneyTim, judging from the abuse i’ve taken from him on here. He left these shores for pastures new cause he couldnt make it here and holds a grudge against anyone whom financially contributes to the club. Anyone that happens to be a supporter and not a fan.



    that’s my guess anyway

  8. Stars



    Ok, defo see you there.


    My name is not Dave btw, and have not a clue about the French resistance :>)



    A few decent tips wouldn’t go a miss though !!!

  9. WITS,


    i know only what i have read on here about Helsinki,


    so would have concerns,but Sydney tim can tell us they are better


    than other SPL teams based on some you tube clips,


    aye nay bother,am sure you could find stuff on any team


    to show them at their best

  10. What is the Stars on




    2 Horses worth backing tomorrow


    3.00 cartmel horse called Inamalabalusaloon 5/1


    8.45 Lingfield horse called Buzkashi 14/1



    Various reasons but too tired to type them all.I am backing both each way and each way double

  11. SydneyTim on 21 July, 2012 at 00:56



    wouldnt be the first time I was wrong and wont be the last :-)

  12. What is the Stars on




    I hope we stuff Helsinki but I cant approach the game with any confidence


    To be honest,I have never seen them play but I would imagine they will provide a serious test,


    This Celtic team is not the Lisbon Lions,its not Martin O’Neills seville team its not as good as Gordon Strachans team


    I doubt of of our current squad would command a starting place in any of those teams


    We have in European terms fallen a long way


    Lets hope for best

  13. petec on 21 July, 2012 at 00:49 said:



    Petec, when you said “If we are properly prepared then Helsinki won’t know what has hit them”.



    I do get that Petec, but my thoughts are that CFC instead of tunnel visioning what will make the season successful (and next years) as we will have money in the bank, our club has went to foreign lands and instead of gaining fitness, have gained air miles.



    I dont see the point in gaining match fitness before a player is back to a decent level of fitness?


    £15 million at stake if we get into the CL proper and we’re touring about Europe playing meaningless games.


    Why dont we get teams to play at CP?



  14. Sydney tim,


    when did you answer,was your comment about watching them on you tube


    your reply to me,at no time have i stated what i think regarding the Celtic team,


    i only wanted to know on what basis you knew they were better than other Scottish teams,i thought it would be based on more than you tube videos

  15. petec



    Can’t get the head aroud the boards thinking, we are in a position of the G.O.D. thing, and are not looking to take advantage.



    We don’t need to sell, we have offloaded enough to pay a quality CH, and possibly a striker.



    If needs be, we could sell the likes of Ki if we don’t qualify, it’s no rocket science, we are in the position to make serious millions here, serious millions, and we are not giving ourselfs a decent chance.



    Not good business on our part.


    Just don’t think we are like them stupid huns and don’t know what is happening.







    I read your posts and agree with some,most I don’t, but when it comes to the lack of ambition from the board, I stand shoulder to shoulder with you.



    For once we don’t need to spend to strengthen the team, and yet we are looking like we won’t, that imo, is a feckin disgrace.



    If PL does, I will apologise, but from where I am sitting, it’s no gonna happen.

  16. WITS,


    only looking at their league table for this season,


    they have lost 5 games away from home out of 9,


    i would hope a full Celtic park will unsettle them and we can


    get a decent lead to take over there

  17. Exiled. From your lovely home in the Spanish hills to a cold morning here in Sydney


    We do agree



    Now back to making eggs and Becon for 3


    Would love some sqaure slice tho

  18. Home against Helsinki, my team to do the biz.








    …….Brown…….. Kayal…..Ledley…………Izzy







    But we should have another centre half in because it makes sense.




  19. THE EXILED TIM on 21 July, 2012 at 01:04



    Et the boards thinking centres around revenue and expenditure. It’s not rocket science.



    We wont follow Der Hunnes failed economic strategy.

  20. Anyone know much about Inter Turku,


    they beat Helsinki 2-0 a fortnight ago in front of less than 4000,


    not sure they will cope with a full house and a good performance


    when they come to Glasgow

  21. .






    I see Mrs SydneyTim has Learned You the Art of Managerial Phycology..



    I would rather the Players/Fans thought of Helsinki as a Above average SPL team than The Olde Pub Team we have Used for Allborg et al..



    Well done Mrs ST..;0)



    Summa of Samaras

  22. Vmhan on 21 July, 2012 at 01:01



    It may just be a simple fact of the Bank not allowing funds to be released. I really don’t know myself. Noone has disposable cash apart from the freak clubs.



    Even if we were to spend 2 or 3 million on a CH before these upcoming games, there is no guarantee he would even settle in that quickly.



    I think Neil is comfortable picking between Vic, Thomas, Charlie and hopefully Kelvin. I want us to beat every team we face and getting to the CL proper will be a massive step forward after we were cheated out of £50Million over the last 3 years.



    Unfortunately because that shower of utter s**t we are having to be very careful with our pennies.



    gallagher on 21 July, 2012 at 01:01



    Quality as always.



    THE EXILED TIM on 21 July, 2012 at 01:04



    We are where we are now because that old defunct pile held us back as much as they could illegally.



    They have been wiped off the face of the Earth but at the moment we are having to suck up their sick trail of destruction, make no mistake, although we were the most affected by that filth, we will become incredibly strong because of what we have overcome. If that is next season and not this, then so be it. I think we will get into the CL groups and this team will grow. We are Celtic and when we do something we do it in magnificent Style.




  23. cqn badges arrived today,thanks CRC,BUNDORAN BHOY,they shall be wore in Santa Ponsa soon,with pride…

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