SFA compromised by Dallas action


I know we have all been keen for Uefa to take an active interest in Scottish football but you have to wonder if those in charge of the European game are aware that their foot soldiers are busy using informal media channels to influence opinion here, specifically about the Celtic manager.  Hugh Dallas, one of Uefa’s most senior Referee Observers who was given the recent Barcelona- AC Milan match, one of the most prestigious games of the season, this week accused Neil Lennon is bullying referee Euan Norris.

The SFA are now compromised.  They may want to act against Neil Lennon for his protests at Hampden on Sunday but find themselves in the unfortunate position of not being able to give Neil a fair hearing as a Uefa official has very publically prejudged him.

The SFA must protest to Uefa in the strongest possible terms about this inappropriate interference in our domestic game, as should you.  I am sure we will soon hear a protest from Stewart Regan to this effect.  We need to be able to operate our disciplinary procedures without processes being compromised in this way.

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  1. South Of Tunis on

    Slug Dallas is a skid mark low life numptie with a penchant for passing the time at work by emailing his pals with” jokes” about Child Abuse.



    Who gives a fig about the opinion of a lowlife no mark . W

  2. johann murdoch on

    Paul ,excellent article… but I still retain faith in a professional body headed up by someone who still owes a considerable amount of money to a member club of that body and who allow without comment a disgraced past employee to comment on another member club manager to give a fair transparent and accountable hearing to that manager…..hold on………wait a minute…….

  3. The Hun supporters statement fails to mention the fact that they have not been competing on an equal footing for the last 20 years or so!!!



    Strange that

  4. Quote from ‘Craigiebhoy’.



    “The SFA is a farcical organisation,” said Whyte.


    “I will absolutely play no part in it.”



    Brings cheat fc to it knees and tells the SFA to stick it!



    As we sure he is not a Tim!

  5. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire 12:11



    I saw a brief mention of that last night and thought it must be a mistake as NONE of the MSM have mentioned it.



    Between that and the fact Newco might not be allowed to play for 3 years. It is hunbelievable all they have done is hound Neil today.

  6. So Sanjay Nair of The Straits Times in Singapore says…..


    Bill Ng is not a billionaire as has been reported!!


    Don’t tell us ole jingle jangle has been at it again…..


    He has between 50M or 60M, so maybe only 10M out eh just small change.


    He is willing to put 20M out of his own pocket into the huns, thats upto 40% of his wealth depending if you count the loose change of 10M or not.


    I believe every word they say about this guy.


    Hun fan since they rioted in Barca, the first time, and has followed all their riots all over europe.


    Maybe he’s a front for Kim Jong-un such is appetite for violence and rioting mobs.




    This just gets better and better.


    Stupid Hurtin Huns!!

  7. Sandman Is Neil Lennon on

    ASonOfDan on 17 April, 2012 at 12:09 said:






    “Rangers fans worldwide have been very patient during the the recent difficult period in the hope that we will exit administration and be able to work towards re-establishing our club at the level to which we all aspire.



    However, the delay in the administrator’s announcing the preferred bidder is seriously jeopardising our chances of exiting administration quickly and is forcing us closer to liquidation.



    With the proposed SPL rule changes meaning we may not be competing on an equal footing for the next two seasons, it is imperative we have the chance to exit administration with a Company Voluntary Agreement and that has to happen as soon as possible.



    We demand that the administrators announce the preferred bidder as a matter of urgency. If they fail to do so on Monday 16 April 2012, we demand to be informed precisely why they cannot announce a preferred bidder.”



    A spokesman for Duff&Phelps replied; “Pffffftttt! You could not even raise the deposit ya nugget’s.”






    They’re beginning to finally realise how UTTERLY impotent they are. Decades of terrorizing innocents and wrecking cities in the name of petulance and empire count for NADA as chilling granite-hard financial reality takes over.



    They look at us, who in the nineties recognised the smothering threat from within and mobilised in time to bring about salvation.



    But they, ‘ra peepul’, were as guilty as the succulent lamb journalism, greedily and triumphantly swallowing the Minty party line like desperate, gluttonous whores.



    Now they’re flailing about on their wee orange life raft as the cruel nightmare seas toss their hopes and emotions to the depths along with the bad ship Hun.



    And they know that we know how tragically they’ve failed to make any impact; how tragically late they slept and missed the red dawn. And they know we feel their pain. And they know we LOVE it.



