SFA Judicial Panel opens on Res 12 issue


The SFA Judicial Panel Disciplinary Tribunal sit for the first time today to examine Rangers Uefa licence application in 2011, the subject of which was picked up by the ‘Res 12’ group of Celtic shareholders.  This application was made under Craig Whyte’s memorable tenure which saw the club withhold tax payments before the eventual appointment of liquidators.

Evidence of what took place was eventually heard in open court, at Whyte’s trial in Glasgow last year.  Rangers did not declare to the SFA they failed to make tax payments and should not have been granted a Uefa licence.  As a consequence, Celtic, who finished second in the league that year, were denied a chance to participate  in the Champions League qualifiers.

So far, so clear, but then the matter becomes subject to issues not heard in court, specifically the Five Way Agreement between the SFA, the (now defunct) Scottish Football League, the Scottish Premier League (now the Scottish Professional Football League), oldco Rangers (now also defunct) and Sevco Scotland (now newco Rangers).

This Agreement gave Sevco Scotland associate membership of the SFA and a place in the Scottish Football League in return for accepting some, though not all, of Rangers football penalties.  Newco When the SFA announced this Tribunal, Newco did not contest the guilt of Oldco, instead suggesting they had agreement of immunity on this matter.  The SFA clearly believe differently.

The Judicial Panel will first decide on its competency to hear the matter, based on whatever partial immunity Charles Green secured for Newco in 2012.  If the terms of the immunity is not sufficient to exempt the worst excesses of Craig Whyte, the panel’s punishment of Oldco will apply to Newco.

The extent of this one is significant, effectively cheating to gain entry to the Champions League.  I expect nothing less than a multi-year ban from European competition.

You will notice people switch seats of the Newco/Oldco debate with this subject.

Craig Whyte appointed administrators who would release the name ‘Rangers’ and associated intellectual property to Newco, unlike administrators at Airdrieonians in 2002, who refused the then Clydebank to rename themselves Airdrieonians.  The name was subsequently changed to Airdrieonians in 2013.

Whyte’s plan was to buy the brand name from Rangers administrators and put the Scottish football authorities on the spot.  In buying the assets from the administrators, Green had control of the name by the time of the Five Way Agreement, and he accepted some liabilities as a price for entry on the nod into Scottish football.

This resulted in a debate that will never end.  Newco claim continuity with Oldco when selling tickets, but not so much at times like this.  No ‘Say No to liquidation’ banners were noted in the asset register.

Green claimed Sevco Scotland “bought the history” from administrators Duff and Phelps (you will not be surprised to learn ‘the history’ was not on the asset list purchased).  Now lawyers for Green’s one-time rival for Oldco’s assets will try to fortify his work.

We’ll see if Dave King’s recent sabre-rattling has been effective.

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  1. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    He shoots, he’s scored, and that’s his first World Cup Final’s goal



  2. SoT



    Thanks for the link, excellent. Gone are the days when you couldn’t fill the ground for a European Cup Final



    See also https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yO5eaSaBzzU (with great music).



    If you get the chance read the chapter on him and Mazzola in “The Perfect 10”, by Richard Williams.



    If I could have been one footballer, it would have been Gianni Rivera.

  3. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Paul, which organisation would ban Sevco from European Football?



  4. Big Cup-Winners



    I’ll take a 4 goal aggregate victory any time in the CL qualifiers, thank you. Don’t know what you’re thinking about comparing it to Beer Sheva and saying it was only marginally better. We may have lost 4 goals in Astana but we scored 3, having studded them 5-0 at Celtic Park.



    I’ll take the same again this year.

  5. So, if you ask how many LL’s would’ve made it into any of King Kenny Dalglish’s, European trophy winning teams, your being anti-Celtic ?


    Jeez, if some folk were chocolate they’d eat themselves.


    Ah thought it was only huns who regarded themselves as being, too precious.


    God bless the Lisbon Lion’s.





  6. I would love to be wrong but I have zero confidence that this will result in anything like a serious penalty being imposed on Sevco. It is not in anyone’s mercenary interest to do so. I also think that in the unlikely event of a severe penalty being imposed – for example a European ban – Dave King will go to court and damn the consequences.


    Meanwhile here is something about buses. You must never ever mention them… EVER! https://theclumpany.wordpress.com/2018/06/25/dont-mention-the-bus/





    Do you actually remember the 2nd game and how events occurred ? The score times will help you……..







    Our central defenders are a nightmare,with one or two exceptions.



    That you choose to make cheap personal points instead of discussing the matter is somewhat puzzling,and uncharacteristic too.






    BMCUW What personal insult ? Thanks for the uncharacteristic bit.

  9. Neustadt-Braw on

    from Icelandic twitter..



    Luka Modrić (DAVE KING) wakes up to a chilly hotel room. He sits up and looks around. The floor tiles are painfully cold; he jerks his feet back into the safety of his bed. That’s weird. It’s a hot summer morning, and yet every surface is frosty.



