SFA error in law


The SFA have made an error in interpreting their laws.  They refuse to discipline Calum Butcher as the rules do not allow them to switch a punishment retrospectively.  This is correct, but the rules do allow retrospective action which the referee has not seen.

Craig Thomson saw the Butcher-van Dijk incident inasmuch as he was looking at the players, but didn’t see it well enough to call an infringement.  SFA rules permit retrospective action under these circumstances.

The matter becomes theoretically more complicated by the involvement of the assistant referee, Graham Chambers.  Chambers also saw the incident inasmuch as he was also looking at the players, but he didn’t have a clear understanding of what happened either.  He couldn’t even identify the Dundee United player involved.
The rules on retrospective action do not require a referee to be looking in the opposite direction before the Disciplinary Panel become involved.  A ref can see the incident but not see if sufficiently well to correctly report what happened.  This is the basis under which Nadir Ciftci has been asked to attend the Panel.

Both referees on Sunday saw the incident.  Neither saw it well enough to bear witness to the actions of the two Dundee United players involved.  SFA laws allow both to be examined retrospectively.

Aiden Connolly, at the very least, has a case to answer for diving in the box.  Should the SFA ban Virgil van Dijk while turning a blind eye to Connolly and incorrectly interpreting their own rules on Butcher, and almighty row will kick off on the competency of those who govern our game.

Delighted for Stefan Johansen, who is February’s Player of the Month.  His goal in Perth was a joy and a fitting mark to the development he has achieved this season.

Before Friday’s CQN 11 St Patrick’s Dinner you can win a Celtic jersey signed by the 2008 squad, who won one of the most remarkable titles in our history.  All proceeds go towards building a fourth CQN school kitchen in Malawi, for Mary’s Meals.

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  1. Billy S and the boul’ Roddy at the SPFL……………

















    “Ahm No laughin’ Boss”

  2. F.A.B. Virgil on

    Has Chris Graham delivered a world record for shortest footie director? Guinness book demands to know.



    More seriously, has he been set up as deflection? Whilst everyone is looking and laughing both King and Murray remain on a plc board when they are legally ineligible without count permission. Not seeing any coverage of this?




  3. Brilliant result last night, I love to see the London Huns and their smug (for want of a better word to describe him) Humped. The best League in the world my arse.

  4. Hi Jamesgang,



    We enthusiastically tolerated it so much we even jokingly gave Jurgen Klinsmann marks for his dives.



    Is he still manager of the USA.?




  5. Parkheadcumsalford


    08:37 on


    12 March, 2015





    Politicised comment springing from your agenda of hating the SNP



    In my lifetime the Police in Scotland have always had an element of hostility towards Celtic fans, it did not start in 2007, also in my lifetime that situation has improved



    Yes i Know about the OB act, i have been in Holyrood campaigning against it

  6. Jamesgang



    any more of your cheek , and your sewing skills will be needed when we eventually meet. :-)



    HH to you.

  7. lionroars67



    08:01 on 12 March, 2015



    ‘There are some political numpties on here who continually assert that Police Scotland tell lies on a scale which do not exist elsewhere in the UK’







    Can’t say I’ve ever see anyone suggesting any such thing.



    I’ve seen people criticise Police Scotland.



    So far as I know that’s still allowed.



    I think the truth is that the Scots and the English aren’t as different to one another as the nats would have us believe.



    The YouGov polls on attitudes to immigration seem to show that.

  8. Sunday will be my first League Cup final since we beat Dundee United 3-0 at Ibrox.



    My sons have told me the car is staying in the driveway and we’re all booked onto the Leith supporters bus.



    I’m like a wee boy in the days leading up to Christmas.

  9. greenpinata



    Aye but did you notice I then spelt my own name wrong at the end!






    Seriously though. Diving. I despise it. I played rugby so that and rolling about is anathema to me.



    I’d end up actually smacking someone of they’d conned a penalty or a card. How charlie mulgrew walked off without properly decking lafferty for example would be beyond me. My red mist would have engulfed my wee heid by then.



    Loved seeing the Ref at the Man U v Arsenal game actually do something about it.



    HH to you! Jamesgang

  10. lionroars67



    08:59 on 12 March, 2015



    ‘Yes i Know about the OB act, i have been in Holyrood campaigning against it’






    Every SNP MSP voted in favour of the Bill.



    No other MSPs voted for the Bill.



    What does that tell you about the SNP?

  11. tom mclaughlin



    Imagine my delight on seeing my son’s delight when he discovered that the ticket fairy had deposited 2 tickets for Sunday in top of the microwave.



    My first with him.



    HH jamesgang

  12. ernie lynch


    09:07 on


    12 March, 2015



    Can’t say I’ve ever see anyone suggesting any such thing.




  13. Time to go CQN



    To many party trolls



    Enjoy your day and the build up to the cup final

  14. Tom McLaughlin



    09:14 on 12 March, 2015



    ‘Ernie –



    What makes you think we need to be “different” before we can have ambitions of running our own affairs?’







    We’re told that if Scotland leaves the UK we’ll have a left wing government.



    That, the myth goes, is because the Scots are more progressive and more humane than the English.



    Every social attitudes survey shows that’s nonsense.



    And as for ‘running our own affairs’, no country runs its own affairs and hasn’t for centuries.



    The nats version of running our own affairs involves EU membership, NATO membership, using Sterling and having interest rates fixed by the Bank of England or the European Bank.



    That’s without taking into account international capital.



    It’s idiotic.

  15. tom mclaughlin



    I sauntered into the play room when he was on his xbox.


    Just had a ticket in my hand.


