SFA hesitate as Newco rally troops over Morelos


It has been a week since Alfredo Morelos made a murderous gesture while leaving the field at Celtic Park.  In that time, Newco and their media acolytes have done what they could to mitigate his actions.  The SFA have yet to decide what action is appropriate.

The matter is straightforward: throat-slitting gestures by players towards opposition fans are at the serious end of the scale.  It falls short of Eric Cantona’s kick at an opposing fan 25 years ago, but not by much.  Intimations of serious physical violence towards opposition fans is the type of action that can lead to serious crowd safety issues, as well as violence away from the ground.

Police officers warn players about their behaviour in front of opposition fans prior to games.  If a fan was caught on TV making this gesture at a player, he would have been arrested by now and would be facing a lengthy ban from football.

How this issue is dealt with has sporting ramifications.  Morelos is Newco’s top scorer and prized asset (not against Celtic).  If he is banned for 6 – 10 games it will have an impact on Newco’s title bid, there is no point in any of us pretending otherwise.  This is why commentators, who would otherwise be appalled at murderous gestures in our game, have spent a week downplaying the matter.  They cannot pretend otherwise.

Similarly, Celtic fans calling for a ban that reflects the severity of the issue, do so knowing the sporting consequences.  I believe the SFA’s actions are likely to be decided in the next few days.  Whatever they decide – to impose a 10 game, ban or acquiesce to pressure from Newco and issue a rap on the knuckles – will have sporting consequences.

My hope is that fantasy statements on your website are more likely to gain engagement with your own support than the SFA, who like you and me, know fine well that public comments are designed to gain a sporting advantage, not to encourage the acceptance of the throat-slit gesture in our game.  But this is the SFA, so nothing would surprise.

We all know he should be banned and that the ban should be significant.  He was sent off last month for a gesture to Motherwell fans, which resulted in a single game ban and taught him nothing.  His club are prepared to support his behaviour.  There is no learning, no acceptance of what is an acceptable way to conduct yourself.  These are all reasons why the SFA must act appropriately.

The Road to Milan

In April, a group of cyclists will set off from Celtic Park heading for Milan, where they will arrive 50 years on from our ‘other’ European Cup Final.  The route takes in the Southern Uplands, a ferry to the Netherlands, Rotterdam, Brussels, the Champagne region of France, across the Alps and into Milan.

Our own Mouldy67 has organised the event after the incredible success of The Road to Lisbon in 2017.  If you are a cyclist and could be interested in taking part in this incredible event, see here for more details.

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  1. Paul67



    Sent off at Motherwell the other week, sent off again for another gesture of any kind, let alone a throat slit


    is Morelos’s offence.



    Even the bent SFA know they’ve got to deal with it.

  2. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    The other option is they will try to sell him and the SFA will give enough time for that to happen as such a ban would impact on value

  3. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Is he under investigation by the police for the off field assault

  4. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Kent also made similar gesture, why is this not being discussed.

  5. AuroraBorealis79 on

    They have just gone & made him the victim. Big congratulations to:



    Nil By Mouth have urged Celtic and Rangers to come together and condemn sectarian abuse after Alfredo Morelos was branded a “wee orange b******” by a yob in Glasgow.



    Morelos was subjected to the abuse on Mitchell Street in footage which emerged on social media earlier this month.



    The Rangers hitman was hit with the verbal slur by a man passing by in a car.



    Rangers accuse Celtic fans of ‘racially abusing’ Morelos



    It comes less than a week after Morelos’ Gers earned a 2-1 victory over Celtic at Parkhead.



    Plenty of fans criticised the abuse in response to the clip but anti-bigotry charity Nil By Mouth has called for more action to be taken.



    And the charity director, Dave Scott, has blasted the “moron” for his comments and asked for a joint statement from Celtic and Rangers in a bid to deter fans from spreading hate.



    He said: “This is the latest dismal example of people completely overstepping the mark with footballers in the city.



    Plea after investigation launched by Hearts into ‘racial abuse’ of Morelos



    “They have the right to go about their lives without having to endure the sort of nonsense served out by bigoted morons who think they have some sort of right to abuse a person going about their business. 



