SFA and SPL subverting due process


Various people have demanded an explanation as to why executives at the SPL and SFA proposed to fast-track disciplinary procedures against Rangers and rubber-stamp access for their successor club into the Scottish Football League First Division.

There are two possible scenarios for this:

Rangers are guilty as sin, everyone knows it, results achieved by illegally registered players will be void and a severe punishment would be due.  If subject to due process, punishment from independent commission could be expulsion from the SFA.  “Powerful forces” at the SFA and SPL tried their best to protect Rangers’ successor club.


Rangers are innocent of the charge.  This was an attempt to impose an inappropriate punishment on their successor club when they were vulnerable.

Neither explanation is satisfactory.

Sir David Murray, who was on the board which authorised remuneration during the period 2000-2011, when the unregistered second contracts were allegedly used, has categorically denied these contracts exist.  Earlier this year The Sun produced a redacted second contract and the BBC documentary into the club claims to have seen dozens of second contracts worth tens of millions of pounds.

Next month we will discover the true situation.  For the record, Celtic, nor any individual at the club, were not involved in any meetings, telephone conversations or emails discussing or promoting this accommodation.  The plan was also not put to the SFA board or the SPL board.

As we have noted before, if Sir David Murray is mistaken on the conduct of the former Rangers board, the toxicity attached to this SFA ‘franchise’ makes it untenable.

On other matters:

Spartak Moscow players Jurado and Romulo were both injured at the weekend and will miss the visit of Celtic next week.

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  1. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Scottish football should learn from example of sporting greats



    By James Traynor 24 Sep 2012



    SIR Chris Hoy, Andy Murray and Ricky Burns managed to reach the top not just because of natural talent – but because of an intelligent structure and strategy.



    EVEN if a banner was draped from the top of Hampden’s North Stand depicting a burst ball with the air rushing out of it, the game’s power brokers still wouldn’t get it.



    Given their state of torpor since their last, miserable attempt to change the football landscape failed, the message that our game is close to terminal decline probably wouldn’t even register.



    Well, not immediately. It might dawn on them about eight or 10 weeks later and even then they’d probably claim the banner to be offensive rather than see it for what it really is.



    Scottish football’s governors are very good at getting it wrong even though they should be able to look out from their office windows on the National Stadium’s top floor and see clearly the state of our game.



    But of course two of these bodies, the SFA and SPL, are more concerned about rewriting championship history when they should be focusing on making changes that might help lift the game out of the grubber. It may well be that some ex Rangers employees may have mis understood the player registration procedures. That has yet to be determined but even then the football bodies should forget about that and concentrate in sorting out the future. Not highlighting the past and their own incompetence which we are well aware off.



    Like everyone else, they’d have marvelled at the achievements of Scots in the Olympics, tennis and boxing and must have wondered how these Olympians and champions reached such heights.



    And if they did then surely they must also know that apart from amazing talent and determination, Chris Hoy, Andy Murray and Ricky Burns are successful also because everything they did to get to the top was based on an intelligent structure and strategy and forward planning.



    That’s exactly what we require in our game. A new structure and a new forward-thinking regime of men who won’t shrink when adversity visits. I am not even willing to discuss the Mc Leish report and its recommendations. This was a report that was commissioned by the SFA and quite clearly is not an independent review.



    Of course we were told we had the right type in place a couple of years ago when the SPL declared they were finally committed to putting the greater good of the game ahead of personal need. This time it wasn’t all talk. This time change would be driven through.



    That’s what they said and the SPL was showered with praise. At last they had found the Mitres to do the right thing and a strategic planning group was brought into play to fine-tune the changes before presenting them to the fans.



    But we should have known as soon as Rangers stopped winning the SPL.



    The backside started falling out of the process when some club chairmen started complaining about not having a seat at the table and we knew then that despite all the bold talk, we’d be stuck with the status quo.



    But two years further down the road with Celtic now being champions and looking insurmountable and with one of the game’s power-houses having to be rebuilt from the bottom up, the governing bodies are to try again. The SFA, SPL and SFL will meet on Wednesday to see if common ground can be found, divisions narrowed and wounds healed in an attempt to restructure Scottish football sensibly and with Rangers playing rightly at the top tier.



