SFA and SPL office holders in eye of the storm


Somewhere on an upper floor at Hampden SFA and SPL high office holders will be mulling over player contracts submitted by Rangers over the last decade, including for players still registered at the club.

They will compare what they have on file with yesterday’s revelations in The Sun.  As far as the football authorities are concerned, everything will be in good order if Rangers submitted these side contracts, which featured appearance money, to the league and SFA.

But, if the club submitted these contracts to the football authorities, they would have to declare them to the tax authorities as income.

It would be good to hear from some of the very vocal former directors of Rangers on this subject, especially the one currently president of the SFA.

This matter has nothing to do with Our Hero, remember, who is currently drawing fire away from those who put Rangers into danger in the first place, however, Mr Whyte is wholly responsible for the “public censure” issued to Rangers by the Plus Stock Exchange today.  The resultant £50k fine the least of the club’s worries.

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  1. When the “friendly” administrators finally do what Craig Whyte appointed them to do and put Scotland’s crisis club into liquidation in order to avoid their tax liabilities, all of their results in will have to be erased from this season’s SPL records (…assuming that the event takes place before the end of this season).



    The revised SPL table would be as follows:



    1st Celtic P27 W23 D2 L2 F58 A12 Pts71 GD+46


    2nd Moth P26 W14 D6 L6 F38 A27 Pts48 GD+11


    3rd St. J. P24 W11 D5 L8 F35 A29 Pts38 GD+6


    4th DUtd P26 W9 D10 L7 F43 A35 Pts37 GD+8


    5th Hear P26 W10 D5 L11 F30 A25 Pts35 GD+5


    6th Aber P25 W7 D10 L8 F26 A26 Pts31 GD+0


    7th I.C.T. P24 W7 D6 L11 F30 A38 Pts27 GD-8


    8th Kilm P25 W5 D11 L9 F29 A41 Pts26 GD-12


    9th St.M P26 W5 D11 L10 F23 A35 Pts26 GD-12


    10th Hibs P25 W5 D7 L13 F30 A48 Pts22 GD-18


    11th Dunf P26 W4 D7 L15 F28 A54 Pts19 GD-26



    Ironically, after yesterday’s meek surrender by Terry’s new quick-melting chocolate orange team, ICT would be the main beneficiaries of the annulment of Rangers’ results. They would actually go up three places in the SPL table, leapfrogging Kilmarnock and St. Mirren, who have taken 6 points and 4 points respectively (to ICT’s none) from their games against Scotland’s crisis club.



    Motherwell would have a 10 point cushion in the battle for the second ‘CL qualifiers’ qualification place, albeit 3rd placed St. Johnstone would now have two games in hand.



    Personally I would rather see Rangers FC (in administration) come to an agreement with HMRC to pay back every penny they owe at, say, £7-10M per season, thereby effectively crippling them financially for the next decade or so. But they should also be stripped of any trophies that they won where any contravention of the games rules has taken place.



    I would much prefer this to the alternative scenario whereby they simply walk away from all their debts without paying a penny, then simply reform under a slightly dufferent name and walk straight back into the SPL, to continue playing in the same colours, in the same stadium, in front of the same fans, and with with the same (presumed) history.



    Make them pay back every penny and invest the lot in projects and initiatives to right Scotland’s social ills.






    After Rangers’ fantastic feel-good weekend (with their 4-1 tummy tickling of a subservient ICT), they have had more good news this morning.



    Well, this will seem like a lottery win compared with the news that is still to break in the coming days!



    I can’t wait.

  2. Paul67



    Right in saying they are screwed either way?



    I would love to see all those 3-0 defeats recorded right enough…

  3. Paul –



    trying to buy the print version over weekend but the Paypal link doesn’t seem to like me hitting it from US.







  4. sannabhoy says:


    27 February, 2012 at 13:08



    very gracious of you sanna



    but wheres philvis……another podium missed.

  5. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    Just bought ma new replica gers strip out of Tesco. Barstewards took ten points aff ma club card. <0)

  6. sannabhoy @13:08



    Got lucky, was about to head out to office (8am here) and hit refresh and there it was for several seconds.



    Have a great day mate.

  7. ibleedgreenandwhite1 on

    Hi ghuys,,is there any truth in the rumours surrounding the possible liquidation at Mordor in the coming days????



    Hail hail

  8. The Battered Bunnet on

    I had a wry smile when I reasd this from Jim Traynor today:



    Director of football Gordon Smith was also shown the door but couldn’t resist making a lengthy statement about how he’d been denied the chance to do his job.



    Unfortunately, it was all too typical of him. So, too, was his appearance as a pundit on Sky yesterday and you can be sure the only person who wouldn’t have considered it strange that he was on the telly blabbing about Rangers’ match in Inverness was Smith himself.