    “I’d really like to see some sort of joint statement from both clubs to the effect of – ‘we are rivals on the pitch, but human beings off it’ to try and stamp out this behaviour.”



    Celtic and Rangers have both been approached for comment by Glasgow Times.



    Celtic slam Rangers fans’ ‘sick chants’ amid Alfredo Morelos racism claims



    We told recently how Colombian star Morelos was allegedly subjected to racist abuse inside Celtic Park during the match on December 29.



    The Light Blues accused their rivals’ supporters of the abuse in the wake of their victory.



    Celtic hit back in response, claiming Rangers fans also taunted home players with “sickening” chants and launched missiles onto the field of play.

  6. Hi Paul



    Been too long since I posted.



    Where does the confidence come from that the SFA will do the right thing?



    I admire it. I just don’t have it personally.




  7. Nil by mouth were they not formed after the Celtic supporter got his throat cut at BRidgeton Cross??



    If so why no condemnation of Moreloss geture to Celtic fans??






    D. :)

  8. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Typically toothless retort by the board, why not simply deny it and advise that the club pay for police and security to supplement the police and the matter is with the police


    SO i’m watching the intro of boro v spurs.commentator says of PADDY ROBERTS ………he can dribble and go past people but can he do it against top opposition.



    SO i’m screaming at the tele “if he can do it against ANDY HALLIDAY he can do it against anyone ”



    4 months without a drink and climbing the walls CSC.

  10. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    The jist of the board reply is


    Ones as bad as the other, shame

  11. Morelos and Kent, both have rodent type characteristics, just like Novo ..



    But decent players nonetheless ..



    Good news Elhameds on the mend, our best summer signing .. certainly missed him during December..



    I’ve got over the last game .. hopefully a good window and we’ll get sevco and their mouth piece rags back into the sewers with the rats before Easter ..




  12. Maybe in 2020 Dave Scott will manage to come up with a more original epithet than ‘moron’.



    There again, maybe not

  13. There will be no extended ban for Morelos, no rebuke for Kent. These actions will be lost in ‘hotch-potting’ of all events, including Ryan Christie and throwing of missiles, in and around the match.



    Football crowds have always hurled abuse at opposing players, in fact most sets of fans also berate their own players. However paid professionals have not up till now, with the notable exception of Cantona, not taken it upon themselves to threaten, or, attack rival fans.



    Morelos scores goals for the Ibrox club which gives it a real chance of beating Celtic to the title – however he is a throwback to the type of South American player that saw Alf Ramsay brand the Argentine team “animals” in 1966, and those from Racing Club, whom we were unfortunate to ‘play’ in 1967. He cheats constantly, he moans constantly and he assaults constantly – for all these things, plus of course his goals, he is adored by the Ibrox faithful and management alike.



    What is the point of having a token 1.5% away support at these derby games? Since the Ibrox club ‘changed the goalposts’, the propensity for trouble has been heightened. Policing methods and costs are now disproportionate. Probably only a fatality among the minority will focus minds. Make it 100% home fans at CP & Ibrox – you know it makes sense.

  14. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    The SFA will probably rescind the red card – even though the huns haven’t appealed it…



    The SFA has always been a home for huns. Desperate for them to win the league and will do all they can to make that happen.



    Celtic are wide open to these attacks now because of all the commercially-driven appeasement of the past 20 years.



    You reap what you sow.

  15. There is not a hope he will be banned for anywhere near 10 games. He may be cited but it will be given a short ban and it will imo have a minimal impact on them, as they have a reasonable run of fixtures upcoming.



    I wonder if a narrative is being embedded – same old SFA and Rangers, always cheating.



    To be clear, the throat slit gesture did not in any way impact upon the result last Sunday. Its been a full week, we cant be worrying about that and hoping other teams players get banned to help our title chances.



    We must focus on ourselves to ensure we improve. Anything else is a distraction.

  16. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    Morelos. Why did he lose the heid? Why dive in the box? They were on top in a season changing game . Did he see himself scoring the penalty finally? Then the gesture – dig deeper when you’re in a hole. Very odd character. Imagine what he’d be like if there was a consequence for every foul he commits.

