SFA prepare to suspend Rangers


Scottish FA chief executive, Stewart Regan, this evening announced that the Association would not appeal against the Court of Session decision to rule in Rangers favour over the 12 month player registration ban imposed by a Judicial Panel for not paying social taxes between May 2011 and February 2012.  Rangers didn’t pay social taxes in the period since February 2012, the period during which they launched their appeal.

I hear Rangers today served the ruling on the SFA and that the SFA have responded by informing the club that, under Fifa auspices, fresh proceedings will be raised against them for taking a civil court action, which will lead to a minimum punishment of Rangers being suspended from the Association.

The initial case will be referred back to the SFA Appellate Tribunal.  Regan reminded us that Rangers appeal to the civil courts broke two SFA Articles and five Fifa statues.  The tone and content of his statement demonstrated the frustration at the behaviour of the errant club.  He suggested the SFA would tell clubs [Rangers] that they must accept and abide by the Articles of Association at next week’s AGM.

While it appears the Association is about to get tough, they are in the middle of a problem of the making of the SFA and, in particular, Mr Doncaster of the SPL.  Here is the problem…

Rangers believe they are needed.  This belief is absolute and has been reinforced by the people running our game, the very same people who have been rag-dolled by Rangers in recent weeks.

The SPL waited almost three months for Rangers to respond to their demand for information into what is allegedly the biggest scam in British sporting history.  Despite this, throughout that time, the SPL chief executive campaigned vigorously for a Newco-Rangers to become the first club in Scottish football history to be parachuted into the top league.

It took the SPL 11 weeks to set a deadline.  No wonder Clark, Whitehouse and Green think they can play hardball.

During this time the SFA, who are the only body competent to investigate if Rangers illegally registered players across all domestic competitions, have taken no action.  The SFA president, who was an executive director of Rangers when they introduced the controversial EBTs and who received and EBT himself, has remained in position throughout.

Time for strong leadership, Mr Regan.  Mr Doncaster, there’s always a career in the law.

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  1. wonky



    wasn’t lorenz into plants or was that the swedish guy ? loved the karma and mirrors stuff the other day, keep it coming.



    I predict p67 is going to come into his own again over the immediate future.

  2. •-:¦:-•** -:¦:- sparkleghirl :¦:-.•**• -:¦:-• on

    In an ordinary court, at an appeal hearing they would also take into consideration any re-offending, would they not? Like, they’re building up NEW tax debts and they broke several SFA and FIFA rules thus bringing the game further into disrepute.



    Will the new hearing consider these or will it be purely a re-hash of the initial offences?

  3. Oh wow



    Could it really be the mother of all Jelly and Ice Cream parties on the way?????

  4. leftclicktic on

    They made a mistake letting orcs fc off lightly(with a punisment that they made up) it was pointed out to them by lord glennie .


    2nd chance no mistake or leniency this time as uefa and fifa are on the case.


    tick tock wont be long now tick tock.



  5. Ellboy, the SFA have taken strong legal advice on how to handle this one. They must observe the law of the land, which they are doing by referring the case to the Appellate Panel. But, they must also act to protect the integrity of football. The only action is a separate hearing, leading to suspension, which will keep us in Fifa.



    Hector’s Bhoys, cheers.

  6. Ellboy – I am Neil Lennon, YNWA,



    That’s the point. Fifa and football work in a self-governing bubble external from the law of the land and that exists providing no-one upsets the apple cart, i.e. takes the huff and goes to a civil court.



    The SFA is obliged to follow the decision of the Court of Session. While the SFA is duty bound to Fifa to operate in accordance with their articles, the Court of Session is a higher authority than Fifa.

  7. ThisIsTheOne on




    As an entity, their biggest rival was never us, it’s always been their own support.




  8. The Hat 20.48



    Here is how it will pan out.



    The SFA will reduce the transfer embargo,and come up with another weaker punishment.


    Rangers will withdraw any legal action.


    Result: Fifa ,SFA and Rangers are all happy.




  9. Once again Celtic are a team in demand with the announcement of the big game against Real Madrid in America. I notice the game is scheduled to kick off in August with a 1.15 pm start. I imagine the temperatures will be in the nineties at that time of year in Philadelphia. Definitely not a pleasant time to be playing football. Surprised it’s not an evening kick-off. Who knows we might even get an invite to play in another league in the near future.

  10. northshorebhoy on




    Never mind every other rule they’ve broken, you now telling us they’ve broken 5 FIFA STATUES???? I’ll bet they’re not cheap.

