SFA error in law


The SFA have made an error in interpreting their laws.  They refuse to discipline Calum Butcher as the rules do not allow them to switch a punishment retrospectively.  This is correct, but the rules do allow retrospective action which the referee has not seen.

Craig Thomson saw the Butcher-van Dijk incident inasmuch as he was looking at the players, but didn’t see it well enough to call an infringement.  SFA rules permit retrospective action under these circumstances.

The matter becomes theoretically more complicated by the involvement of the assistant referee, Graham Chambers.  Chambers also saw the incident inasmuch as he was also looking at the players, but he didn’t have a clear understanding of what happened either.  He couldn’t even identify the Dundee United player involved.
The rules on retrospective action do not require a referee to be looking in the opposite direction before the Disciplinary Panel become involved.  A ref can see the incident but not see if sufficiently well to correctly report what happened.  This is the basis under which Nadir Ciftci has been asked to attend the Panel.

Both referees on Sunday saw the incident.  Neither saw it well enough to bear witness to the actions of the two Dundee United players involved.  SFA laws allow both to be examined retrospectively.

Aiden Connolly, at the very least, has a case to answer for diving in the box.  Should the SFA ban Virgil van Dijk while turning a blind eye to Connolly and incorrectly interpreting their own rules on Butcher, and almighty row will kick off on the competency of those who govern our game.

Delighted for Stefan Johansen, who is February’s Player of the Month.  His goal in Perth was a joy and a fitting mark to the development he has achieved this season.

Before Friday’s CQN 11 St Patrick’s Dinner you can win a Celtic jersey signed by the 2008 squad, who won one of the most remarkable titles in our history.  All proceeds go towards building a fourth CQN school kitchen in Malawi, for Mary’s Meals.

Tickets cost £5 each, you know how valuable this is to those kids and families in Malawi.  Buy your ticket here, or click the link at the bottom of that page to buy a book of tickets.

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  1. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on



    12:41 on


    11 March, 2015


    Has this never happened before????






    New Rules for R*****s all the time


    New Rules for Celtic all the time



    Old Firm, I tell ye!!!!!

  2. Son of Gabriel on




    Its a wonder the assistant didnt get promoted to taking it himself after that show



    SFA: “yeah, he’ll do”

  3. An Tearmann


    12:43 on


    11 March, 2015





    The relationship between club and supporters is different from supporters to club.


    Tho i do see where you are coming form i see no reason for this.


    a uniform membership scheme within which ones own economic relationship with Celtic is within it.Whether a box holder or buying tickets for most home games like myself,


    Whether you go to the games home and away,your custom is recorded and loyalty can be repaid in games like this replay,that was my suggestion..


    I dont base my suggestion on anything to do with the cheat tho Burnley78 hints at that.I am only interested in the betterment of our club mate.


    Hope your good :-)





    Enjoy your CQ11 folks,dont get to pished :-)


    cant make it this time








    affoottothehillsCsc :-)

  4. almighty row will kick off on the competency of those who govern our game.





    Sorry P67, that boat has already sailed…..and like the Titanic…..sunk ;-((




  5. Celtic’s statement is ‘spot-on’ when calling SFA decision “illogical”.



    Celtic, like United, have two important one-off games coming up – are the SFA seriously thinking of ‘hiding behind the rules’ to favour one club over the other?



    How can you use TV evidence to prove Paton innocent – then prove VVD guilty – then prove Cifti guilty, and completely ignore what Butcher done?



    TV evidence, in the cases of VVD and Cifti, can be used because the referee ‘missed’ and therefore the compliance officer can step in – what then is different with Butcher.



    If they ignore him, then they are saying basically that the incident did not happen – in which case VVD has no case to answer.



    Surely, regardless of the red card, Butcher must stand the TV test like the other two.



    The stupidity of the linesman should NOT be allowed to override natural justice.

  6. Good afternoon.


    Just been informed by one of my pupils that he is going to be our mascot on Sunday at the Cup Final.


    Brilliant wee guy who never misses a home match. Don’t know who chooses the mascots but this one is a great choice.




