SFA giving lectures on accountability


Fifa is unfit for purpose, investigations abound but we’ve not seen convictions yet.  The president has not been arrested, but, well, he has president over this enormous shambles, yet he refuses to resign.  His resignation is needed to relieve the reputation of Fifa, the reputation of football itself.  We all know this, but SFA chef exec, Stewart Regan said as much.

The SFA is Blatter’s role model.  Regan conceded SFA president Campbell Ogilvie was horribly conflicted, as the Association dealt with the consequences of the biggest directorial negation of duty in Scottish football history – by Ogilvie, who was director and company secretary of the dysfunctional board.

Ogilvie never resigned.  Ogilvie has still not resigned.  Regan said nothing.  Ogilvie’s supporters in the game rallied round, just as Blatter’s have today.

This is how human nature works.  Ogilvie has been in enough committee meetings, pressed enough flesh, to ensure that despite the slaying he took at the hands of Lord Nimmo Smith’s SPL inquiry, he could brass it out.  Accountability at the SFA does not exist.  I get it.  But, the SFA cannot have the audacity to make moralistic statements about the corporate accountability of others.

It is a depressing feature of Scottish life that we don’t have a culture of accountability, that the media are not sufficiently plural that such hypocrisy is exposed for what it is, that there isn’t a single elected representative prepared to disengage with the Scottish establishment on this today.

The new media are not there yet.  We don’t have the authority of a broadcaster or politician to demand, and get, accountability.  That’ll change in time.

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    my smashing sister,Lesley!!!!!



    Have a belter,




  2. Ooh, let me tell you now


    Dance, dance, dance to my ten Qatars


    Hm, come on, everybody,


    Dance dance dance to my ten Qatars.

  3. !!Bada Bing!! on

    west end of east end-I think Blatter will be trying to cut an immunity pay off.

  4. mullet and co 2 on

    Graeme Souness EBT


    Campbell Ogilvie EBT


    Walter Smith EBT



    2 of these received after employment with Rangers. why?


    Grubby grubby little men.

  5. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Regan has a pop at Blatter. Meanwhile he passes a person as fit and proper who has 41 more convictions than Sepp…..

  6. tonydonnelly67



    13:31 on 28 May, 2015





    13:16 on 28 May, 2015


    Is Lanarkshires answer to xavi playing tonight ?


    Lasley in case yez were wondering!



    He will be where he always is when they play thems, reported missing, whether he is on the park or off, another low life coward.

  7. leftclicktic on

    As another poster says ,ask who is saying what, why are the saying it and Why now?


    What is in this for the ole youuuu essssssssss of A?

  8. mullet and co 2 on

    Be interesting to see what King will do in the arms race in his head when Celtic start calling his bluff over players like Scott Allan.

  9. leftclicktic on

    mullet and co 2


    As has been reported Souness was paid his 10year after he left,

  10. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Wonder if Chick will say that the FIFA bribes are nothing to get excited about as they amount to no more than a good night out…..?

  11. Happy birthday Lesley!



    Met yer dad- a gentleman – and that mhad brother of your’s.



    Whit a ghuy!



    Nobody can quite organise a CQN hootenanny like him!




  12. West End of East End on

    The reason Blatter will go is that all the sponsors are now coming out with statements against him. Money talks, Blatter walks. In Scotland we didn’t have any sponsors so CO was safe…



    !!Bada Bing!! – Not sure if the Yanks will allow that if they find evidence against him, unless he squeals like a pig…




  13. Geordie Munro on




    I thought lasley was suspended. Turns out he’s not.



    Hoops legend Theodore Valentine Archibald has only went and got himself a suspension though.



    Greatname csc

  14. leftclicktic on

    The bucket collection for the Celtic foundation raised


    £17 thousand pound,


    well done all.



    HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPY Birthday Lesley, time you and yer lurking partner in crime sis were posting :)))))


    have a great day

  15. Paul67



    Accountability? At least Res12 is making an effort. From previous.



    Interesting article in the DR






    which is a good one coming from Keith Jackson but presents an opportunity to push for change.



    There is an important message in these two paras from the DR article.



