SFA error in law


The SFA have made an error in interpreting their laws.  They refuse to discipline Calum Butcher as the rules do not allow them to switch a punishment retrospectively.  This is correct, but the rules do allow retrospective action which the referee has not seen.

Craig Thomson saw the Butcher-van Dijk incident inasmuch as he was looking at the players, but didn’t see it well enough to call an infringement.  SFA rules permit retrospective action under these circumstances.

The matter becomes theoretically more complicated by the involvement of the assistant referee, Graham Chambers.  Chambers also saw the incident inasmuch as he was also looking at the players, but he didn’t have a clear understanding of what happened either.  He couldn’t even identify the Dundee United player involved.
The rules on retrospective action do not require a referee to be looking in the opposite direction before the Disciplinary Panel become involved.  A ref can see the incident but not see if sufficiently well to correctly report what happened.  This is the basis under which Nadir Ciftci has been asked to attend the Panel.

Both referees on Sunday saw the incident.  Neither saw it well enough to bear witness to the actions of the two Dundee United players involved.  SFA laws allow both to be examined retrospectively.

Aiden Connolly, at the very least, has a case to answer for diving in the box.  Should the SFA ban Virgil van Dijk while turning a blind eye to Connolly and incorrectly interpreting their own rules on Butcher, and almighty row will kick off on the competency of those who govern our game.

Delighted for Stefan Johansen, who is February’s Player of the Month.  His goal in Perth was a joy and a fitting mark to the development he has achieved this season.

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  1. Delaneys,


    canny believe you are offering to buy him a beer


    after all he has to say about Clydebank,

  2. !!Bada Bing!!


    23:03 on


    11 March, 2015


    Pretty sure the BJO story was in the next close to me in Queenslie in late 70s maybe?




    Bada Bing, wrong.



    Mr Fagan and his Wife stayed in Kildermorie Path in Easterhouse….



    Lovely old couple….



    I can remember the press etc.



    What is it with you and Queenslie?????

  3. Tom McLaughlin



    The 17th Century saw tens of thousands of Scottish Protestants killed, the great majority by other Protestants. The Covenanters were the Taliban/ISIS of that era. Bonkers!

  4. weet weet weet(GBWO) on

    jude2005 is neil lennon \o/



    He did mate (Queenslie)



    From wit a remember,he outlived the priest and the Pope that started the procedure from Blessed to sainthood




  5. JC2



    Balls of steel. I would never make such claims and thankfully my nephew (5) has already been exposed to the delights of Celtic Park. He never shuts up about ‘Charlie’ Mulgrew. I’ve not the heart to tell him he’s been out for months!







  6. I thought Leo Duffy was a rocket,


    unfortunately I seen the inside of his office plenty times

  7. Celticrollercoaster supporting Shay,our bhoy wonder along the way



    Been waiting on the details. My CQN Magazine email is down at the moment due to the site being moved to a new server and other issues that I won’t bore you with. You have my other email address so if you send over I’ll get them in the post tomorrow.



    Lennybhoy got his straight away as he sent me his details!



    Incidentally the new CQN is just about ready. We will be trialling it on a test site next week and if all goes well should switch over pretty soon afterwards. We’ve developed the content and the style on cqnmagazine.com over the past few months – it’s worth checking out.

  8. Any night Chelsea go out of a cup is a good night. Unless you had them on yer coupon that is!

  9. !!Bada Bing!!



    Apologies for earlier post…



    We left Easterhouse in 1975, they might have moved to Queenslie after that.



    Still a lovely family.

  10. caltontongues- I lived at 37 Penston Rd,the Fagans at 39,i can’t recall the whole story.I lived in Queenslie 1973- 85,to answer your question.

  11. Celticrollercoaster supporting Shay,our bhoy wonder along the way on

    winning captains





    23:51 on



    11 March, 2015



    “being waiting on the details” again



    You have had them :-)







  12. Loved watching Chelsea lose. Best few seconds was seeing an Ulster flag held aloft by a Chelsea fan at the corner flag just as the PSG player sent over a delicious cross for David Luiz to thunder home a header and the icing on the cake – the look on Mourinho’s face!!!!!!!!

  13. South Of Tunis on

    SFTB @ 23 43.



    100% agreement re the diving by Davie Wilson and Polaris MacDonald.