    “on a cold and frosty cold shoulder” …



    smiley we are living through awfy braw times thing ..



    a big hoopy birthday to the biggest Celt in Kirrie….my big brother Gerald…



    you will never walk alone Gerald …




  10. South Of Tunis on

    APRICALE @ 12 36 .



    Big thanks for that link . Great ! Think the music is John Coltrane .



    I bought, read and enjoyed -The Perfect Ten . Always liked his journalism but couldn’t bear him when he was on the OGWT .Odd -given that his self declared favourite choon is in my to be played at my wake box-





    Elderly Inter chap down the valley is very fond of football realated rants -one of his faves is Sandro Mazzola getting 85 minutes in the 70 World Cup Final while the god like Gianni Rivera only got 5 !!.



    I was truly rotten at football — my aspirations extended to not being the last pick in a primary school playtime 15 a side game .

  11. Neustadt-Braw on

    and there is more….



    Mandžukić is packing for the match.


    He unzips his bag and reaches into his pile of lucky socks; but the stack has frozen together. The steaming permafrost cotton is so cold it stings his skin. He yelps and throws down the socks, clutching his fingers. Something is wrong.



    smiley Jackie Frost thing ..




  12. Is the Judicial Panel Disciplinary Tribunal to be held in private?


    Is it heard by independent arbitrators?


    Will the evidence and minutes be published?


    Is the judgements final or held to appeal?



    Just some of the questions that require answers if one is to hold out any hope for honesty and transparency, IMO.




  13. Paul


    What significance should we attach, if any, to the resignation of the SFA Compliance Officer MacGlennon 2 weeks beofre this hearing?



    Was it coincidental & unrelated?



    Was his leaving some collateral damage after his report was scrutinized?



    Having investigated & submitted his report would he not have wished to see it to its conclusion & support his findings during the hearing?



    Or would he consider that his job was done by submitting it, so that he could then step away with dignity?



    I really hope that the multi year ban from Europe is a minimum outcome, but guaranteed outcomes in legal proceedings are fraught. Throw in Craig Whytem Charles Green & Dave King – and frankly – anything is possible.



    This hearing is only taking place because some Celtic fans never gave up on correcting an injustice & refused to be fobbed off by Regan and many others who sought to marginalize & ignore them.



    Thank you to them all.




  14. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Ryan Jack ( i think that’s his name), said Kipre tried to end his career……was he not sent off 4 times last season?

  15. South Of Tunis on




    Thanks !!! .



    Don’t tell my old man -he’ll kill me . I can here him now -blasting it out in a 1 bedroom flat on Garscube Rd . — ” Cedar Walton -piano player !!!! “”””

  16. Good Afternoon all,


    As one of the original signatories to Resolution 12, I could live with title stripping and asterisking the EBT era, together with a statement that it was the old club (definitiely club, not oldco – this only perpetuates the lie) wot done it. In other words, they are a new club (not co) and it was not their doing. This may be a controversial view, but I have serious doubts about any other likely verdict providing justice, or restitution. At least, it might draw a line. Sun just coming up on the Dundee riviera. HH





    A simple asterisk would suffice.



    On their jersey mind.

  18. South Of Tunis on




    I ‘ve ordered it . Should be out around the end of the month .



    I’ve heard some of it online -I like it .



    I was in a Palermo choon store recently -fine Italian bootlegs of this –



  19. Paul 67



    ” This application was made under Craig Whyte’s memorable tenure which saw the club withhold tax payments before the eventual appointment of liquidators.”



    That is inaccurate in that the application was made and Licence granted in April 2011 under the tenure of SDM before CW took over on 6th May 2011.



    He is responsible for the dealings with UEFA via the SFA in June and September but was in charge in last week of May 2011 when an HMRC letter arrived that represented a significant change from the basis the licence was granted in April 2011. Failure to a pass that on is a breach of UEFA FFP and as UEFA not notified of clubs granted until 26th May that non disclosure has implications for the granting period.



    Remember it was testimony at CW trial that triggered the JP process and that testimony related to dates prior to 31st March re liability acceptance, which was under the SDM regime.

  20. Bada



    According to press over here it could go up to 10m




    Maybe his agent can come out & confirm :)



    Does he own rights to his song :) ?.

  21. Help wanted, does anyone know somewhere online to buy Celtic beach towels? Tried the usual Amazon etc, by they all seem to be out of stock, must be a lot of Tims going on holiday

  22. A reminder is perhaps needed.



    All Res12 asked for was an investigation by UEFA to satisfy shareholders the licence was properly granted & monitored. Although JPDT is done under auspices of SFA, UEFA advice (& HMRC) would be essential for JPDT credibility.



    What that produces is not what Res12 was about. If it shows no impropriety/dishonesty then end of story but have made the point SFA are accountable to clubs who are accountable to shareholders.



    It is they that the SFA JPDT will need to satisfy that no impropriety/dishonesty were at play.



    If it does then Houston there is a problem.

  23. When is the Celtic game in Austria,on Celtic TV,as for Buses,I see our club still use Park’s of Hamilton,get a grip Celtic, surely there are plenty of other Bus Company’s out there.

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