    “Or in other words: Yes, these World Cups may well have been bought by dirty money. Yes, the game might be corrupt to its Nike stockings. But so what? Move along now. There’s nothing to see here. We’re are FIFA – we do what we want.



    How hopelessly out of touch are these people? How contemptuously must they behave towards the supporters of this game before the rest of the world finally stands up and grabs our ball back off them?”



    Grabbing the ball back off them in terms of making the SFA accountable is what Res12 to the Celtic AGM of 2013 hopes to bring about.



    Although the Res asked for UEFA to investigate the processing of the UEFA 2011 licence, by making it a resolution from small shareholders in a club, one of the motives was to make it difficult if not impossible for the SFA to refuse to answer questions not posed via the filter of club membership of the SFA and so send a message of wider accountability.



    That battle is still being fought, but if it is won then our game at least will know that accountability can be achieved, although hopefully the lessons learned from the exhaustive and exhausting Res12 process will lead to an introduction of a much more responsive accountability mechanism.



    Res12 might have had to use the UEFA 2011 licence as the vehicle to get the SFA to answer, but what RFC said to keep the licence, whilst needing confirmed, is now with the passage of time and events since, of less importance than the SFA actually answering the questions posed to them.



    Who knows reasonable answers might put RFC and the SFA in the clear, but getting specific answers to pointed questions in itself would be a victory for accountability.



    Having transparent accountable football governance is for the benefit of supporters of all clubs. Transparent and accountable governance WITH PROPER POLICING would have protected our game since 1999 when the lack of it allowed the ebt nonsense.



    It would also have prevented the very questions Res12 wants answered because those doing the policing would know they were answerable for doing so as intended.



    For where matters are on Res12 check




  16. bognorbhoy



    Happy Buffday to you.



    Mrs Hebcelt



    21 again? :o)






    Best wishes to Lesley on her special day.




  17. Tinytim



    Within the SFA, PL is chairman of the Unseen Fenian Hand Committee.



    Unfortunately the committee only has one other member.



    …and he is a mason.




  18. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    mullet and co 2



    13:40 on 28 May, 2015


    Be interesting to see what King will do in the arms race in his head when Celtic start calling his bluff over players like Scott Allan.





    What has been said with regard to Scott Allan by King?

  19. Paul quite rightly says that the media in Scotland is not sufficiently plural to tackle the deep-seated bias and sectarianism in Scottish Football, and yet we have people of our persuasion who support, in politics, a much more serious arena, a one-issue party, in a one-party state, which talks in generalities and has NEVER implemented, or, proposed, any policy specific to the ordinary working-class in Scotland.



    We are surrounding ourselves with people who have NEVER been in our corner, and who would have gladly expelled us from this bigoted little part of the UK, if they ever had the chance.



    This period in football administration and political history will haunt us for years to come – the ‘nae brains’ among us will encourage us to ‘sleepwalk’ into the hands of people who have ALWAYS been our enemies.

  20. excathedra44 on

    Good article Paul.



    For Reagan to come out and make any statement indicates to me he has little self awareness,and no clue as to what is required to run an Organisation in a fair and equitable manner.



    All other Clubs, along with Celtic should be doing much more to clear out the SFA and make Sevco accountable for their cheating.



    Problem is within many the DNA does not allow that to happen,consider Jimmy Calderwood who sacrificed his own integrity in 2003 rather than risk Celtic winning the Title.



    PS If 22 men remain on the park tonight I will be amazed.

  21. John Martyn?



    A tortured genius.



    Mrs Tallybhoy was, briefly, a neighbour of his in the 80s before I met her.



    They never got on, and I dont mean musically.



    BMCUW know’s the story.




  22. rwe – 13:46



    Good stuff. Eastern Kentucky is some place. Cheers!



    Double and a treble indeed. I would never engage in podium chasing though.

  23. I mean, Reagan ripping into Blatter? Honest to F… You couldn’t make it up, couldn’t mark his neck wi a plumbers blow torch.


    Where do you start,? I’m wondering if they will all move on, I’ll tell you who I’d like to move on, and move on over here, them yanks, and sort awe these cheating b……s out over here.

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