SFA compromised by Dallas action


I know we have all been keen for Uefa to take an active interest in Scottish football but you have to wonder if those in charge of the European game are aware that their foot soldiers are busy using informal media channels to influence opinion here, specifically about the Celtic manager.  Hugh Dallas, one of Uefa’s most senior Referee Observers who was given the recent Barcelona- AC Milan match, one of the most prestigious games of the season, this week accused Neil Lennon is bullying referee Euan Norris.

The SFA are now compromised.  They may want to act against Neil Lennon for his protests at Hampden on Sunday but find themselves in the unfortunate position of not being able to give Neil a fair hearing as a Uefa official has very publically prejudged him.

The SFA must protest to Uefa in the strongest possible terms about this inappropriate interference in our domestic game, as should you.  I am sure we will soon hear a protest from Stewart Regan to this effect.  We need to be able to operate our disciplinary procedures without processes being compromised in this way.

Bids for the original canvass painting of Neil Lennon by US based artist, Joseph Gormley, have hit an incredible £500. Keep an eye on the auction, which ends on Thursday, here.

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  1. Fortunes Favour Mibbes on

    Cheers fholks.



    Legned it is of course – would blame the iphone but I don’t have one.



    Re Lenny’s quite justified remonstration against Sunday’s MIB Nowits – mibbes he realises that one way to catch them out at their cheating is to keep them under a wee bit of pressure – pressure amongst the incompetent can only lead to mistakes in their attempted cover-ups.



    And they shouldn’t be scared of a wee bit of pressure for a £1000 gig plus MIB benefits. Especially considering how they seem to enjoy piling it on our Lenny.


    Right roon em all. !



    Gallus, here’s hoping the only match reports you’ll be doing in a few months will be for Larkhall boys club.

  2. Celtic supporters meet with Celtic re SPL


    Published on Monday 16th April, 2012 by Celtic Trust



    The Celtic Trust and the Celtic Supporters Association today met with Peter Lawwell to discuss the leaked proposals to the SPL meeting due to take place on 30 April. PL indicated that at this stage the proposals were in draft form and may not be identical to the ones to be tabled at the meeting. He indicated that the PLC Board had discussed the various possible outcomes of the situation with the SPL and repeated his earlier reassurance to us that whatever happened the Board would act in Celtic’s best interest. However, he felt unable to say anything beyond that at this time.



    We, in turn, took the opportunity to make a number of points: we pointed out that there is a great deal of anger out there among all fans of the SPL but, more importantly for our purposes, among Celtic fans. We told him that we were taking soundings from the support by a variety of mechanisms and that we would continue to do so. We indicated the strength of feeling among supporters so far that a Rangers Newco should not be allowed straight back into the SPL and emphasised the dangers to Celtic and to the SPL of ending up with a corrupt competition and a tainted product. We indicated a number of possible options that we would consider if the ‘Gang of 10’ should press ahead with the proposals which exist in draft form and we made a number of suggestions as to what Celtic PLC’s response should be if the worst case scenario came to pass. Most importantly, we emphasised our view that the Board should look beyond short term commercial considerations and should stand up for the integrity of the game and the long term best interests of Celtic FC and of the wider Celtic family.



    Future meetings will be requested as and when necessary as this situation develops

  3. Son of Warsaw on

    Alex Thomson’s next question is simply this



    Campbell Ogilvie ~ are you a freemason ?


    Martin Bain ~ are you a freemason ?


    Hugh Dallas ~ are you a freemason ?


    Daryll King ~ are you a freemason ?


    George Peat ~ are you s freemason ?


    Gordon Smith~ are you a freemason ?



    Etc etc etc.

  4. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Dontbrattbakkinanger on 17 April, 2012 at 13:31 said:



    Cut down a tree with a herring? It can’t be done.




  5. .



    If Neil Lennon gets anything More than a Slap on the Wrists for his Hampden Misdameaner.. Celtic should take The SFA to the European Court of Human Rights..



    Mitigating Circumstances.. Anyone.. I could Probably Defend Him Myself and Get him Off .. In a Honest Courtroom..



    Stand Strong Neil..




  6. South Of Tunis on




    ” NG , NG, when will those clouds disappear ?



    NG, NG , where will it lead us from here ?



    With no loving in our souls and no money in our coats ”



    NG — M Jagger / K Richards.

  7. Do you honestly think Dallas speaking out of turn will stop them from hammering NL?



    Atleast he wont have to worry about getting a seat in the Main Stand at Ibrox next season. By the time any new Rangers make it through the divisions his suspension will be over.

  8. Bill Ng (pronounced ‘ing’)



    Talks some Craig Whyte…



    “If our bid is successful, we will want to assure fans of Rangers that we are not just doing this for financial reasons,” Bill Ng, who is behind the five-man consortium, told AFP.



