SFA lawyers examine illegal registration responses


BBC today revealed that the SFA’s legal team are examining responses from the Associations 93 clubs to a letter dated 9 March, which reminded clubs of their responsibility to record financial records with the SFA and asking them to declare they have complied over the last 10 years.

The inquiry was established after reports that Rangers had illegally registered players for over a decade, excluding payments which were not taxed.  We can presume that as the legal team are investigating, there was at least one response which returned a noncompliance.

The SFA issued a deadline for responses of 6 April and under Article 86.1 any club not responding in a timely manner would be in breach, so it’s unclear why it has taken over two months to get to this stage, so why the legal team are only “examining responses”.

We look forward to hearing an early comment on this crucial matter from the executive.  It is enormously unfortunate that the SFA were unable to inform their AGM of the findings on Wednesday. BBC report that the Association legal team have yet to report to the Compliance Officer, which is the next step.

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  1. Mon Sammi shut these Philistines up….


    ………………….haud oan I’ve 1-1 in predictor,


    keep missing Sammi.

  2. My dear,dear,dear,friend..Lennon’s Passion @ 18.07





    Nice tae be chattin’,wi’ ye.



    Regarding yer claim…



    Ah say…



    Mebbeso.. Mebbeno!






    May Ah point oot.. this..?



    The U.K. Tax People hiv.. IT SEEMS..



    Taken A very extremely.. Salient Step..





    Naming, thur Ain Champion..instead o’ Duff, Dolt and Greir… tae go aboot the business o’


    Selling aff the Ibrox Goodies.. when, and if.. Liquidization would take place.



    Looks like .. tae Me,of course, and obviously, No Tae You..






    The Good Tax Folk WULLNAE..dae…. as ye pit it so succinctly..



    “Roll Over”





    yer pal. who likes ye bettah than that Piece n’ Jam, whit Ma Mammie used tae Throw doon tae Me,oot the Back windae.. long, long, ago.

  3. CELTIC can confirm that the following four


    players have now left the club – Dominic


    Cervi, Darren O´Dea, Niall McGinn and


    Richie Towell.



    Sad to see Towell not making it.

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    You obviously didnt reside in a 20 storey flat then….



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    Polish sub keeper, first touch is to save pen.

  6. Gordon J



    stonewall red card imo



    no touch from the keeper it`s a tap in

  7. Snake Plissken on

    You do have to hand it to Greece.



    Playing the host nation


    A goal down


    A man down



    Still in with a chance now the Poles only have 10 men as well.



    Told you that Arsenal keeper was a dummy



    Now Greece have a goal disallowed

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    Then Ye sure missed oot .





    yer pal.. who likes ye aloater.



    Still, Laughin’, though.. Still, Laughin’

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