    The problem we have this time round is that no group trusts the other two anymore. The SFA are wary of the SPL and SFL, the SPL are unsure of the association and SFL, who are still unhappy about the way they are always dismissed as an irrelevance.



    But that changed when the two larger bodies finally realised the First, Second and Third Division clubs held the answer to their Rangers problem and it is their problem not Rangers´s



    At the time the SFL allowed Rangers in, they were demanding league construction and an amalgamation of the SPL and themselves.



    It made perfect sense to help Rangers get back to the top tier as soon as possible but the chance to get together and plan for a better future with Rangers might have been lost because the lower league clubs see things differently now they have Rangers in their ranks.



    A number of them are asking why they should join with the SPL, which is clearly broken and short of money. The smaller clubs are looking at their own structure and seeing it works better.



    Sponsors are in place, a strong communities programme has put them onside with the Scottish government and they reckon they are in a much better place than the SPL.



    They SFL point out they are 30 strong with one of the two biggest clubs in the country as one of their own and Rangers are publicly stating that they do not want to return to the SPL, although that’s a touch arrogant given their shocking failure so far to dominate the lowest pro league due to amateur officiating and surroundings.



    The SPL would be unwise to disregard the strength of ill-feeling towards them from SFL clubs and the rest of the country, who are still bitter about the breakaway which created a new top flight in 1998.



    These smaller misfits felt they’d been abandoned and left to rot but now, with Rangers in their ranks, they won’t be easily persuaded by any SPL argument. They are also still annoyed at the arrogance of the SPL who seemed to think all they had to do was whistle and SFL clubs would be falling over themselves to join SPL 2. A couple of years ago, maybe. Now it’s unlikely with them having fallen behind Charles Green.



    However, most can still see how dangerously weak the game is at the top level without Rangers and if we are to have any hope of finally getting a league structure which could help develop and drive all Scottish clubs forward, not just Celtic, then the SPL and SFL will have to compromise. The SFA just want a streamlined hierarchy, play-offs from the top down, and the Third Division opened up to relegation and promotion.



    So, basically, it is up to the two others.



    They have to talk and come up with a solution, although it still seems to me that rather than prattle on about setting up a new top league of 16 clubs we should be looking at three divisions of 14. Forget 10, 12, 16, or even 18. The magic number is 14.



    Teams in each division would play home and away and after 26 matches they’d split. But not into eight and six, or six and eight as has been suggested before. We are supposed to be thinking radically so why not an even split of seven and seven?



    Clubs would then have 12 more matches, six home and six away, making 38 in total. That’s what we have now in the 12-club SPL but the boredom factor is relieved in a 14-team division.



    Also, there will be no more complaints about the current SPL top-six split where some teams play more away matches than home. With 14 it would be 19 home and 19 away.



    The bottom club in SPL 1 would be automatically demoted and the top club in SPL 2 automatically promoted plus the teams who finish 12th and 13th would enter promotion play-offs with the second and third placed from SPL 2. This would provide more revenue for the smaller clubs and more meaningful games and allow an opportunity for Rangers to be reintroduced to the top division



    The drawbacks are that after the split each team would have two free weekends, extending the season to 40 weeks rather than the current 38.



    But this isn’t a major problem and might actually help Celtic, or any other clubs if they were still in European competition in the latter stages of the domestic season. Hardly likely but clubs challenging for European places, the Scottish Cup or fighting against relegation would also benefit from these late breaks and twelve more games.



    Going to 14 and a 7-7 split ticks more boxes than 10-, 12-, 16- or 18-club leagues and creates sharp competition from start to finish, which should have greater appeal to broadcasters.



    Also, going for three 14s increases the chances of more derby matches and both Rangers and Celtic need compensated for dividing the money up more fairly. My suggesting makes more sense than anything the games administrators and captains of industry have come up with so far and 14 should be first on the agenda if the governing bodies can agree on Wednesday that they must come together if the game is to be rescued.



    If they do not then the game of football in Scotland will soon be as popular as hopscotch is with the kids today.

  2. The zombies are up to their (brass) necks in a whole heap of c*ap – THEY know it, WE know it and EVERYBODY else knows it!




  3. Afternoon CQN,



    been mooching about the newspaper messageboards etc and have detected an air of ‘storm in a teacup’ from sevconians re. the ole banner furore.



    Bitova lack of perma-rage as it were.



    Did I just hit a seam of common-sense posters or is that the case?