    “If we take over Rangers, Rangers will not be history, Rangers will make history. Heritage of Rangers will stay,” he said.



    Ng, a director with a private equity firm, confirmed his consortium has placed a £20-million ($31.7 million) bid and said his move was motivated mainly out of love for the 140-year-old club he has supported for many years.



    “I have always been a fan of Rangers since my youth days,” said Ng, who is the chairman of Singapore football club Hougang United.



    “Today, not wanting to see the club with a rich heritage going into history, my consortium and myself put up a bid for Rangers, because we believe we can do a little better than the previous management.



    “With due respect to the previous management, we believe the weakness lies in the people who run the club and I feel that we can do something better.”

  9. I’m so happy that the Rangers Supporters Trust have a website where they can continually make illogical statements on the ongoing insolvency proceedings taking place down Ibrox way. It is funnier than the Decca episode of Limmy’s World of Glasgow. Hopefully they can keep up the diatribe over actions “not in The Rangers’ best interest” for months and years to come.



    What a pity the internet didn’t exist back in the day or they could have loudly protested at the time about all these actions not in The Rangers’ best interest:



    – Signing Gio Van Bronkhorst with taxpayers’ money


    – Signing Artur Numan with taxpayers’ money


    – Signing Tore Andre Flo with taxpayers’ money


    – Signing de Boer(s) with taxpayers’ money


    – Signing Neil McCann with taxpayers’ money


    – Signing Steven Davis with taxpayers’ money


    – Signing Nikica Jelavic with taxpayers’ money


    – Signing Sone Aluko with taxpayers’ money


    – &c.



    Yes, if only those clever boys at Apple had invented the internet before January 2012 the RST could have been out there protesting about all this stuff before it was too late.

  10. Once upon a time on FF…



    Ticketus debt smashed by £17m in stunning Paul Murray deal


    By Grandmaster Suck


    Updated Tuesday, 3rd April 2012



    Rangers RSS Feed Ticketus are owed £27m by Rangers and have agreed to reduce that to £10m should the Blue Knights gain control of the club.



    This amount would be paid over nine years with no repayments at all in the first two years. Rangers would then pay approx £1.4m per year over the remaining seven years but only if Rangers qualify for European football. There are no repayments in any year that we don’t.



    There is no interest charged on the £10m.



    Additional Working Capital



    To aid the club through the next few years Ticketus will provide a £10m facility to fund operations.



    Legal Proceedings



    Rangers FC will not be pursued by Ticketus over any outstanding monies by they retain the right to pursue other parties regarding any losses they may have incurred.



    It will open the way to the option for the Blue Knights to purchase the club via a CVA and hence avoid liquidation.

  11. philvisreturns on

    ASonOfDan – “I have always been a fan of Rangers since my youth days,” said Ng, who is the chairman of Singapore football club Hougang United.



    Ng, Billy on the wall. (thumbsup)

  12. Sir Cardigan of Walters ever extended stiff little finger…rumour has it he used to have the human kebab squirt it with blind fabric stiffening spray before each matchday fixture…

  13. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    I’m sure I read on a duff&phelps press release that there were 4 options to the end game, only one of those options had investigation as part of the winding up.


    They did state however a shareholder had made it knopwn that was their preferred option.


    Are Celtic shareholders of corrupt fc

  14. tomthelennytim on

    ASonOfDan on 17 April, 2012 at 13:54 said:


    Bill Ng (pronounced ‘ing’)



    Talks some Craig Whyte…



    Particularly when you see the quote on KDS where he talks about his involvement with the Singapore club in about 2005. He only got involved because his two sons love football and he said that we wasn’t really a football fan.

  15. philvisreturns on

    Re: the shadowy Bill Ng.



    Maybe this is all a misunderstanding and they simply misread an angry letter with red ink in the header.



    The Rangers, being unaccustomed to paying invoices, naturally mistook a final demand from “Billing” as a bid for the club. (thumbsup)

  16. NG is a well known long term Rangers supporter. Him and Nacho Novo used to fight over who got to wear the strip, when they played a gemme of fives on Ayr beach…




  17. Lennon n Mc....Mjallby on

    I fail to see how the huns can make history when they don’t have ebt’s,dual contracts or the dubious ability to borrow money from the bank without paying it back or relying on handshake flexibility that no other clubs enjoy.



    There might not have been Sky contracts in the early 80s but there wasnt ebts either,prepare to board the tardis,stupid huns.

  18. Duffer and Duffer hiv it awe wrang… In Ma OPINION..



    Mr.Ng his tae make a deal wi.. Whytie…No them..



    They hiv nae say in the maitter.



