SFA error in law


The SFA have made an error in interpreting their laws.  They refuse to discipline Calum Butcher as the rules do not allow them to switch a punishment retrospectively.  This is correct, but the rules do allow retrospective action which the referee has not seen.

Craig Thomson saw the Butcher-van Dijk incident inasmuch as he was looking at the players, but didn’t see it well enough to call an infringement.  SFA rules permit retrospective action under these circumstances.

The matter becomes theoretically more complicated by the involvement of the assistant referee, Graham Chambers.  Chambers also saw the incident inasmuch as he was also looking at the players, but he didn’t have a clear understanding of what happened either.  He couldn’t even identify the Dundee United player involved.
The rules on retrospective action do not require a referee to be looking in the opposite direction before the Disciplinary Panel become involved.  A ref can see the incident but not see if sufficiently well to correctly report what happened.  This is the basis under which Nadir Ciftci has been asked to attend the Panel.

Both referees on Sunday saw the incident.  Neither saw it well enough to bear witness to the actions of the two Dundee United players involved.  SFA laws allow both to be examined retrospectively.

Aiden Connolly, at the very least, has a case to answer for diving in the box.  Should the SFA ban Virgil van Dijk while turning a blind eye to Connolly and incorrectly interpreting their own rules on Butcher, and almighty row will kick off on the competency of those who govern our game.

Delighted for Stefan Johansen, who is February’s Player of the Month.  His goal in Perth was a joy and a fitting mark to the development he has achieved this season.

Before Friday’s CQN 11 St Patrick’s Dinner you can win a Celtic jersey signed by the 2008 squad, who won one of the most remarkable titles in our history.  All proceeds go towards building a fourth CQN school kitchen in Malawi, for Mary’s Meals.

Tickets cost £5 each, you know how valuable this is to those kids and families in Malawi.  Buy your ticket here, or click the link at the bottom of that page to buy a book of tickets.

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  1. Good morning friends from a fairly bright, dry and slightly frosty looking East Kilbride.



    Just one/three more sleeps ;-)

  2. I turned the Chelsea game over. It was advertised as a football match but that was as far removed from the game I used to play as i’ve seen. It’s turning into a competition of who can collect the most ball jugglers and tricksters.



    Don’t get me wrong, they are awesomely talented but not my cup of tea to watch. I like football to have tackles and tacklers, thing of the past it would seem.

  3. How gutted will Chris Graham feel this morning?



    Years of anti-Celtic/Irish/Catholic blogging took him to the pinnacle, then just the one wee anti-Muslim tweet does him under the waterline, oh dear, never mind.

  4. So new Huns director in hot water over racist, homophobic, Islamophobic, sectarian, bigoted behaviour.



    Dave King really wasn’t kidding when he said he would return the club to its original traditions and values.

  5. Does anyone on here attend the active fans at CP on a Monday & Wednesday ?



    A very stiff and sore good morning




  6. Bawsman –



    You’re so tight. Graham must have been on cloud 9 all week and believing he had secured his lifelong ambition to sit on that board. Now it looks like his joy will be short-lived.



    Too funny.

  7. bluegrass celt on

    You can always tell when Judith is gonnae be reading the weather cos Katriona always makes that wee bit more of an effort. Bit of competition going on there……long may it continue …….just hope I can sleep now :-0

  8. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    bluegrass celt



    What’s the difference between light and hard?



    You can sleep with the light on but you can’t sleep


    with a…………….

  9. That dick,


    Wilson………too busy wooin’


    Ian Carthorse – an’ dreamin’ o’ “The Next Waltur”…..


    to bother his moby speed-dial


    for Tin-foil Heid’s thoughts………….!



    Oh aye.



    ChisAreYouLucanFirMe? CSC

  10. skyisalandfill on




    I see the hootsman reporting au uplift in passenger numbers using the two main airports in February with due to sporting endeavours an accompanying picture of two handsome bhoys resplendent in the hoops stood in front of a cathedral in Milan.




  11. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    Won’t make Saturday but tell Stephen I’ll pop in for a couple on Tuesday



    tell him TOHG sends his regards

  12. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    I doubt very much tinfoil heid will survive,he has plenty


    of envious enemies amongst the hun.

  13. South Of Tunis on

    Oot n aboot in Caltanissetta. PSG a popular victory.Brief chat with 2 Inter fans.Both very anxious re what a good German team


    might do to their so bad they might as well not be there.defence..



    Sunny day / cold wind – way down south.

  14. By Roddy Forsyth9:14PM GMT 11 Mar 2015Comments10 Comments


    On yet another day of incredible events at Ibrox, Rangers appointed Stuart McCall as manager until the end of the season. At the same time they were dragged into controversy off the field over the Charlie Hebdo massacre, when it emerged that a newly appointed director had posted a sexually graphic image of the prophet Mohammed on his Twitter account.