  11. Magnificentseven on

    TinyTim on 31 May, 2012 at 21:06 said:




    The Hat 20.48



    Here is how it will pan out.



    The SFA will reduce the transfer embargo,and come up with another weaker punishment.


    Rangers will withdraw any legal action.


    Result: Fifa ,SFA and Rangers are all happy




    you really don’t have a clue!!!!!

  12. paul67,



    when you say reagan is partly reponsible could the same not be said of eric reilly


    also a member of the spl board who does not seem to have called in to question


    the the 3 month gap waiting for documents? also i cannot believe that mr reilly did


    not know mr doncaster’s position as he has said often enough for month’s now.

  13. •-:¦:-•** -:¦:- sparkleghirl :¦:-.•**• -:¦:-• on

    mic1888 says no to cheats charter no to zombie r*****s on 31 May, 2012 at 21:05 said:



    I have also tweeted him a few. He is fielding some but so far ignoring me :(

  14. hendrix67 on 31 May, 2012 at 20:51 said:


    I read earlier that Celtic paid £750,000 out on an EBT in the earlie to mid noughties. Can someone put my mind at rest and say it wasn’t for salary!





    Celtic have admitted paying Juninho through an EBT.


    The stopped using the EBT and paid him in the normal fashion,and paid all tax and NI as was required.



    I do have a concern and hopefully someone on here can put my mind at ease about it.



    Did Celtic properly relate all of this to the SFA ?


    Was the player registered properly?



    If not Aberdeen or whoever was third will have an SPL title coming there way.




  15. •-:¦:-•** -:¦:- sparkleghirl :¦:-.•**• -:¦:-• on 31 May, 2012 at 20:55 said:


    And all because the stupid Fighting Fund made them go to the Court of Session.



    This is absolutely brilliant!! The money `ploughed` in by the huns was to save them, they use it to fund going to court and it ends up being their downfall.


    Whoever started the `stupid stupid huns` saying definitely got that right. He He and Hail Hail

  16. Paul67



    ”Here is the problem…



    Rangers believe they are needed. This belief is absolute and has been reinforced by the people running our game, the very same people who have been rag-dolled by Rangers in recent weeks.”




    Which is why a newco huns will refuse to accept any sanction as a price for membership of the SPL. Once the SPL concede that the huns are needed, the huns hold all the cards.

  17. Jobo Baldie on 31 May, 2012 at 20:51 said:



    Me,I think the SFA statement is very good news. The 2 question to be addressed very soon will be –


    1. Does Dunfermline or Dundee take up the 12th place in next year’s SPL?


    2. Will our new Year derby game be against Motherwell or St Mirren?



    Jobo, I can exclusively reveal that our NY game will be away to Ross County, (KO 12 noon on Jan 1st) completing a Highland double-header following our away game to ICT on Christmas Eve (KO 7.45pm). The referee for both fixtures – indeed for all Celtic games in season 2012-13 – will be Hugh Dallas.

  18. •-:¦:-•** -:¦:- sparkleghirl :¦:-.•**• -:¦:-• on




    r_0904 ‏@r_0904


    @StewartRegan Are you willing to jeopardise international football for scotland’s national and club sides over this issue?



    Stewart M. Regan ‏@StewartRegan


    @r_0904 No

  19. ………surely there’s an oul’ quote being sought from “Bawface”???

  20. Enrico Dandolo nicked my Crusade on

    TinyTim on 31 May, 2012 at 21:10 said:







  21. Monaghan1900 on



    It’s a reconvening of the same hearing and can only take account of matters already before it.


    In any civilised society, however, there woild be an all-encompassing public inquiry into all aspects of this massive fraud.



  22. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!..Truth and Justice will always prevail on

    SSN have said it again, that they will not face additional punishment for taking the matter to court……why am I the only person hearing this ……LOL

  23. northshorebhoy on

    SSN saying RFC*IA will not face any further action for taking their appeal to Court……..really now.


    Really making the SFA look silly now. Is SSN the BBC in disguise?



    Sorry for earlier post on your typo, Paul. Saw ‘statues’ and thought of their hordes.

  24. •-:¦:-•** -:¦:- sparkleghirl :¦:-.•**• -:¦:-• on

    Monaghan1900 on 31 May, 2012 at 21:13 said:




  25. Ernie – unless of course the SFA don’t accept they are needed and expel or suspend them. I don’t think the SPL would dare go against that.

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