SFA lawyers examine illegal registration responses


BBC today revealed that the SFA’s legal team are examining responses from the Associations 93 clubs to a letter dated 9 March, which reminded clubs of their responsibility to record financial records with the SFA and asking them to declare they have complied over the last 10 years.

The inquiry was established after reports that Rangers had illegally registered players for over a decade, excluding payments which were not taxed.  We can presume that as the legal team are investigating, there was at least one response which returned a noncompliance.

The SFA issued a deadline for responses of 6 April and under Article 86.1 any club not responding in a timely manner would be in breach, so it’s unclear why it has taken over two months to get to this stage, so why the legal team are only “examining responses”.

We look forward to hearing an early comment on this crucial matter from the executive.  It is enormously unfortunate that the SFA were unable to inform their AGM of the findings on Wednesday. BBC report that the Association legal team have yet to report to the Compliance Officer, which is the next step.

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  1. tommytwiststommyturns on

    Game completely spoiled by Spanish ref. Ridiculously soft 2 yellows.




  2. •-:¦:-•** -:¦:- sparkleghirl :¦:-.•**• -:¦:-• on

    Absolutely. Even the spanish commentators who were delighted to have a spanish ref are extremely critical

  3. Snake Plissken on

    First game ruined by the refereeing.



    Murawski was slipping as he turned and Sokratis didn’t touch him.


    terrible terrible refereeing.



    An honest mistake?

  4. •-:¦:-•** -:¦:- sparkleghirl :¦:-.•**• -:¦:-• on

    Thi ref has lost control, utterly

  5. Snake Plissken on

    Then a blatant handball in the box from Poland – No penalty






    He can’t get out of the way of the ball but it is still hand ball.

  6. Paul 67



    I am sure that the SFA legal team will highlight the following:



    – where the rules have been breached


    – who within the Shame had possession & knowledge of the “cheating”


    – who within the SFA had similar knowledge and should have drawn attention to the “cheating”



    My expectation is that there will be numerous breaches resulting in a sine die expulsion , which will importantly extend to any team playing in Blue at Ipox , claiming the tainted history.



    I would also expect the SFA to issue initial severe punishments to the Shame but reserve the right to pursue individuals when the FTT finally reports, as (although much of the information will be anonymised) , I expect that all of the Shame’s directors and key managers will be shredded in the FTT document. A bunch of sine die bans for the relevant suits.



    I also expect that the SFA will not come out of this squeaky clean and the complacency and culture which was exposed during Dallasgate will inevitably through up some victims. If stupidity is the benchmark then pretty easy to come up with the prime candidate in the SFA who swept this under the carpet.




  7. Snake



    Never a pen but you you have to have real sympathy for the Greeks.

  8. Papadopoulos, sometimes transliterated as Papadopulos, is the most common Greek surname.



    It is used both in Greece, Cyprus and countries of the Greek diaspora as well, such as the USA, United Kingdom, Australia and Scandinavian.



    It means “son of a priest”.



    The Irish equivalent is McEnteggart







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  9. Sir Paul.



    Ah dinna expect that the S.F.A./S.P.L.s Legal Team wull


    be in any hurry tae publish the result o’ thur Questionaire.



    In Ma opinion, if they did.. then, that wid be totally against the


    Policy of…. Strategic Procastination.. which ,theTenants ,in situ.. at Letherby Drive.. have bin assidously Following.



    It has bin Deemed tae be the most favorable approach.. in thur concerted effort tae..






    So, why should that Policy be changed??











    Still, Laughin’

  10. The Narrowbhoat Tim on

    The Greek goalie wanders more than Xenophon’s 10,000 in Asia Minor in 401 B.C. Boom that one is for all the Classical CQN Scholars out there

  11. If all the games are reffed like this I dont think I will be watching many games…

  12. Glendalystonsils likes a mr whippy with his lime green jelly on

    hamiltontim on 8 June, 2012 at 17:49 said:







    Never a pen but you you have to have real sympathy for the Greeks.





    Only a penalty if your name’s Joe Ledley.

  13. up_over_goal on

    Two ridiculous yellows from the Spanish ref, but Poland by far the better side – they seem a yard sharper than their counterparts.



    Watching Greece because of my pro-Sammi leanings. Can you be panic-stricken yet at the same time nonchalant? The Greek defence and goalie are making a good attempt at this. Sammi playing well, but getting no support on the left. Ninis is a ninny – that’s twice I’ve seen him play cool back heels to no one. He’s not in a Michael Jackson video, but he thinks he is.



    The Poles were ripping up that right hand side until the Greek LB was subbed.



    1-0 going on 3, and with the sending off, game looks over.

  14. Poland deservedly ahead – but two awful decisions on the yellow cards that led to the sending off.



    Ref got the penalty claim right though. Never deliberate – would only ever be given against us.

  15. sixtaeseven: No NewClub in SPL and it's Non-Negotiable! on

    Ref is a Homer… but ain’t Greek



  16. Snake Plissken on




    Probably not a penalty but we’ve all seen them given and seconds after the worst red card I’ve seen for a long time.



    First game of the tournament and that’s the standard. Hope it is not the shape of things to come.

  17. BRILLIANT !!!


    The Thai Tims were just on TV3 news(Ireland) singing “The Rocky Road To Poland”


    I reckon they just got another million fans !!!

  18. Snake



    I agree neither were yellows but three wrongs don’t make a right :-))

  19. sixtaeseven: No NewClub in SPL and it's Non-Negotiable! on

    The Greeks won’t be ouzoing with confidence for the second half…

  20. The bould Hector's bhoys..... Tá ár lá anois on

    houl yer weesht





    Every day’s a school day…!

  21. I have a theorum about why the Greeks have been so poor in the first half……it’s all about angles.

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