SFA problem lies inside their Hampden offices


There is a point of no return in football, when sentiment has been disengaged so long, it cannot be recovered.  Dave King referred to this during his campaign to gain control of Newco, insisting that if the club failed to regularly become champions, young fans would not get the bug.  I know older Dundee fans who watched as their city switched during the 1980s and who have long given up hope of being a force again.  In the 50s, Hearts and Hibs were comparable to Celtic in size, now they feed on scraps.

The same is true at international level.  Some of us remember a time when results in the Home Internationals had an importance it is difficult to imagine now.  Under Jock Stein, Scotland were held by “11 dustbins” against Portugal, as the great man struggled to explain why his team only got a draw.  The national team succumbed to what was an embarrassing defeat in Kazakhstan this week, but no one cared and no one was really embarrassed.

The Scotland ‘thing’ is finished.  Those who like their foreign drinking trips will continue to sign up, but kids and the vast majority who watch club football each week have long given up.  The SFA have long lost their audience, and with true bunker mentality, they will never consider the problem lies inside their Hampden offices.

Fortunately, you and me have a league title to look forward to winning………


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  1. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    Kenny Clark talking about refereeing Celtic v Sevco games…..



    “You go out and do the warm up, get stretched, and get used, a wee bit, to the crowd noise, then come back off, do the final preparations, get all the proper gear and equipment on, then check the boots. I always went into dressing rooms to do that but because Martin O’Neill gave people the cold shoulder treatment I know that Hugh Dallas and Stuart Dougal got fed up with it. They eventually wouldn’t go into the dressing room but I am a bit thrawn about these things and I would still go in – because I knew he didn’t want me to go in. And I wasn’t going to let him decide what I do and what I didn’t do. Going in and maybe talking to players is all part of establishing a rapport and I wasn’t going to have that undermined simply because Martin O’Neill wanted to play mind games with us.”

  2. DBBIA………………







    The SEEN Fenian Hand………..






    Nice to see ye in these pairts Bhoy!

  3. MiT “3:06


    ” Scott Bain is a good keeper …


    in Tierney and Robertson, we have two of the better young left backs around…


    many celtic fans think Brownie was a once in a generation midfilerder/leader …


    I think Calum McGregor is a player .. and this season ryan christie has shown real promisepeople rave about James Forrest ….


    Leigh Griffiths is a born finisher, and OB has opened my eyes during his time at Celtic


    that is just the Celtic bhoys .. but, surely, that is the basis for a decent team…”


    A good `keeper,two very good left backs,a retired midfielder,a class act ( Mcgregor), a sometimes excellent winger, a striker with problems and two who show promise. I agree with all you said but the bits that are missing, IMO, leave us well short of having a `decent` side in International terms even if we had a very good manager. I would further argue that the Celtic players are decent because of Celtic and in spite of the SFA.


    I don`t see anything that would give Jobo hope of seeing a good Scotland side anytime soon. Indeed, I see the gap growing as Scotland stays in the Dark Ages.




  4. !!Bada Bing!! on

    ‘Nobody’s more upset than the referee, when they get a big decision wrong…’


    Kenny Clark



    He was 5 yards from a trip on Neil Lennon by Steven Smith at Poundland one day….at the Copland Rd end obviously…

  5. MIT @ ( ages ago )



    ‘The Celtic cause’ is the bit that makes you go and see Celtic when you come come back from Canada to Glasgow in the first, or any available fixture?



    The cause is the bit that no other club has.



    We could be here all night CSC

  6. !!Bada Bing!! on

    The best thing about the international break for me was McGregor getting a game and 60 minutes into his legs for Sunday

  7. ” So 10,000 rangers fans travelled to Blackpool yesterday to watch their team, a flute band play on park at half time and were able to sing ‘all the tunes’. But everything is being done to stamp out bigotry…? ”






    GLIB is a GLIB CSC

  8. Kenny Clark reffed Celtic v Rangers games before the latter died/entered Liquidation.


    Don’t know if he reffed any Celtic v Sevco games mind!







  9. Good evening CQN from a lovely spring evening in the Garngad



    Feck the SFA , McTaxcheat and the whole cheating cabal.



    Although I could not give a jot about Scotland, like Bankie bhoy1, I like reading Jobos enthusiastic posts about his support for Scotland.



    Bring on the Sevco



    D. :)

  10. Good evening, friends.


    Once all players are back fighting it we could play the following 4-4-2 formation, winning most domestic games and solving Scotland’s problems at the same time ;~)




    Ralston, Hendry, Brown (bring back the sweeper role!), Tierney


    Forrest, McGregor, Christie, Johnston


    Griffiths, Aitchison

  11. JOBO BALDIE on 25TH MARCH 2019 6:27 PM



    There is no question to which that team is the answer.