    McCall agreed to take charge lon Wednesday but the appointment of the former Rangers and Scotland midfield player was overshadowed by the revelation that Chris Graham – spokesman for the Union of Fans, the umbrella group for supporters disenchanted with the previous Mike Ashley-backed regime – had posted the image on his Twitter account,


    The incident occurred during an exchange with radical Islamist preacher, Anjem Choudary, immediately after the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris. Choudary had Tweeted: “Freedom of expression does not extend to insulting the prophets of Allah, whatever your views on the events in Paris today!”


    Graham posted a reply, which included the words, “You probably won’t like this one” alongside an explicit image of the prophet Mohamed engaging in a homosexual act. There was no comment from Rangers or Graham last night but an investigation will follow in the morning and it appears impossible that he can continue in his post, especially as his Twitter timeline also contains contentious references to Celtic personnel.



    Meanwhile, Rangers’ plummeting form – and Kenny McDowall’s admission that the team could be edged out of the Scottish Championship playoffs – forced the incoming Ibrox board to put Stuart McCall in charge until the end of the season.


    He will be in place for the visit of Livingston on Saturday, replacing McDowall, who was ordered by Llambias to take charge on a caretaker basis when Ally McCoist was placed on gardening leave at Christmas.


    Rangers have won only one of their last seven games under McDowall and the Telegraph understands that – before Dave King’s coup at the extraordinary general meeting which overthrew the old regime last week – Llambias believed that the former head coach had lost the dressing room.


    In fairness, McDowall has made it abundantly clear that he did not desire the responsibility and would welcome being relieved of it. The question of his position in the event of McCall’s arrival has yet to be resolved but indications were that McDowall would no longer be involved on an active basis.


    Following Tuesday night’s 1-1 draw with Queen of the South at Ibrox – when his players were jeered from the field – McDowall looked particularly despondent as he admitted that, on the evidence of such form, Rangers would toil to achieve promotion. “It is going to go right to the wire for the play-off places,” he said.



    “We are stuttering along. We are not doing enough in front of goal and not doing well enough defensively.”


    Although Rangers have had talks with the former Fulham manager and West German international midfielder with a view to a possible appointment as director of football, it is understood that this has no bearing on McCall’s appointment. Nor is Craig Brown in the frame for the position, although he was present in the Rangers directors’ box on Tuesday night.


    The former Scotland manager, who is an Aberdeen director, was assisting Jeff Tipping, director of development at the National Soccer Coaches’ Association of America on a fact finding visit.


    Finally, a development which would have made headlines two days ago but which was eclipsed by the day’s events, saw the resignation of Sandy Easdale from his position as Rangers’ football board chairman. Easdale – whose brother, James, resigned as a plc director two weeks ago – departure in what was termed an “amicable” resolution.




    Easdale, though, had been angered by Rangers’ announcement of an investigation into his activities as a director and, after exchanges between the respective legal teams, the club conceded that there would be no further enquiries on that front.


    However, the Telegraph understands that the probe which was extended to include the conduct of chief executive, Derek Llambias, and finance director, Barry Leach, continues in the case of both men, who are long standing associates of Mike Ashley, the Newcastle United owner.


    Dave King, the new power at Rangers, was not in Glasgow during any of these developments. He flew back to London yesterday morning, seated in front of another notable – Special Papal Envoy, Cardinal Cormac Murphy O’Connor, who had been in Glasgow to mark the 400th anniversary of the death of St John Ogilvie



    Season ticket holder, debenture holder, shareholder at Ibrox Roddy Forsythe accepts CONTENTIOUS references by Chris Graham to former Celtic Personnel……..nothing about sectarian or Irish racism comments by Chris Graham………..that of course was always acceptable wasn’t Roddy



    Easdale has King backing down on the investigation Ha Ha Ha



    Big Mike Vs King………………… next

  15. Good morning CQNers,



    Well done to Stefan Johansen on his well deserved award, he’s a progressive player and he’s helping others around him develope into the same progressive mould.



    Well done Stefan.

  16. Glasgow airport.



    Chinese fella having a laugh with his pal waving celic shop bag in his face.



    quite funny.

  17. “Roddy”



    dear oh dear………..



    just lettin’ slip the wee bit about anti-Celtic comments from the latest hun Talibam.

  18. Jeezo…………………the enemy list bigot didn’t last long on the hun board.



    He’s no even had time to get measured up for the bigot blazer?



    Strange he’s been tweeting/blogging for what 3 yrs now on all things anti-catholic with what results?

  19. There are some political numpties on here who continually assert that Police Scotland tell lies on a scale which do not exist elsewhere in the UK



    Unfortunately for the families of the Liverpool 96 that is clearly not the case






    The match commander on the day of the Hillsborough disaster has admitted he lied about fans forcing an exit gate open to enter the ground.