    You could not make this man up. At least Whyte had the decency to get out of town but Smith, the man who gave Rangers Mervan Celik, couldn’t wait to get back on the box.



    Priceless, Smudger, priceless. In fact, you should be in a case in the trophy room along with all the other valuables.



    It’s an Aladdin’s Cave in there and if they haven’t done so already, the administrators should take a look inside and make sure ownership of the contents haven’t been transferred to the top company, Rangers group, instead of Rangers plc.



    You never know. Documents containing financial shocks are being uncovered almost daily and look what Whyte did with the Arsenal Shares.

  9. bleedgreenandwhite1 @ 13:11



    Truth in rumours? Now there is a question.



    Could happen any day but maybe weeks even months. I’m pretty sure it is going to happen though.



    Tip (albeit a darn big one) of the iceberg.

  10. RalphWaldoEllison-is Neil Lennon Season 2011-12 on

    Four of you all claiming first place and none of you saw the American Aipple coming off the last bend.



    Now whonhad money on that horse?

  11. Paul67 etal.



    The rumours abound now that they are about to enter into liquidation,which means.


    1a the process of terminating the affairs of a business firm,etc.,by realising its assets to discharge its liabilities.1b the state of a business firm etc.,having its affairs so terminated(esp.in to go into liquidation). 2 destruction; elimination.



    If as the rumours go and they do go into Liquidation,it will be terminal destruction for Rangers,unless there is a mega rich white knight that rides into their rescue,but not the Whyte knight that rode in and cleaned the cupboard bare.



    If, or when it happens,I hope that Scottish Football cleans up its act.



    A sort of a Truth and Reconcilliation Commission, similar to what they had in South Africa after dear Nelson Mandela took over the running of South Africa, after Apartheid ruined that country for many a long year.


    I think that Scottish football have made a start, by appointing two outsiders to run the game in Scotland,two Englishmen who shouldn’t have any grudges, and scores to settle,their biggest fight is to get the rest of Scottish Football on their side,they must weed out the present incumbents, appointed by their own kind,where a secret hand shake worked wonders for their own power, but does nothing to help the rest of Scottish football.



    While their at it, clean out the nest of vipers that is,the Referees,a clean sweep from top to bottom,get them to clean up their acts or they will be relegated to the lower regions of Scottish Football.



    I’ve seen some wierd decisions made in my time, by Referees,but there was no comback back then,no re-runs of bad decisions,but now they seem to have had a free hand in the bad decision making,and that’s in front of the cameras.


    Is it just me,or have the referees seen the light,I think,Myself that is,that we have been refereed in a fair and proper manner in the last few weeks,maybe since the had their wee vacation down in Spain,I would imagine they would have talked about Rangers and their financial problems of late,and maybe have come to a decision not to have all their eggs in the one basket,and mabe it’s time too sidle up to the other big team in the League,(just a thought).



    The Newspapers?.They knew we were telling the truth when we said that the Scottish game was corrupt from top to bottom,but they had to toe the party line,Instructions that would come from the inner sactums of the Masonic halls,They, the Newspapers have followed instuctions to the letter,where has it got them,in a year or two they wil be no more, defunct institutions,past memories,some bad memories at that.



    All I ever wanted was a fair and just game of Football in Scotland.Not for the benefit of Celtic,but for all teams in Scotland.Certainly not for the benefit of just the one team.No prizes for guessing who that team is or was,(soon) hopefully.

  12. RalphWaldoEllison



    Nice analogy as I am right round the corner from Churchill Downs – home of the Kentucky Derby to those not that way inclined – but I prefer Keeneland up in Lexington, spring meet starts soon.

  13. The Big Hoose must stay open.



    Craig Whyte may soon be a guest there. Perhaps he could share a cell with Tommy Sheridan.



    They could make a sitcom out of that I’m sure. (thumbsup)

  14. James Matthews ‏ @SkyScot Reply Retweet Favorite · Open


    #lennontrial hears from Policeman: opened package with Stanley knife -nails, digital clock face, wire from putty to envelope seal @skynews



    Let’s hope Lenny gets some real justice on this trial…



    Hail Hail Neil Lennon a True Celt…

  15. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    If you must call the ssb tonight and smudger is on. Ask him about the revolving door him and Ogilvie were on at the SFA.





  16. philvisreturns says:


    27 February, 2012 at 13:16



    tommy boy is now out and about…well for part of the day at least.

  17. ST Ettiene Bike



    For those who were asking, it was a bike given to Rangers by St Ettiene when they played in the European Cup some years back (70`s?). A St Ettiene born guy had won the Tour that year and the French club presented Rangers with a replica which now resides (maybe!) in the Ibrox Trophy Room (soon to be the fish counter in Tesco`s).




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