SFA-Ogilvie statement of inaction while SPL split looms


SFA president, Campbell Ogilvie, today issued a statement through the SFA website amid a growing clamour for action over the on-going controversy over the alleged improper registration of players at Rangers during the time he was company/general secretary and director.

It will be an enormous disappointment to the BBC journalist who gave him solid backing only yesterday, to hear the president admit that he benefited from the now-infamous Employee Benefit Trust (EBT) scheme, however, this will not be news to any of you.  Without wanting to be cynical, this feels like we are being fed a completely irrelevant headline while the real matter at hand was yet again not addressed.  Perhaps we should be grateful the gratuitous but irrelevant headline didn’t involve the Krankies.

Ogilvie completely refused to acknowledge or address the question of improper registration of players, instead referring to an incomplete list of his duties at Rangers.

The SPL split will happen in 25 days at which point fixtures will be arranged for the top and bottom six in the league.  This issue has to be investigated, reported and perhaps appealed all the way to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, before then.  Kilmarnock, Aberdeen and St Mirren are currently battling for seventh place, if it was found that Rangers played improperly registered players this season, they could stand to lose enough points to demote them to the bottom half of the table.

The SFA cannot continue to sleep on the job.  While Ogilvie’s position as president is important, he is a sideshow to enabling Scottish football to finish the season on time.

The SFA, the SPL, the game itself is in enormous crisis. Michel Platini, where are you? How bad does it need to get before you get involved?

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  1. Auld Neil Lennon heid on

    Mort on 14 March, 2012 at 18:56 said:




    Is that you Auldheid on now?







    Nope. Just back in. What was he saying?

  2. Why go to university to be a journalist ?


    A small check list will suffice.


    Are you a soup taker?


    Are you a mason?


    Are you an ar*elicker?


    Can you spout p#sh for a living?


    Do you refrain from reading blogs on t’inernet?


    Do you believe that Sir Dave is super being?


    Do you have a tube of Vick lodged up your nose?


    Answer yes to 2 or more of the above ,go


    and get your diploma from front desk.

  3. David Murray is a slime ball who cannot be trusted one iota. Wisnae me springs to mind and pass the ball to the stooge that is Whyte. It is hunbelievable and Ogilvie should be booted out on his arse, seeeeemples




  4. Auld Neil Lennon heid on

    jimtim on 14 March, 2012 at 18:57 said:



    Even JT has started to change his tune on a Div3 start for Newco. I’ve posted on this earlier.

  5. Fascist fascist:



    A gala night organised at Bridgeton Grand Masonic Hall for raising monies for the fighting fund. Compere for the night will be Debbie Mcghee. There will be a tombola adjudicated by Jim Davidson and Paul Van Vossen: prize is a collection of Giles Brandsworths knitted jumpers (included and of particular interest is a knitted Union Jack tank top).


    Matt Bianco and his monkey, Chaz & Dave, covers acts Tina Turnoff, Bon Jobby and Kenny With the Tax Dodgers will all appear. Eddie the Eagle will call out the bingo numbers and Timmy Mallet will sing itzy bitzy orange polkadot bikini. There will be more fun with stick a pin in king billys horse and a karaoke of favourite ulster volunteer anthems.


    The night will end in the Chuckle Brothers singing God Save the Queen. Culminating in a reinactment of the battle of the boyne at bridgeton cross.

  6. Auld Neil Lennon heid on

    Neither Keevins nor Duffy convinced SDM was duped.



    This line had no chance.

  7. Aulheid



    Apologies, it was Celtforlife talking about EBTS on Real Radio. He’s due back on again soon making good points about seperate registrations.




  8. RalphWaldoEllison-is Neil Lennon Season 2011-12 on

    The Honest Cover-up on 14 March, 2012 at 18:49 said:



    Nicely understated sir. They saw no need for transparency or honesty back then and it is very clear that nothing has changed since. Fergus rules!



    On the SSB and Flanders & Co, it seems that it’s getting more and more like a motorway pile-up in the other carriageway. You know you shouldn’t demean yourself, but you still have a quick look to see how bad it really is.


    We really shouldn’t encourage them, unless they’re getting a kicking from some punter.

  9. Keevins and crew are working to their programme sponsor’s agenda.



    Parks of Hamilton.



    So, what line do you expect them to take?



    BBC? That’s another story!

  10. tomtheleedstim on

    In fact when I go to “settings” it just says “leave jelly for two hours to set and then serve with ice cream”


    I’m doing something wrong……………….

  11. Well done Celtforlife.



    Made great oints that they couldn’t really argue with. I don’t think they quite understood the situation either but fair play for raising the points.




  12. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!..Truth and Justice will always prevail on

    What’s this about a ‘legal loophole’ on the ‘administration’ front……..??

