SFA cover-up lies, unfit members of Uefa or Fifa


First of all, let’s deal with the two events which happened yesterday:

Initially, a letter Celtic sent to the SFA in 2012 was leaked to The Times. This letter called into question “the integrity of football results achieved” by Rangers during their dual contract years, when they failed to register contracts guaranteeing EBT payments.

In the letter Celtic “demand the SFA act decisively”, noted “damage to the reputation and integrity of Scottish football”. Adding “The roles of individuals (past and present) subject to the jurisdiction of the Association should also be examined”.

Later, the SFA issued a statement rejecting the request by the SPFL to review these matters, saying “The image of the game in Scotland can only be damaged further by ‘raking over the coals’”.

The first insight into what happened yesterday can be gleamed by the fact that Celtic were astonished their private correspondence with the SFA was leaked without their permission. This was not a Celtic leak and would not have been authorised by the club, if its permission was sought.

Whereas the SPFL’s statement in July called for an inquiry on behalf of all 42 league clubs, this leak painted the issue as a one-club crusade. It was an attempt to isolate Celtic, while making public their position that Rangers’ failure to register second contracts broke “the integrity of football results achieved”.

If Celtic wanted to make this position public, they would have done so, but instead they chose to do their talking privately with other SPFL member clubs. Whoever leaked this correspondence to The Times wants questions about the integrity of Scottish football caricatured as a Peter Lawwell obsession. The leak was a cynical hope that other SPFL clubs can be convinced to pinch their noses and move on.

Having met with SPFL chief executive, Neil Doncaster, and solicitor, Rod McKenzie, it is clear the League believe a thorough review of events and practices is needed. Their invitation to the SFA to participate has been rejected. Asking Uefa to participate instead is a logical step (for you and me), but will Hearts, will Aberdeen, will others care enough to do so?

The above is an explanation of the politics of what has happened in Scottish football in recent weeks.

Now let’s address what happened today.

Andrew Dickson is finance and administration director of Newco Rangers and held a similar position at Oldco. He sits on various SFA committees and works with all key decision makers at the Association.

This morning, award-winning blogger, Rangers Tax-Case, released Mr Dickson’s evidence and his correspondence given to Rangers’ First Tier Tribunal (FTT).

In the transcript (highlighted here, and in detail here), Mr Dickson informs Rangers chief exec Martin Bain (in 2003) that EBT payments were for contractual obligations.

In evidence to the FTT, Mr Dickson stated that from 2004 he drafted most of the undeclared side-letters.

Mr Dickson said under oath that he “probably” lied to players about their EBT payments.

Mr Dickson’s evidence to the FTT is only one of the entire 22 FTT transcripts Rangers Tax-Case holds. He informs us he will release all of it to illustrate the absurdity of Scottish football ignoring recent events, or will make it available to the an SFA or SPFL review. Either way, the information will out.

Let me also remind you, recent SFA president, Campbell Ogilvie, was Oldco Rangers director and company secretary, with chief responsibility for administration at the club. He was also an EBT beneficiary.

The SFA’s statement yesterday will not protect their current and recent SFA office-bearers from scrutiny. It will only further-contaminate those who choose to cover-up wrong-doing.  We are in the early stages of a classic attempted corporate cover-up.

It is simply astonishing that the an SFA office-bearer’s evidence under oath confirms EBTs were contractual years before the club denied this, that he drafted the denied EBT side-letters, that he probably lied about EBTs, but he has managed to get the SFA to deny the League’s request for a review.

While football fights corruption in so many places across the globe, the Scottish FA attempt to draw a dark cover over such momentous  events.  They are not fit members of Uefa or Fifa.

Meetings have continued with counsel to discuss plans for a Judicial Review. The matter continues to progress. No updates will be issued until the appropriate time.



In this week’s Centenary Special, Paul John Dykes speaks to Republic of Ireland internationalist, Chris Morris, about his Celtic career, what the club means to him, and the part he played in introducing ‘The Fields of Athenry’ to the Celtic fans’ songbook.

Enjoy the new Podcast below…

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    I suppose the only appropriate response is via Lurkintim




  2. Morning CQN from a cool, dry SE Texas


    Big shout out to all Florida based Tims, stay safe y’all. Hope Irma skips by without to much damage.





  3. Smells like a whitewash to me. Celtic have to force the judicial review or the ba’s burst and many will simply give up on the game.


    You know,I like the cut of his job,this RANGERSTAXCASE fella.




    Foolishly I read the SMSM and believed him to be “discredited.”



    Time for my famous Ferry Tuckwit impersonation,I think.

  5. Great article Paul, Ive asked Darryl “I AM the SFA” if he leaked the letter, he’s not speaking to me at the moment.

  6. this is now a fast moving story, no way did Lawwell leak that letter to the times, whatever reason Reagan did it is now sure to back fire

  7. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    Oooft! The transcripts are extremely damninmg for Oldco, Sevco and the SFA!



    Up to his neck in it and lying through his teeth at the same time!





  8. The RANGERS TAX CASE document this morning was an interesting read but I couldn’t get the time to finish it, will do that over lunch with a mug or three of tea!





