SFA compromised by Dallas action


I know we have all been keen for Uefa to take an active interest in Scottish football but you have to wonder if those in charge of the European game are aware that their foot soldiers are busy using informal media channels to influence opinion here, specifically about the Celtic manager.  Hugh Dallas, one of Uefa’s most senior Referee Observers who was given the recent Barcelona- AC Milan match, one of the most prestigious games of the season, this week accused Neil Lennon is bullying referee Euan Norris.

The SFA are now compromised.  They may want to act against Neil Lennon for his protests at Hampden on Sunday but find themselves in the unfortunate position of not being able to give Neil a fair hearing as a Uefa official has very publically prejudged him.

The SFA must protest to Uefa in the strongest possible terms about this inappropriate interference in our domestic game, as should you.  I am sure we will soon hear a protest from Stewart Regan to this effect.  We need to be able to operate our disciplinary procedures without processes being compromised in this way.

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  1. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    I see theres still plenty of feeble minded sparrowhearts trying to give our manager advice on diplomacy, all I can say is they should get to the back with the children and let the men get on with defending the club.

  2. Paul67 – the usually very chatty STV Sport guys on twitter have singularly failed to answer the question as to how the piece came about. Did STV contact the disgraced Shug or did he offer his services?



    That is the nub of this.





    Naw,a new spell-checker!

  4. quonno – Don’t be so sure. Money talks as keeps getting pointed out. It could very easily be more profitable for this to happen considering the proposed financial penalties due to go before the SPL on 30th April.





    Very,very clever,Paul.



    I congratulate you on your Machiavellian thought process.

  6. Paul67



    How does HD still have a job at EUFA?


    Surely they would not want to employ a character such as him?



    Do they know of his offence?


    Does the Euro press know of his offence?

  7. The headlines about 17 game bans for Neil are similar to the campaign against him when he had a run in with Stuart Dougal.


    It is a campaign to raise the stakes prior to the tribunal.


    It was the same with others, for example, Bobo Balde.



    In contrast, however, there was the case of Diouuf and Bougherra.


    It all went quiet very quickly after the game. The tribunal did not take place for a month or so.


    Someone called Clyde and asked DKing why there had been little or no comment about it and certainly no ‘hanger and flogem’ headlines.


    DKing explained that now was not the time for that kind of discussion but there would be comment when the case was decided. He told the caller that he did not understand how the media works.


    That was choice because the caller was showing up just exactly how the media works!

  8. Corruption



    The corruption looked up at me from the page


    When I think back to the time I develop a rage


    How deep did it go and who was involved?


    Will it ever all come out, will it be solved?



    A corruption so simple didn’t think they’d be caught


    When I look back, all the games were for naught


    How could we succeed with an establishment bent


    Right over backwards to get their per cent



    All corruption is evil unless it’s your scheme


    When you look back it had all seemed pristine


    How could you have been so blinded with greed?


    Because look what’s grown from that little seed




  9. Rogue @ 14:45



    Every cloud has a silver lining:



    Looks like the Foe Malign’s itinerary for next year will include trips to:





    Queens Park




    Annan Athletic










    East Stirling


    Stirling Albion



    The words ‘hee’ and ‘hee’ spring to mind …




  10. It’s obvious to me that Hugh Dallas has somehow been duped. It happens all the time in Scottish Football, its governance and its general business transactions.



    He’s been duped. Is duped the right word for it? Yes duped is the right word. He’s been duped.



    Just like that time, the night after Dougiegate, when Mr Dallas was duped into sprinting down to the Radio Clyde offices to ‘set the record straight’ in regards to decisions made in a game the day before involving Neil Lennon’s Celtic. Duped.



    And lo, it’s happened to the poor guy again. Duped.

  11. RogueLeader on 17 April, 2012 at 11:16 said:



    Only time will tell. For the time being I agree to disagree

  12. ulysses mcghee on 17 April, 2012 at 11:21 said:



    Saint Hugh duped.


    You must be in a charitable mood.


    I am NL in NZ Tauranga



    Blinkin’ laptop!



    I never ever make a typo on my desktop at work,but the keys on the laptop sometimes don’t register.



    No rhyme or reason to it,I mean yesterday I spelt irrelevant with only one r.



    And then it sends before I click on “Post Comment”!



    Beginning to think my laptops a hun……

  14. James Forrest is Neil Lennon! We are ALL Neil Lennon! on

    The Singaporean dude has been interviewed on BBC.



    When I stopped laughing two things struck me.



    1) This guy is in the same business as Whyte. Debt restructuring. Haha. A vulture capitalist. Wonderful.



    2) The “media guy” the BBC have interviewed …. no-one over there knows anything about him either, really. The media guy sounds so much like a Jim Traynor type talking about a Murray type that it’s ridiculous. The BBC knows sod all about him, they have trusted the “local journalist” without question …



    How does that song go? “There may be trouble ahead …”

  15. A wee thought. If they feel that he cannot have a fair hearing surely there can be no hearing at all. Might be time for the services of a right good muck stirring lawyer.

  16. South Of Tunis on

    DBBIA —–



    Remember reading that those lovely chaps and chaplets at – Light in The Attic Records – had reissued Tragic Songs of Life and other Louvin goodies.



    They have a lovely catalogue . They tend to do both vinyl and Cds . They could do with your money ..



    Pal sent me a CDR of legendary nutter man Jimmy Donley’s – The Complete Tear Drop Singles [ Ace Records ].



    Great !

  17. PB @ 11.14



    It all leads back to the Salt ‘n Sauce Golf Club set.


    It all leads back to the Speculative Club.


    It all leads back to change in mindset – Greed is good.

  18. Another example of how the media works ……. Dallas left SFA because of an email.


    Not sacked. Not sectarian. He just left.

  19. paul67



    Nonsense about a 17 game ban for Neil is wishful thinking on the part of the Laptop Loyal. Reckon the only charge they will get to stick is the one from Sunday because he confronted the ref on the pitch.



    If Butcher and Aunt Sally can rant and rave after a game without punishment, I doubt they can punish Neil without looking forward to a date in court.




  20. I am sure we will soon hear a protest from Stewart Regan to this effect.  We need to be able to operate our disciplinary procedures without processes being compromised in this way.



    Paul. Tongue planted firmly in cheek I assume.


    We need to use these issues as evidence to get us out. There will NEVER be a better time than now

  21. The spectre of Dallas hangs over the Scottish game and to think his son will be refereeing top level soon.



    Oh sweet Virginia what a pickle.



    We need the Swinging Detective to get his pearly whites deep into this kerfuffle with his erudite and highly trained analytical mind delving into the heart of this most peculiar set of circumstances.






    Darn Right.



    maks sense to us.


    Hello and Good Morning….. to Harry Conway and his Lovely Red Headed Wife…… and.. Ah Know where the Baith o’ YOU ARE!

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