SFA and SPL subverting due process


Various people have demanded an explanation as to why executives at the SPL and SFA proposed to fast-track disciplinary procedures against Rangers and rubber-stamp access for their successor club into the Scottish Football League First Division.

There are two possible scenarios for this:

Rangers are guilty as sin, everyone knows it, results achieved by illegally registered players will be void and a severe punishment would be due.  If subject to due process, punishment from independent commission could be expulsion from the SFA.  “Powerful forces” at the SFA and SPL tried their best to protect Rangers’ successor club.


Rangers are innocent of the charge.  This was an attempt to impose an inappropriate punishment on their successor club when they were vulnerable.

Neither explanation is satisfactory.

Sir David Murray, who was on the board which authorised remuneration during the period 2000-2011, when the unregistered second contracts were allegedly used, has categorically denied these contracts exist.  Earlier this year The Sun produced a redacted second contract and the BBC documentary into the club claims to have seen dozens of second contracts worth tens of millions of pounds.

Next month we will discover the true situation.  For the record, Celtic, nor any individual at the club, were not involved in any meetings, telephone conversations or emails discussing or promoting this accommodation.  The plan was also not put to the SFA board or the SPL board.

As we have noted before, if Sir David Murray is mistaken on the conduct of the former Rangers board, the toxicity attached to this SFA ‘franchise’ makes it untenable.

On other matters:

Spartak Moscow players Jurado and Romulo were both injured at the weekend and will miss the visit of Celtic next week.

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  1. SoT



    Had there been more like him then the road they took may have been decidedly different.



    Out of interest is your friend living closer to you or me?

  2. HamiltonTim and South of Tunis



    Thanks for your answers. SoT: the previous occupier of the posh seat is a start, I suppose.

  3. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    OK lads and lassies … thats me away off on holiday for a few days.



    I will see you all next week if I am not lucky enough to see you sooner



    Hail Hail





    Sorry,bud-just in,and playing catch-up.



    I’m sure you are more than capable,so I will defer to your greater knowledge.



    I don’t have the heart for someone like that.



    I thoroughly enjoy conversing with PHILVISRETURNS,even though he is mildly right of centre,and I am mildly left.



    And we rarely agree,though still manage a concensus of sorts.



    KOJO I have had reason to question on numerous occasions,but I always appreciate his input,as I find it challenging-no preconceived ideas when he’s around.



    The eejit in question? All yours,mate. Fire in,I canny be bothered wi him anymore.




  5. BSR @15:17.


    I had the back slagged aff me when a turned out at a school game wearing a pair of those boots (hand-me-downs from my big cousin I think).


    However they did leave their mark on the players on the opposing team (and some in my own team who laughed at my expense!)


    Fun times.





    /Bishop B

  6. Think the first pair of boots I had were Mitre Malmo’s.



    Scored 2 on that wee tiny pitch of St Angela’s(?) at Croftfoot.



    Or was it St Louises’………..

  7. bmcuw:




    I don’t really buy into any ‘isms’ : I’m just a big fan of social justice and I know that nazism is the ultimate expression of capitalism….two of the most heinous of ‘isms’.


    I respect Philvis and Kojo because they don’t hide their views, and at times they make a lot of sense.


    As the hunskelper calls him, the ‘sea cucumber’ is a cyber-bully…and I usually cannae be bothered with it. But when it makes things personal, I will skelp it, keyboard stylee.


    For all it knows, I could be in a wheelchair. I could be a seven foot Amazonian psychopath.


    This is the jungle in here. Quo vadis?



  8. Hamiltontim ————–



    Guy who chucked it when Murray got the gig lives in Glasgow . More of a good work acquaintance than a pal. He had been following Rangers since the late 50s . Rarely missed a home game / regularly went to away games . Didn’t go to Celtic games . He didn’t like the hatred .. Regularly discussed football with him —— he used to deal with the ? — how do you manage to co exist with the No Surrender stuff ? by responding —- ” I know lots of Celtic supporters who don’t chant -ooh -aah -up the Ra and shout C’ mon the Pope’s X1.



    PTFC man’s pal also lives in Glasgow .