    Wilson dived for the Deady Bears and dived for Dundee United.He was very good at it.Skilled and sneeky.Polaris was a pantomime act in comparison but Hey – he played for Ra Peepul and his act got its ‘ rewards.

  14. caltontongues-no bother mate,as i said i can’t recall the whole story at the time.I think it was a bigger story after i had moved on.HH

  15. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    Does Graham know there is quite a few Muslims in British football??



    I think he might be sleeping with the pakoras in the near future.

  16. Delaneys Dunky on




    Polaris fae Drumchapel honed his skills in the nolly at Blairdardie. Still see him in Clydebank bookies. The tims say “Awrite Polaris” :)

  17. Celticrollercoaster supporting Shay,our bhoy wonder along the way on




    Emails re-sent







  18. !!Bada Bing!!


    23:54 on


    11 March, 2015,



    Bit of crossed wires there but, they were a lovely couple.



    It was kind of weird cos my local school was St Scholasticas and, at the time, The Ogilvie was in the hun Torran Toi area!




  19. Celticrollercoaster supporting Shay,our bhoy wonder along the way



    Just emailed you your email from 10th February which said details attached but as I said to you nothing was attached thus the request to re-send! All the book and DVDs go out straight away from us!

  20. Bravo PSG. Victory against the forces of darkness. Chelsea – an ersatz club created by a dodgy oligarch. The wages of sin and all that. Mind you, it’s been a long time coming.

  21. The Blessed John Ogilvie story was a Wellhouse story both the chapel and the primary School were on Newhills Road, The priest involved at the time was Father Reilly,If John Fagan had lived in Kildermorie Path his parish would have been St Benedicts. It may have been the case that John may have been a former member of the the Blessed John Ogilvie parish and hence the reason he was visited by Father Reilly. Unfortunately both the school and the chapel no longer exist. The eventual St John Ogilvie parish was amalgamated with St Jude’s Barlanark and the school eventually became surplus to Catholic educations requirements

  22. Celticrollercoaster supporting Shay,our bhoy wonder along the way on




    Sent again



    If you prefer I can send to 100 plus odd CQNers to confirm that details were attached both times.



    Don’t try to deflect the blame







  23. mickbhoy1888,



    I can assure you Mr & Mrs Fagan stayed in Kildermorie Path when, well, lets call it a Miracle happened whether people believe it or not.



    As for his local parish then, yes, it would have been St Benedict’s, at that time but, a lot of people preferred to go to the chapel they had been attending for years….



    A bit like current day Calton where people won’t attend St Mary’s or St Alphonsus for Ecumenical Reasons….




  24. Celticrollercoaster



    First I saw these addresses was tonight and three are now packaged and in the post with one awaiting. You used the Predictor email to send them not your own which may have caused the confusion.



    Prizes on their way to Dalmuir, Caldercruix and Kilwinning with one already send ages ago and one to go.

  25. celticrollercoaster supporting shay,our bhoy wonder along the way



    I hope your daughter was treated well by Cults Academy. They have 3 or 4 girls in S4 who are in the Scottish Girls development squad… So Id imagine quite strong.


    Tell your girl to stick in, ladies football about to become mega imo. Word is Sky are keen to fund it as a summer football filler.


    I know Kim Little’s dad and he tells me big things on the near horizon…

  26. WC


    Caldercruix? Caldercruix?


    Don’t you realise that is been shut off?










    Since 1999.


    Next appearance due in 2019.

  27. I’m enjoying seeing Chelsea out of the CL as much as everyone else. Also it was an outstanding performance by the Parisians down to 10 men.



    Let us not forget, however, that PSG is owned by the Qatar oilmen.



    It was in essence the Financial Doping Cup.

  28. Repost fro yesterday









    08:21 on 11 March, 2015


    For all the Australian CQN followers SBS have the Cup Final live this Monday morning, programme starts 1.45am.


    Hail Hail






    Cheers for that.








    18:48 on 11 March, 2015


    That new Board Member at RFC now being outed on the news for his disgusting Twitter regarding the prophet Mohammed. For the first time ever the BBC have not been able to contact him. Any reasonable individual would immediately resign.






    I reckon he’ll hold on for a week. That qualifies as long service and a pension wi the huns.