  7. Fur all you pedants out there I know it’s a ship & boats r subs or rowed ;-))




  8. South Of Tunis on

    Ego .



    Finally got round to watching last weekend’s Napoli- 2 Inter 2 .



    Icardi ————-did nothing for 87 minutes . 2-1 down ,Inter were awarded a penalty .


    Icardi grabbed the ball . placed it on the spot and did a Panelka ( whilst an idiot in the crowd bothered him with a lazer ) . Cue 2-2.



    Post match saw Icardi being asked – Why the Panelka ?.



    _ ” I wanted to watch myself on TV “

  9. Anyone confirm best place to watch Game on Sunday


    in LEEDS for my nephew.




    Got following from Celtic Bars but he asked if CQN could confirm





    LS9 7SG (Tel: 0113 293 0615)


    (Wim the Tim CSC) (Maguires is now shut)

  10. And from the BBC report on last night’s game at the Bigot Dome:



    “Exasperation spread, but Vuckic allowed his to spill into rashness, and he threw an elbow into the face of Iain Russell that referee John McKendrick did not see”



    Will he be cited? Is there another loophole??

  11. Jc2 – Celtic pub in Leeds is the Harp in Cromwell street (!), Lincoln Green. 20 mins walk from the city centre.

  12. alfie noakes



    12:50 on 11 March, 2015



    Celtic’s statement is ‘spot-on’ when calling SFA decision “illogical”.



    Celtic, like United, have two important one-off games coming up – are the SFA seriously thinking of ‘hiding behind the rules’ to favour one club over the other?




    It’s not as if they don’t have previous eh?



    The shame game where Bougherra man handles the ref who then testifies he was not threatened to let Bougherra off lightly.



    If rules deliver fairness and justice to our opponents they are applied. If not then rules are made up that do.

  13. I am Not Lurking Anymore on

    Well done Stefan this guy puts a shift in every game


    Just hope what happened on Sunday gets the players fired up for the final

  14. BT greetings from Marbella did you put the tickets back to paul M? I’ll be back on Sunday. Hail Hail Hebcelt





    Replied on last article,late off the mark as usual.

  16. Worste case result ref says the stamp by VVD was illegal ……..enter Celtic.


    McGowans stamp on Stokes was same tackle if not worse, as the ball was gone foul given said player spoke to and game continuos on. Both tackles in open field, only difference is Stokes does not retaliate, Butcher does, VVD doesent, celtic player sent off.


    I mean it’s not fakin rocket science?





    Good luck wi the op,mate. Hope yer back to yer genuflecting best in no time!

  18. !!Bada Bing!! on




    12:57 on 11 March, 2015Wens the cut-off fur that divin b’stard being cited?H.H.



    yesterday at 3pm

  19. jc2



    Watched the game against Rangers in the Harp and it was a decent pub with a good atmosphere.



    Talking about watching the Celts on television – I was on a skiing holiday in Courchevel last week and went into Rocky’s Bar in 1650 with a party of around 13 adults and teenagers. Man City game was being watched by majority so at half time I asked the manager to switch over to the Celtic v Aberdeen game for a few minutes. “Under no circumstances am I putting Celtic on in this bar!” was the reply from the wee h*n running the place. Cue quick departure of 13 potential customers never to darken his doorstep again.

  20. Our game is going to Hell in a handcart,it’s about time Regan/Doncaster were questioned about these guys who masquerade as officials. You or I cock up like them it would be P45 or at least disciplined. Hail Hail Hebcelt

  21. !!Bada Bing!!




    13:05 on 11 March, 2015







    12:57 on 11 March, 2015Wens the cut-off fur that divin b’stard being cited?H.H.



    yesterday at 3pm




    I’d luv to say am surprised…..but disgusted would reflect my feelings ;-((




  22. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Well last night the Queen got one over the King as Queen of the South got a point out of the game against the Rangers. Things for the Ibrokes team are going to go right to the wire if they keep dropping points all over the place they may find the play offs beyond them it will be time to take the Emergency route to the SPL league reconstruction. H.H.

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