    Relatives of the 96 fans who died gasped as David Duckenfield told the new inquests: “I apologise unreservedly to the families.”



    He said: “Everybody knew the truth, the fans and police knew the truth that we’d opened the gates.”



    Mr Duckenfield, 70, said he would regret the lie “to his dying day”.



    He was in charge of policing at Sheffield Wednesday’s stadium on 15 April 1989 when a fatal crush developed in terraced pens allocated to Liverpool fans.



    The court heard that on the day Mr Duckenfield told Graham Kelly, of the FA, that some fans had got in themselves through gate C, when the truth was that he had ordered the gate to be opened.



    Christina Lambert QC, counsel for the inquests, said some witnesses have spoken of having a “clear recollection” that Mr Duckenfield “made reference to gates having been stormed”.



    He said he does not recall being as “dramatic” as that.

  20. Tom McLaughlin


    07:03 on


    12 March, 2015


    Bawsman –



    You’re so tight.





    You know me????

  21. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar / Neil Lennon.. Ipox belongs to the creditors on

    Very busy at work, so haven’t been following CQN this week …….but……..how can VVD be punished for an incident with Paton when he was nowhere near him ……very strange….



    …and Butcher won’t be held to account because they pinpointed the wrong man …….hahahahahahahha

  22. Morning all. Dreich down here today.



    I was just wondering if the season ticket holder at Ibrox who runs “Show Racism the red Card” has made any comment about the new director over in Govan’s contributions on social media. His anti-Catholic, Irish and Celtic stuff went unreported as far as I can make out.

  23. Drambowiecelt on

    First comes……….. The Bravado


    Then…………………..The Uncertainty


    Then…………………..The Fear…….


    You reap what you sow in this ole world Mr Graham,


    May your God help you.

  24. ………..”Outspoken fan spokesman Chris Graham was…………..unavailable for comment”

  25. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar / Neil Lennon.. Ipox belongs to the creditors



    08:19 on 12 March, 2015




    Hi fellow eejit – I hope yer well.


    The stuff ye point out in yer post…happens coz…the masons are winning…the disappearance of BDO should be all the evidence that you need to know that…the huns have swerved their way roon a £140 million bill…so, who’s the mugs?


    The only way to win against a masonic-clique is to form a Celtic board of rebellious Celtic fans who’ll take no sh#t from the establishment…as that has as much chance of happening as me winning the lottery…then…you’ll just have to enjoy yer seat at the back of the bus – V-section – that’ll be “V” for victim.


    Take care….oot.

  26. Pod i



    06:52 on 12 March, 2015



    Just had my follow up weigh in from the Football Fans In Training programme and was told that the Active Fans was still in place. I used to go to these but fell away from it, however I will be going on Monday. 7pm start is it?

  27. lionsroar67,



    It is not that we political numpties claim that Police Scotland tell lies on a scal that does exist elsewhere in the UK. It is rather that I for one believe they are given scope by our SNP Government to run roughshod over the likes of ourselves. They have now been authorised to take over BT Police, the only force to keep records of sectarian crimes. Our own force conveniently lost records that cannot be lost.

  28. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    Kevj…….how are you pal? hope you going to sneak into


    hampdump on Sunday tae watch Celtic lift the cup.

  29. Another day done in the warm ozzy pilbara… got the first 2 in cheltenham yday. Next 2 are still running i think



    Must follow the cqn tipster today



    Now wakey wakey wits …

  30. Nearly had nice treble up last night



    Bayern both halves



    Chelsea draw



    Blackburn draw



    Oh so close

  31. KevJ –



    So you’re another of these wee spoilt brats who thinks that because he can’t see daily detailed reports in the Record about what BDO are doing that they have simply walked away and left OldCo alone?



    It must be sad in your simple little black and white cartoon character “are we there yet mammy” world.

  32. F.A.B. Virgil on




    Don’t think Billy S is there anymore. Think he’s at SPFL Trust now. Imagine, a Sihk mason. Very bizarre.




  33. My friends in Celtic,



    The problem about diving is in its interpretation, who we support tends to cloud our judgement.


    If we had got a winner last Sunday by a disputed pen due to a possible “dive” would we complain?


    Personally I can’t stand diving, we have suffered greatly due to this “art”. From Polaris McDonald , Porto to Eduardo in the CL. It is cheating, it is an “art” that was cultivated and made acceptable by superstars like Jurgen Klinsmann and to a lesser extent Dennis Bergkamp.


    We tolerated and encouraged this by showering praise on this type of player on our TV screens. They were great players,but cheats and should have been outed as such.


    We as in British football now reap what we enthusiastically helped to sew.


    Only my opinion.




  34. greenpinata



    08:45 on 12 March, 2015



    ‘We as in British football now reap what we enthusiastically helped to sew.’





    So effectively a stitch up.


    That pure rips Ma embroidery so it does!






    HH jsmesgang