    Guid to know yer fine and dandy. Take care,mate.



    Hopefully you don’t need to hunker down for any more for a while.




  10. Great blog again today, Paul. We’ve got them on the run. The corrupt and hopelessly compromised SFA – in its current form- needs gutted from top to bottom. I’m now optimistic that this will happen

  11. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    The leak has been a Terry Butcher category own goal. All it has done is galvanise the Celtic support. And I am sure supporters of other clubs will see right through it, despite what the whining budgie might say.

  12. patmcgrathtakesapenalty on

    So much has been swept under their carpets they must be like mountain ranges. I admire the way some individuals have been terrier-like in their pursuit of answers and justice. More power to them!

  13. The compromised corrupt cabal that is the SFA were warned in advance of Ewing Grahame’s article in The Times. Darryl Broadfoot, who now works for a two-bit third party PR operation – Frame – is the account manager to the SFA. As opposed to drawing a salary he now issues fee notes.



    Broadfoot’s fingerprints are all over the SFA’s decision to write to all 42 member clubs of the SPFL. The two takeaways from the letter are:



    1. “After careful consideration, the board of the Scottish FA has declined the invitation to participate in such a review. The image of the game in Scotland can only be damaged further by ‘raking over the coals’ of everything that has happened in the last six years for a further lengthy period of time. No-one is complacent or insensitive to the issues. It will be impossible to satisfy every supporter, every club official and every member club. Nevertheless, the board of the Scottish FA is resolute. It has acted with integrity and in the best interests of Scottish football at all time.”



    2. “The court testimony of two former directors of Rangers Football Club plc might have implications in the context of the Uefa licence granted in 2011. This matter has been referred to the compliance officer for further investigation following receipt of information of a written opinion from senior counsel.”




    Regan’s unedifying spat with Pie & Bovril is indicative of a man with his head in a vice.


    The reason why Regan does not wish to rake over the coals of the last six years is that he is front and centre on the panel of the LNS Commission Whitewash. A commission that arrived at the conclusion that since EBT were legal instruments, all clubs could have availed themselves of their tax efficacy, ergo no competitive advantage.



    This was the desired result for Regan as it extricated the SFA from engaging in title-stripping. I have no doubt whatsoever that this was Regan’s handiwork as the LNS had the narrow focus of registration irregularities.



    As I exclusively revealed Regan excused himself from the meeting that resulted in an agreement being signed that gave Charles Green’s basket of assets a berth in the SFL. He claimed that he had to attend a social function. This was a pretext. Regan merely saw an opportunity not to sign the document, made his excuses and left the meeting as Charles Green arrived to do the actual horse trading.



    Regan has steadfastly refused to address the circumstances in which a UEFA licence was granted to Rangers in 2011. However sworn testimony by Rangers Finance Director, Donald McIntyre, revealed that the £2.8m apropos the DOS/VSS illegal artifice had crystallised in March. There were no ongoing discussion. A fine of 50% of this quantum was levied.



    Even when Messenger At Arms, instructed by HMRC, visited Ibrox in August, the SFA refused to act. How Regan can claim that the SFA acted with intregrity at all times truly beggars belief. Ali Russell and SFA Council Member Andrew Dickson are also in the frame if both knowingly lied to the SFA as Regan would have us believe. But the prosaic fact of the matter is that Regan lied in regard to the date when the debt had crystallised. He is both complicit in this UEFA fraud and an active participant in the cover-up. His position is untenable.



    When Regan asserts that the SFA acted in the best interests of Scottish football, this is shorthand for the best interests of Rangers and its successor club The Rangers ( Rangers Lite). The Punch & Judy Rangers v Celtic games underpin the broadcasting deals and sponsorships.



    The SFA, to recreate this cash cow, transferred the former licence of Rangers to Sevco Scotland, and for good measure allowed Longmuir and Ménage à trois Ballantyne to confer the former titles won by Rangers to the new club, including the fifteen that they had identified as unsound in drafts one and two of the Five Way Agreement.



    Regan does not want to rake over the last six years as they inevitably lead to the period of 1999-2011 where all titles won by Rangers must be declared null and void.



    Not wishing to participate in a review, as requested by the SPFL and Celtic, as they are compromised, is an outrage. Who could ever believe in the SFA if their decision is allowed to stand?



    Celtic must go over their heads and take this to CAS in Lausanne.



    A judicial review that goes over their heads must also proceed.



    Celtic are going after Regan and the SFA. One can but hope that they go all the way.





    On the run?






    There’s only been one occasion that one of my hun mates in Kilwinning mentioned football since they finally went bust. That had a lot to do wi the fact that I’d been warning them about it since about 2001,the famous Petrol Money article in the Record.



    Green took over,I was in The Vic and in walked Ritchie. He stayed in my spare bedroom for the best part of a year,smashing fella.



    Fired straight into-after I’d ordered them up!-Charlie boy has got you on the run!



    Beer in Kilwinning is relatively cheap-keeps the unfortunate quiet-which is just as well,cos I spluttered half a pint through my nose!



    Gave him both barrels,asked him to back his argument up the next time I saw him.