  13. They wir talkin oan the radio


    An hawf of it wiz shyte


    Pontificating tae an audience


    Lookin fir a fight



    They wir talkin oan the radio


    Thir opinions made nae sense


    Pontificating basterds


    Being stupid nae defence



    They wir talkin oan the radio


    Propaganda wiz thir game


    Pontificating tae an audience


    Lookin tae shift the blame

  14. Mort,18:15


    That’s a great link. Do you have any more – I need as many as possible

  15. Could a Scottish sports hack tell the truth even with a gun pointed to their empty heads?

  16. Part of an article on Football Debt in Europe. Wee Speirs has been saying this for 18 months.



    Should European clubs need any reminder as to what despair can emerge from chasing success on the field, they need only look at Rangers.


    The Glasgow team’s slide into administration relates to an unpaid tax bill of $14 million, incurred after businessman Craig Whyte bought the club in June 2010, but they are also being pursued by the UK government, which says an astonishing $118 million is owed in back taxes.


    A tribunal is due to rule on the case this month, and if Rangers lose, they could be wiped off the map forever.


    “If Rangers were to go into liquidation it would be absolutely unbelievable,” Scottish football expert Graham Spiers told CNN. “I’ve been writing about this story for the last 18 months and I still cannot believe it.


    “The club would probably be reborn in some kind of way, but just facing the fact that for a period in history Rangers might cease to exist does seem unbelievable.”


    A two-team league?


    Much of the interest aroused by the Scottish Premier League is based on the intense rivalry between Rangers and Glasgow neighbors Celtic, a divide along sectarian lines that is famous around the globe.


    But officials at Celtic, a club proud of its Catholic and Irish heritage, insist they feel no sympathy with their Protestant bedfellows, and can continue to thrive even if the blue half of Glasgow goes under.


    Whether the league could is another matter, given that no club other than Rangers or Celtic has won the title since Aberdeen’s triumph in 1984.


    “The thing Scottish football does have is this brand called the Old Firm and whether you call it car crash television or not, everybody is attracted to it,” Spiers said.


    “Celtic fans are stupidly dancing on the grave of Rangers, because Celtic need Rangers. Celtic are greatly diminished if their great rivals disappear. If one of the Old Firm was taken out and shot at dawn it would greatly diminish the other half.”


    At one stage this season, Rangers led the league by 12 points. But a run of poor form, combined with the 10-point deduction incurred for falling into administration, means Celtic are now 21 points clear and certainties for the title.


    Ironically, the Hoops could wrap up their 43rd league title at Ibrox in the Old Firm clash on March 25.

  17. The Lizard King , 17:29


    Four SPL big wigs (unconnected to Rangers) are on the panel.

  18. Wonkyradar!



    Sounds like a great night.


    Where can I get tickets.


    Forget Paddy’s night and the Cup Final on Sunday I want to go to that is


    it tonight?


    Brilliant! Can I donate my signed Henky official Celtic ball I’ve been saving


    for charity?

  19. The SFA asking for paper work from Huns, to late boys the shredder van has left the building.

  20. O.G.Rafferty



    Sorry, been trawling the Scottish law courts for information but our databases at Uni don’t have things from Sherrifs courts which is where most of these would come from.




  21. googybhoy ♥ Celtic and Integrity on 14 March, 2012 at 19:21 said:



    what a pile of piss that article is where to start?



    Spiers has been writing about this for 18 months? Aye right.



    Celtic are a solely Catholic club? Utter nonsense, there’s only one club that has ever exploited scotland’s religious divisions and it certainly is not us?



    Celtic need Rangers? Repeating it doesn’t make it any more true Graham

  22. The Sniveller will speculate on just about everything & anything except Grand Master Ogilvie and/or Ra gers.


    I’ll go back to researching H.A.A.R.P……far more interesting than Snyde.

  23. !!Bada Bing!! Kano 1000 on 14 March, 2012 at 19:16 said:


    You can tell Duffy and Charlie Nick were in the same class at school.




    Kept back two years?

  24. the long wait is over on




    Agree- CO’s statement tells us nothing other than that he had an EBT, which confirms that he unequivocally knew they existed , what they were for and how they were run.



    If he is not in a position to answer , publicly , this simple question-



    Were you aware that Rangers players were given EBTs and , if so, were they registered with the SFA during your tenure?



    in the negative then he has to be given garden leave until that question is answered definitively.

  25. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    Had to go on a long phone call – aaargh! Did anyone on Clyde SSB make any reference to Jim Farry?

  26. Is it correct everything Duff&Phelps has done so far is not legal as the FSA have never been notified.



    They are a shambles!




  27. tomtheleedstim on 14 March, 2012 at 19:00 said:


    Miki67 – under General I don’t see Open New Tabs in Background?



    Sorry….should’ve said Safari rather than General

  28. Scottish football is literally becoming a pantomime:



    You are in adminstration! Oh no you’re not! Oh yes you are! Oh no you’re…