    God Bless Fergus McCann.

  8. mrob1967 on 17 April, 2012 at 12:12 said:



    Can you imagine the abuse Neil would have got if he had complained about the contentious decisions we got when we were winning There were a few of

  9. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    So who has the right to request an investigation into the dealings of corrupt fc when they are liquidated ?


    A forensic audit would uncover everything, thats what I want.

  10. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Bhoys the Football MSM are anti Celtic why would they be chuntering away the this morning about Lennie when last night AlexThomson gave them the true football story in Scotland ? The Football establishment is Pro Rangers and anti Celtic you would have to be blind and deaf not to see and hear it.We cannot expect these bigots to assist us in any way” we are an Island of santiy in a sea of coruption” however,we must never give up we have a fighter in Neil Francis Lennon and he deserves our unstinting support.H.H.

  11. Bill Ng seems like the perfect match for our stricken neighbours.









    Good luck, Bill.

  12. James Forrest is Neil Lennon! We are ALL Neil Lennon! on




    Thanks for that mate. Brilliant work. When I read the post relating to this on RTC I went and looked through the regs myself, and found, as you say, continuous references to SPL clubs requiring a UEFA License. What I found most curious was that SFL clubs are covered under a “special provision”; i.e. they are not required already to have a license in place, or to even apply for one in the “normal” way, should they become eligible for Europe.



    This, to me, tends to suggest that SPL clubs are covered automatically by requiring some form of dual license to play in the league.



    If UEFA gets a say on this matter – which it looks like they will – it is entirely out of the SPL and the SFA’s hands whether Rangers NewCo goes into the SPL as they would wish. If UEFA are asked, I expect Rangers to be buried in the SFL for the full three year term.



    The hurdles now just seem to me to be too many for Rangers to clear. The timeframe is wrong. The financials are wrong. The evidence of with-holding documents has to be placed in the context of financial doping. The dual contracts matter on its own might – just might – be something the SPL could dodge (although I don’t see how) and the moral argument of letting a club dump debt is possibly one that would not raise eyebrows except outwith this land … but the two, right on top of each other … there is no way such a toxic combination can be ignored.



    Also, even if you, myself and others have read the regulations wrong … the very wording in the SFA documentation is so vague it would certainly be open to a legal challenge if someone wanted to test the water.



    This is an enormous mess. I do not see Rangers being an SPL club next year under ANY circumstances.

  13. canamalar – I may be wrong but I believe a report like that is always done by the Liquidators to ascertain the behaviour of Directors that brought the company to that juncture.

  14. Auld Neil Lennon heid on

    ….PFayr on 17 April, 2012 at 12:06 said



    It really makes a statement about the ethics or lack of them in footballthat a guy like Dallas, who came on a national radio station after Dougiegate and lied to the public at large in addition to his e mail, can still hold a position in the game.




  15. RST statement -With the proposed SPL rule changes meaning we may not be competing on an equal footing for the next two seasons






    When’s that ever stopped them before?




  16. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on

    Paddy Turner



    Nothing serious!



    Hope you and yours are well!

  17. James Forrest is Neil Lennon! We are ALL Neil Lennon!



    A “perfect storm” is an expression that describes an event where a rare combination of circumstances will aggravate a situation drastically. The term is also used to describe an actual phemonenon that happens to occur in such a confluence, resulting in an event of unusual magnitude.



    We have a “Perfect Storm” over Glasgow… :0)

  18. Dallas was surely canned from the SFA for not only being a LIAR but encouraging his subordinate(s) to do likewise.



    The transmission of the sectarian/bigoted e-mail – though bad in it’s own right – is a side issue.



    He LIED on national media to do down the Celtic manager……….He is yet again attempting to do down the Celtic manager.



    The SFA President surely must alert UEFA to this discredited ex-SFA employee attempting to influence a trial.



    It begs the question – How did a man who was discredited get the job with UEFA? Who sanctioned the appointment? Did they know he was a liar, bigot, and holds such a grudge against Neil Lennon.




    The Rangers Supporters Trust, Assembly, Association and other Large House Defenders have pulled a masterstroke on Duff & Phelps, effectively backing them into a corner.



    If Duff & Phelps do not respond to their ultimatum by appointing a preferred bidder soon, the Pan-Rangers Grouping have pledged to get even angrier.