  12. Such and such has an injury and such and such is a doubt. Really? It’s Sevco, who cares? Maybe my Celtic supporting golf pal telling me yesterday that he has a ticket for the ‘Old Firm’ game has put me in a mood. I dunno, the whole lets get ourselves in a frenzy thing just doesn’t do it for me. They’re either pan breed or they’re not.

  13. weebobbycollins on

    One positive from the McLeish debacle is the delay to the start of ‘Old Firm’ fever….


    Keep on talking numbnuts…

  14. Re Scotland



    I was part of the TA though the 90s and was there for 96 and 98 tournaments.



    It is true that most fans are there for the craic , camaraderie among nations and bevvy.



    Good times but when I saw these guys attitude in San Marino , I was worried



    I don’t agree that the support is gone but we definitely need leadership to spark up the support again.



    We have no leadership in the pitch due to the constant change of personnel and the youth of the squad



    We have a manager who we all feel is struggling personally- I do worry he is ill



    The SFA have not delivered on the youth projects, the league structures etc



    I have no idea who is in charge of the SFA, at least I used to have Ernie Walker to blame?

  15. CONEYBHOY, more power to your elbow sir I stopped going to Scotland games in the late sixties early seventies when every celtic player that pulled on the Scotland jersey got booed every time they touched the ball.hh.

  16. Big Packy 1



    I had a hiatus from 88 to 94 for the same reasons but when you have pals from all teams and live down south ye kind of get the kilt back on.



    I saw no obvious captain the other day (i’d Say the same about Brown and Fletcher). Last good captain was Lambert IMO

  17. My Mother’s Day Massacre Team




    Toljan Boyata Benkovic Tierney


    Brown Bitton


    Forrest McGregor Sinclair



  18. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    Picture of your bhoy on FB from last night with the hoops on

  19. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    Another good read back this cold and wet Melbourne morning.


    Only 24 degs expected today brrr, yes Autumn ‘s here, need to


    get my auld wooly Cellic taps oot 8-))


    Love reading MAHE and BSR still having a debate, in a very


    civilised manner, i might add, about the moonlighter.


    They both make very important and cogent points that i could


    never hope to put into words on here, but as to who is ahead on


    points? well i still go back to my old default position which my


    heart tells me to do, and ask myself.


    Would the late great Tommy Burns a real Celtic man ever have left


    us that way?




    H.H Mick

  20. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Been watching the Parliament Channel since 5pm Some completely rivetting stuff – some great, intelligent and passionate speeches from a range of MPs – they aren’t all self-serving idiots.






  21. Hi BT, my wife posted a few from the golf yesterday. We had a couple taken with Russel Knox and Ben had one with Garcia. Had a great day – hope you are well mate.

  22. Melbourne Mick on



    I should have added SFTB to my post above also, for his expert analysis.


    H.H Mick

  23. weebobbycollins on

    Melbourne Mick…I believe that yon guy, in whom so many fans trusted, learned about Celtic from the late, great, real Celtic man (who certainly would never have left us that way) whilst working together at Reading…


    Shame about your weather! :-)



  24. Mahe the Madman on



    I see youre in good form partner. Great stuff. The delay was real life events getting in the way ,, curse of the blogger as well you should know.


    Anyway if youre that desperate for a scrap youre jumping into strangers conversations with the wrong name and all ,,,, then perhaps international breaks should be banned ;)


    Actually we could use strong pen like yours in the coming battle for the soul of the club .


    This battle and the heroes who fight it will never be forgotten .


    History is wrote by the victor my friend. ;)



    “ The 2nd problem is the timing of WANTING to go, not just enquiring about it, the year before is that it removes the arguments about “not being backed” from his justification. At that time, he had Moussa, he had Odsonne, and he had Dedryk, and he still wanted to go. The subsequent fuss made about not landing McGinn and making snide comments about Shved, have to now be seen through the light of his bridling at being made (bribed) to stay on when he was champing at the bit to get away. “



    Im thinking thats a possible view but in no means concrete.


    He had Moussa but I think everyone knew that was short term , so he only had him for the moment.


    Odsonne at that time was signed but was the majority view not its one or the other and he is the long term replacement for Moussa? We play 1 up front , which was Moussa when not crocked the first two years of Brodges reign , and he now had his replacement signed.


    Enticing to stay ,,, not really . You know you will soon move from a proven cracker to a very talented rookie ,, bit of a downstep. Not really a big reassurance to stay was signing Odsonne,, I think more an offer you know who couldnt refuse personally.


    Subsequent fuss does not look good as you say , bitching about recruitment when youre looking to leave is deflective indeed. It could have just been a bit of a whinge about things although within reasonable limits ,, more a look what Im dealing with here type of thing .


    No matter what though should targets be hit then the timing ultimately didnt upset the operation overall . Ive seen more than a few employees give their boss minimum , very little , or no notice and it has always been an eff you rather than Im needed elsewhere right now.