    I knew several self declared ” Socialists ” who were big Rangers fans [- don’t know if they still are ] . I knew two members of the Communist Party who were big Rangers fans .[ I don’t know if they still are .] They rarely missed a game . None of them went to games v Celtic.





    Well,if you’re bored with him,I’m bored with him,and everyone else to whom he directs his rubbish decides that they too are bored with him-hey,here’s a deal.



    We just totally ignore him.



    Works for me,mate.



    I think it might work for a few others,including KOJO and PHILVISRETURNS.



    Though,of course,I can’t speak for anyone else as that would be presumptious………..

  10. SoT



    Thanks for that. I have one real mate who supports them, his views on many things are in line with the thinking of many Glaswegian males regardless of footballing affinities.



    He remains a good and decent man but his lack of acceptance of any wrongdoing or contrition on behalf of his club I find baffling.



    Sadly he is all I’ve got to go on.

  11. Being part of Wee Oscar’s Green Bucket Army on Saturday was a real delight. The only black spot was meeting an old mate for the first time in ages & then realising later to my horror that I’d called him by the wrong name.



    Jim, if you’re still lurking – really sorry & I know you’re not Gerry.

  12. I knew it would happen.



    It ALWAYS happens to me.



    Just when I think I’ve got a secure job that nobody else wants,…suddenly, everybody wants it.




  13. TBB



    Ah so it was. That place was a bit like Sammi and Rugby Park, I always scored when playing there.

  14. Just catching up on TSFM blog and seen this





    iceman63 says:


    September 23, 2012 at 22:11




    The desire by the footballing authorities for Rangers to hold their hands up and accept the title stripping was solely designed to protect the SFA and SPL. They knew that the dangers of the EBT saga and the illegal registration fiasco was that at some point the investigation will turn on to the institutions themselves. Nimmo Smith will take us a step closer to the next investigation which will examine the conduct of the authorities themselves. When that happens ( might be 6 months might be 10 years) they are finished!



    Their recent behaviour is reprehensible and incomprehensible unless one understands that they have a vast amount of complicity to hide.


    Hence we see the attempts to keep Rangers somehow extant leading to the absolute abandonment of due process and of rules. They figured that at first they could have a simple switcheroo with the past rangers taking the hit of any sanctions or punishments. Only the fans prevented that – they have since worked on an ad hoc basis to get some Rangers somewhere hence the invention of “conditional” memberships, the mystery of “transferring ” memberships , the creation of new non corporeal entities to get the Rangers up and running.



    The powers that be hoped that by giving the new club the Rangers’ share they could sell the idea that they had been relegated and had been punished enough and relied on the MSM to peddle this message, hoping that the new season with the new Rangers in the SFL could see a line in the sand. And we could all move on. Sadly, for them, several member clubs, most fans and the lands of internet bampottery made this attempted drawing of a line impossible. they are now not in control of events. The SFA and SPL are genuinely terrified of what the investigation will reveal and what other questions it will requires answering.



    Their fear of a dead Rangers was that the skeleton would give up its secrets and reveal the complicity of the SFA in Rangers’ wrongdoing ( so the deal offered to CG) they wanted no investigation of the registration saga as it would inevitably lead to the failure of the SFA to spot the cheating, and indeed with the individuals involved also being involved a Rangers they knew about the illegal payments and registratons all along. (I suspect Nimmo Smith will either state this or suggest a further investigation into the conduct of individuals within the SFA itself) The footballing authorities have tried everything they can to avoid this investigation – they have delayed it for 6 months and sought deals to avoid it – all to no avail.



    Nimmo Smith has hoist them all by their own petards here – by taking the SFA and SPL at face value he has allowed a continual timeline to ensure that the punishments given will be inflicted on the new Rangers. He knows that legally this cannot stand but must stand in terms of SPL rulebook – thereby creating an impossible dilemma for CG – appeal legally and win the right to have no punishments and lose the history and the rights to play gained in the 5 way agreement or accept a punishment which may include expulsion or suspension which will kill his venture stone dead.



    This is beginning to get interesting. None of us genuinely know how it will end. I suspect that for Rangers ( whatever ” Rangers” may be) and the Scottish footballing authorities it will end disastrously. One can only hope!