    Depending on how long this goes on, their anger may turn into rage and possibly even greater levels of general unhappiness, leaving Duff & Phelps no option but to release the name of the preferred bidder.

  20. Change of topic but interesting story regarding Spanish football and it’s finances.



    With the end of the La Liga season almost upon us, fans in Spain could be enjoying the last few live games to be screened free on terrestrial television.



    The TV networks are undergoing a difficult time financially along with the rest of the country, where the unemployment rate reached 22.8 per cent at the end of last year, and despite a succession of mergers the economic crisis has hit television companies hard with spending cuts inevitable, particularly in regard to sport. Consequently, the uncertain outlook makes the €50m asked by Barcelona-based multimedia communications group Mediapro (who control the TV rights to Spanish football) for the screening of live matches on free-to-air television appear improbable.



    Expansion.com maintains that Antena 3, who have taken over the La Sexta channel, and Mediaset, owners of Telecinco and Cuatro, are the only candidates willing to tender bids when the right to screen free live games is up for grabs in June. Even so, both have said they are unwilling to pay the price demanded by Mediapro and will only enter into negotiations if the figure falls to around €30m.



    At present the rights to show football ‘en abierto’ (or on open TV) are owned by La Sexta, who last year paid €60m for the broadcasting rights, working out at around €1.6m for each of the 36 games shown on a Saturday night. Now under the Antena 3 banner, the company’s chief executive Silvio Gonzalez summed up why sports broadcasting is not as lucrative in the current climate.



    “The problem with sports is that they are good for ratings but from a financial viewpoint they are a disaster. They are beyond any measure of profitability,” claimed Gonzalez, who cited Telecinco’s decision to pull out of screening Formula 1 in 2008 as an example, even though one year previously the station had pulled in an average of eight million viewers per race. Four years down the line, with the networks’ coffers damaged by the monetary crisis, the transmission of sports such as football and Formula 1 is not as feasible if operating profits are to be ensured.



    Although the televising of motor racing was guaranteed this year thanks to Antena 3 – who acquired the rights to Formula 1 after absorbing La Sexta – in the case of football the fans may not be quite so lucky. In 1997 Spain approved a law guaranteeing the screening of one live game per round of fixtures on an open channel, with this regulation remaining in place after the Audiovisual Communication Act was passed in 2010. However, the Spanish League (LFP) is against this act and considers these games significantly reduce the value of other matches screened on pay-per-view television.



    The difficulties faced by broadcasters are not the only threat to supporters wanting to watch a free game ‘en directo’ (live), with the government hoping to shortly approve a bill to create a national commission that will decide which sporting events are considered of ‘general interest’ and should therefore be available to everyone .



    All this uncertainty means the summer could be spent re-enacting the so-called ‘guerra de futbol’ (football war) of a year ago when Mediapro and Prisa TV were battling it out for the rights to transmit La Liga fixtures, a situation that could create the perfect opportunity for the Qatari-owned Al Jazeera network to gain a foothold in the Spanish market.



    The channel is looking to expand its interests in Europe on the way to becoming the world’s premier global broadcaster and James M. Dorsey, a senior fellow at the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies in Singapore and an expert on Middle East football, believes this would reaffirm Al Jazeera’s strategy of joining other Qatari institutions in concluding sponsorship deals and other acquisitions before the country hosts the 2022 World Cup. Dorsey says Al Jazeera has spent an estimated $400 million in the last year to obtain broadcasting rights to the French league, the Champions League and Europa League, as well as some top German and Italian matches.



    Nonetheless, an added complication at the moment would be that each Spanish club sells its own rights, strengthening the position of the big teams such as Barcelona and Real Madrid, yet there is real worry some will struggle to respect players’ contracts if matters are not resolved to everybody’s satisfaction.

  21. These billionaire bares really are full of it…



    Brian Kennedy could “reconsider his position” over his interest in Rangers after the Blue Knights took a step back from the takeover process.



    The Sale Sharks owner saw a previous bid rejected for being too low and said at that time he would return to the table if he felt the club’s future was in jeopardy.



    Former Ibrox director Paul Murray’s Blue Knights consortium pulled out on Monday night, leaving a Singapore-based consortium led by Bill Ng set to be named as the preferred bidder.



    However, Kennedy revealed on Tuesday that his own role in the takeover process may not be over yet.



    Kennedy said: “I do not want to distract the time critical process of appointing preferred bidders.



