SFA-Ogilvie statement of inaction while SPL split looms


SFA president, Campbell Ogilvie, today issued a statement through the SFA website amid a growing clamour for action over the on-going controversy over the alleged improper registration of players at Rangers during the time he was company/general secretary and director.

It will be an enormous disappointment to the BBC journalist who gave him solid backing only yesterday, to hear the president admit that he benefited from the now-infamous Employee Benefit Trust (EBT) scheme, however, this will not be news to any of you.  Without wanting to be cynical, this feels like we are being fed a completely irrelevant headline while the real matter at hand was yet again not addressed.  Perhaps we should be grateful the gratuitous but irrelevant headline didn’t involve the Krankies.

Ogilvie completely refused to acknowledge or address the question of improper registration of players, instead referring to an incomplete list of his duties at Rangers.

The SPL split will happen in 25 days at which point fixtures will be arranged for the top and bottom six in the league.  This issue has to be investigated, reported and perhaps appealed all the way to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, before then.  Kilmarnock, Aberdeen and St Mirren are currently battling for seventh place, if it was found that Rangers played improperly registered players this season, they could stand to lose enough points to demote them to the bottom half of the table.

The SFA cannot continue to sleep on the job.  While Ogilvie’s position as president is important, he is a sideshow to enabling Scottish football to finish the season on time.

The SFA, the SPL, the game itself is in enormous crisis. Michel Platini, where are you? How bad does it need to get before you get involved?

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  1. How on earth does David Murray, a thoroughly discredited figure, demand such loyalty from his Laptop poodles? I honestly can’t get my head around it.



    Have to laugh at Shug saying CO is “an honest guy”; yeah, because the SFA have never had any issues regarding telling the truth, especially when it comes to Celtic.



    Admit it Shug, you know your days of cosy contentment are numbered and you dont like it one bit.



    The internet bampots aren’t walking away!! We don’t do that :)

  2. Strange case of De ja vue here.



    Last weeks headlines….PLAYERS WAGE CUTS PREVENT ANY JOB CUTS (including cleaners and kitchen staff)



    Headlines yesterday….RFC(IA) LAUNCH FIGHTING FUND TO PREVENT ANY JOB CUTS (including cleaners and kitchen staff)



    nurse, my jelly and icecream is wearing off

  3. Suspect wee Jim Spence is enjoying himself tonight on Shortbread. Good on that wee redhead!

  4. This is getting very murky,..I felt a few days ago after RTC tweeted about this matter, that, there is an oil fire already spreading and quickly…journalists down south already have theyre ears on this.




    The SFA and the media along with Murray etc and anyone who might know about this are in utter survival mode now…They will now resort to absolutely anything to keep this quiet and save face.

  5. LMFAO. I swear to fook, Keevins flapping so much then, that i’m pretty sure he rose 6ft off his seat. As soon as the guy said he was a lawyer and don’t try and give it the old ‘you just want them extinct’ he was a veritable stuttering Stanley. Could just see him giving it the old ‘cut’ sign to Sheelagh.



    He knows Campbell, he loves him, he’s a great guy, he’s magic, he’d neeeever do anything wrong. ‘Now for the love of God get aff the line’



    Crying with laughter. The Colombian cocaine cartel are more approachable than our press!




  6. And they said we were paranoid….


    Cadette/farrygate ,dallasgate,Dougie Dougie gate, ogilvie EBTs , save rangers at all costs gate , succulent lamb gate, the current rangers pantomime going to script,double contractsgate,



    We now know the truth


    But probably only scratching the surface if this cesspit

  7. I can almost hear the castors squeaking on the Walrus of Law’s desk as it trundles down the corridor toward the SFA lift.

  8. Mrs BT sitting warching escape to the country then criminal minds….



    I think those criminals will need to escape the country…



    still can’t listen to snyde or shortbread….

  9. How desperately is wee Chick defending the Hvns and David Murray tonight?


    It is truly unbelievable that this idiot is still being paid by us, the mug license payer.

  10. What need for journalists eh Hugh? Lets just unquestioningly accept all statements as FACT



    To think these muppets have the audacity to call themselves “journalists”

  11. celticrollercoaster says In Neil we trust on




    The Swiss club Sion have had 36 points deducted for fielding ineligible players in the league, the country’s Football Association, the SFV, has announced.



    Sion immediately condemned the decision as a “cowardly act”. In a statement the club said: “FC Sion was informed by the press of the decision of the central committee of the Swiss Football Association to bow to the blackmail of Fifa and collaborate on the injustice facing the club, by pronouncing a deduction of 36 points in the Super League championship.