  4. Paul67 – “The plan was also not put to the SFA board or the SPL board.”


    That alone is a sacking/resignation issue. I presume Celtic are simply awaiting confirmation before acting?

  5. ViewsfromtheJungle7 ‏@ViewsfromtheJun



    By age of 50 jock stein had won the European cup 7 league titles 5 Scot cups & 5 league cups. Happy birthday ally.

  6. Lennon n Mc....Mjallby on

    The sheer scale of the cheating is breathtaking.



    A conscious,calculated system where individuals employed by the cheats were also on the regulatory board which should have prevented it.



    Justice must be done and seen to be done.



    It’s supposed to be sport.

  7. The Battered Bunnet on

    Spot on Paul.



    The attempt to sweep the scandal of invalid registrations and rule breaches under the carpet of Rangers’ liquidation, thus hiding the key details of who at SFA and SPL knew what, when, and why they elected not to act, is perhaps the most shameful aspect of the entire corrupt episode.



    Consider just for starters the claim by Alex Thomson, quoting a ‘senior SFL source’, that Rangers did not meet the criteria for a club license at the start of Whyte’s ownership.



    Had the SFA acted as it was compelled to do by its own framework, it is unlikely that the many clubs who sold players to Rangers during summer 2011 would have provided credit on the deals.



    Thus were Hearts, Palermo, St Etienne etc exposed to unnecessary financial risk, and thus did the SFA fail to protect the Game and their own members.



    I’m not even going to touch on the extraordinary positions held by Ogilvie, McClelland and Bain.



    By subverting due process to expedient resurrection, key Office Bearers in Scottish Football sought to bury their complicity in the biggest scandal in sporting history.



    Where’s yer McLeish Report now Stuart?

  8. Mmmm——–



    Some perspective re the attendance at the match v Dundee .



    As things stand for season 2012 -2013 -only 3 Serie A clubs have an average attendance over 35.000 —– Juve / Milan / Inter. All other Serie A clubs have an average attendance figure of less than 20.000.



    Roma’s average attendance is 25.6 % of the possible maximum .


    Lazio’s average attendance is 18.8 % of the possible maximum.



    It currently looks like Juve are going walk the League . Current big talking point is speculation re which of the Milan two will be first to sack their manager.



    Warm and sunny . 32 degrees -way down south.

  9. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    What the dodgy dossier was completely Jim Ballantyne currently chairman of Scottish association football team Airdrie United and president of The Scottish Football League baby ?



    or was David Longmuir SFL Chief Executive also involved along with Neil Doncaster and Stewart Regan



    Which begs the question are all four masons ?



    HAil HAil

  10. I think you will find that there is no provision in the rules which states you can simply bury the past as if it hadn’t happened for the good of the future of the game.



    I think you will find the rules state, break the rules and you get punished accordingly.



    Bye, bye, Sevco…

  11. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    I think the David Taylor story and his very cosy relationship with the cardihun is another mammoth story waiting to be told ?







    HAil HAil

  12. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Splittin’ mad




    Published: 12 hrs ago





    THEY should have spent Saturday screaming sweet nothings at each other.


    Instead, their weekend was all about loveless blind dates. Going through the motions with people they wished no harm on, but felt no passion for.


    And sure, they got some sort of happy ending after all the small-talk and the fumbling. But the thrill just wasn’t there.


    Bitter sectarian rivals, eh?


    Can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em.


    It’s two months now since football’s stormiest marriage ended in a tsunami of accusations and tantrums. They both said a lot of stuff they shouldn’t have said, the kind of things that can never be taken back.


    In fact, they only agreed on one thing. That they’d get on fine without each other and it was everyone else whose lives would fall apart.


    It didn’t wash then. And it sure as hell doesn’t wash today.


    Now don’t think for a moment here I’m going to be stupid enough to suggest which of the Old Firm was the husband and which was the wife in this marriage; no one needs another fatwah issued after the kind of week the world’s been through.


    But let’s call Celtic the ones who got to keep the house and all the stuff and all the best friends. And Rangers the ones who had to sell their motor, move into a bedsit and buy their messages at Lidl. You can see why the one left eating grey beefburgers and drinking cola-style drink at a quid for 24 cans would be bitter, why they’d want to blame everyone else for their problems and why it might take a while for them to get their sh*t together.