    “However should this fall through with the effect of endangering the existence of RFC, I would reconsider my position.”



    The Blue Knights were offered the chance to enter into exclusive talks with administrators Duff and Phelps over concluding a deal.



    But, during a delay in attempting to raise a £500,000 fee to do so, their financial backers Ticketus, the investment firm whose money financed Craig Whyte’s takeover of the club last May, with funding set against revenue from future season ticket sales at Ibrox, agreed a deal with the Singapore group that the Blue Knights claim they cannot match.



    In an effort to prevent the Govan club from being liquidated due to further delay, Murray’s group have moved aside in the hope that Ng can conclude a deal quickly, although they could re-enter the fray if no agreement is reached.



    American businessman Bill Miller is the other party interested in taking control of Rangers.

  22. Shieldmuir Celtic on

    Does U.E.F.A. know that Dallas was sacked by the S.F.A. for his bigotted/sectarian action? If so ,why is he still in post? His spirit still lives on in the shape of Norris, Collum, Murray, Brines etc.


    As to our referees search for RESPECT. RESPECT is not an automatic right. It has to be earned . In their case by fundamental qualities like competence and fairness which seem to be beyond too many of them.

  23. The official language of Singapore is Malay.



    And we have a serious contender from Singapore to buy Rangers (In Administration).



    His name is Bill but is known to his close friends as Willie.



    So there ye go…..Willie Malay.



    It’s bound to work well for us…….




  24. RL



    hilarious indeed



    their sense of entitlement persists



    open yer eyes huns …..and feel the pain

  25. South Of Tunis on

    We might get a real thing forensic analysis of Quintessentially British FC’s financial affairs as Operation Hornet digs deeper into the asonishing lending practices of ” The Worst Bank in The World ”




    Minty Moonbeams and , by extension , Dignity FC , were big time recipients of the relevant lending arm of HBOS.



    Big Hoose Prison Blues —— Way down south

  26. Still not at my target for taking celtic shirts to Jordan so if anyone has any that are collecting dust please mail me at serge78@hotmail.co.uk for my address if you are willing to send any. I’ve had an incredible response so far & i can assure you it will be much appreciated here. By June the people here will know of the continued CQN generosity & the good name of Celtic.



    Ps…If anyone has 1 with Monica on the back that would be ideal ;-)



    Thanks. HH

  27. Maybe I missed it, but…



    Could anyone tell me if the orcs managed to sort out their Uefa/SFA license application within their 14 day grace period?




  28. Eyes Wide Open on

    RogueLeader on 17 April, 2012 at 11:41 said:



    However what we have is a bunch of people whom the bulk of them are made up of, let us be frank here, idiots. When it comes to press they are like fat labradors. They will gobble anything up and will keep doing so until they eat themselves to death.



    absolutely brilliant stuff mate – you get the sentence post of the day!!!!!



  29. I wondered how long it would take before Debbie does Dallas poked his pointy hood above the parapet- there will be friction burns on his red top hotline. After the email fiasco he will be hungry for blood, like Rambo wae rabies- if you can’t nuke the tims then skinning Lenny alive is the next best alternative. No doubt old tebag eyes balloon knot mouth would have been pursed in dissaproval at Lennys outrageous show of passion. These yellow livered sneak freaks don’t do warm bloodied emotion. Debbie would have been spitting out his cornflakes at the king of the tims- of all people- having the barefaced audacity to question an infallible scottish ref! Outrageous! According to Debbie: Lenny is the most evil man since Pappa Doc. And so Debbie has appointed himself Witchfinder General of the red tops- go getim Debbie: burn him like a pig on a spit. They’ve cranked up the hoodwinkery & pure bawbaggery up to red alert…now they’re on their life rafts as the HMS Hun sinks on the iceberg Karma…as Debbie sits on his commode blowing into his crackerbox & whipping the hordes into a zombie fever with his big bigot gong…they are tightening the screw. The board need to dynamite the rats out of the water. There is more condemnation of Lenny than the hun tax dodge, EBTs & banking fraud put together in this bigoted cesspit of a parochial nation…as for Debbie: he is a flute tickler of the highest order!

  30. Why are SSN outside the big hoose rather than Hampden covering the “3” day tribunal that Whytey refuses to attend.

  31. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    last week it was k.d.lang, this week it’s Jim Davidson whose been breakin’ bread with ole Dick.

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