SFA and SPL subverting due process


Various people have demanded an explanation as to why executives at the SPL and SFA proposed to fast-track disciplinary procedures against Rangers and rubber-stamp access for their successor club into the Scottish Football League First Division.

There are two possible scenarios for this:

Rangers are guilty as sin, everyone knows it, results achieved by illegally registered players will be void and a severe punishment would be due.  If subject to due process, punishment from independent commission could be expulsion from the SFA.  “Powerful forces” at the SFA and SPL tried their best to protect Rangers’ successor club.


Rangers are innocent of the charge.  This was an attempt to impose an inappropriate punishment on their successor club when they were vulnerable.

Neither explanation is satisfactory.

Sir David Murray, who was on the board which authorised remuneration during the period 2000-2011, when the unregistered second contracts were allegedly used, has categorically denied these contracts exist.  Earlier this year The Sun produced a redacted second contract and the BBC documentary into the club claims to have seen dozens of second contracts worth tens of millions of pounds.

Next month we will discover the true situation.  For the record, Celtic, nor any individual at the club, were not involved in any meetings, telephone conversations or emails discussing or promoting this accommodation.  The plan was also not put to the SFA board or the SPL board.

As we have noted before, if Sir David Murray is mistaken on the conduct of the former Rangers board, the toxicity attached to this SFA ‘franchise’ makes it untenable.

On other matters:

Spartak Moscow players Jurado and Romulo were both injured at the weekend and will miss the visit of Celtic next week.

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  1. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    O.G Rafferty



    is this why sevco and SKY ???? why I have no idea are so obsessed with Roy Castle



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  2. Lennon n Mc....Mjallby on

    If Nimmo Smith says sevco have to answer for the huns,can Celtic take them to court for the stolen CL revenue?

  3. The circle is unbroken



    Roy Castle ?



    Appeared in Dr Terror’s House of Horrors . Played the part of a trumpet player condemned to live his life in limbo playing the same ole tired jazz riffs . His crime ? — being caught stealing choons from a Zombie Marching Band .



    Everything is connected CSC -Way down south.

  4. sevco




    thats the team for me






    stuck in division three


    we’re one of the sh#**est teams in scotland


    and i am sure you will agree


    that we’ll all give up when we’re out the cup


    and still stuck in division three.



    ra ra ra ra ra ra ra raa…….





    I trust you are not suggesting dirty work at the crossroads.



    Obviously,that would never do,there are so many people in positions of power who would have to be involved in a cover-up of this scale,that governance would preclude it.




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    Hoopy the Huddle Hound’s brothers-in-wag are the ones who’ll greet you at customs. (thumbsup)

  8. The Battered Bunnet on

    This from Darrell King at the Evening Times today. Darrell was in the vanguard of this story 2 years ago, but for reasons unknown, subsequently decided to take a seat in the coach. In any event, the following really doesn’t do credit to the man who broke the dual contracts story in the first place. Shame really.



    EBT mess will not be swept under carpet


    Darrell King


    Group Sports Content Editor.



    FOR Rangers there appears to be no respite from battle.



    On the field they continue to face scraps every week as they try to adjust to life in Division Three when everyone expected them to skate it.



    Off the pitch, the controversial Employee Benfeit Trust scheme used to pay players over a decade is, of course, subject of an ongoing dispute with the taxman that is believed to be on the verge of conclusion with a decision on Rangers’ appeal over a multi-million assessment imminent.



    Despite this issue being at the fulcrum of the club’s meltdown, no more damage can be done, monetary-wise anyway. If the three judges who have spent months and months poring over the case find in favour of HMRC then Charles Green won’t be liable for the bill.



    But what would really hurt, and this strikes right into the heart of the support, is the other EBT investigation which was thrust firmly into the spotlight over the weekend.



    Green has opted to have nothing to do with the SPL’s commission, headed by Lord Nimmo-Smith, into the use of EBT’s.



    This is, essentially, a football regulatory matter, which has to be decided on and could lead to Gers losing five titles from 2003, 2005, 2009, 2010 and 2011.



    Of course, had events turned down a different road, the SFA wanted four Scottish Cups to be wiped as part of a five-way agreement to allow the newco into Division One.



    Where that leaves them, as the first body of appeal should Gers choose that option after Nimmo-Smith’s commission releases its findings in November, is anyone’s guess as they have already been party to a plan that would remove trophies!



    Meantime, Nimmo-Smith made the unprecedented step of defending his impartiality over the weekend and more or less called on Rangers to offer some kind of defence to the allegations against them.



    Green won’t take up that offer, neither will the administrators representing the oldco.



    Maybe Green has a plan to go to a civil court if an outcome arrives that he doesn’t fancy, as it could be hard for Fifa to get involved against a club taking legal action against a governing body that actually has no governance over them!