    Noo.. supposin’… The Earth his bin Flat awe the Time..and The Moon is Really Made o’ Green Cheese..



    and Everything woiks oot fur Mr. Ng.. and Whytie Accepts his


    Offer… Then



    May Ah remind..well.. Everybuddy..it seems..


    That there is this Nae sma Maitter.. tae consider, which


    is.. that.



    the Present Ibrox, Listing tae Starboard,Enterprise..



    Canny mak enuff income, tae pay it’s Present Obligations.. never mind it’s Monumental Mountain o’ Debt…






    Wance, Mr. Ng.. satisfies the demands of Whytie..and seals the deal…


    He must hiv enuff Lolley, Left,order tae.. Inject a whole Lotta Mair.. Fresh Green stuff… if ye pardon the expression, intae the Cavernous Maw..of the Copeland Road Money Pit.


    Should He still be determined ..



    Tae Resusicate the Ailing and Failing.. Ibrox Enterprise.



    Ah Hope that Mr.Ng.. has Thought this awe Through.. afore he diz the deal tae Capture this once in a Lifetime .. Bargain.



    Howevahhhhhh.. Like , Whytie , Afore Him…



    Ah am betting that he hisnae.



    It is wan thing tae scoop up a Failing Enterprise…



    it is quite another thing.. Tae Turn it intae



    A Money Making Cash Coo.





    Laughin’ Ma Heid Aff..


    Enjoying Masel..Immensely.

  19. This here song, it ain’t to sad


    Cutest little song you ever had


    Those of you, who will not sing


    You must be playing with your own ding al NG

  20. Bill Ng not adverse to walking away, I wonder what the other the team he supported as a boy was? Perhaps St Mirren?



    SINGAPORE based businessman Bill Ng is standing by his offer to buy Rangers but has warned he will look elsewhere if not given preferred bidder status.



    The private equity firm director who is heading a five man Far East consortium admits he’s unhappy with the SPL’s proposed changes to sanctions for insolvent clubs saying the goalposts have been shifted since his £20m take-over deal was lodged.



    But after hinting he could eventually walk away Ng who has just returned from Malaysia where he held talks with the Berjaya Group – the owners of Cardiff City– he insisted : “My bottom line is to ensure Rangers’ continued survival. We stand by what we promised.



    “A change of rules does affect the finances of the club, but it does not affect our passion.”



    ” Apart from what was already known, other creditors have emerged in the days following our bid submission. It has put a new dimension to what is needed to keep the club afloat.But it is better to know the changes early than to get surprises after we have done our budget,”



    “What we are prepared to do to help Rangers remains but we are not going to raise the amount we have already pledged.



    “Perhaps being an outsider from another continent works against us, but our plans are sound for the good of Rangers and do not undermine the Scottish culture.”



    “There will always be another club to go for if Rangers slip out of our hands.”

  21. philvisreturns on

    Maybe this Singaporean tycoon Ibrox deal is what Elvis was predicting when he sang:



    “Ng, The Ghetto” (thumbsup)

  22. Islam Feruz has been named in Scotland’s Under-21 side for the forthcoming friendly with Italy.



    The 16-year-old Chelsea forward has been fast-tracked to Billy Stark’s team, having impressed since his move to London from Celtic in the summer.



    Feruz has appeared regularly for the English Premier League side’s Under-18s squad, while also featuring on occasion for the reserve side.



    Celtic’s Dylan McGeouch, who featured as a substitute in his team’s Scottish Cup semi-final defeat to Hearts at the weekend, and Rangers midfielder Rhys McCabe have also won call-ups.



    Scotland will play Italy at Easter Road on Wednesday, April 25 with a 7pm kick-off.



    Well done Dylan.

  23. philvisreturns on

    ASonOfDan – That was Ming-Ng…



    No way.



    Ming The Merciless withdrew his bid for Dignity when he realised that Gordon Smith was alive. (thumbsup)

  24. Devil’s advocate here.



    Let us try if we can to put the anti-Neil Lennon bias to one side. Let’s forget about the predicament the mob find themselves in. Once done, ask this – on the Hampden stage, do you think Celtic as a team have performed to the best of their abilities?


    For me, while Celtic’s opportunities cannot be ignored and I am not suggesting that these or refereeing decisions should, we have been woefully under par both against Kilmarnock and Hearts.


    The ‘Lennon’ factor has subsequently overshadowed the game but I wonder, without it, would we be revelling in the Celtic performances? Any other manager at the helm might just attract criticism.


    I do not want “he’s a hun” ripostes. I merely throw the ball up for mature debate. Personally, I think Celtic need to improve significantly before the CL qualifiers.


    BSR 1316






    A whole lot of utter pash being spouted about Neil on this.



    The only mistake he made was not simply doing the nut in the tunnel.



    Nut? Blinkin’ hun laptop again!

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