SFA goes into full Sepp Blatter mode


regan-blatter-ogilvieRecent court cases and hearings made new information available on matters leading up to the liquidation of Rangers in 2012. In their letter to Celtic, dated 4 September this year, the Scottish FA accepted that in light of information available due to these court cases, it was appropriate to review events at the club during Craig Whyte’s tenure, specifically the awarding of a licence for the club to participate in European football in 2011 (the Res 12 issue).

The letter went on to confirmed that despite the same court cases providing new information on Rangers activities while recent SFA president Campbell Ogilvie was a director of the club, and when SFA Regulatory Advisory Group member, Andrew Dickson, was authoring side-contracts at Rangers, these events would not be reviewed.

It is the latter matter that the Scottish Professional Football League requested the SFA review. The SFA made no representation that the new information they declined to review was irrelevant, without merit, not sufficiently important or previously accounted for. They just preferred not to agree to the League’s request.

Peter Lawwell’s response, dated 7 September, used both barrels: “The fact that the Scottish FA is now reviewing [Rangers European licence in 2011] on the basis of new information is only proper. What we fine incomprehensible is why you refuse to apply the same principle to all the other new information which has emerged within the same period”.

Peter suggests this is “a failure in transparency, accountability and leadership”. It is all of that and more. An organisation’s recent president and a current senior apparatchik must not be protected from scrutiny. You could take issue with Peter Lawwell’s “failure in transparency” suggestion; this is a transparent attempt to protect cronies within the SFA.

Those who made the decision to go after Craig Whyte, while at the same time suggesting looking at their past president’s tenure was inappropriately “raking over old coals” have worked with Ogilvie and Dickson for many years.

It is their responsibility to go beyond the call of duty to ensure no whiff of corruption exists within the running of football in Scotland. By denying the call from our professional clubs for this review, the SFA board have truly failed their duty to the good of the game. All to protect their buddies.

It looks corrupt.

The SFA appear oblivious to the lessons of Sepp Blatter, who with near-absolute control, presided over corruption at Fifa for decades. There were enough within the game with “no appetite” for corruption who persisted until justice was served.

Can authorities within the game still refuse to review the actions of their office-holders?  That’s what the SFA are hoping.



CQN went behind the scenes with BT Sport at Hamilton on Friday evening and this is all covered in the new CQN Podcast which is out today and includes an interview with Chris Sutton…


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  1. De Boer sacked after 4 games and replaced by Roy Hodgson is a consequence of the obscene amounts of money being pumped into EPL. Palace Chairman has decided that, after 4 games, he can’t take the risk of De Boers ‘foreign’ style of play causing his team to be relegated and losing out on potentially hundreds of millions of pounds of TV money. It’s barely a sport down there any more.




    Back to the serious stuff……I’m in agreement with Hot Smoked and his line-up for tomorrow night. Would have picked the same team for the same reasons, and for me it has to be Ajer at the back with Jozo. I like Bitton, and his languid style, but think he’s too inexperienced, and sometimes too casual for this game. Ajer may be young, but has much more experience in the position than Nir, and Mikael Lustig doesn’t have the pace to play there, but does read the game better.




    Anything can happen at CP – no predictions on a score, but as ever, hopeful that our team can win. Would take a draw now though. :-)

  2. Making a bad habit of getting the first post after the announcement of a new article – on the last blog :-)))


    Congratulations Mike in Toronto ( Dublin ) – maybe see you at the weekend for a small shandy or two.

  3. Limited internet access … plus forgot to charge my phone last night. Doh!



    Up at the gaol, and having lunch before I go in for a tour. So just reading back



    Big Jimmy.. I have no intentions of being led astray by any bhoy… Irish or Scottish…



    now, a lovely Ghirl? That may be a different story!



    Battery fading, so will check in later

  4. theBHOYfromU.N.C.L.E on

    Regan to be on snyde ssb tonight………..roll up,roll up for an easy ride.



    desperado csc

  5. For years this can of worms has been kicked down the road, and I am happy the dents in it are beginning to crack open.



    The problem lies in the fact that it contains many types of worm, large and influential: Administrators of the game, bankers, public relation companies and market driven media with their so called ‘journalists’.



    I do not normally listen to Scottish radio ‘shows’, but I will be listening later with interest….



    It’s just not cricket, is it Mr Regan?

  6. He’s going on Clyde? Well at least he know how to play to his demographic.



    This is an interesting game of chicken.



    Regan to be on snyde ssb tonight………..roll up,roll up for an easy ride.



    Oh Dear God.I can well imagine this farce of an interview.Soft soap questions provided by Fat Traynor


    Its all Celtics fault


    If they were serious about this,why not have two sides in on the discussion.Well we all know why.