    Which he didn’t.



    Nor did anyone.



    They know. Oh,aye,they know.



    Their anger is at getting found out because they had to play to the same rules as everyone else.

  15. Ray Winstone's Big Disembodied Heid on

    ” There are prima facie fraud cases awaiting at least some of these events ” Rangers Tax Case.



    If so why aren’t the police involved, or does a complaint have to be made?

  16. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on



    ” There are prima facie fraud cases awaiting at least some of these events ” Rangers Tax Case.



    If so why aren’t the police involved, or does a complaint have to be made?





    Police Scotland haven’t, and won’t, do anything – too many conflicted fans in their ranks – also want to avoid “civil unrest”!



    Need to take it out of Scotland’s establishment to get justice.










    Seems pretty clear that the SFA et al-their hired hands,ex of SMSM-are doing their utmost to make this a Celtic v Rangers thing.



    That’s probably why they canny even get a gig wi the SMSM.






    Yer tea’s out,and there’s yer dinner. Transparency is required in Scottish football,and we can see right through that lot.

  18. “After careful consideration, the board of the Scottish FA has declined the invitation to participate in such a review. The image of the game in Scotland can only be damaged further by ‘raking over the coals’ of everything that has happened in the last six years for a further lengthy period of time.



    The men below who do not want to rake over the coals………….sporting integrity……NOT



    The main Board consists of eight members: the Scottish FA Office Bearers (Alan McRae, President; Stewart Regan, Chief Executive; and Rod Petrie, Vice-President), plus Ralph Topping (SPFL), Michael Mulraney (SPFL), Tom Johnston (Scottish Junior FA) and independent non-executive directors, Barrie Jackson and Gary Hughes.





    He’s just updated,and as you say,deserves the credit.



    He gets abuse on here,not from me. His record of throwing and hitting is pretty high,IMO.

  20. BILLYBEAR on 8TH SEPTEMBER 2017 1:19 PM


    Lionsroar 1.12



    At least give JohnJamessite credit for that copied and pasted post.



    You just did it well done

  21. mullet and co 2 on

    The idea that the SFA knew nothing of the side contracts or Rangers use of EBTs prior to is fantasy.


    Andrew Dickson wrote those side letters


    Campbell Ogilvie set up the trusts


    Gordon Smith was an agent who would have known RFC were using EBTs with their side contracts. Prior to his employment by Rangers and then by the SFA.


    How many times did HMRC contact The SFA on this matter?

  22. the long wait is over on




    Excellent stuff. Great work by you and the others just keeping the pressure on.



    To quote from the brilliant Shawshank Redemption –



    “That’s all it takes really – pressure, and time…”



    First thing Celtic should do now is to announce that they are to carry out a full internal investigation to ascertain if the letter was leaked from Celtic and invite the SFA , in a spirit of transparency and truth, to do the same.

  23. All this cheating and skullduggery would never have happened if Brexit had been enforced.It’s a loss of control thing.That and the Green Brigade.It’s their fault as well.And illegal migrants with sausages to jihadists.All them and Venezuela.If it wasn’t for all those axes of evil and Russian hackers,and travellers and smokers,our game would be squeaky clean.Oh,and striking McDonalds’ workers.Scum the lot of them.And the out of touch (formerly known as ‘the poor’),them too.


    Bring back the birch.


    And hanging.


    And the 1950s.





    Does Da Ril Broadfoot have wider than normal shoes,or is that another piece of deception from the SFA?That’s the real question that needs answered.




  24. As heartened as I was with Celtic’s 2012 letter (restores a little faith in me) there are some fundamental questions now.



    If the other clubs wont participate in ensuring that justice is done (perhaps through threats by the SFA and of course the hun support) will Celtic be brave enough to show leadership and tackle this rather than hiding behind its supporters?



    Is it fear that is preventing Celtic from breaking cover?



    And perhaps most intriguingly – if Celtic are so incensed at the activities at Hampden why didn’t they purse res 12.



    I smell a rat but I am not quite sure where the smell is coming from yet.

  25. Cue tonight on Sooooper Score board



    Mad demented hvn


    (never mention Celtic by name and never talk about Zombies)



    “they are on a 53 game unbeaten run playing PSG


    in CL next week and all they want to talk about is Rangers








    ” you think they would be more concerned about their defence


    or Hamilton game tonight lets move on.”






    “It paid for my two daughters weddings i will not rock the boat


    pass the soup please”

  26. So the FTSFA won’t take part in a review but may look internally at the issuing of a UEFA licence in 2011!



    A wee trawl back in history will reveal just how these internal reviews go.



    Jorge Cadete transfer delay, which ultimately cost Farry his head, was twice the subject of an internal SFA review which found no wrongdoing on both occasions.



    It took Fergus 3 years to get an independent inquiry. Once the facts were out Farry was fired for ‘gross misconduct’. Once the process started it was all over very quickly.



    The stench still emanates from Hampden and needs cleared out top to bottom. Past and present.



    Ps The Bunnett was vilified in the press when he called for his inquiry.


    Pps Don’t get me started on the Tommy Burns ‘poaching’….

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