    At least they’ve got a cause, though. A reason to try and get it together once they stop tripping over their petted lip.


    The ones with all the stuff?


    Two months ago, they had the banners out and the karaoke up full bung as they rubbed their wretched ex’s nose right in it.


    Now? All you hear is the droning whinge that they’ve no purpose in life, nothing to aim for, no one to bounce off.


    On Saturday, they set 60,000 places for what would have been the biggest party of the season so far had it all not gone wrong; they were left with 18,927 lying empty.


    That’s a lot of wasted jelly and ice cream. Yet rather than face the fact that Old Firm fans have for many years only been faithful to the cause when it suits them, what we hear is that that they can’t be blamed because the product’s been diluted.


    It’s pitiful, it really is.


    The blame-throwing and the rabble-rousing coming out of Ibrox, the spoiled apathy radiating from Parkhead. Both sides have come out of this tacky separation looking stupid and it’s time they got a grip of their pants and realised how lucky they are.


    So what if Rangers have to get dirt under their fingernails for a season or two? They spent decades giving not a toss about clubs stuck down there, so why should anyone give one now that it’s their turn?


    You’ve got players in that squad whose annual salary would finance all nine other Third Division clubs for an entire season.


    You’ve got internationals. You’ve got UEFA Cup Finalists.


    Their striker Fran Sandaza claims he bottom rung is “like a war zone”.


    Well, if that’s the case, then he and his amigos should all be charged as deserters.


    As for Celtic, so what if they suddenly don’t have a nemesis to make the title race more interesting? They’re odds-on favourites to win the thing and every other club in the land would swap their grannies for just one chance to know how that feels.


    I’m reading and hearing media colleagues excusing lacklustre displays against Ross County and Hibs and St Johnstone and Dundee on the grounds that there’s no Rangers around to push them on. Sorry guys, but that’s utter p*sh.


    What the hell does Rangers being relegated have to do with how Celtic play at McDiarmid Park? It’s three points for a win no matter who else happens to be in the league.


    And if the club across the city really are the yardstick for performance levels, shouldn’t Neil Lennon’s men have put up the white flag against Benfica in midweek? After all, Rangers aren’t in the Champions League.


    People need to stop making excuses for both these over-fed, over-hyped bullies and start telling them that there are plenty — not just in football, but in society as a whole — who have real problems, who have genuine reasons to have their voices heard.


    Sadly, they’re the ones who can never get a word in above the din of Old Firm apologists gurning about what an injustice life is.


    If Rangers can’t pull their socks up and start seeing off a gaggle of £50-a-week part-timers, hell mend them.


    If Celtic can’t find an incentive to make their raise their game and their fans can’t be bothered turning up, hell mend them too.


    They’d like to see themselves as the sporting equivalent of Richard Burton and Liz Taylor, the star-crossed couple who believed the earth revolved around them.


    But right now, they’re more like George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley.


    A big hit together, but then one goes off into obscurity while the other gets lazy and bloated.

  13. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Come clean





    ALLY McCOIST has demanded that the SPL and SFA explain themselves over their failed attempt to strip Rangers of nine trophies.


    He called on Hampden chiefs to come clean after they plotted to hammer Gers for using dual-contract EBTs.


    The secret summer move, revealed in SunSport at the weekend came even though the club have not yet been found guilty of paying stars with dodgy contracts.


    Asked if he would like an explanation, McCoist said after yesterday’s 4-1 win over Montrose: “That would be ideal. We’ll just have to see what unfolds.


    “I think it is strange to mention the punishment for the crime before anyone has been proven guilty or not guilty.


    “You don’t know if you’re going to get 15 or 20 years if you commit a heinous crime.


    “So I do think it’s strange that people are wanting to strip us of titles, or at least are threatening to strip us of titles, before we have been found guilty of any alleged offence.”


    SunSport exclusives on Saturday and yesterday outlined the full scope of the SPL and SFA moves.


    Firstly, the explosive document confirming the proposed punishment — involving five titles and four Scottish Cups — in return for the newco being parachuted into Division One after being voted out of the top flight.


    And, secondly, the refusal from the SFL to endorse the controversial plan — instead branding it a ‘witch-hunt’ against Gers.


    McCoist added: “I won’t lie to you, I’m delighted with the response from the SFL. They’ve welcomed us into the league with open arms.