    What’s that?


    It’s my cup final ticket?


    How many are there?


    One for me. You’d better go and check to see if there’s one for you….



    As you say, priceless.



    I’m away. Meeting time.



    HH jamesgang

  16. Ernie



    See and be good.


    No sticking quotes next to people’s monikers and making it look like they said it. When they were actually saying the opposite.



    Like what you did to me last night!



    HH jamesgang

  17. lionroars67



    09:18 on 12 March, 2015



    ‘Time to go CQN



    To many party trolls’






    How like a nat.



    Introduces a political point then objects when challenged.

  18. Here we go again politics, politics.Like lionroars67 its time to go. Will be back later once the SFA numpties have made their decisions.

  19. I see Raman Bhardwaj and all at STV are turning a blind eye to Chris Grahams alleged racism,



    Not a jot anywhere

  20. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    I think Sundays League cup-final could be a real cracker we couldnt put away there nine player team last game so eleven v eleven will be close.I believe we need to start the game quickly an early goal would help a lot.If VVD does not win his appeal it will weaken us defensively but the best form of defence is attack I am looking forward to what I believe will be a close game. H.H.

  21. I’m guessin’ that Smitty from scoddish broadkastin’


    is honin’ his urgent and probin’ questions


    to New Davie about…….




    .and why his group of klubs seem to be so intrinsically linked


    to such matters.



    “Hello, Hello………………Click…..burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr CSC”

  22. ernie lynch


    09:25 on


    12 March, 2015



    How like a party troll schooled in the black arts



    Misrepresent posters by misquoting, taking out of context or just lie about them



    I didn’t object about your challenge lol i rejected you Ernie, as far as i am concerned you’re a nonentity



    If you can sum up the courage to meet up with CQN posters come along to CQN corner on a match day………………………….Thats a challenge

  23. Tom McLaughlin



    Any more news about your friend Mario from Croatia. Your article on 7th December was one of the most inspiring ever on here. I saved it so I am reposting it for anyone who did not see it..






    • Tom McLaughlin


    07:21 on12 December, 2014


    I have a friend Mario in Croatia who is Celtic daft. He and his little daughter just love everything about the club, even though they have never been outside Croatia. Mario lost his wife and is himself not in the best of health, but he is dedicated to his daughter and they were recently homeless due to local bureaucracy until the new Mayor of his town stepped in and supplied them with a modest apartment.


    Yesterday Mario made his way to Zagreb to fulfill a lifelong ambition to see his beloved Celtic in the flesh.


    Last night he sent me this:


    I ‘m going home put my hat just as morphine yields and its end of the game but I managed …I managed …I managed my dear friends ..I saw the holy Celtic though we lost but celtic is sacred …when I entered the stadium to the south where the best fans in the world …I started to cry ..I cried with joy dear friends and I go home and I would love to forever be with Celtic …celtic and his fans are something best in the world …celtic is eternal forever …let no man resent …but my god, my soul is filled …I can get you all hugged you are the best ..I went celebrate all the good what happened these days …of obtaining housing what I got ( thank Mayor Kristina ) and everything and everyone I am grateful …I could enjoy all day but these few hours are special best in the world ..the birth of my child now and apartment …and thank you dear people , and I pray to God that I see one day Saints Celti Park …thanks for the tickets that we purchased Celtic fans..God bless …Thanks to everyone for everything becouse its so much what you do fir my daugter Ira me and my family … God bless my very good friend Dubravko who help me whit walk and all and just something great..i knowe all this is to much but for me first time for god sake i am so proud and happy and people who see celtic every week dear god that is something special .. God bless you … Dear god bless you i love you Croatia Celtic family forever …i write now all this and cry of all … GOD BLESS YOU GOD BLESS YOU GOD BLESS YOU HAIL HAIL


    I received the above after reading some of the self-indulgent nonsense posted on CQN last night by so-called Celtic supporters who simply do not know how lucky they are, and it made me want to weep too.


    I’ll leave it there.

  24. F.A.B. Virgil on




    cheers. looked it up now. and Alison Walker. Not sure why 2 journos needed though Tony and Bob are both good honest men.




  25. Drambowiecelt on

    Hrvatski/Tom ..Missed this inspiring post the first time around


    so thanks for repost .Now that’s our CQN superb.








  26. Guys.


    I am taking my bhoy over for the Cup Final on Sunday .Last time I was in your city I got lost !!


    A few pointers would be greatly appreciated.


    Is there a train from the airport to Queen Street station?


    Any Celtic friendly bars in or around Hampden ?


    And finally. How far is it from Hampden to the airport? I need to leave sharpish after the game (hopefully we win in 90 minutes!). Will need to pre book a taxi.


    If there are more economic ways of travelling I will certainly trust the advice of the cqn’ers on here”!

  27. F.A.B. Virgil on




    Funny how all the offence was on the phone unrecorded given the social media written coverage available. mmmm.




  28. cliftoncelt



    There’s a bus that’ll take you straight into Gla town centre. Best bet. Otherwise get a taxi to Paisley and 12-15 train from there.



    Train out to hampden is from central station not queen St.



    HH jamesgang

  29. cliftoncelt



    There is no train. There is an express bus to city centre at £6. It’s as fast as a taxi. Hampden to airport is normally 20-30 minutes and £15. But, even if you pre-book you’ll have a job moving anywhere. Best to get your taxi on the west (DU) side if you want to go anywhere. Call Hampden Cars who will be familiar and can advise on best meet, route and time.


    Bars: I would go to Neesons on Allison St which is traditional and friendly. 15/20 min walk to ground.