SFA and Sevco agree on embargo


This evening we received clarity on two items first reported here and on several other locations months ago.  Sevco have accepted the 12 month player registration embargo handed down by Lord Carloway’s Appellate Tribunal as a condition of their application for membership of the SFA, while Fifa have granted four former Rangers players permission to sign for new clubs.

The SFA, under president Campbell Ogilvie, took every step possible to alert Sevco that if they did not accept the transfer embargo a more severe penalty would be imposed on Rangers, whose licence they are trying to acquire.  Hopes of “elimination” from the Scottish Cup as an alternative punishment were based on false logic, and were also just silly.

Sevco disputed the embargo, hoping the SFA would offer to set it aside, as it tried to set-aside so many other rules to accommodate them in recent weeks, however, the best the new company could achieve was an accommodation to allow them to stock up on players over the next five weeks in order to off-set the effects of so many players ‘walking away’.

There is a chance this decision will save Sevco a second season in the SFL Third Division but there remains many hurdles for the new club to achieve before they start and complete a football season.

No mention yet of what the SFA and SPL plan to do with the plethora of other disciplinary matters due against Rangers, or how they proposed to prevent their own independent judicial process from reaching an inconvenient verdict.

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  1. Stringer Bell on

    blantyretim on 20 July, 2012 at 22:15 said:







    has been constant with his anti board cheapskate opinion..



    I agree with him..


    I have an will not renew whislt that man Lawell is in charge at Celtic


    share on F’book or Twitter







    Comments like this make me despair of some Celtic ‘fans’. Shows arrogance and sutupidity is not just reserved for the govan zombies.



    Why not take a minute and be thankful you are in position to actually able to go to games – you are able bodied, have a family circumstance that allows you to spare the time, financially its affordable and – mostly – you will enjoy it, whilst supporting your team.



    Not going because of “that man Lawell” is pretty pathetic.



    During celts for change (remember that?) we had a motto – Back the team. Sack the board. You might want to think on that. That’s when times were tough, really tough. Nothing to do with self indulgent posturing, it was about the survival of our club. Back the team. no less relevant now.



    How complacent you have become.


    Many who would love to go to games, simply cannot.

  2. Rascar Capac on




    24 hours late with reply, but the vino got the better of me.



    Aye, still walking Loch Humphrey, although the Forestry Commission have bought up loads of land and have mended(ruined) the road.



    This road now is just huge stones that are a nightmare to walk on.



    The silver lining is we are forced explore the myriad of paths that cover the Kilpatricks.



    A wonderful wilderness on our doorstep.

  3. coorslad on 21 July, 2012 at 01:21 said:



    cqn badges arrived today,thanks CRC,BUNDORAN BHOY,they shall be wore in Santa Ponsa soon,with pride…





    I bought for you and Caolan innaw…… ach well, going to a great cause D.



    Coors enjoy yir hols amigo and I have to say you must be so proud of wee C




  4. Naked Rambler Stephen Gough who has risked his life to stay bollock, has been arrested in Fife just days after being released from prison.



    Bare Buff CSC

  5. Rascar Capac



    Good stuff m8, it must have been quality Vino. :))






    Fife is a veritable ramblers paradise, he must have been in his element, perhaps he got too excited.

  6. bigrailroadblues on

    Where are the Grateful Dead fans on this blog? I need to know!


    BRB Steaming. As in drunk.

  7. vmhan..wits happining? thanks pal,looking forward Santa Ponsa,Alan from Sheebeen,big Pat and Conor Kelly are playing the 2 weeks we are there.. Wee C is delighted..loads of people we know are going..cant wait..any craíc?

  8. Rascar Capac on

    Our first pick Centre halves are Tam and Chico.



    And we have Victor to cover.



    Are they not all fit and well?



    So if I was in charge, I would wait and see.



    A new signing would need to be world class to walk into a team of strangers ahead of our current lads.



    Get into the group stages, then spend.

  9. Rascar. Remember the air and see Policy in Neil 1st season in Europe


    When we were crying out for a goalie and center half and right back



    Pray tell me what happened ?

  10. Coorslad



    nowt happening that I’d post on a blog, talk tomorow amigo, if you can manage it thenthink about the convention, Blackpool sept weekend……. ?



  11. Rascar Capac on




    We have good guys at centre half, we just don’t have cover for a whole season.



    So once we play the qualifiers, we can make an informed decision on our budget.

  12. Rascar



    Very true, and I agree, but when we did have cover, and two centre-backs out on loan too, we had to play Marcus Fraser at centre-back and he performed very well. Sometimes even having cover isn’t a guarantee of comfort. We will be fine.



    It’s fine of Paul and others to say HJK are 17 games or whatever into a season, but if they’re losing games 2-0 to Inter Turku (thanks, gordybhoy) then 5 friendlies into a season with a close group of players who’ve played together for a year and more may well have the match of a team into its season but not playing very well. It may well have come down to a straight choice – if we want a them-less, newco-less league it may well mean no signings. I can live with that. The qualifiers come early, we deal with that and deal with it with what we’ve got.

  13. Rascar Capac on







    You said were short of a goalie, a centre half, and a right back.



    Now we have good players in almost every position.



    So I don’t see a new signing starting for Celtic anytime soon.



    So the situation is different.



    And with the Boche gubbed we do need to keep an eye on the balance sheet.

  14. Paidraig Marley on

    Celtic FC……..I love football, Only word i can use for it is ‘THE TEAM” set up shop in govan…………why did no one in scotland question there bias ? ?…………..WHY?

  15. Rascar. Ok


    I think it’s a risk tho


    We have removed 5 defenders without replacement


    We have a poor central defence

  16. The bould bhoys..... Tá ár lá anois on

    I think they daft buggers just might manage to pull off a masterstroke and gain the signatures of Nacho and Gazza . What with the two Lees, they’ll have the Ramsdens Cup pawned by February……




  17. Summa of Sammi…. on 21 July, 2012 at 01:17 said:



    Owen youre visit for the 1st game last season and in the GB for the last game makes me think you have jinksed me.



    1st game of the season I ended up in hospital the middle of the night with an asthma attack and the end of the season…… well…… you know.


    I’m still glad you made it and got to see the end game.



  18. Rascar Capac on




    I agree we are short of central defenders.



    But we have enough for the next few games.



    Pete and Neil are bright as buttons.



    I’m sure they’ve spotted this.

  19. Stringer Bell on 21 July, 2012 at 01:23



    well said. ST like others on here are far enough away from it all now and wont be anywhere near CP anytime soon.



    calling for Celtic to go into debt beyond their means is tantamount to either being a hun or subscribing to their point of view. No shortage of assimilated tims in far away lands.

  20. ST


    I’m not in the position to debate, but I will say I love youre contributions to the blog…….


    Youre alternative view is mucho necessary for CQN, we all need to consider other peoples viewpoint or be sheep………. are we sheep?



    Paul67’s leaders have been leading and ………….. ach well!



    Vmhan CSC

  21. Paidraig Marley on

    Ok as far as can see it> the hun is dead, Thank fuck, let them get a better “club” to support instead of “up to there knees in blood” and “no one likes us we dont care”……………..maybe its a wake up cal andchatch up time for the perrpul.

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