SFA McGlennan resigns, Celtic season tickets Sold Out


SFA Compliance Officer, Tony McGlennan, has tendered his resignation, just weeks after issuing a Notice of Complaint over (Oldco) Rangers over their application for a Uefa licence for season 2011-12.  The issue relates to Rangers failure to pay tax relating to the Discounted Options Scheme, active during Sir David Murray’s  reign.  Murray ditched this scheme in 2002 when he plunged the club headfirst in the EBT mess which ultimately led to liquidation.

Craig Whyte’s trial last year at Glasgow High Court heard evidence which contradicted the club’s submission to the SFA in 2011.  McGlennan investigated and recommended the SFA act.  An independent panel will now have the task of deciding what action to take.  Newco Rangers are on the hook for Oldco’s football punishments, as determined by the Five Way Agreement between the SFA, Scottish Premier League, Scottish Football League, Rangers and Sevco (now Newco Rangers).

The investigation into Rangers 2011 submission took eight months and was not published until the new SFA chief exec, Ian Maxwell, was in-situ.  The SFA still work in the shadow of Ally McCoist’s “Who are these people?” veil, so it may be wise for McGlennan to move on, before a suitable punishment for misrepresentation on an application to gain access to a competition worth tens of millions is declared.  Celtic were denied a place in the 2011 Champions League qualification competition due to Rangers’ submission, an issue which led to the Res 12 campaign.

It is quite unbelievable that the season ticket Sold Out notices went up at the Celtic ticket office today.  53,000 season tickets to see 8-in-a-row, with a waiting list for those wanting to see our 9-in-a-row record matched.  While Champions League money is the salt on our chips, the club’s long-term financial stability is underpinned by season ticket sales.  The paying public is the most important revenue stream at Celtic.  These figures also underpin merchandising and commercial deals.

Well done to all season ticket holders!

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  1. POR CIERTO on 12TH JUNE 2018 12:03 PM


    Standard Season Tickets now sold out. Has anyone who had an ST for the area where you lose 2 games a season, been guaranteed a seat for those games now? por cierto

  2. Auldheid on 12th June 2018 12:16 pm




    The Battered Bunnet on 12th June 2018 10:11 am









    Maybe, after three years, the guy’s simply had enough of the SFA’s shit and fancies something different.












    What McGlennan and McKinlay and Regan’s resignations are telling me is that the Judicial Protocol system and Compliance arrangements that all clubs voted for are causing one club in particular massive problems.







    If other clubs do not step up to the plate and defend the Judicial Protocol then the game is beyond saving.







    Perhaps McGlennan sees that coming?

  3. Will be interesting to see what happens in light of this resignation. No quarter must be given to the cheats.



    Season ticket sold out signs are great. I hope the parking debacle is sorted out as we’ll because that will prevent some season ticket holders from attending in my opinion.




    Season ticket sales for the Lisbon Lions end are the same as last year and arrangements


    for the games against Sevco are unaffected.



    This doesn’t mean that Celtic will grant Sevco the full allocation as before and special season ticket


    holders may be given first option of their seat should Celtic ‘reciprocate’ in ticket allocation reduction.

  5. Por Ciento,


    i was on the waiting list for tickets,by the time i got my letter standard seats were sold out,


    no mention of being able to buy a ticket for the Sevco games if you bought a restricted area season tickets

  6. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    So the Celtic support continue to do their job.


    I hope the club reciprocate.


    We want two signings that can make a difference… like these two, https://youtu.be/PSIXkQmeFd8


    Warning. The above clip includes scenes from the very beginning, that some viewers may find orgasmic.

  7. Another day,another load of intrigue with the Unwashed lurking in the margins.Wee Craig’s looming court case,probably the biggest story of all.With all of the evidence,even an admission from Green of his intention to defraud him,Wee Craig might be on a “SLam Dunk”here.Good times ahead.Richard Wilson making the Record look stupid with their headline about The Unwashed being in poll position to sign the Croat defender,also nice.The TOny Mc Glennan resignation could be anything.We will soon know.The aforementioned,Croat defender,supposedly,”Highly rated”on the market for around 2 million,surely has not gown, unnoticed at our club.


    Excuse the gown.


    We live in the best of times.

  8. The Battered Bunnet on




    It’s difficult not to link each of the resignations while simultaneously there’s an obvious turf war going on.



    I’d be careful though to avoid drawing any conclusions based on loose assumptions.

  9. Auldheid,


    not sure reading your comment,


    is the one club you refer to Celtic or Sevco ?

  10. The Battered Bunnet on 12th June 2018 12:37 pm











    It’s difficult not to link each of the resignations while simultaneously there’s an obvious turf war going on.







    I’d be careful though to avoid drawing any conclusions based on loose assumptions.




    Moi? :)

  11. gordybhoy64 on 12th June 2018 12:40 pm



    Sevco. The idea Celtic might be unhappy with a Judicial Process never entered my head.

  12. garygillespieshamstring on

    Great to read that season tickets have sold out.


    However I will be one very annoyed season ticket holder if Celtic don’t take advantage of this opportunity to exclude as many Huns as possible from Celtic Park.



    Still disappointed

  13. Auldheid,


    thanks,i had thought Sevco,


    but reading your comment about other clubs not stepping up


    i wondered if Celtic were being left out on a limb.

  14. GreeninbingleyinOslo on




    I could watch that Naka free kick all day long.



    In fact, seeing as how its a slow day at work here, I think I will do just that.

  15. Paul 67



    Yes, ” Well done to all our Season Ticket holders ”


    And also ,a big thanks to the remainder of our world wide support who finance the club in a different way.



    53,000 ST’s sold and a waiting list is a phenomenal achievement, however there is an added assignment to ST holders , and that is to ensure their ticket is actually used each game.




  16. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Not getting my hopes up about this.


    Only last week Maxwell was saying he gets on well with Dickson.


    Then there’s serial failure EBT McLeish as national team manager, appointed by his pal Strong Rangers McRae who will likely be replaced by “move on” Petrie.


    Will we see the phrase “imperfect application” added to the Scottish football lexicon?

  17. NEG



    Which way will the fix be in? No one knows yet, but I’d hazard a guess it’s the same way you’re thinking.


    Celtic PLC can do whatever, sure, 56,000 ST’s are in the bank, but here’s hoping it’s something with a bit more bite than what has happened in the past. I wont hold my breath though. Shareholders are the front line crusaders in this battle por cierto.

  18. !!Bada Bing!! on

    STARRY PLOUGH on 12TH JUNE 2018 10:49 AM


    !!BADA BING!!







    He was either part of the Kabal, or he values family life…..HH

  19. The natives on RM certainly feel that they have got a result with the rssignation


    of the compliance officer,they think the Lying King is doing a great job


    in clearing the SFA .

  20. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Frankie Boyle’s Russia World Cup programmes on BBC were good, hope the Club bring the Bhoy who runs a team and called them Celtic over.

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