    Then again, would it not be fit and proper for Sir David Murray to make a quick call to Green and offer his substantial resource on this matter as Rangers’ defence?



    The club paid the Murray Group £500,000 a year for legal advice on EBT’s and he has also spent well over £2m on legal fees in the HMRC case.



    Given that it all happened on his watch, Murray, who has already publicly stated no wrongdoing on his part, has an obligation to defend the trophies won during that period.



    But if he doesn’t, you can rest assured the pressure on Green to act will be unbearable from the support, and we could be heading for one very messy situation.

  9. The great Tubby Hayes [ RIP ] also appeared /performed in Dr Terror’s House of Horrors .



    Interviewed in the Melody Maker re the movie – Tubby said —–



    ” The money was great ——- the only horrific thing in the movie is the presence and playing of Roy Castle “

  10. Bournesouprecipe,


    the photo of the all green outfit reminded me that it used to be the home team that changed. Was it ever worn away from home? :-)

  11. Ye couldnae make it up?


    The gummint is to set up a bank with a £1billion pound lump of taxpayers dosh for small biiznesses……just as was lampooned at the w/end by ‘The Thick of It.’


    The only thing they got wrong was the amount. Fictional:£2bn. Reality:£1bn.


    This, as they do away with the Independent Living Fund for the severely disabled, thus forcing them into care homes, where local authorities have been block buying beds in anticiaption of this in 2015, and these care homes will be staffed by angry youths on the Madndatory Workfare Programme: these are the great notions in The ConDemNation.


    Cost of ILF: £25,000 pp per annum.


    Cost of residential care home placement: £125,000 pp per annum.


    What a serious moneymaking scam for the ConDems cronies.


    And we thought rankers were bad?

  12. Does anyone know a Sevconian who has shown signs of having a neck that could be marked with a blowtorch with regard to the boak-enducing lengths they and their supporters in high places are going to to get them off the hook, or at least to enable them to face as few consequences as possible for their crimes against citizenship and football?



    Even one?

  13. C1st



    No, contrition is not part of their vocabulary or make up.



    They are where they are as a consequence of greed and deserve whatever comes their way.

  14. The Singing Detective Demands The Resignation Of Campbell Ogilvie – Shocking.



    People still eat crisps? (thumbsup)

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    I would link it, but some of the comments by the ‘petitioners’ are insanely offensive.


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  16. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Ole Dick Vespa’s the bees knees…



    Celtic didn’t wear numbers on their shorts until 1960.



    Bring back the ole plain black trackie, even as a one-sie.

  17. bournesouprecipe



    14:50 on 24 September, 2012



    Ole Dick Byrne on his pimped out Vespa GS.


    Not too be pedantic ,but, dont think that is a GS.

  18. The Battered Bunnet on

    I won’t have a bad word said about ol Dick Byrne after his Poacher turned Gamekeeper performance on the ol buckets Saturday.



    Plus ca change I suppose, ol Dick having a bucket full with other folks’ money…

  19. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    To be pedantic- that’s not even ole Dick…




  20. Celtic First / Hamiltontim.



    I know a Rangers supporter who chucked it within 3 months of Moonbeams taking over . His reasons ——– Moonbeams was a spiv who was pandering to the bigots in exchange for the bigot pound . Moonbeams would lead Rangers up the garden path and leave them in deep,deep doo doo.



    A PTFC supporting pal recently told me of posh Ibrox seat season ticket holding Sevconian abandoning it all as the scandal emerged . My pal said his acquaintance seemed genuinely shocked and disgusted [ not least by his own gullibility.]

  21. Aw now….the slinging mud defective….all in a wee hissy fit stampy feet green hun tizzy.


    I do NOT smoke Woodbine….I scavenge dog ends from the gutter. I do NOT drink Lanliq…I brew white lightnin’ in an Tory’s unused mansion greenhouse.


    But thank you for thinking of me. Perchance you have some spare golden sovereigns for the cause? Or ar those just your knuckledusters?


    God bless.

  22. DontPat



    Don’t tell ole generous super Celt Dick Byrne – as much to the amazement of stunned locals he regularly takes a hump back bridge in Fintry, in excess of 120 mph.





    Your post at 1441 simply shows you for all that you are;I genuinely pity you.



    There are posters on here with whom you believe you have an affinity through your generally right-wing views,posters to whom you clearly aspire,and your aping of their style or sign-off is frankly nauseating.



    Your posts have a habit of being out of sequence with the run of the conversation,which suggests that you spend all night figuring them out,but lack the expertise at placement. Your timing is wrong.



    On top of that,yer a first-class knob-and,no,I did NOT hit the k instead of s there.



    Love and kisses.

  24. Dontbrattbakkinanger



    15:05 on 24 September, 2012



    To be pedantic- that’s not even ole Dick…






    Fortunately I wouldnt know and old Dick if I saw one.