    “It doesn’t surprise me too much that the SFL have come out in support of one of their clubs. Long may it continue.


    “I am dreadfully weary of the whole situation.


    “I will continue to fight but the most important thing is the future of our club.”


    An SPL-appointed independent commission hearing into alleged undisclosed payments starts on November 13.


    But ahead of it Gers chief executive Charles Green faces SFA Judicial Panel charges for his comments about the process.


    McCoist, meanwhile, was full of praise for top prospects Lewis MacLeod, Barrie McKay, Robbie Crawford and Fraser Aird who played inspirational roles in digging Gers out of a hole against part- timers Montrose.


    Once more his side faced embarrassment as the Gable Endies went in 1-1 at the break at Ibrox.

  14. 50 shades of green on

    been reading back over the weekend posts folks.



    it really makes you proud to be a Celtic fan.



    well done to everyone involved with the bucket collection.



    cant decide if the papers are trying to ease the hun pain when their cheating


    is dealt with or if they are trying to put pressure on the panel.



    whats the chances of green getting a share issue up and running before the panel sit? also do they have the right of appeal?



    that opens up a whole new can of worms imho . can sevco appeal the dodos titles being stripped. if as chucky says he bought the titles is he due a refund from duff and duffer.



    intresting times ahead.




  15. One for DBBIA if he’s in the Wigton area next Sunday;



    Paul Smith, Mark Daly



    The Rangers Affair: What Really Happened, Why and What Lessons Does it Hold for





    County Buildings, Main Hall



    12 noon | £6



    The collapse of Rangers caused shockwaves far beyond the world of football. But should we have seen it coming? And what does it tell us about football’s relationship


    with finance? Paul Smith, author of For Richer, For Poorer: Rangers, the Fight for Survival and Mark Daly, who has investigated the club for BBC’s Panorama, try to cut through the confusion.

  16. Since when is it news that the SFA is an organization which is ” unfit for purpose ” ? Since when is it news that the SFA is an organization packed with self serving corrupt clowns ?.



    It will be news when the organization is disbanded . It will be news when it’s filthy history is made public.



    Scandalous organization . Scandalous people . Scandalous that it is tolerated.

  17. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    You’re not fit for the Gerseys





    Published: 22nd September 2012




    I THOUGHT I was going to be able to lay off Rangers.


    I thought I could give them a break to get on with rebuilding their club.


    I was WRONG. They are mind numbingly crap and I am far from being the brightest.


    Let’s be honest. As long as Rangers are in the Third Division they’re not the biggest show in town.


    There’s more important things to talk about, like Celtic in the Champions League and Motherwell top of the SPL and is Burnley a possible draw on the coupon.


    Last season I gave Rangers a hard time because of the way the owners so shamefully ran such a great football club.


    The fans have stuck with them. They deserve better.


    I don’t owe Rangers fans anything after the abuse they dished out to me.


    But they’re getting a raw deal off the players there right now.


    They’ve had thousands of fans turning up at their games every week and they deserve better. Much better.


    The recent form of the team has been awful. Peterhead, Berwick, Annan and Queen of the South. Utterly woeful.


    These players have to appreciate their fans travel all over the the country, spending their cash to watch them on the road.


    It will be an embarrassment if Celtic don’t win the SPL. It will be a bigger embarassment if Rangers don’t win the Third Division.


    To have been knocked out a Cup by Queen of the South at home, when they were ahead TWICE is totally embarrassing. It’s not acceptable.


    Right now these guys are not worthy of wearing that jersey. That Queen of the South result was SHAMEFUL.


    They should be walking it against teams like that.


    Yes, they’ve had to bring the kids through but they’ve still got two or three really good players.


    If the Rangers fans who read this column are honest with themselves they’ll be thinking the exact same thing as I’m saying: It’s not good enough.


    The fans have stayed with them through the troubles that have been no fault of their own.


    They’ve backed the club, backed the manager and backed the new regime.


    All they want now is a bit of a performance from their heroes.


    Rangers should be romping this league. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw them go out against Queen of the South. It was a JOKE.


    It might be a small trophy but it was the first chance they had to get back to Hampden and win some silverware.


    They could have taken 50,000 fans to watch them win that trophy.


    For me it would have sent the perfect message to the fans and to Celtic that they were on their way back.