    What are the odds on anyone asking Regan,”Why not have an independent inquiry.If there is nothing to hide,why refuse.?




    Is it not possible for say,Celtic Shareholders,to make a formal complaint of Fraud against the SFA?.We have witnessed how the Celtic shares have risen with CL participation in the last couple of years.This money was deliberately withheld from them in 2011,by SFA collusion with Oldco.What would it take?.

  8. Clyde ….there’s a surprise.


    Is there going to be anyone (of significance or even who understands the issues) to provide an alternative view to the charlatan, hopelessly conflicted Reagan????


    Question….If Lance Armstrong, Ben Johnson had have died would they have been allowed to retain their baubles.


    I think not. There would not even have been a debate. Medals et al would have been removed and struck from the record books “to preserve the integrity of the sport”. We were watching a bent game and this needs to be acknowledged. There is little likelihood of this happening from the same flies as their sense of entitlement knows no bounds.


    Get a heavy hitter on Clyde tonight to counter the tissue of lies which is sure to emanate from Goebbels puppet.



  9. Someone like Alex Thomson on the Clyde show might ask a question or 2 of Regan



    but guess it will be the usual patsies asking the question

  10. BBC TV Scotland at lunchtime today, a clip of interview between Regan and Chris McLaughlin.



    McLaughlin.. ” He ( Lawwell) is questioning your leadership of the SFA” ?


    Regan, ” we represent 108 members (?), and I have to take the issues in front of our board” ?????



    If Regan is saying that ” It is only Celtic who are asking for a Judicial Review….then how would he explain The SPFL who represent 41 other member clubs, have ALSO asked for a Review” ?



    What a shyster this Chump is.



  11. Celtic v PSG.



    Heavy rain and high winds forecast for tomorrow night around the west and south of Scotland including Glasgow……….Cheating Neymar and some of his pals might not fancy it ?




  12. The English FA seem to be on the right track with their successful youth policy.


    They proved this with many tournament wins this year.


    The path to the EPL though still seems difficult for many of them.


    The fear of losing EPL riches has meant that most teams are focused on survival so are turning to experience to try and ensure thus.


    De Boers sacking with survival in mind makes sense.


    They have a squad with plenty of experience and plenty bad habits so for someone with a modern footballing philosophy it was a difficult challenge.


    I am not convinced he was a great coach but the shortness of his tenure shows how much fear is dictating EPL clubs policies.


    Watching the two EPL games yesterday was akin to playground fights with lots of pushing and not much else.I kept waiting for the action to begin.


    For the most monied league in the world the coaching is with a few exceptions old fashioned.







    He will revert to MiT on his return to Toronto.




  14. When it comes to matters of the law, I confess I am often bewildered.



    My opinion is that investigation / judicial review should take place, separately, on both the awarding of European license and the improper registration of players.



    The result of each should then determine the punishment in accordance with the laws / rules which exist.



    If Euro licence (is it and “s” or a “c”, autocorrect has changed one to the other and the other to one), is proven to have been granted in contravention of information know at the time, the person or persons should be banned sine die and hopefully criminal proceedings would follow.



    If players are found to have been registered incorrectly, results must be adjusted to 0-3 and titles awarded based on those results. Cups won by them would have to remain without a winner as it cannot be determined who the winner would have been.

  15. theBHOYfromU.N.C.L.E on

    Getting a fire in my belly now that the dirty war is starting…………..please Mr Lawwell nuke them.




  16. The very fact that Regan can say that”Celtic are the only club wanting a JR”,should shame the whole of Scottish football.What kind of cowards are running our teams?.I dont think any better of the fans supporting these teams.Its all out there.They have fans forums,just like this.They know what went on.Apart from the odd banner from the Dons fans,nothing.I know they hate the Huns,so why no unified outcry against Milne?.Hibs fans as well.Their silence is deafening.

  17. Celtic should up the ante by calling for the immediate resignations of Regan and Dickson for a start, their positions are clearly untenable. Then lay out the evidence, which is already in the public domain.



    Hope for a good performance tomorrow against the. FFP-mercenaries, watching out especially for the play-acting of various members of the opposing cast.



    HH from still scorching Crete.

  18. I don’t read the likes of the Sun or the Record (or any Scottish “newspaper” for that matter). I do fairly often hear Radio Scotland. What I believe is that most Scottish journalists (for that is what they purport to be) live in fear, either of physical attack or losing their cosy job, if they upset the Establishment. That goes particularly for those of BBC Scotland Sports Department.



    They, apart from Michael Stewart, sully the name of journalist. They acquiesce in the perpetuation of a lie which underpins the biggest corruption scandal ever to affect Scottish football. Utterly and totally shameful.

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