SFA on good form


The SFA today confirmed that they have been able to confirm Paul Murray Fit and Proper to run a football club.  After Mr Murray’s previous tenure as a football club director, I’m absolutely delighted he will again be working his magic.  At Ibrox.

The SFA Professional Game Board specifically considered Murray’s “intentions as a Director to avoid a repetition of the mistakes of the past”, which presumably involved some kind of commitment to keep his new club spending within its income parameters.  This will be a challenge.

Some will be surprised that Murray has been given the green light, specifically after the opinion Lord Nimmo Smith expressed on directors of Rangers (in liquidation), but I’m happy this conclusion was arrived at correctly.

I searched and searched the SFA statement for news on ‘Glib and Shameless’, but they’ve clearly been unable to accept whatever assurances he’s been able to provide them, so far. Few will be surprised at this.

There’s a fine line between legitimate sporting rivalry and over-stepping the mark; the John Guidetti case illustrates this.  If during a TV interview John had said Rangers (sic) are “an embarrassment of a football company”, he may have legitimacy on his side, but it’s rude to say so.

Anyone saying this on TV about any club would be asked not to by the SFA.  The Association clearly believe whole “dead huns” thing falls into the same category, and have asked John to desist from such comment on TV in future, without censure.

You can’t offend the dead!

Fair enough.

I’m in a good mood, it’s as though we’re going to win the league, or something.

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  1. mike in toronto on

    Gerryfae …



    I knew someone would beat me to …. at least it was a good yin.

  2. So Murray P is confirmed as a Director? Well, we know that rules are there to be ignored when it suits.



    It seems that acting recklessly and bankrupting a football club is less of an issue for the SFA than singing about it afterwards.

  3. timmy7_noted on




    12:28 on 1 May, 2015



    I was going to respond to that but I decided I’ll not bother you’re not the full shilling.





    Mailed you,wee request from




  5. Why wouldn’t mini Murray be fit and proper, had Whyte not chased him pre admin?

  6. An Tearmann



    Great stuff my bhoy.


    My Dad was one of the Tunnel Tigers in the north of Scotland.


    A few good stories there…..to be discussed over a pint one day!








    PAUL MURRAY,fit and proper?






    Little point in having a regulatory body if they selectively ignore their own regulations for some,and make up sanctions for others.



    Pretty close to a definition of unfit for purpose,that…

  8. Laird Pompadour – the acceptable face of scoddish hunguffery , apparently.



    Hell mend thum!

  9. skyisalandfill



    12:20 on 1 May, 2015






    Train just pulled out of bleeptly.







    That is bleep-believably funny mate!


    But then, you are.



    Hope to be in BV 3-6 then off to paradise to meet my Dad.



    I have 2 spare season books for tonight if anyone needs a ticket?



    I’m quite political but I’m not going to say another word about it.



    Realised I’m going to be flying into belfast on thus evening for a conference on fri so it’ll be fascinating watching the NI results coming in.



    Really looking forward to tonight. Gnawing realisation that the season is almost done. :-(



    HH jamesgang

  10. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on




    SFA…Total sham….I feel a bit of a fool for believing anything will change..Nothing will change..



    SFA are hell bent on a Sevco return..every dirty trick utilised..HANDBALL, JG, the latest..



    Nothing will change..



    I ve been watching football in this city 50 yrs..only one institution matters & it’s not our club..



    Even the wording of our OWN clubs ST renewal shows nothing has changed..



    A Rankers return even appeared to excite the writers of the booklet..



    Sorry for my doom..not like me…



    See you all in Paradise tonight




  11. kikinthenakas on

    Heading into the BV around 2ish and going for something to eat. Hope to see some of the Grey Brigade later for a few.




  12. archdeaconsbench on

    See, there have been mumblings in the last day or 2, of The GSL having to present his case as to why he should be considered F&P, before a decision can be reached.



    Or is this more backtracking from the lamb enthusiasts, after we were told to expect an announcement by today at the latest?

  13. Tom McLaughlin. Many of us have walked where you are walking at this moment when we lost our mothers. It is a difficult time but you can rest assured of our prayers and thoughts for you and your loved ones, especially your dad. As YNWA rings out tonight we will be with you. God grant eternal rest to your mum.

  14. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    Ps 17s play Accies at Barrowfield later on today. Good pint of the Pure in the CSC

  15. Jude



    You’ll greet. I would!!!


    Tears of unadulterated love and joy and pride.






    HH jamesgang

  16. !!Bada Bing!! on

    BMCUW-I think Murray will be proxy for King,even the cheats in charge maybe realise ,that King being approved might be a bridge too far.

  17. Even funnier than the Scotstoun bats holding the balance of power what if it was actually sinn fein

  18. kikinthenakas.



    I’ll be there as soon as possible,should be in Glasgow around three,but I’ll have to book into the millenium first,before heading to the BV.

  19. thetimreaper on

    Murray irrelevant. Has no relative power within the club due to Big Mike or influence outside. GSL wants out anyway so don’t be surprised if they say he’s not proper.

  20. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    When asked if “Rangers” were a new club, Stewart Regan said:


    “What people’s personal opinions are about the past and the future is down to their interpretation.”


    Does this not apply to John Guidetti?

  21. St Sivs








    Hello it’s Westminster here. Is Sinn Fein coming out to play?



    Naw. Sure I’m fine here. Home ourselves alone like……



    Go on. Pleeeeeeze. I’ve got a new scalextrix and everything.



    Naw sure you’re fine. Bzzzzzzzzz



    HH jamesgang

  22. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on




    Years since ive heard that song magic!!! Not a great fan of Lulu’s but she was brill!! ps So was Mr Gibb!!

  23. Delaneys Dunky on

    St Stivs



    Have seen the Scotstoun Fleet in action with baseball bats. Powerful force!!! ;))

  24. oldtim67



    12:51 on 1 May, 2015





    I’ll be there as soon as possible,should be in Glasgow around three,but I’ll have to book into the millenium first,before heading to the BV.






    Booking in is for lightweights.






    HH jamesgang