SFA compromised by Dallas action


I know we have all been keen for Uefa to take an active interest in Scottish football but you have to wonder if those in charge of the European game are aware that their foot soldiers are busy using informal media channels to influence opinion here, specifically about the Celtic manager.  Hugh Dallas, one of Uefa’s most senior Referee Observers who was given the recent Barcelona- AC Milan match, one of the most prestigious games of the season, this week accused Neil Lennon is bullying referee Euan Norris.

The SFA are now compromised.  They may want to act against Neil Lennon for his protests at Hampden on Sunday but find themselves in the unfortunate position of not being able to give Neil a fair hearing as a Uefa official has very publically prejudged him.

The SFA must protest to Uefa in the strongest possible terms about this inappropriate interference in our domestic game, as should you.  I am sure we will soon hear a protest from Stewart Regan to this effect.  We need to be able to operate our disciplinary procedures without processes being compromised in this way.

Bids for the original canvass painting of Neil Lennon by US based artist, Joseph Gormley, have hit an incredible £500. Keep an eye on the auction, which ends on Thursday, here.

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  1. Auld Neil Lennon heid


    “SFA also tell Newco that if TFS or TBBS is so much hummed at Ibrox (if that is where they play) they will face incremental penalties starting with fines which will hurt given they will be skint. Let hem know in advance the full conditions of entry and consequences of not adhering to them.”



    It’s hard to believe that we would not be brought into that scenario also.



    Maybe the whole “New” league structure is not an idea that is novel, it may have been at least 2 years in the planning, along with the other plans, re the ownership and management, sorry mismanagement, of some Scottish football clubs in order to make the necessary change seem quite palatable, to not only fans of Scottish football, but also those of the less well managed.



    I’m sure teams like Kilmarnock, Dunfermline and Heart of Midlothian would be more than interested in how this would pan out, if they to, along with the other less well managed club, became financially unstable, just prior to the “New Structure” coming into operation…..Interesting, very interesting por cierto

  2. philvisreturns on

    malceye – Devil’s advocate here.



    Or as PF Ayr would put it, Devil’s Avocado. (thumbsup)

  3. pedrocaravanachio67 on

    Hello guys, humour me on this one and add your own thoughts.


    I believe, next year we are without sponsorship in 1 or maybe even 2 of our national cups. Then the following year the Clydesdale bank sponsorship runs out in the league. Scottish football will be in dissaray ( apparently ) if rangers are not involved and we dont have sponsors.


    We’re going to be getting Champions league money and we’ve already got a good business strategy. Why dont we offer to sponsor the cups / league?


    Could the SPL / SFA / SFL afford to reject the notion?



    Just a thought and tongue firmly planted in my cheek.



    HH PC67

  4. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    You keep telling me yes


    But you don’t mean it


    You keep telling me Ng!


    And try to lean it



    You’re giving me buts and maybe


    You know this will drive me crazy


    Why can’t you tell it like it is?



    And let your yeah be yeah


    And your Ng! be Ng!, now


    Let your yeah be yeah


    And your Ng! be Ng! now

  5. Lenny might as well have kicked Norris in the profiteroles when he ran onto the pitch…for the all the hysterical over reaction there has been…he will get it with both barrels anyway.



    The problem I have with losing your cool is more to do with strategy- its a golden boon to the MSM: the LL do cartwheels when he gets amped & the hatchetmen & wrecking crews start their hypocritical hollering like Victorian Vicars with a tar habit…Lenny losing his cool is like these Bannockheads finding a treasure chest.

  6. South Of Tunis on

    Mighty NG [ NG The Bluenose ]



    ” When NG the bluenose gets here ,


    EveryHun is gonna jump for joy .


    You’ll not see nuthin like the Mighty NG



    Zimmerman CSC

  7. BOBBY MURDOCH’S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS on 17 April, 2012 at 13:35



    Hope you are not letting this podium go to your head!



    Anyway as far as I am concerned our ‘CraigieBhoy’ is a hero so let not hear a bad word said against him. Look at his actions in the last few weeks not for him this walking away or even taking a step back. Just a dignified silence. Well OK the odd nonsense sound bites but I am sure he has been misquoted.



    You have to admit his lets not pay anyone policy is refreshing. What does he care about the bad press concerning the odd Govan florists. He sticks to his principles and I tell you that he and his backing group D&D are playing a blinder. Ng will disappear as will that serial headline grabber Kennedy and it will be left to Miller the yank to liquidate the mess.



    Once the dust has settled Miller’s mystery financial backer will turn out to be our very own Craigiebhoy!!! The man is to paraphrase our investigative press is a financial and legal genius, a mastermind with an corporate brain that is off the radar.

  8. How old does Keevins want us to be? I’m into my 7th decade. I am still very much on support of our manager. He conducts himself in a far, far better way than degenerates like Keevins, who use airtime to build up and/or pander to hatred of our manager. He can walk through life with his head held high, unlike the Dallases of this world, who have been publicly found to be liars and bigots.

  9. I'm Neil Lennon (tamrabam) on

    If Craig Burley and Mark Hateley both think this seasons SPL league title is tainted, probably they are some sort of expert in the matter, but perhaps someone should ask them both:


    a) If this seasons title is tainted, which club was responsible for tainting the title this season?


    b) Will next seasons SPL title be tainted if newco are not participating in the SPL at all?


    c) Will next seasons SPL title be tainted if newco are not participating but Celtic don’t win the title?


    d) Will next seasons SPL title still be tainted if a 10 points handicapped newco don’t win it.


    e) Are there any circumstances where next seasons SPL title will not be tainted, apart from newco winning it?


    f) If newco won next seasons SPL after dumping 150 million quid of debt, would the title be tainted


    g) If RFC1872 / newco have tainted or are likely to taint so many SPL titles for years to come, is there a point to them being a part of the SPL?


    h) If a team repeatedly taints the title should they be allowed to participate in said contest?

  10. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    Just listened to Alec Thomson on SSB. Brill stufff!!! He hit a few boundarys last night thats for sure!!

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