SFA keen to change others while retaining their architect of destruction


SFA chief executive, Stewart Regan, clearly sees opportunity among the carnage that is Scottish football at the moment as he leaked plans to ambush clubs into a radical overhaul of the league structures to the media yesterday.

Henry McLeish made several recommendations in his paper on the future of our game, one of which was for a smaller professional setup of two leagues (SPL 1 and SPL 2), sitting on top of a grass-roots pyramid of community based clubs, as well as a 10-team top division.  I agreed with both recommendations but relegation-dodgers in the SPL refused to countenance such a deal.

While it seems a 10-club top division is as far away as ever, the SFA are keen to push through a SPL 2 proposal before the start of the new season, something which borders on ultra-ambitious.

An unattributed SFA source (surely Regan himself) briefed BBC’s Jim Spence on their plans but the language was curious:

“Someone has to take a lead and sort out the internal bickering and point scoring and also to ensure that the Rangers situation never happens again.

“We need to use the mood for change among supporters in the country to tackle the current inertia and do what is right for the game.

“Change has to be democratic, but the time for talking has passed. We need action now to save the game.

“The fans are demanding fundamental change. The Rangers situation has intensified the need for a resolution and, over the next few weeks, we will meet with the SPL and SFL to find a solution.”

In order to “ensure the Rangers situation never happens again”, why don’t the SFA start by ensuring former directors of Rangers, who participated in the controversial EBT scheme which precipitated the crisis, are removed from the SFA board?

The SFA president received loans from Rangers EBT which he did not repay despite the club going bust last week.  There is a belief that those loans were never meant to be repaid and that many of Rangers EBT loans were accompanied by written confirmation that they were never to be repaid, making these ‘loans’ an illegal tax scam.

The SFA chief executive claimed to have investigated and cleared the president of any wrong-doing.  No one else is aware of this investigation.  There is a suspicion that all he did was listen to the president’s version of events, compounding an already dreadful situation for the SFA.

We would love to hear how Mr Ogilvie explained why he didn’t repay his loan.

Two weeks ago we spoke about the SFAs inadequate corporate governance on these matters.  If only corporate governance was the extent of the problem, they appear quite shameless.

“Someone has to take the lead…. tackle the current inertia and do what is right for the game”.

Sack the clown before you start to preach to the rest of the game.

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  1. There is no msm journalism left in Scotland. The ‘journalists’ are just p.r. oinks for the masonic establishment and their favourite wee non-existent bigotfest that tries to pass itself off as a football club.


    (Jim Spence & Mark Daly are the exceptions that prove the rule.)


    It’s a pointless exercise to give any of the yellow rags any credence or money.


    It’s becoming pointless to pay a license fee either as the Murdoch gang ‘own’ television in UKplc.

  2. Clean up your act before you try to restructure the league(s).


    How about you start with:


    “I hereby tender my resignation….”

  3. saltires en sevilla on




    Great stuff again



    Both barrels to the chest… Don’t miss them and hit the wall!







  4. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on

    Happy Fathers day to all Celtic dads out there ..



    Yes. The SFA IS DIRTY and corrupt top to bottom. The SPL under “Nae clue” Doncaster is the same..



    The stench of corruption is overwhelming..



    And STILL the name MINTY is never mentioned negatively with any serious intent..



    The ugly centuries old bile and corruption has floated to the surface on the carcass of the bigoted institution that was Rankers and Scottish football..



    All the dour staunch bigots dont know what way to turn..



    It’s a joy to behold.. Their blatant cheating and rule changing exposing them for what they are.



    Bitter little men..



    Happy Dads day to all in the Celtic family ..



    To all dads who we remember today..




    Hail hail, You WILL NEVER walk alone.

  5. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    This is what I don’t get.



    Why should the SPL and SFA not be disbanded first and then a new unified body created.



    They have both proven to be not fit for purpose.



    Why would any customer trust them ?




  6. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Paul67 –



    Nail on the head there – but logic will never take a firm grip at the SFA.



    That’s not say the firm grip is a foreign concept at Hampden right enough.

  7. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    Time for talk is over



    Looks to me like the consultation period is complete eh



    Now can anyone remind me when the consultation period began.


    Are the board of the sfa trying to make decisions that have not been presented to the members.



    What ever they want to call it, it’s all smoke and mirrors to deflect from the irregularities at board level, in itself is a distraction from an attempt to distract from the facts about serious corruption

  8. sixtaeseven: No NewClub in SPL and it's Non-Negotiable! on

    The clown wants the Big Top to stay open, hence the current inertia!

  9. Surely the SPL share is the only asset that is actually worth something in the liquidated company as the bricks & mortor have been transferred to another entity, I am still struggling to get my head round how transferring out all of the assets at way under market value to a new company is a legal way to avoid paying due tax and other creditors from the sale of these assets when you are in administration.