  17. In Scotland, some gestures or symbols are so offensive that they merit the harshest of punishments. About 20 years ago, a Partick Thistle ‘sub’ entered the field of play against Rangers making the Sign of the Cross. A sharp-eyed Rangers fan spotted the appalling incident and, being a good citizen, reported it to a policeman on duty. At half-time a Police Inspector informed the referee of the criminal gesture. Obviously, the ref had to burst in to the Partick dressing room and caution the player. The same ‘sub’ got a second yellow during the second half and was dismissed. Nothing changes.

  18. Nothing will be done to Morelos,


    proceedings would have started by now if the SFA were


    gonna do anything about it.

  19. I listened to Shortie ( mostly) for the game.



    The audible disappointment when Fat Charlie got his “marching” orders was unmistakable……….



    They knew what he’d done and realised a couple of things I reckon – a lengthy ban and an impacted sale-value. ( 2-3 mullyin, max, now under further pressure). They are all on-skript.



    Whereas there was little or no reaction to that wee Kent and his inflamatory gun-totin’. Strange.



    Now can ye imagine if one of Us had cone off makin’ a “sniper” gesture to the corralled mouth-breathers???



    There would have been bearserk bedlam………….

  20. David17,



    Yes we can demand justice.Not to help our chances,but for justice.We know what would have been the outcry had Eddy done this,God help us had it been Broony,when leaving the field.You do remember the outcry when rat face Johnston blessed himself after being sent off.If it helps us,hell slap it into them, and him.


    No time for this”Fair play”nonsense.The past week has shown all of us what a dirty war they want.

  21. TURKEYBHOY on 5TH JANUARY 2020 3:15 PM






    Yes we can demand justice.Not to help our chances,but for justice.






    It’s the Celtic Board you are talking about, they will demand nothing, even if they are ‘surprised or astonished’.

  22. Posted by @iconic1967



    From the GlasgowTimes.



    SFA remain quiet on Rangers’ UEFA licence charges



    Alastair Johnston (centre) at the Rangers AGM meeting this year




    Alastair Johnston (centre) at the Rangers AGM meeting this year




    Almost 20 months since the SFA’s compliance officer hit Rangers with two charges concerning their application for a licence to play in Europe in 2011/12, the ruling body continues to do nothing to take matters forward.



    The last act of Clare Whyte’s predecessor, Tony McGlennan, was – following an eight-month investigation – to issue the charges against Rangers in June 2018 after sworn statements made in court during the trial of former owner Craig Whyte revealed that the board at Ibrox had been made aware in January, 2011, of money owed to HMRC regarding what became known as the Wee Tax Case, when payments were made to several players under the Discounted Option Scheme in an attempt to dodge tax.




    UEFA insists that all clubs taking part in their competitions must declare overdue tax payable. However, Rangers claimed in their submission for a licence in 2011 that they had no overdue payables and that they were “in discussions” over a disputed tax bill.



    However, Rangers directors testified during the Whyte trial that the club knew the tax bill was overdue in November, 2010. As a result of their application being granted, Rangers were allowed to compete in the qualifying rounds of the Champions League (where they were eliminated by Malmo) and the Europa League (where they lost out to Maribor); had their application been rejected – as it should have been – then Celtic, runners-up in the SPL in 2011, would have taken their place in the Champions League.



    That alleged obfuscation formed the basis of the first charge, as was revealed in a letter sent by the SFA to all member clubs in September, 2017, which also explained the second charge by explaining that Rangers did not observe the rules that: “All members shall:- (a) observe the principles of loyalty, integrity and sportsmanship in accordance with the rules of fair play; (b) be subject to and comply with the articles and any statutes, regulations, directives, codes, decisions and international match calendar promulgated by the board, the Professional Game Board, the Non-Professional Game Board, the Judicial Panel Protocol, a committee or sub-committee, FIFA, UEFA or the Court of Arbitration for Sport; (f) behave towards the Scottish FA and other members with the utmost good faith.”