    “This process condemns the team irreparably to relegation. This decision is mainly an intolerable affront to equity in sports, but it is no surprise to [Sion], who did not expect any courage on the part of the SFV in the face of Fifa.



    “Considering this cowardly act of the SFV, FC Sion is even more determined to defend its interests and ethics in sport of football by compliance with court decisions, both civil and sports.”



    The SFV’s decision came two weeks after Fifa threatened to suspend Switzerland if Sion were not punished for fielding six players who were signed in the summer when the club was subject to a transfer ban.





    SFA cowards, are you out there? Do you wish to wait for UEFA intervention and threaten the whole of Scottish football with European explusion before you act?



    Cmon Mr Regan, you must have the inside track with Mr “See no evil” Ogilivie in the office next door?







  12. St.John.Doyle on

    RalphWaldoEllison-is Neil Lennon Season 2011-12 on 14 March, 2012 at 18:24 said:






    From your post and that from Paul67 I think the answer is pretty simple, they are called Employee BENEFIT Trust, it is clear those players are employees and they received BENEFITS from the trust. Under the SPL and SFA rules they have to register all payments and BENEFITS, if they did not register those BENEFITS they are in breach


    Sorry I cant do the bold for BENEFITS, They have no place to hide sooner or later they will be exposed

  13. tomtheleedstim on

    Off topic advice needed. iPad users. When you have a couple of pages open I.e. CQN/Twitter etc is there ANY way to stop the bloody pages reloading after you switch between them?


    I love this device but that does my head in.

  14. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!..Truth and Justice will always prevail on

    keevins is now KING FUD …….the man has no integrity AT ALL …also, an ignoramous of the highest order… he is either charged with being abnoxious by his employer, or he is not very bright at all…..

  15. Hiro Nakamura on

    It’s interesting and ironic that while bluenose.co.uk points to a clowns website bluenose.com points to the website of a TAX ACCOUNTANCY SERVICE.



    Couldn’t make it up

  16. The Honest Cover-up on

    TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on 14 March, 2012 at 18:19 said:



    Worth remembering that TWO seperate SFA internal investigations found that Farry had done nothing wrong with regard to Cadete’s registration.


    Presumably the men conducting the investigation back then were every bit as “honourable and honest” as Ogilvie.


    Were it not for the stubbornness of wee Fergus, this issue would have been swept under the carpet also. What a testament to McCann that, long before the days of new media, he was able to single handedly nail the SFA over Farry.

  17. They are given the benefit of entitlement,while we are denied the entitlement of benefit.

  18. well done paul67


    wiil be very intrested to see what name’s are on the ra gers contract’s


    submitted to the sfa.


    if this does not end up in court or eufa i will give up jelly and ice cream



    digginaholetaehidein csc

  19. Serge on 14 March, 2012 at 18:28 said:



    Great story ,apart from the made up bit of you


    scoring the goals.

  20. Jim Duffy. Total tadger. ‘Why should the press mud rake?’



    answer: That’s how they get stories ya fud!!



    Bernstein and Woodward must just have went straight up to old Dickie and got the total truth straight out his mouth.



    Is there NO ONE out there to stop this??






  21. Campbell Ogilvie is being defended rigorously on radio tonight. Such a fine upstanding, honest and decent man he is apparently. How many years was he at Ranjurs during their sectarian signing policy?


    Yes, a nice man indeed. I’d trust him.

  22. Michael Grant and Tom English beginning to row back already.


    Said yesterday this was inevitable once Alex Thompson got on the case.


    Only the idiots like Keevins and Young will defend their corner to the last. Utterly contemptible.

  23. tomtheleedstim : in Settings,under General,do you have Open New Tabs in Background switched to on?

  24. jimmci on 14 March, 2012 at 18:51 said:




    Michael Grant and Tom English beginning to row back already.


    Said yesterday this was inevitable once Alex Thompson got on the case.


    Only the idiots like Keevins and Young will defend their corner to the last. Utterly contemptible.







    you forgot to mention the main man . the laptop bully .MR JABBA

  25. !!Bada Bing!! Kano 1000 on

    pauloantony on 14 March, 2012 at 18:52 said:


    I wonder if the shredders are working overtime in and about glasgow





    I hope we have cast iron proof somewhere.Hopefully someone with the inside track,will be on soon to settle us down.HH

  26. Jim Spencer is the only one with a modicum of integrity; Gaunt, Chico and


    Anguish are mere rodeo clowns in the sinister big top hun coverup



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