    Currently investigating if I can transfer my house and car into a shell company and then run up a huge tax bill knowing I can then stick two up at HMRC when they demand their tax money saying the only asset I have is my slightly insane dog, pretty sure it will end up with me in prison if I go down this road.



    Who the heck is meant to be representing the creditors in all of this?




  10. taggart nobody move on

    Paul 67



    This is just the beginining of a lot of bloodletting. HMRC in these perilous financial times do not do walking away. My sources tell me that the men in suits are ready to mount a full scale investigation into those who have failed to contribute to the public purse! This means heavy civil penalties on non VAT/TAX payments and/or criminal charges if the evidence is there to support any such charges. I would imagine that HMRC would immediately place any NEWCO on monthly VAT and PAYE returns to ensure they (the taxpayer) is getting their just payments. HMRC is not for WALKING AWAY!!

  11. sixtaeseven: No NewClub in SPL and it's Non-Negotiable! on



    Do you think it is any way possible that the league reconstruction they are proposing could be in place for the 4th of August?



    I thought the only thing that could be fast-tracked through the SFA was rescinding red cards for RFC(IL).

  12. South Of Tunis on

    The cynic in me thinks that the Clown will remain at the Circus for as long as it takes to minimize any inconvenience for The New Hun gravity defying high wire act..

  13. To Dick Advocaat’s masterpiece “I don’y care what people in Russia think about me” I can add another one.


    Andrei Arshavin: ” If supporters in Russia think that our play did not meet their expectations, I can say it’s not our problem. It’s their problem.”

  14. up_over_goal on




    Do you know if Celtic plan to sue over lost titles/cups? Gregory Ioannidis claims clubs can only do this before Rangers is officially liquidated.

  15. Auld Neil Lennon heid on




    The removal of Campbell Ogilve has to be part of the package*, even if he is an innocent party his attachment to toxic Rangers and ebts means that for the good of the game he is supposed to love he has to step down (but more likely up into some UEFA job).



    What I found interesting in the bbc article that announced this new initiative was this sentence which came right after the quotes, and if Regan is the source then it suggests that if he did not realise the power the SFA hold in the form of club licensing before questionned by the CST, he does now.The sentence said



    It is understood that, over the next few weeks, the SFA, which is the body that licenses the clubs TO PLAY , will hold meetings with the SPL and the SFL to PUSH through the changes it feels are needed.



    My reading of this is that the SFA are telling the SPL they will not grant Newco a licence for the SPL because the rules do not allow it and the only game in town is restructuring.



    This was always the case in my view and it looks like the SFA have decided to take charge and not before time.



    * package to also include removal (quietly) of Doncaster, investigation of two contracts to conclude swiftly and titles removed from Dodo FC and review of the club licensing process to make sure clubs accounts are verifiable and not just taken at face value and of course a review of how referees are appointed and monitored. In short cut off all the means previously used by Rangers to ruin Scottish football. Do that and we have done more than cut down the tree, we have dug up the roots as well.



  16. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    They have grounds to sue the sfa as sfa directors knew about two contracts

  17. Kilbowie Kelt on

    The strange case of the immovable Campbell Ogilvie is explained by something that I posted some time ago,


    The apparent inaction is simply a case of buying time.


    Mr Ogilvie has already confided in those close to him that he will be elevated to a senior position at EUFA this Summer. For the move to be seen as seamless, a little more time is required. It must not appear to be done with indecent haste.



    Pontius Pilate is currently at the wash-hand basin.

  18. The complete lack of leadership in Scottish football is frightening. One of the biggest clubs in the country has ceased to exist and there hasn’t been so much as a comment from the pygmies who run the SFA and the SPL.


    Time has now come for Celtic to stop the backroom politicking that they undoubtedly are engaging in, and press the nuclear button on the Scottish game.


    Publicly call for Ogilvie’s removal,


    Vote of no confidence and sacking of Doncaster,


    Dissolution of the SPL,


    Newco to lowest level of the game


    Give the SFA one year to sort out the whole mess for the long term good of the game.


    If ALL of this doesn’t happen then Celtic should resign from SPL and sue the SFA/SPL for loss of income over the ‘cheating’ years, informing UEFA that we cannot continue in a corrupt game.

  19. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    I expect any changes will be just short of fair, enough ambiguities will be left in place to frustrate transparency and justice.

  20. •-:¦:-•** -:¦:- sparkleghirl :¦:-.•**• -:¦:-• on

    up_over_goal on 17 June, 2012 at 14:29 said:



    Sueing over lost trophies



    I don’t see how liquidation can be a reasonable deadline for that. Surely clubs can’t sue until the investigation into possible wrongdoing is complete?

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