    Sanctions available for the latter breach range from a £1,000 fine up to “£5,000,000 and/or ejection from the Scottish Cup and/or exclusion from the Scottish Cup and/or any player registration restrictions and/or suspension and/or termination of membership and/or any sanction or disposal not expressly provided above”.



    Rangers immediately argued that the SFA, as a result of the secret Five-Way Agreement they and the SPFL signed in 2012 following the descent into liquidation of the old club, had no jurisdiction in this case and that the matter could only be heard by the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Switzerland, an opinion upheld by the SFA’s own judicial panel in June, 2018. Since then, nothing.



    When I pressed him on the matter in June of last year, SFA chief executive Ian Maxwell said: “I would expect that to come back to the board in the not too distant future.












    “It [going to CAS] is still under consideration. We’ll come back on that in due course. I wouldn’t want to put a timescale on it . . . but I don’t think we would let it go for ever.”



    We asked the SFA on Tuesday whether a decision had been arrived at concerning the next step in this procedure. They said they would get back to us but there has yet to be a response from them.




    Alastair Johnston, a director of Rangers International Football Club, this week gave an interview in which he taunted Celtic supporters who claim that the current Rangers is a separate entity from the club which imploded in 2012.



    “You know what?” he asked. “If that was the end of Rangers and Celtic and if that was the end of the big game that started in 1888 [the first Old Firm meeting] all the way to 2012 – we won that game.



    “The way you determine it by the number of times (54) we won the top division. We were ahead in February, 2012 and in head-to-head victories, we were ahead of Celtic in 2012.



    “So if you wanted to say the old Rangers of 1872 died – we beat you 2-0 and when the game started again in 2012, it will be 120 years or so before you can tie with us.”



    Mr Johnston was removed from the board at Ibrox by Whyte in 2011, but not before he declared in the club’s interim accounts that year that the Wee Tax Bill was a “potential” liability rather than an actual, overdue one.



    It’s understood that it is his signature which appears on the UEFA application which the SFA now believes was consequently awarded in error. Curiously, though, they seem reluctant to proceed with their charges.

  23. On a totally different topic.



    I have started watching Messiah on Netflix, anyone seen it?



    First few episodes really look good.



    D. :)

  24. David66 3.41pm






    Don’t know anything about it, does it cover Neil going to Motherwell as a kid, before breaking his back (?) at Crewe Alexandria before going onto being Leicester’s Captain then joining his actual bhoyhood heroes then a man of the match performance in Seville (Larssons goals apart) then managing his bhoyhood heroes to much success before returning to lead his bhoyhood heroes once again to more success



    Messiah = Neil Lennon 🍀 :-)

  25. Has any player ever been given a suspended sentence or are we looking at a new first by our corrupt powers that be.

  26. Paul67 et al



    While waiting on the SFA to act on Morelos latest banter the Celtic Board could take unilateral action, they could announce a complete ban on Rangers supporters attending Celtic Park, citing their behaviour at the most recent Old Firm Derby. Then again did our Board not defend its’decision to make tickets available, on the grounds of atmosphere and spectacle? Indeed they did. So forget about us doing anything. Let us wait on the SFA to deliver.


    Now where have I heard that refrain before?

  27. Ref the “possibility” that the SFA do NOT deem recent SEVCO player actions as being “worthy” of any punishment so let’s all move along what happens next –



    Our board say nothing of real significance other than to express their deep disappointment and reservations as to the message that this gives to the game / support base ( across all clubs ) moving forward re player behaviour / acceptable conduct ?



    Our board refuse to accept SFA whitewash ?



    Surely the board can encourage some form of concerted fan base “protest” at SFA inaction / bias via Supporter Associations network ?



    Like many others who have expressed their concerns, our “silence” both disturbs and disappoints me…..



    Ref the continued attacks upon our club / fans – I would have thought that no one in our board would be happy or prepared to let this continue without some meaningful response which demonstrates that we will not be subjected to these extremes…..



    Does DD allow continued and unsubstantiated attacks on other areas of his commercial business interests ?



    Surely there is a collective appreciation within our board of the anger / frustration / dismay amongst much of the support ?



    Why are we NOT defending ourselves in this fight / war ?



    What have we got to lose by getting up from our knees and fighting fire with fire ?




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