    I feel it was this type of scenario but to Peter not Dermot.



    On leaving early the PLC regularly ensure employees of their choosing depart earlier than their contract states ,, mostly mutually agreed of course. And they will have lost employees they didnt want to lose before .


    Sure this one got away ,, and you can see why they wanted to keep as he was taking everything in sight , something no one had ever done so clearly he had something more than just financial advantage or it would have been done before ( double and treble treble if done). Being in football they must know that anything can and does happen ,, but then we have reports of hissyfits at a meeting in London with “ you do your job youre one of the top 10 paid managers in the Uk act like it , and Peter support him to the fullest or else “ supposedly or thereabouts said.


    You know we werent there but I think you would accept that is the commonly held story of the meeting and wont blame me for using it despite it obviously being shaky ground full of suppositions . But hey we gotta roll with what we are given.


    This is where things seem to not add up to me .


    This theory accepts that Dermot accepts the two are at loggerheads , yes fine with that and happens all the time , the big boss bringing a couple of employees together to order their beef quashed for the good of the business.


    But then to order Peter to support him to the fullest , this suggests Dermot sides with Brendan , and that Peter is actually hidering the footie side enough to need to be ordered to stop it ?


    Call me old fashioned but a bit more than a stop it you might have been in order ?


    A wft do you think youre doing would be one way to put it.


    It also suggests disconnect at the top level , something that isnt good anywhere.


    It does also give great ammo against those who would claim we are a well run club.


    I personally think its another reason why change at top levels should be sought .


    Cat away mice play springs to mind .



    And then the hang about payment , a far whack of shares and cash was the gossip .


    Now I ask you when an employee wants to leave it might be a play for a payrise but when youre at that level of comfort probably not , so can you not assume that he actually wants to leave .


    And then you attempt to buy loyalty ? Doesnt seem very smart to me , pay employee who wants to leave a small fortune in the hopes he will stay ?


    Brendan can hardly say no to the money ,, well of course he could perhaps felt as he lost out on a similar amount it was fair to take it.


    But does that keep him ? Seems the board and many on here thought it should have. I would love to know why as money is the root of all evil and many men will not be swayed one bit by it while others give their life for it .


    In essence it was a gamble and it failed .


    And maybe he asks after the score as his shares increase with every step closer to the rebel treble ?


    Im sure he knew he would face rancour and I even heard a rumour he wouldnt answer his own brothers calls. But who knows what goes on in a mans head ? Easy for me and you to say never do that BUT chances are he wont cross paths with anyone to give him grief unless he is so inclined whereas we would . Perhaps he wont face rancour with those he actually cares about such as the brother when he fills him in how he was being played and had to move ?


    Who knows . Who cares.



    You then bring up that old bug bear NDA’s. Yes I can see where you are coming from I honestly can but you must recognise they are part and parcel of the game at the upper levels .


    I think we have had this dance before but I believe ( MIT can you confirm ? ) that they are for life ,, you simply dont spill the beans. Autobiographies are mostly tame ,, no big drama. The sport itself I dont think wants that type of situation were it is rocked by what a high profile retirement and book might bring .



    “ Fulham also showed ambition in going for Ranieri. Did not work that time. Us signing a non-league guy like Vardy would see him derided as a “project”. Leicester shows ambition in paying big bucks for Slimani too. Ambition can leave you broke if you end up relying on a sugar daddy. “


    Fulham showed they are idiots by spending 100 million or so on the last day and still arent clicking by all accounts. Grabbing Claudio was a desperation act . It was Leicester who actually took a leap of faith bringing him from his native Italy which Im sure wasnt cheap , and they were nothing special at the time , so I think their pursuit and capture of him did show some ambition after a list of local meh’s .


    Why else bring him over if not ambition ? Hes not going to grow the club ,, not long term ,, not a local who will settle and create a dynasty ,, not into youth ,, I fail to see what he was brought in for apart from short term success ( which is ambitious ) ideally . They may well have been thinking cups of course,, its still hard to believe they done it actually.



    Hail Hail

  25. Mahe the Madman on

    Chairbhoy and Melbourne Mick thanks for the hat tip. Glad you appreciate our ramblings.


    Hail Hail

  26. Nothing could be sweeter than keeping our boot on der Hun’s squirming throat whilst cheering Neil Francis Lennon’s Celtic onto Ten.

  27. Good morning CQN from a mild Garngad



    Is tonight the last of these international games for our bhoys?? I hope so.



    Barring injuries, what about a team for Sunday?





    Ajer . Benkovitch Boyatta KT



    Forrest Brown Ntcham Sinclair









    This managerial lark is harder than I thought?



    No doubt I will have changed my mind on that team as the week goes on



    D. :)

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