  15. HT,



    No, I was in Company H at the corner of Janefield St & Springfield Rd. Our glorious leader (BJMAC) was very strict about fraternising with any of the other Companies.

  16. The Battered Bunnet on

    St Julie’s was the only pitch in Glasgow where an under 11 keeper could kick the ball beyond the halfway line.



    St Julie’s was without doubt the most welcoming school team I ever payed against, providing visiting teams with at least 7 goals for nothing.



    St Doms and St Barts at either end of Castlemilk Drive were the best on the Southside of the city in my day, with St Martha’s Springburn the best city wide. Those being the days of the ol Glasgow Catholic Schools Football Assn.



    Does that still exist btw? Surely we don’t still spearate our kids on grounds of…..

  17. ianinascoli,



    I think we wore the all green strip as an away strip. I remember one game against Kilmarnock at Rugby Park where Willie Wallace score a couple in the strip. Much better alternative than any of those black efforts.

  18. Dick Byrne




    hail hail

  19. Hamiltontim .—–



    I grew up in 1950s inner city Glasgow . Both my parents were Republican Socialists . Both were atheists.. I went to non dom schools. I never hid that I was a Celtic supporter . I have no recollection of being abused or hassled .



    I knew lots of guys at Secondary school who switched their allegiance from Rangers to PTFC because they couldn’t be bothered with all that Old Firm guff … I know one guy who [ on realizing that he was a Socialist ] stopped supporting Rangers and started supporting Celtic



    It is a complicated world —— the only person I know in Scotland who calls himself a Catholic is a red hot Hearts season ticket holder.

  20. Are the SFA (Draco Division) proposals just referring to stripping of SPL titles now? Has there been a change to drop SC and LC wins during the period when their cheating has been detected?



    I would be worried about this, if it is true. It will look more like a Celtic vs Sevco issue if Cups are not taking into account. Unless, St, Johnstone, Falkirk, Dundee, Aberdeen, Dundee United, Ayr, Motherwell and QOTS are included in the list of wronged parties then this narrative diminishes again into a Celtic hatred of Rangers story.

  21. From the online magazine version of Shoot. They’ve moved a long way from asking players about their favurite food and pop groups. I mean to say- traditional polyester and bonded t-bar junctions :-



    “Celtic’s landmark kit


    Monday, 24/09/2012



    On Sunday November 6, 1887 eight men gathered in the meeting hall of St Mary’s Church in the East End of Glasgow, and Celtic Football Club was born.



    Some 125 years later, Celtic and Nike celebrate this landmark anniversary with a special commemorative kit to be launched on October 2, 2012.



    Replicating the uniform worn by Celtic in their very first match on May 28th, 1888, the 125th anniversary kit features a white shirt with a black collar backed with green, black shorts and green and black hooped socks. The very first Celtic cross club crest has also been redesigned respecting the club’s origins and Irish heritage.



    The anniversary kit celebrates Celtic’s rich history and Nike’s design innovation to give the team a technically advanced kit that aids athlete comfort and performance.



    The new kit features Nike’s ground-breaking recycled polyester, making it Nike’s most environmentally friendly kit ever produced. Each kit (shirt and shorts) is made using up to thirteen recycled plastic water bottles.



    This innovative manufacturing process reduces energy consumption by up to 30% compared to manufacturing traditional polyester. Since 2010 Nike has used an estimated 115 million recycled plastic bottles to create its high performance kits.



    The kits are made out of 23% lighter fabric with 20% stronger knit structure than Nike’s previous kits and feature Nike Dri-FIT technology to wick moisture away from athletes to help keep them cool and dry on-pitch.



    Kits have bonded re-enforced t-bar junctions that support critical seams on the shirt and shorts and inner welded seams with a flat finish construction to improve comfort and performance. Temperature regulation is helped by ventilation zones, consisting of a series of tiny laser cut holes from the under arms to the waistband, allowing air to circulate to keep players comfortable.



    As league champions and back playing in Europe’s premier club competition Celtic are looking to add new chapters to their illustrious history with the 125th anniversary kit a fitting tribute to a long and rich heritage.”