    It doesn’t matter how small the competition is, for me it’s about what winning it would have stood for.


    Going out against Queens was a disgraceful performance.


    These players need to wake up and stop being mollycoddled.


    They’re so used to being taken away for games overnight by the club and being spoiled by the support the fans give them.


    They’re idolised by the fans, even though they are worse than mediocre.


    In short, these guys are too big for their boots.


    It’s time for them to knuckle down and realise they have to go to Peterhead and Berwick and dig in.


    They need to win the battle first. Right now they don’t have the heart for the fight. A bunch of big pansies.


    They want to win the games easily because they come under the banner of Rangers Football Club. You can’t do that unless your in the SPL.


    That’s why Ally McCoist has to start asking himself questions.


    He has to ask if he’s bought the right players who have the heart to play for Rangers.


    Has he made a mistake bringing guys like the Brazilian defender Cribari in? Should he have gone for more SPL players who know what it’s all about?


    Coisty has got to be under pressure because of where they are right now. The Rangers fans idolised him as a player but he’s done NOTHING as a manager. NOWT ZERO ZILCH CLUELESS


    At some stage he has to take responsibility for his players.


    I know Chris Coleman and I could be out of a job if Wales don’t win our next few games. That’s football.


    But the players aren’t helping Coisty. The buck stops with the gaffer but these guys aren’t justifying playing for such a great club.


    They DON’T know what it’s all about and DON’T have the heart for a fight.


    I don’t understand why he’s signed these foreigners to get the club out of the Third Division. THEY ARE IMPOSTERS.


    They don’t know what it’s like to go to Peterhead, Berwick and East Stirling. When the lower leagues side run out against Rangers they grow two feet.


    It’s their chance to make a name for themselves.


    Rangers players have to win that battle before they think about winning the game.


    In two or three years time they could be back in the SPL. They could be part of something special.


    If a millionaire loses his money and makes it back, he looks after it ten times more carefully second time around.


    There is no way Rangers will be in this mess again.


    They will be a bigger and better club — so now the responsibility lies with the manager and the players to get them back to the top.


    Lee McCulloch is the skipper. It’s time even he got into his wheelchair and dragged the players into a quiet room and told them to look at themselves in the mirror. No matter how scary it is for him and tell them it’s time they realised they’re playing for Rangers Football Club.


    It’s time for them to show they want to come back.


    Right now it seems there’s absolutely no desire to do that.


    For the sake of the fans, that’s got to change.

  18. Lennon n Mc....Mjallby on

    Dick Byrne



    I would not be surprised if that event gets called off for ‘security reasons’.

  19. Traynor’s “It may well be that some ex Rangers employees may have misunderstood the player registration procedures” is somewhere between laughable, tragic and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

  20. Anybody seen the petition got up by “the loyal protestant population of Scotland” in a further sectarian whinge-bag wee greety stampy feet attempt to further subvert the game in Scotland?


    It’s all well and good to dismiss t’rankers as a meaningless 4th. tier outfit, but therein lies the problem. They are an ‘outfit’, on an industrial criminal scale with a PR department that would be the envy of many. Have you seen how many ‘puff pieces’ there are in the gutter-press rags pumping up their egos? The cretinous oinks on the airwaves and the visual valium making sure they are the most important ‘news’?


    And should anyone complain about anything to do with them their response is always, at the max : hunageddon ; at the least, some serious civil disruption or calculated violence.


    And they know that they’ll be treated leniently.


    Ffs, there are Tims emigrating because they’ve had enough of their family having to be on their guard aginst the violent orange madness stalking the street. That alone, should be telling the authorities something. But it won’t. All they’d take from that is that the tactics of the preferred establishment ‘club’ are a success.

  21. Paul 67


    For the record, Celtic, nor any individual at the club, were not involved in any meetings, telephone conversations or emails discussing or promoting this accommodation. The plan was also not put to the SFA board or the SPL board.




    I believe you.


    I would be much happier to hear this from the club itself and it should have been said at the time the SPL/SFL shenanigans were happening.

  22. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    Must ask uncle shug tonight what he reckons is worse. A banner abt zombies or the “BIGGEST CLUB IN THE WORLD” failing to hand over £3600 that was raised for a children’s charity in Glasgow?



    And to make sure his condescending tone button is in the off position.



    ps he’s not my uncle btw.

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